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Version: 0.4.1

Version: 0.4

Debauchery in Caelia Kingdoms


Debauchery in Caelia Kingdoms is a transformation game where you need to take care of a small kingdom, taking choices that will shape the city and its citizens. The basic systems of the game are in place: Combat, inventory and items to customize you character and transform it, quests and the overall UI, but soon we will implement slavery and more in depth management, where you will be able to change laws and affect your subjects and yourself.

Although the game is in beta, it's still very early in its development, and a lot of major features are still missing.

At this point in version 0.2 I am not aware of any big game breaking bug, but if you find any minor or big one feel free to report it, I always fix them as soon as I can. Also since this is my first game, most of the time saves are not compatible, I will try to diminish this as much as I can, but I've been having troubles making it so. 

There is also an earlier version of the game, this one is significantly longer but lacks some features, and the story is more linear, that one features pregnancy, female to male transformation, herm, and more overall content and other things that are not yet (but soon will) in this new version. You can check it out here.

I also have a Patreon, please feel free to support it, all the money goes back into the game, I used allt he money I got from it so far to update the art of the game, and from this point this money will be used to hire an editor to fix the questionable english of the game. 

Although not yet in the game because the story is going to be slow paced, we have planned transformation and body changes for your followers. Here are two examples of how they are at first and how they can end up. These are NSFW!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can't unrar it's because I am using a newest version of winrar, to solve the problem download the latest version! 

Abbadon: From cuntboy to big titted futa

Celia: From cougar milf to cougar futa



Story: You’ve inherited the lordship of a small kingdom, now you’ll face the challenge to earn the trust of your new subjects with your leadership, or submit them into obedience with your iron fist. Take charge of your subjects, create new laws, enslave monsters and imprison your enemies. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Cyanizzle

Version reviewed: 0.3,1 on 07/08/2019

Really fun game! Reminds me a lot of TiTs, I like being able to corrupt the characters and I wish there was a more involved process to do so for most of the retainers

Review by kopperk

Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 05/05/2018

Very enjoyable to play, great artstyle and gameplay. I'd love more options for submitting, maybe making the slave collar do something too. All in all, only thing that's missing is a changelog.

Review by deathgod

Version reviewed: 0.2.3 Dev on 05/03/2018

not much so far but i love the corruption play the money system mwhahahahahaha cough cough sorry got abit carried away there also i love that you can alter the retainers to some degrees thats all for now...???


also in regards to this 

Review by askonse


Version reviewed: 0.2.3 Dev on Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:56 pm


Download file corrupted. Cannot extract the files from the .rar


did you download the .rar or .7zip version because if your rar extractor or 7zip extractor isn't set for .rar and .7zip you can only unzip one or the other

Review by Eragonx0852

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 Slave preview on 12/21/2017

The game is still very basic but has much potential.

Some big bugs I have come across thus far:

- When fighting, if the enemy deals lust damage, it gets inflicted on them instead of you
-When loading from a saved game:
-- the gold does not get reset to the previous state
-- slaves are not reset to previous state: if you hired someone and they left after your last save, they are still gone when you load.

Review by Megaduck

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/12/2017

I do love kingdom building games and the chance to build a kingdom out of the Sexpocalypse hit all the buttons.  It also have nice pictures and backgrounds.


There is a good base here.  A lot of things that could be done in the future.  The main quests give ways to choose how your going to run your kingom.  It looks like a Love / Fear  and Corrupt / Uncorrupt axis though it doesn't look built in.  I decided to embrace my inner evil rule and start building a corrupt slave state while twisting my retains to support it.  Good times.


The downside is that this game has a lot of blank spaces to be filled in.  Of the three charecters you can't do anything with 2 of them yet, the equipment doens't seem to have an effect and while combat works it doesn't really do anything yet.


I will be watching where this goes in the future.

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