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Version: Chapter 2.4, Christmas Edition

Version: Chapter 2.4

Version: Chapter 2.3

Version: Chapter 2.2

Version: Chapter 2.1

Version: Chapter 2

Version: Version 17.5

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by hw2121

What is XXXivilization?

XXXivilization is a 4X strategy game where you play as the leader of a nation in a sex-fueled world. Your sole focus is to expand your borders and ultimately conquer the world by any means necessary. It is inspired by games like Civilization and Free Cities.



Online version: https://www.xxxivilization.com

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/xxxivilization

Discord: https://discord.gg/STN2kEH


Latest update, Chapter 2.4


Chapter 2.4 contains some balancing and gameplay changes as well as a major new beauty contest:

  • Complete revamp how outposts are handled
  • Changes to population size
  • A new beauty contest, focusing on all regions of your kingdom
  • ...and a lot more

The Christmas edition contains a new Christmas themed event chain, new tile art and bugfixes.

You are the newly promoted leader of a small tribe somewhere in a distant land. You have been given the task to lead your people to new prosperity. To achieve this you will have to conquer new lands, build up your capitol, promote both religion and science and last but not least become a greater person than you are today. 

Whenever fight is inevitable you and your army will have to fight in the traditional way of your tribe: By seducing your opponent and fucking them until they pass out. It has always been this way.

Are you ready for this challenging duty?

Chapter 2.4, Christmas Edition


New features
  • New images on the map
    • The player city now has an new image for each of its stages
    • Outposts have a new image
    • Improved the image of pyramids
  • Improved look of sea tile images
  • A new Christmas event line was added, including 6 new sex scenes
  • Added 12 images for the new events
Bug fixes
  • Disabling bad ends in the settings was not working
  • Some events related to governors were appearing even if you had no governors assigned, causing placeholders to appear in the event text
  • Fixed some problems with images in the region contest event
  • Persons that were no longer your follower (e.g. on Chapter 2 start) remained as governors
  • Fixed a problem with overlaying buttons on small screen heights
  • Fixed some problems with an event happening when Myrina was your personal assistant
  • An event where Antiope tried to free myrina still happened when the Futamazons were already defeated
  • Cheat menu: The refill energy cheat did not visually update the energy correctly

Chapter 2.4


New features
  • Lots of changes to the pacing and balancing of the game:
    • The number of outposts is no longer limited
    • Outposts now have increasing build cost, getting higher with every outpost built
    • Outposts now have a productivity value (default 80%) determining how much resources their buildings produce
    • You can assign your followers to be governors of outposts, slightly boosting their productivity
    • You can name your outposts (this is in preparation for being able to upgrade outposts to cities in the next version)
    • Outposts from previous save games will get a random name assigned that can be changed in-game
  • Difficulty settings were greatly reworked and you have to choose a difficulty now at the game start. Difficulties:
    • "I'm just here for the lewds": Meant for players that don't really care about the strategy game aspects of the game
    • "Default"
    • "I want a strategy game challenge": Should be quite challenging with tougher enemies, less tax income, less outpost productivity and harsher punishments for combat defeats
  • Added a tutorial notification when you can build your first Outpost which informs about the outposts & governors system
  • Added a major new contest with participants chosen of a pool of 8 different women. Available from Chapter 2 on.
  • Added a new event at the end of Chapter 2 that foreshadows the next parts of the main story line
  • Four bimbo related events were unintentionally never active - they are now part of the game
  • Added two minor events related to governors
  • Added the start of an event chain related to cheerleaders
  • Added 24 images for the new contest
  • Added an image to the Jolene storyline
  • Added two images for sex scenes to the Goblin Tribeswoman event with male/futa characters
  • Added an image for the cheerleaders event
  • Added two images for the new Chapter 2 end event
Bug fixes
  • The power The First Flame did not have a Faith cost
  • After a special event all combats were limited to 4 rounds
  • Some events with Jolene were appearing even if she was not your follower
  • Reverting a gender change was not possible after saving and loading a game
  • Fixed an error at replacing old save games
  • There were still some lactation related event options available for players without lactation
  • It was possible to have multiple different laws enabled in parallel that would turn all non males/female/futas into slaves
  • Multiple errors happened when loading games from version 17.5
  • It sometimes happened that the Futamazons were defeated but still fighting the player or demanding payments
  • Some more bug fixes that I lost track of so I can't list them here in details
  • You can now collapse and expand law categories to keep a better overview of them
  • When you select "other" in training a number is now always added to the textbox
  • Myrina now isn't that surprised anymore when you imprison her a second time
  • Removed the "Influence" stat, instead you now always have 3 laws possibly active in parallel that are not traditions
  • Removed Senate and Ministry buildings, Added Slums and Luxury housing buildings (excluding each other) to increase population limit, changed Administration and Town-hall to increase population limit
  • Changed Myrina's effects as Personal Assistant from increasing "Influence" to increasing Futa preference
  • Added an option in the Cheat Menu to increase Population Limit
  • Updated the tutorial to reflect the current state of the game
  • You can now disable tutorial notifications informing you about the consequences of creating various buildings

Chapter 2.3


New features
  • New player character images
    • The paperdoll images of the player character during creation and in-game have been completely re-done to be of higher quality and easier to extend in the future
    • New option for male characters: Visible muscle size; Can be changed during creation or in the Makeover Salon
    • Testicle size is now visible for male characters
    • The maximum size of asses and boobs have been increased
  • Critical hits
    • Units can now critical hit in combat, dealing double damage
    • The players critical hit chance is influenced by their Intelligence attribute
    • When landing a critical hit, new unique combat texts appear, different from a standard hit text
  • Save game improvements
    • If your browser supports it, your saves are now stored in a new way (called IndexedDB)
    • This should allow much more space for your save games and lead to less out-of-space errors during saving
    • Your old save games are still valid, and you don't need to change anything manually
  • Added unique combat texts for:
    • Busty maids
    • Member of the Order of the phallus
    • Futanari Fanatics
    • Zombimbos
    • Lust zombies
    • Succubi
    • Incubi
    • Double dicked troll
  • Added laws for Femboy admiration, their stat is now also listed in the Citizens view
    • Those laws will be available if you welcome the first Femboy you encounter into your city
  • Added a large side-quest in the end-game of Chapter 2. Submitted by triforce-omega
  • Added two new bad ends (too low Happiness, too low Religiousness). Also added real texts to the previous bad ends.
  • Added a couple of new events related to the inquisition and cultists.
  • Added two follow-up events for the big-chested girl getting bullied, showing up in kingdoms with Large Breast Admiration
  • Added a new minor event regarding big dick admiration.
  • Added a new event regarding big dick admiration and fertility laws. Submitted by Jonas132
  • Added an event related to cowgirl farms. Submitted by Jonas132
  • New player paperdoll with overall 168 different images of body part variations
  • Added 7 images for the new large side quest and 7 images for their characters in the brothel
  • Added an image for the forest catgirl encounter
  • Added an image for one of your soldiers being corrupted by the bimbo blight (male and female variations)
  • Added 2 images for wingstalkers
  • Added 3 images for the big chested girl getting bullied events
  • Added 2 images for the forest witch and 4 images for her in the brothel
  • Added an image for the dildo stuck in stone event
  • Added an image for the traveling bookseller event
  • Added an image for a femboy event
  • Added an image for Professor Rohrleger and 2 images of him in the brothel
Bug fixes
  • Lots of layout and styling fixes for mobile devices and tablets
  • Fixed several display issues in the tech tree
  • Fixed some bugs where the Paradise or Elfs storyline could not be finished
  • Fixed a bug where events would appear or have options related to lactation even for not lactating players
  • Assigning the same unit to one Arena team multiple times led to problems
  • Fixed several further minor bugs in the Arena
  • Choosing the height intimidation option in the first meet-up with Lorrin caused an error
  • After conquering Paradise by seducing the Triumvirate their members no longer despise you
  • It was possible that you received a letter from Paradise inviting you to their court when they were already defeated if you changed your gender
  • Persons that should have been removed from your followers and prisoners lists at the start of Chapter 2 weren't removed, leading to inconsistencies
  • If the crusaders have not appeared while still in Chapter 1 they no longer appear on the new maps of Chapter 2, but on the "old" map instead
  • Fixed a bug where loading old save games of certain versions was not working
  • Fixed a bug where events in the Zombimbo territory where not working correctly when you had deleted some units before
  • Added a new law proposed by the Pleasure cults: Pleasure slaves
  • Added a new building related to the Pleasure cults: Pleasure Pit
  • Instead of immediately moving to Chapter 2 after defeating all enemies in Chapter 1, the player is now given an option to stay in Chapter 1 for some more turns
  • The Makeover Salon is now automatically built when quick starting into Chapter 2


Chapter 2.2


New features
  • A system was added for kingdom internal factions.
    • They each have certain things they approve of, and thing they don't like
    • Depending on your laws and decisions their power will increase or decrease
    • For now two factions have been introduced in Chapter 2: The Inquisition and The Pleasure Cults
    • New Buildings, Laws and Events have been added for those two factions
  • You can now build a makeover salon, there you can:
    • Temporarily boost your Charisma
    • Change your appearance
    • Change your name
  • It is now possible to reach a Game Over (Bad endings) in certain events. This can also be disabled in the settings
  • General
  • Added two minor events related to Femboys
  • Added several new events that will show up when certain laws are enabled. Submitted by Jonas132
  • Chapter 2
  • Added 26 new events related to the two new factions of the Inquisition and the Pleasure cults
  • Added a new event chain involving a foreign ambassador
  • Added a new event in the Zombimbo territories, involving your scientific advisor
  • Added a new event involving Glenda and Damian
  • 9 new images for the Inquisition & Pleasure cult events
  • 4 new images for the event chain with a foreign ambassador
  • 7 images for old scenes (involving the Beauty, Aphrodite, the Lusty, Myrina, Yuvi)
  • 1 new image for the brothel (for Florence)
  • 1 new image for another new event
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that was in the game for a very long time where occasionally triggering events caused an error
  • Fixed a bug where an endless fight could happen related to the usage of Powers
  • Tooltips for powers during combat were displayed wrong
  • Using Powers wrongly did not cost any Faith
  • It was possible to start an arena fight without combatants, leading to an endless fight
  • At the end of the Futamazon storyline there was wrongly written that this is the game's end, not taking Chapter 2 into account
  • Helena's description was not updating after altering her body
  • Failing to pick up the book pile for Juul still advanced her story line
  • It could happen that soldiers with very large boobs that got corrupted by the Zombimbo blight actally had their breast size reduced
  • "Select all" was not working in the Arena
  • Windmills had their description state that they increase food production by 15% while it is actually only 10%
  • After completing all maps there was another event shown telling you that you have unlocked already finished maps
  • Resisting the sirens in the Archipelago map was much harder than intended
  • The auto-level settings for which body stats to increase were not working correctly and were also not saved correctly
  • Male "Chosen one" units had a vagina by default
  • Fixed several events (mostly in the Zombibo zone) where something would happen to a random person but instead a not-indended or no person was chosen
  • It was possible to have slaves focus on working and breeding at the same time
  • It was possible to increase the affection of prisoners without throwing them into the deep dungeon
  • The character creation screen now shows portrait images of the different head styles
  • The map now supports keyboard arrow keys to navigate the selected tile
  • For buildings that unlock new features (e.g. Dungeon, Arena, ...) added some buttons to their entry in the tech tree to jump directly to this functionality
  • Slightly restructured the top left menu, added buttons for world map and new game plus, removed character and units buttons


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by aolw12

Version reviewed: Chapter 2.3 on 08/22/2020

I like this game, though it is hard to tell what type of fetishs are actually in the game when you play. It says M/M but I have yet to see any images or scenes related to this, there are transformations. Besides conquering, it hard to find anything more to the game, inside the city there are some things to do but I feel like I am doing the same thing nearly all the time. Also while the character creation improved in this update I was hoping you would be able to see the affect in the images on the whole body and not just parts in this update.

I am also confused on what is actually in this game.

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: Chapter 2.2 on 07/18/2020

The minimum boob and cock size are not small. Anyway, the game is very good

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: Chapter 2.2 on 05/08/2020

I'm going to be brutally honest. When I first played one of the earliest versions of this game, it sucked.  Like REALLY sucked, so bad that I was hesitant to ever try it again.  But, with this virus, and copious free time, I figured "what the hay, why not?"



The improvement is SUBSTANTIAL!  It does have areas where it could be improved, yes, but this is a pretty enjoyable game now.  I especially liked the part where if your civ had pure bimbo appreciation, you could ABSORB the Bimbo Mist stuff in Part 2.  Hoping Part 3 has more demon related stuff to do, and would like to see more TF stuff... maybe turn your leader into a demon or an elf or a bunny, or something...

Definitely liked and subscribed after this playthrough!

Review by maiconneo

Version reviewed: Chapter 2.1 on 04/10/2020

So much fun in this game! You really feel like playing a civilization, you have so many options and the story holds you back, don't waste time and play!

the only problem with this game is that it has an end, i wish i could play more and have more civilizations to discover, but maybe one day!

Review by rsreal

Version reviewed: Chapter 2.1 on 03/17/2020

I had a great weekend playing this game.  One of the few games of this genre where it actually got me engrossed.

Fun game systems, really neat scenarios and character development, interesting and funny story.  Clearly a crap ton of work went into this.


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