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Version: 0.47

Version: 0.39

Calamity John

When the Naughton Gang takes over the silver mine, John (or Jane) Simon is forced to become the new lawman in town.

The player has the option of starting male (and becoming more manly) or starting female and going FTM (and then becoming more manly). Will contain hypnosis, where the player can attempt to hypnotize others, as well as the ability to transform some NPCs from male to female.

This game was formerly constructed in Inform and is being rebuilt in Twine.

John/Jill Simon, the protagonist.

Clay Hancock, the telegraph operator. He will help you signal for the marshal, then leave the game.

Gideon P Lemley, the snake oil salesman. He provides the means of transformation.

Eddie Malone, the bartender at the Elbow Bend Saloon. (hypnosis)

Vernon Wade, the gunslinger at the Elbow Bend Saloon. Getting Vernon to leave town is one of the game objectives. (MTF, hypnosis, sex)

Juan Palmer, a farm hand found at the doctor's office in Hawthorne. (MTF, hypnosis, sex)

Harold Sykes, a foreman found in the Stackwell Mining Company shack. (MTF, hypnosis, sex)

Iris Hadley, a woman in Hawthorne or a woman in a stagecoach who needs to be rescued. (sex)

Known Issues

  • The game is not complete.
  • After you screw Juanita, she leaves the map forever. If you screw her before you get the pistol and the rifle, they are both gone as well. Players who prioritize sex over the game goals may discover this the hard way. However, this is working as intended.
  • After you screw Jill, she leaves the map forever (taking the rope with her). If you get the rope from Jill and then depart, she leaves the map forever (and you lose the chance to screw her). This is working as intended.
  • After reaching the Chapter 3 break in the "defend" path, there is no further content, because the game is not complete.
  • You can’t do most of the activities in the “find” path (discover the Naughton's hideout, etc). This is because the game is not complete.
  • Some characters are mentioned by name (Miss Rose, Althea Pine, Miss Penelope, Nora) but cannot be found because the game is not complete.
  • Having sex with hypnotized ladies does not grant you the stat bonuses they would otherwise provide. This is working as intended.
  • Some sex scenes with Vera (in the road) are not written. This is because the game is not complete.
  • The game is not complete.
  • Also, the game is not complete.

Version 0.47

  • Telling Harold to hit the road now offers a personality bonus: cruel or kind, depending whether you've helped with his disguise.
  • It is now possible to screw Harriet and receive a stat bonus.
  • Margins and screen dimensions have been slightly altered in the process of cleaning up the style sheet.
  • You can now duel Vernon Wade, provided you have a weapon. Your skill level must be high enough if you want to succeed.
  • You can now have a fist fight with Vernon Wade. Your muscle must be high enough if you want to succeed.
  • A new NPC has been added: Iris Hadley. She will be found in two different locations, depending whether you are on the "find the hideout" path or the "defend the town" path.
  • In the "find the hideout" path, Iris can be rescued either by carrying her to the Hotel in Hawthorne, which is +2 MUSC, +1 CHA, or by shoeing the horse and taking her into town on horseback for +2 CHA, +1 MUSC.
  • A number of variant sex scenes are written for Iris, depending on your settings. As always, default = missionary position. If your settings allow multiple variations, the game chooses for you which one to display.
  • The stat reward for boarding up the church now happens all at once, rather than in stages. Hauling the lumber by hand is worth +2 MUSC, +1 SKILL. Shoeing the horse and hauling the lumber in the cart is worth +2 SKILL, +1 MUSC.
  • It is now possible to have sex with Vera in the grass behind the saloon (if Vernon was transformed).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Offering the Rejuvenating Remedy to Vernon Wade now properly responds to the sexual act settings menu. Previously, you could TG him even if the setting was turned to OFF.
    • The hand saw now correctly shows up in the inventory screen.
    • Going to the menu screen and coming back during a conversation no longer results in a blank screen when the person leaves after talking to them (such as when you have sex, and they depart).

Version 0.39

  • Bug fixes:
    • 19th-century euphemisms for "pussy" now print correctly when profanity filter is turned off.
    • Tom Janke is now properly referred to as Jill's brother, not her father, in Jill's dialogue.
    • Spash screen photo removed from Chapter 2 break.
    • Credentials screen is renamed Stats in the sidebar.
    • Jill's departure text no longer prints a redundant departure message after you have sex.
    • Various corrections of wrong-facing quotation marks.
    • Juan no longer acts as if you've spoken to him before, when in actuality you had spoken to Jill.
    • Practicing with the pistol or the rifle can now only be done in the "find the hideout" path. It was incorrectly set to the "defend" path. You can, however, still obtain the weapons from Juan Palmer in both paths, but only in the "find the hideout" path can you practice (and receive the stat bonus).
    • Return buttons in the menu bar have been fixed due to a Twine "return loop" bug.
  • Juanita now has plain vanilla sex scenes that accommodate the sex scene preferences (version without blowjob, version without doggy style).
  • It is now possible to use the rope to tie off the bridge in the "defend" path.
  • It is now possible to use the saw to booby trap the bridge in the "defend" path.
  • Upon completing all three goals in the "defend" path, in any order, you get a chapter break. This takes place either in the Pasture Road, the Bridge, or the Narrow Road regions.
  • There is a new NPC to be found named Harold Sykes. Harold has a saw that you can use in the "defend" path, and can be transformed into Harriet. There is no sex scene with Harriet (yet).

Version 0.37

  • Added chapter break after talking to the telegraph operator
  • Added new NPC: Jill Janke (Wells Shipping)
  • Added Credentials screen with stats and descriptions
  • Profanity screen includes sex act and hypno options that can be turned on and off
  • Can't go north or south on the Great Western Road while female
  • It is possible to transform the gunslinger Vernon Wade.
  • Sex scenes with Juanita have been added.
  • It is now possible to board up the church as part of the "defend" storyline.
  • You can now practive with your firearms (except the one-shot Derringer).

Version 0.31

  • There is now a horse in the stable. It can be shoed for either the "find" or "defend" paths; shoeing the horse takes the size/skill stat.
  • There is now a pile of lumber in the shipping warehouse. It can be hauled up to the old stone church if you have the strength, or if you have managed to shoe the horse.
  • You can now follow the western road a few passages south. If you are on the "find" path, you can go a little further. If you are on the "defend" path you can block the road at that point, either by starting a rockfall (takes charisma/courage) or by chopping down a tree (takes strength, plus an axe).
  • You can now find an axe on the map.
  • There is now a link in the sidebar to a list of game goals: what you have left to accomplish. It adjusts dynamically.
  • The clothing that you find around town can now be seen in the inventory window.
  • If you need a weapon bigger than the Derringer, you can get one from Juan Palmer, the farm hand.
  • Juan can be transformed using the Rejuvenating Remedy. You can either tell him the Remedy is "from Doc" (+1 cruel) or that it might help (+1 kind).
  • Juan cannot be hypnotized; however, Juanita can be.
  • Juanita can be seduced. Only one of the seduction paths is written (when Juanita is willing). She has a very minimal set of requirements (1 strength, 1 height, 1 charisma) in her transformed state. The minimum ensures she cannot be seduced by either a man or a woman until you've had the Recombobulating Tonic. In general, women who have lower requirements for being seduced provide a lesser bonus for doing so.
  • Seducing Juanita provides a minimal bonus (+1 strength to the player). Depending how you seduce her, you might get personality bonuses (eg, +2 kindness if you ask permission, +1 cruel/+1 devious if you don't, etc).
  • If you hypnotize Juanita, she's easier to seduce but you do not get the +1 height bonus. Instead, you get +1 devious. The hypnosis sex scene is not yet written, as noted above.
  • You can attempt to hypnotize Clay Hancock, but it never works. You also can attempt to give Clay Hancock the Rejuvenating Remedy, but he'll never take it. Clay Hancock is only there to fulfill the game objective to summon the marshal.

Version 0.15

  • Player can begin as male or female. Only the female path has transformation.
  • The player can meet Gideon P. Lemley, the snake oil salesman, and obtain the Manly Recombobulating Tonic. Certain activities will make the player become more masculine in different ways. At this stage, there are very few such activities.
  • The player can meet Vernon Wade, the gunslinger, in the Elbow Bend saloon. It is not possible to hypnotize him yet, because the player doesn't have a way to earn enough Charisma.
  • The player can meet Clay Hancock, the telegraph operator, and obtain a single-shot pistol.
  • The player can meet Eddie Malone, the bartender at the Elbow Bend saloon. It is not possible to hypnotize Eddie yet, because the player doesn't have a way to earn enough Charisma.
  • Many locations in the game are accessible and have descriptions, but for now there is not much to do there.
  • Profanity filter implemented.
  • Inventory system implemented. Some items of clothing do not appear yet (namely, any of the articles of clothing you find around the town).

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by EyeLoch

Version reviewed: 0.31 on 01/28/2018

This story oozes with style, and is a fun read - I hope it's fun to work on for the author, since I hope it keeps getting updated!

Review by Raabbii

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 01/22/2018

First I want to thank the Author for the game, One of the few game where your MC can become more manly and can transform others.
I am really into that and sadly most of the game on the site are M2F or MC being forced to be a sissy. Those games are fine but I really like when I can transform others and my character is Dominant. So far the game is good. I hope you will continue to update it and maybe add some images if you feel that's okay.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 09/23/2017

Inform 7 is not the most friendly game client and it assumes the players do know how to type instead of just click click click. This game does extremely well to introduce the VERBS menu to kick-start its player. The Text-UI looks neat.

That said, the game at this stage lacks interesting elements to make people stay. F2M isn't exactly a popular topic. Going through conversation isn't exactly a loved element. Small tasks and opening maps neither. So there was little I could do before I got stuck (after pistol, F2M, watches, shirt, pants and boots).

I know it is only version 0.1 so I am going to keep my fingers cross. Please keep up with the good work.

PS> Here is a little tip for anyone who wants to try it out. You start off in the town with seven directions accessible. The one to the North is where the story starts, so you may as well explore the other six directions (buildings) before you head off.

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