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Version 4.25 mark 003
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Version: Version 4.25 mark 003

Bimbo Mall Battle
by Narse

Bimbo Mall Battle is a transformation game created in the Inform 7 engine by Narse. It is a rewrite of the Inform 7 game Arena created by redneckdemon, with almost everything rewritten.

Note:After a two-plus year hiatus, a new stable release has been made as of October 28 2014.

You find yourself in a room with mirrored walls showing the reflections of a group of girls. Worse you realize you're one of the girls, but since you've been transformed, you're a little confused about which one of the reflections is the new you!

There are six general-use spells that can be cast on yourself and others. To use a spell, you must have its corresponding pearl.

Transgender - Rose Pearl (TG, TG me, TG target) Breast Expansion - Busta Pearl (BE, BE me, BE target) Sluttify - Fake Pearl (SX, SX me, SX target) Dressup - Silk Pearl (DU, DU me, DU target) Shrink - Mini Pearl (SK, SK me, SK target) Milkmaid - Lacta Pearl (MM, MM me, MM target)

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Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: Version 4.25 mark 003 on 09/06/2020

I was at first incredibly impressed with the game and then I realized there was very little to it. Would not reccomend. 

Review by xvibex

Version reviewed: Version 4.25 mark 003 on 11/26/2015

Got bored pretty quick. The AI has more than a few advantages, you can't lose them once they decide they want you.

The main reason for this is that AI can take multiple actions in a turn. Where you have to go through a complex and unexplained process and I'm still trying to figure out how to screw someone. As the screw command simply trips the target then demanding you "are not in position" if you use the command again. In doing an action which is not listed in help to kneel/crouch/etc you simply get fucked by the target you tripped in the same turn.

Many of the cloth wearing options inserts in with your 'default clothing' (which you can't remove by the way), some replaces items, some counts with items, some arent even mentioned.

Half the time you can't even tell if shit not working is bad programming, incomplete programming, or isnt even or ever was intentioned to be something.

Its worth maybe 10 minutes of entertainment before the baraging harassment grows stale and prevents you from doing anything.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: Version 4.25 mark 003 on 04/24/2015

The '2012 Stablemilk' version is still accessible, and I uploaded a copy of the most recent version (see forum's link)... A temporary measure, I hope.

Review by Baylith

Version reviewed: Version 4.25 mark 003 on 04/08/2015

all downloads nolonger exist or are corrupted, could we getthis fixed, or is this game going to be let go?

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Version 4.25 mark 001 on 10/31/2014

The 29 Oct 2014 version:

It is running under a new development engine and has a new clothing system. It is currently under testing and most contents are hidden. I wonder what it will become once the rework is done.



The stable milk version:

This game is additive once you have gotten along with the Inform commands. I find that the game has the highest replayability among other games in TFGamesSite, with Trap Quest and Cursed coming after. It is pretty fast pace before something happens, and takes some time before something REALLY happens. It last longer with more effort you put into it and it is really up to you how long you want it last, say, forever if you really struggle to win.


The bad news is that the author mentioned his discountinuous of update to the game. So, no new updates.


Th game is open source and the auther mentioned his welcoming of people using the source for a new game so this is a good sample if you want to try out the inform 7 engine.

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