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Version: 0.14.0

Miss Adventures of Fred Ace

MAFA is an incomplete TF/TG game being created by Redface5x.

Fred Ace is a young man beginning his adult life in search of adventure. He plans to leave his sleepy home of Common Village, yet finds his first adventure right in Common Village.

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Review by sliverkingq

Version reviewed: 0.14.0 on 07/08/2020

This game will FRUSTRATE you with it's annoying combat system making you fight with no skills at all. While the enemy can easily CC chain you into oblivion. Play this game if you are into rage

Review by Ambi

Version reviewed: 0.14.0 on 10/16/2018

  This excellent game is a classic.  Don't let the oddly low number of likes and its age fool you.  True, it is incomplete, but it does have a great amount of content.  I get the feeling it is about 75% done, though we may never know.

  If you're looking for a well developed and well written story here on TFGS, you can definitely give this one a look. There is a good amount of TF content in the story and quite a bit of humor as well.  Give this game a look!  *hugs!*

Review by bond567

Version reviewed: 0.14.0 on 07/21/2017

this was a great game, the fighting, story, damsel sence~ and jokes. it came together perfectly like peanut butter and jeally, I hope you continues this though judging form you last update i feel this is a rather dead game sadly

Review by trixxx6969

Version reviewed: 0.14.0 on 09/09/2016

absolutely loved it plz dont let this game die

Review by spadge

Version reviewed: 0.14.0 on 06/14/2016

I was always a little sceptical about RPG maker games, then I played this one.  I absolutely love it.  There's plenty here to enjoy even if there is no end to it at this point, I'm sure I'll happily play it a lot more times even as it stands.

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