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18.04.23 Full Download
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Version: 18.04.23 Full Download

Troubles With Altered Tofu

Troubles with Altered Tofu is a media-heavy transformation game. You play a young man with peculiar allergies to genetically modified foods. The game currently features 4 seducable characters, MtF and FtM transformation, and 4 types of sexual actions in 4 locations.

I've shuttered this game for now. I had tried to make a powerful simulation engine, and I was somewhat successful. Unfortunately, I spent so much time on the engine, I didn't have time to actually write content.

Installation Notes:

  • Download and unzip the full version of the game. Navigate to the unzipped folder and open the html file with your browser.
  • To patch the game, you must unzip the patch over the latest full version of the game.
  • This game has been built and tested for Chrome and Firefox. 

Gameplay hints:

  • Double click actions instead of hitting the confirm button, or use the arrow keys and the enter button on the keyboard. I wish I could make this more clear. If you're annoyed that you have to confirm everything. JUST DOUBLE CLICK THE ACTION.
  • Sex and Sushi will make your dick shrink


Bug Reports, Feedback, Suggestions:

  • Please report bugs and issues to http://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10218 or message me directly on the forums

Leaving your home town, you arrive to your new home to find that the only foods available seem to give you allergic reactions...

To experience transformation, try the different foods throughout the game. Each food has a different effect, so make sure to explore and find what suits your tastes. 

To unlock sex scenes, talk to the man in the foyer until you can invite him to your Living Room. He's the easiest to seduce, but he's not the only one.

Eat the Nigiri Sushi as a shortcut to reach the full FtM transformation.


  • First public alpha release.

17.10.10 release:  

  • Added Downtown and Park scenes
  • Revealed "Confirm" button. Added houseover hint to double click on action element or hit enter.

17.10.11 release:

  • Added energy and sleepyness to game.
  • Added new food type "BigEnergy Bar"

17.10.12 release:

  •  Added three new types of food in two different locations.

17.10.14 release:

  • Rebuild videos and images for "HD" release
  • Added vendor at beach
  • Added FtM transition
  • rebuilt interface to work at a wider range of resolutions

17.10.15 patch:

  • fixed styling quirks on firefox.

17.10.15 Interface redesign:

  • interface has been restyled and tested on chrome and firefox.
  • Gave each character their own narration and interaction content.

17.10.15 Full build:

  • Same content as 17.10.15 Interface redesign build. Includes all media from 17.10.14 build.


  • Re-balanced gameplay to make full MtF and FtM content easier to access


  • Re-processed all images and videos from original sources for better quality.
  • Added new videos
  • Gave NPC's their own daily schedules


  • Fixed a bug that was making the player sleepy all the time
  • Added additional narration for allergic events.
  • Tweaked interface to look better at lower resolutions.


  • Added Save/Load functionality
  • Tweaked energy and food
  • Added College
  • Added day/night cycle


  • Added drug dealing
  • Tweaked game balance


  • All guys are teasable and can invite you to their home
  • Drugs make you digest your food immediately
  • Almost playable

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by anonymouslylurking

Version reviewed: 18.03.11 Full Download on 03/14/2018

As of right now, this game looks like a good framework. I didn't notice any bugs, or any real problems. It still needs more to be a game though. The people you can talk to seem like empty placeholders that simply repeat the same sets of random phrases, and when they invite you to go somewhere, you can't. It seems like the foods are supposed to have a transformative effect on your body as well as regaining energy, but those effects only happen with sleep. So, it's possible to eat combinations during the day, and not know why a transformation happened, or not know what counteracted what to prevent you from getting transformed. There is nothing to force you to eat or sleep. You can choose one and simply keep doing that. There is some exam you can take, and as far as I can tell, pass or fail is determined 100% by rng.


This may look like complaints, but really I can see myself coming back in a few months to edit this review or post a new one. All the shortcomings that I have listed show is that the game is in early development. In-game dialogue seems to indicate that the creator will be making some character's houses, and a shopping center. Hopefully hunger and tiredness get split into two seperate stats, so that you have to eat and sleep, thus experiencing the transformations as they are. I can understand some of the descriptions being lacking as the author worked on the game's engine. This game has good bones, and hopefully in a few updates it'll be more fleshed out.

Review by LuckyTrouble

Version reviewed: 17.11.11 Patch on 12/06/2017

I could find very little to no difference at all in how different foods affected the player character avatar. Hot Dogs and Sushi Rolls definitely had an outsized effect on genitalia, but other than that the only thing that seemed to be affected was hips and ass, regardless of what I ate. Animated gifs were great, and the text descriptions, though very brief, were quite nice, but the game has no mechanical depth at all and few or no goals. Great proof of concept, decent porn, poor game, as currently uploaded. Please continue development, this could really go somewhere interesting eventually!

Review by wat

Version reviewed: 17.11.11 Patch on 11/13/2017

I agree with what others are saying.


This game has potential and some fairly well designed areas and sexy bits.


But there is almost a complete lack of context.


Unless I'm missing something you just spam talk until you can spam seduce.


Then you trigger some sex/bj gifs.


There's no soul, no real seduction as it is.


So i really quickly got bored of it.


That said, if the author can add some of that then this could definately be something.

Review by Doombug

Version reviewed: 17.11.11 Patch on 11/13/2017

not being able to save my game killed this for me.

Review by faggyanna

Version reviewed: 17.11.11 Patch on 11/13/2017

I mean I do kind of enjoy the game, it's just that there doesn't seem to be much aim in playing it.

And having to confirm everything is kind of annoying.

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