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Version: .11

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Version .11 Out now. No new content, except for feature displaying your submission/enjoyment of being female in character description page. Also heavily reworked one scene, and fixed tons and tons of bugs. (Though of course there might still be some.)


Link to forum page: https://tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9850

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You are an average young man in high school, going through the daily drudge until you make the fateful decision of entering the girls's locker room on a quest to steal girl's panties. Unbeknownst to you and your friend, there is a strange girl lurking about who finds out your shenanigans and sets a trap for you. Offered a choice to wear one of the panties, you are cursed to transform into a hot young coed each day when you come home from school. The girl then sets you on a mission to do something very nice each day to a set of classmates to atone for your actions to have a hope of lifting the curse.

Will you make up for your transgressions, or resist and go about things your own way? If you resist, she may step in to help you better learn your place as a vulnerable young woman.

See synopsis.

You - A well mannered young highschooler who makes the unfortunate decision to enter a girl's locker room one day.

Travis - Your long time best friend with whom you get involved in an unfortunate condundrum.

Lyra - Your sister whom you never quarrel with, and get a long with very well.

Mysterious locker room girl - She discovers your plans and steps in to show you the error of your ways by having you do kind things to the girls you hurt... as a girl. She can be a great friend, or a very powerful enemy out to humiliate you.

Spoilers! You can choose to steal whichever panties you like while in the locker room. At the end you will be given the choice to put on any pair you like, and you will transform into a girl similar to the one you stole from. Ie, if you wear the panties of the Asian girl, you will become an Asian girl. There are 6 girls total you can steal from. Two of the girls you can become currently each have a unique storyline, and the other 4 girls also all have a brancing path they can follow.

The game currently ends for most all branches upon arriving at the house party on day three. One branch makes it to the beginning of day 4. Another ends sometime in the evening on day three.

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Review by ivanish

Version reviewed: .11 on 11/13/2018

Review by ADB

Version reviewed: .11 on 09/22/2018

English isn't my first language.First of all I wanted to ask if the game is still in development.I'm asking this not because I want to push you to be more fast,indeed I thing I like to always say is to give to the creators of whatever creative work(game,video,draw,story etc...)to take all the time they need,because people should respect their pace and besides generally a work is worse when pushed;but because ,since is more than a year ago the last update I just want to know if the game is still in development or is dead.Anyway,so I played the game and unlucky(since the concept of the game has potential)I have to agree about the fact that the game is too linear and doesn't give choice,that is a big problem for a text adventure game,and also the fact that Eve isn't well characterized;but I want to say,since there are already review that talk about these problems,I want to talk about things I liked and also in the end I would like to do a request(of course the game is yours and so if you don't like my idea I will understand).A thing that I really liked,as I said before,is the concept of the game and so the plot until now.Another thing I really liked is your writing style and the prose that is very well and I liked the way you described scenes and transformations and the dialogues are pretty natural.So I want to compliment you about these aspects of the game and so a fortiori I would like to see you correct these problems that would allow the game to be even more good than it is and more enjoyable.The request I would like to do is to have in the final version more endings and sub-endings (well of course bad endings,neutral endings and good endings)and especially I would like to see as endings these two:the possibility to make Eve to fall in love with the protagonist in a possible route but even more I would like a particular ending that come to my mind playing the game and reading some parts.Practically I would like if there is an ending that allow,following a particular route,to make the protagonist to fall in love with himself(now that I think an ulterior motivation to have more choice in the game so one could create the player can create the girlfriend he/she likes,for example if she should have or not the tatoos and/or the piercings etc...).Now I'll try to explain myself.By reading some parts of the game,like but not only,the part in which he(well she in that point)look at him(her)self in the mirror and has the possibility to say that he(she)looks beatiful and so it come to my mind that by making some choice like this is possible to make the protagonist to fall in love with his female counterpart and I would like in a final,with the correct choices(for example it could be added a part in which Travis insult her by saying things like she is a slut good just to be pierced(now that I think there is already something similar)and one of the choice is for the protagonist to be enraged and to say to not talk of her in that way and soon Travis will try to calm him and will ask why he is so upset about his previous statement and here there are various choices like for example:make the protagonist say that actually now that he thinks well he agrees with him and say sorry,another one that will make the protagonist to say that he just want to respect her and another one(the one that lead further toward this route)that make the protagonist say that she isn't just a casual encounter and that he is fallen in love with her),and so following a correct route,to see the possibility to make the protagonist likeable in the eyes of Eve and to have the possibility in the end,if all went correctly,to have the protagonist that is fallen in love with his female self,to be rewarded by Eve and so she can create a new girl for the protagonist that will be the exact girl the player created and so the protagonist will have his female version as a new girlfriend.Anyway sorry for this long message and I wish you good work and good luck!

Review by Gwyndolin

Version reviewed: .11 on 06/30/2018

Besides everything that has already been said in regards of linearity, no significant choices et cetera, I have a much bigger problem with this game story. While the writing style itself is good, it's the content, especially the characterization of Eve, that is putting me off.

Eve tells you that she was bullied in the past. As someone who went through such treatment myself I can relate with the pain and the damage this can cause. Eventually she got powers and could stop the bullies. Great. No complain at all. The ability to defend oneself is great. It is how she then uses her powers and how she justifies what she does that irks, if not disgusts me. She turns the MC as punishment into a girl and tells him that he needs to learn how to respect women... And proceeds to alter his desire where he thinks of "juicy delicious cocks", is turned off by women, while also encouraging him to go down on men. How in the seven hells is that respecting women? All this manages to project is that women are mainly good for serving men's carnal desires. She even offers turning him into a sperm vampire so he can degrade himself even more. The alteration in the MC's desire goes so far that he considers getting intimate with his bro "friend" piece of shit, who not even blackmailed the MC in pantyraiding the locker room, but who makes no secret of how he sees women only as flesh holes... And apparently Eve is OK with that. What a great paragon of women's equality she is! /sarcasm

In addition to that we have some lazy attempts of D/s elements which absolutely fail to convince. I also heavily cringed at the tattoo and piercing parlor scene. Even when punishing someone you don't just force them to get several piercings. I myself got 5 piercings in one session, and I tell you it was the pain. And not every goth person out there has piercings. And not everyone of those who do also have nipple and / or genital piercings. Also, every self respecting tattooist and piercer (at least the ones I know) goes through the health and safety issues as well as the care procedures before getting to work. Most bigger tattoos are done in several sessions, too. Everything considered this just seemed like a poor attempt of fetishizing a "sub"-culture.

"If you resist, she may step in to help you better learn your place as a vulnerable young woman." ... I think it is pretty clear what the author thinks, and projects through the character Eve, what place this is. And apparently women are vulnerable... sigh

All of this wouldn't be a problem if the author were just honest with what they intent (aka writing a degradation story that turns the MC into a cock craving slut) instead of hiding it behind false pretenses. It's like a porn saying it's not a porn but a romance story... when it's just porn. 

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: .11 on 04/21/2018

I've got to agree with Nemo and nyctelios, which is really too bad because this is really well-written.

To bananaflyman, Estoppel and everyone else who keeps complaining that we're spoiling their "Invol" fun, kindly read nyctelios' review a lot more carefully. The complaints here aren't about the fact that the change is involuntary. Three of my absolute favorite games on this site, Interns of Ecstasy Island, The eWardrobe, and Perverted Education, are all Involuntary Change games. The complaints here are of one of two varieties. The first variety states that the "punishment" is far too harsh for the "crime" in the setup. This is entirely a matter of taste and opinion, but it does affect the way the story is perceived by, apparently, quite a few people. 

The second variety of complaint is that the game offers absolutely no significant choices. You choose as a player to try to get out of stealing the panties? Sorry, no effect. You leave behind EVERY PAIR of panties you're supposed to be stealing? Sorry, no effect. You choose to obey Eve's every command OR to resist at every turn? Sorry, no effect. Or to be more precise, the results of EVERY DECISION are the same no matter which decision you make. And I could go on and on in this vein. This complaint is far more serious, and I really don't think anyone can, with a straight face, state that it isn't truth. 

This would be fine if the author was telling a STORY. But (s)he isn't; (s)he's offering a GAME. Or at least claiming to offer a game. The problem is, a game with nothing but false choices isn't really a game at all. When I see blocks of text that keep talking about "you" and directed at me, I expect my choices to have some effect on the goings-on in the game. That doesn't happen here. Even choosing you character's NAME turns out to be a bad joke, as it never sees any use after about the first five minutes.

There is a HUGE difference between "You're changing whether you as a character like it or not" and "None of your actions as a player are going to affect the story I want to tell." The first is essential to even the best Involuntary-themed game. The second is a railroad.

"Mysterious locker room girl - She discovers your plans and steps in to show you the error of your ways by having you do kind things to the girls you hurt... as a girl. She can be a great friend, or a very powerful enemy out to humiliate you."

Riiiiiiight. Except that your "great friend," after you've been fully cooperative throughout the entire game to date, decides to turn you into a cum vampire. And what happens if you fight her all the way? You become ... a cum vampite. This is just one tiny example of the way the author makes every player choice worthless.

(And by the way, the game is a BETA, not an Alpha; kindly take a look at the plainly-visible Game Information)

Review by bananaflyman

Version reviewed: .11 on 04/19/2018

I'm with Estoppel on this one. TFgamessite has a big problem with people who are into voluntary wish fulfillment tf going into involuntary and forced feminization games with the aforementioned tags and then complaining about involuntary and forced feminization. The claim that this game railroads you and that your choices don't matter at all is completely untrue. It's just that at the moment they all revolve around the involuntary theme(game is alpha after all) so there's no "fight back" or "revenge" storylines.


Game is good, grammar and spelling is great and the quality of the writing is way above majority of the games on this site. I'd give it a try if I were you.

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