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Version: 2.0

Version: 1.75 (beta2)

Version: 1.5 (beta1)

Version: 1.0

Witch toys

I felt like it and created a new game. Well... not exactly a game, but a compilation of minigames. I just wanted to make something kinda similar to Monster Dungeon, but easily upgradeable.

I take suggestions for stories and minigames in discussion


I remind you that the english is not my native and though I'm slowly improving it there are still could be a lot of misspellings, typos, grammar errors, wrong choice of words etc. You're welcome to help me to fix all of that in discussion

The game is a sequel to New Witch in Town.


The story is told in the intro: after taking over her hometown, Witch was threatening the world of abducting people for her games and magic experiments so the governments agreed to give her people on demand, thoug each nation chose different ways to do it.


Nations info:

Rendor (in-game info): Rendor is known for its tourist spots. Also it's government values the freedom of its people. Because of that the victims they send are purely volunteers.

Garnod (next update): Garnod is known for its full legalization of mercenary buisness, so its main focusi is weapon industry. The victins they send are hired for this and recieved a good pay for the work

Malkad (NYI): Malkad is known as a "Gangster paradize". You either pay to one of the families or work for them. The victims they send are mostly the ones who have chose the third way.

Ardon (NYI): Ardon is under dictatorship of the Leader. The Leader quickly found an oportunity in the whole situation and started to send the prisoners and his enemies to the Witch.


Any suggection of nations are also welcome.

Main characters:

Wisp: A little spirit, summoned by the Witch to chose the next "toy" for her games or experiments

The Witch: The vilian, who is threatening the world and demanding to give her people to "play" with


Side characters:

President: The leader of Rendor for 20 years already.

General: Leader of Garnod Mercenaries



Sam Aren: Unemplyed. Had a little conflict with his colegue and can't find a work for a while now

Jack Boreland: Mercenary. Hired to go to the Witch

Tony Corallo: Gangster, who lost his Family.

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Review by kokkim

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 04/07/2018

The game seems really interesting, but the fact that you put the tag "BE" in it without the game having actual breast expansion (aside form gender bender) was a bit disappointing. If it's possible, I'd love to have proper, BIG breast expansion in a future version.

Review by darkestlink

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 09/12/2017

Really good so far. Even with just one story, theres a lot of content and pleanty of tf material and endings. One thing though, i wish the option to watch the first cutscene for the scenario thats there was defaulted to the no choice because it gets a little tiresome on subsequent playthroguhs to accidentally hit it and have to watch stuff you've seen before.


Can't wait for future stories!

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