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Version: 0.06b

Version: 0.06

Version: 0.05

Goddess Rising


UPDATE (11/11)

Reworked prologue, RPG MV version with loads of artwork, coming soon! See discussion thread for more info!

Trust me. Its worth it!

(Ill leave the rest of this page as is for now and update it once the MV version is posted.)

I'm trying out RPG MAKER ACE (now with a clear narrative concept and loads of ideas. I'm hoping to create a fun story and an enjoyable game, with loads of transformations and mind control (sub/dom). I'm really big on music, sound effects and mood. It's going to be a slow burn of corruption, with a variety of endings into Goddesshood, or Demonhood, or... who knows. 


THIS IS JUST A LARGE CHUNK OF THE INTRO CHAPTER!  It's long for an intro and I\'m hoping it reflects on the direction and scope of the game. It's very rough, so there is likely to be alot of bugs and grammer errors. There is also alot of placeholders. I'm going to be using alot of original art. Here's my DEVIANTART page for a look at what I do.... http://jackdamonkey.deviantart.com/

Ultimately there is going to be more story (obviously), puzzles, TFs, and SOME combat.


*Hey all, here's some more stuff! Look out for some of the artwork I put in. It's still VERY rough and some are still placeholders.... but you'll get the idea.


V.06b - (minor update)

- Minor changes in dialog

- A couple changes in music.


V.06 - Second Entry

- Added a whole TF scene (with artwork), to complete the intro chapter (or at least the rough draft of it)

- Added some quest markers (on request), I'll add more and keep it in mind for later.

- Over all grammer check (I'm sure there's more mistakes though)

- Added a new tittle screen with original artwork by me.

- And changed the file name to the actually title. (That was an easy one. Heh.)

V.05 - First Entry

- Most of the Intro Chapter

- Some gameplay moments

- Soon (Very soon), I'm going to complete the Intro Chapter with the very first transformation and a hint to the scpoe of it all.


Feel free to comment, but keep my discailmers in mind. THANKS!

It's Frank's birthday and life seems as normal as its ever been. But as the day progresses, it takes an unusual turn, and he is thrusted into a merging world of Science, Demons, Gods and Goddesses. He will never be the same... but will he WANT to be.


Frank - The Friendly Scientist

Morren - Crazy Co-worker and Best Friend

Alexa - Cold wife.

Zee - Franks AI companion.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.06b on 01/17/2020

It has potential, but there is just nothing there, Ok one transformation and it ends. As this hasn't changed since 2017 I guess this game is DEAD.

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.06b on 03/26/2019

Game sounds interesting, but i am going to wait till there is actual story content beyond the Intro.  Also, it's spelled grammar (ye say there will be bad grammar in it but it's apparent when ye don't even spell the word correctly lol).   If ye want help with it on your own, go here- https://www.grammarcheck.net/editor/

Review by LordFord

Version reviewed: 0.06b on 03/23/2019

Good game.  My only complaint would be that I can't turn the music down.

Review by WillowPonara

Version reviewed: 0.06b on 09/20/2018

Can't even play the game. As soon as I start up the game and go to engineering, the game freezes, I have to press ESC to bring up the menu to make everything visible, and then the game lags so badly. It's like 1 frame per 30 seconds bad.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: 0.06b on 03/26/2018

Nice from what I see so far. Though it's been a while...

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