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The eWardrobe

Requirements to play this game: Be of legal age in the country you are currently located in. Have access to a web browser or other application that can play .html files. Have a willing supsension of disbelief.


The eWardrobe is set it in the near future, where pretty much everything is the same except most modern homes have a cloud-based electronic closet, which allows them to manage a huge clothing library. You play as the job-hunting Danny Jones, a young man who's spending the summer at his aunt's cottage in a new town. Danny didn't bring any clothing with him, and his aunt's eWardrobe thinks he's Sasha, his "partygirl" cousin. 

The eWardrobe is currently in its alpha stage, with a few deep storylines and choices that are both cosmetic and plot-changing. 

It is free to download, but please do not play unless you're old enough to use erotic entertainment. The next version is available on my Patreon.


There are currently over fifty mages in the game. They will not display if you are only using the HTML file.


There are currently two major paths in the game, with a number of splintering possibilities that will affect your journey. If you have only played one and dislike the characters and events that happen, I strongly encourage you to play the other and see if it is more to your tastes. One of the early initial decisions (cleaning the cottage or inspecting the eWardrobe) will determine which path you are on.


Update on 05/27/2019:

See changelog.


Forum thread on the game: https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9787

The eWardrobe is set it in the near future, where pretty much everything is the same except most modern homes have a cloud-based electronic closet, which allows them to manage a huge clothing library. You play as the job-hunting Danny Jones, a young man who's spending the summer at his aunt's cottage in a new town. Danny didn't bring any clothing with him, and his aunt's eWardrobe thinks he's Sasha, his "partygirl" cousin. 

For the newest version, please visit my Patreon page. For the free, one month delayed version, see below:


Update on 05/27/2019, 0.6.3:

- 26k new words

- 6 new renders (2 shared between both paths, 2 only findable in the restaurant route, 2 only findable in the store route)

- M/F, M/F, M/F (2 with the Sails, 1 on the restaurant path)

- Date with Arthur

- Will your time as a live-streamer come to an end, or will you get the offer a lifetime? By why does the offer come with such a strange personality test?

For next time, there's a dinner date with Kurt's family while Sail-Danny is faced with a whole new problem. See you soon!


Update on 04/26/2019:

- 24k new words

- 5 new renders (4 characters, one scene): check out Dante, Kurt, Lisa and Janet! 

- M/F scene

- Date with Jake

- If you're working at the store will you let Justine convince you to get high during work hours?

- If you're at the restaurant, are you close enough with Destiny to visit her at home? Wine and secrets are both shared, perhaps a little bit too much.

- Surprise! Is Restaurant Danni going to be on a billboard? How come (s)he was the only one who didn't know?


Update on 03/24/2019:


- 27k new words

- Multiple new renders, including cosplay Danny and a bunch of new mirror shots

- F/F, M/F scenes

- Dates with Candice and Chris

- 0.6.0 has a new save password system, with shorter passwords and more robust than the old one. The old passwords still work if you happen to have them, but from 0.6.0 you won't get any old ones to generate, just the new ones.
- 0.6.0 also has a new addition to the appearance tab in the form of reworked breath description system.


Update on 02/24/2019:


- 40k new words
- 5 new renders; check out Arthur, Chris, Lyle, Harry and Jake!
- M/F, M/F scenes
- Reveal your secret to another romantic interest
- Date with Jake
- Help out Destiny with the campaign for mayor (if you chose to)
- Act as a waitress for the Sails at poker night (if you chose to)
- Live-stream path continues


Update on 01/25/2019:

- 24k new words
- 6 new renders, 4 of which are of Danny.
- M/F, M/F, F/F sex scenes (Danny is the F in the first one and the M in the second)
- Date with Val, return of Lyle


Update on 12/21/2018:

-28k new words

-New date with Kurt

-Find out what's been going on with Justine

-M/F scene


Update on 11/25/2018:

-28.5k new words

-New Dante stuff

-More Sails

-More Live-streaming/cosplay/cam stuff


Update on 10/21/2018:

 -42k new words
-Three new date scenes.
-Three new sex scenes. Danni can finally have sex with some new romantic partners. M/F, M/F, F/F.
-Danny's secret can be "shared" with two different people. How they react is very dependent on the Danny you have made :)
-The eWardrobe widget got a minor upgrade, and a few other systems were updated to keep up with the new content.
-There are 6 new renders.
-Bug fixes.


Update on 06/30/2018:

-30k new words
    -Call of Deity is back! There is a new side-activity available should Danny enter and win the tournament. This leads to some cosplay and streaming fun, but it does mean no kickball/live-reading, which means no option to romance Chris/Candice/Val.
    -Kurt can be dumped the morning of the job fair. Doing this will 100% avoid the M2F and the ensuing conversation with Lisa Baker.
    -Week 7's Monday is available. Danny can check out the new clothes from the mall on Monday night.
    -New content added to old days: Week 3's Friday, Week 5's Wednesday, Week 5's Saturday, Week 5's Sunday, Week 6's Monday, Week 6's Tuesday, Week 6's Wednesday, Week 6's Thursday. Much of this is specific to certain events, so there is no guarantee you''ll encounter each new thing on a single playthrough.
    -The eWardrobe got another upgrade.
    -There is now a save system in place. You will get a password at the beginning of the week and at the end of the current content. You can use the password to restore your progress in any version of the story starting with V 0.5.1.
    -There is a credits page.
    -Val is rendered!
    -Following the above, there are 6 new renders (5 Val, 1 minor character) and one redone render (when meeting Destiny).
    -Bug fixes.


Update on 05/20/2018:

-Roughly 70,000 new words added between Week 6's Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
-We went from 19 renders to a whopping 45! 18 of those are Mirror selfies of the MC's chest as it changes in relation to him taking pills.
-Chris and Candice are here! Get a good look at them on Tuesday of Week 1.
-There's another Week 1 Justine render of her in one of the barista outfits.
-Destiny is now rendered at the job fair. She's a lot less scary looking than Justine, though she's arguably just as displeased.
-Three new dates are in.
-The mall trip is here. Depending on your companion you may have total control over the experience (in terms of Danny, of course), or none.
-Bug fixes.
-Some typo fixes.
-In the Settings menu you can choose the location and size of visible images.
-In the Settings menu you can choose to have speech underlined, as well as a hover tooltip enabled that will tell you who is speaking.
-There is now a warning of sorts when faced with the decision that will take you down the restaurant or store paths.


Update on 04/20/2018:

-Two new in-game days, through the end of Thursday of Week 6. 

-46k new words. 

-6 new renders (1 in both paths, 3 in the Destiny path, 2 in the Justine path), bringing the total count to 19. 

-The eWardrobe has a settings button! Use it to change the background and font theme, text size, window width and even disable hyperlinks if that's your jam. 

-There is now a shortcut when putting on your work clothes, so getting ready in the mornings should now be faster.

-Danny will give a ballpark estimate of how many pills are left in the bottle. Remember that Danny isn't a very reliable narrator, so his count might be off ;)

-Improvements to the appearance tab, passage structure, some Danny variables, etc.

-Bug fixes.


Updated on 03/23/2018:

-48k new words, numerous duplicate content from Week 1 removed, passages condensed.
-Two new in-game days.
-New and updated renders, bringing the grand total to 13 images in Weeks 1 and 2.
-Brand new clothing/appearance system (thank you, Kazeto!) with a shiny new interface for the eWardrobe.
-Full M2F is now in the game


Updated on 02/16/2018:

~60,000 words + ~177,000 words = ~237,000 words
995 passages + 295 passage = 1,290 passages


Update on 01/19/2018:

~32,000 words + ~145,000 = ~177,000 words
820 passages +176 passages = 996 passages


Update on 010/20/2017:

~30,000 words + ~115,000 = ~145,000 words
625 passages + 195 passages = 820 passages


Update on 09/15/2017: 


~30,000 words + ~85,000 = ~115,000 words
185 passages + 440 passages = 625 passages


Update on 08/15/2017:

~36,000 words + ~49,000 = ~85,000 words

160 passages + 280 passages = 440 passages


Update on 07/11/17:

~20,700 words + ~16,000 = over 36,000 words
90 passages + 70 = 160 passages

Total Games: 1,471
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Total Reviews: 13,617
Total Engines: 30
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Total Transformation Themes: 26
Total Multimedia Themes: 9
Total Online Plays: 2,389,422

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