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by hw2121

What is XXXivilization?

XXXivilization is a 4X strategy game where you play as the leader of a nation in a sex-fueled world. Your sole focus is to expand your borders and ultimately conquer the world by any means necessary. It is inspired by games like Civilization and Free Cities.

Example of the CG art


Current State of the Game

At the moment the game features a procedurally generated game map for every new game, three major factions, and several minor ones, a large tech tree, dozens of spontaneous events, full-fledged character creation, plenty of sexy times and a few images.

Since XXXivilization is still heavily in development I am always grateful for all kind of feedback. Just leave a comment here or a reply in the forum, there I can also answer you. Or just join my discord to have a small chat about the game.



Online version: https://www.xxxivilization.com

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/xxxivilization

Discord: https://discord.gg/STN2kEH


Latest update, Version 17.5

With version 17.5 I tried to focus on fixing some glaring balancing issues from the last version. Outposts are now buildable and can be placed manually on the map, also several new images and events got added.


You are the newly promoted leader of a small tribe somewhere in a distant land. You have been given the task to lead your people to new prosperity. To achieve this you will have to conquer new lands, build up your capitol, promote both religion and science and last but not least become a greater person than you are today. 

Whenever fight is inevitable you and your army will have to fight in the traditional way of your tribe: By seducing your opponent and fucking them until they pass out. It has always been this way.

Are you ready for this challenging duty?

Version 17.5


New features
  • Several changes were made to outposts
    • The outposts you get from conquering enemy capitals now have different shapes of buildable land to make some of them worth a bit more
    • You can also build outposts yourself now. They are smaller in size, and you unlock one outpost slot each time you upgrade your town. You also get an outpost slot on completing one specific mission
  • New laws category: Taxes
    • You can increase or decrease your taxes now. Increased taxes will lead to higher income but reduced population growth and happiness
    • You can enable further tax laws by constructing administrative buildings (Administration, Town-hall, Ministry)
  • The arena now remembers the last teams that fought in it, making it easier to re-play the last fight
  • A new traveling shopkeeper will now come to your court and offer you various goods and services
  • New event: New uniforms for the priestesses
  • Several user-submitted events related to your citizen's preferences and/or certain followers, submitted by Jonas132 and triforce-omega
  • Three new images related to the new shopkeeper event
  • Two new images related to the new uniforms event
  • One new image for when you give Myrina a blowjob to reduce the payment to the Futamazons
Bug fixes
  • New Game+ should work properly again
  • Fixed a lot of small typos
  • Gold from the brothel is now displayed in the detailed income view
  • The food stand at the festival had different costs written in the text and its buttons, they are matching now
  • The Beauty blowjob image caused errors
  • Nicknames given to followers and prisoners were not saved correctly
  • Loading a save game with a different theme than the current one was sometimes causing UI issues
  • If the transport to paradise was conquered by another empire then it was not possible to finish this quest
  • The message that your population is not growing due to food shortage was sometimes shown wrongly
  • Training and praying was possible even when not enough energy was available
  • Starting taking the lactation drug could cause errors
  • It was possible to take the same person as prisoner two times if this person was working in the brothel
  • Reduced the food consumption of your citizens
  • Reduced the difficulty of some late game encounters, especially with the Futamazons
  • Reduced food production from lactation to not give female characters a too big advantage
  • When canceling the payment to the Futamazons and starting to pay them again the new payment is now increased
  • Players that change their genitalia now have the choice to identify as a different gender

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: Version 17 on 06/19/2019

A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I am a lover of non-erotic strategy games like the civilization series, so to me this was very enjoyable even from a non erotic point of view. The gameplay is very high standard especially compared to some of the other games on this site, and I was satisfied and joyful at the progression of the empire. That being said, the game is a little easy at the moment. Once the first rival was defeated, the futa empire were an easy takedown. But I suppose thats not necessarily a bad thing, as by the time you are finishing the game you should feel powerful.

The eroticism was great too. I appreciated the option to visit past conquests in my city and the random sexual events that occured. I would reccomend keeping that high standard up and you will go far. Thank you very much for letting us all play this wonderful game! 9/10.

Review by Surume

Version reviewed: Version 17 on 06/14/2019

This is a really nice sexy management game. If you like Free Cities, you should give this one a try :)
Even without the sexy stuff, it still would be an interesting game to play.
Although not finalized, it feels much more finalized than most games here.


Increasing number of available actions:
You're a leader of a rising empire and compete with 3 other nations. You conquer new land (make love not war), research technologies, construct buildings and recruit units. These are your options at the beginning of the game. Step by step, after building new structures you get access to more options like training, praying and many more (don't want to spoil the fun).
I'm not sure if it is intended, but in my play through, the new options to spend the energy/time per round unfold in a satisfying way, that I was able to make more and more use of my 100 energy units.  

Increasing number of available event options:
There is already a good number of events implemented, some inlcude several steps to get for example a new NPC on board. While most events will occure repeatedly, you might have new options to select from after you progressed (e.g. by training).

Rendered graphics:
Your points spent in character creation (also praying) on boobs etc. will show on your avatar.
Brothel and some events have also nice graphics. I assume the author hw2121 will add more in the future.

Thank you for this game.

Review by obsidian

Version reviewed: Version 15 on 01/30/2019

This is a great game in the explore and expand genre, with porn!

Even at this stage it's fairly complete in and of itself, but the author is regularly adding new functionality.


Review by max02

Version reviewed: Version 12 on 10/09/2018

the game is not bad, but I want to see more content: in battles, in the city of the main character, because when the city develops and new buildings appear, I want to visit them, but so far this is not possible. I also want a larger map size, and third-party NPS, as well as monsters with whom you will have to fight or make peace to defeat others, or for trade relations.

Review by colin18swood

Version reviewed: Version 10 on 08/12/2018

Firstly I am really enjoying this game, I think it's one of the best games on this site.  One slightly annoying thing is how long it takes to grow testicles even an inch in size.  I understand not everything should be instant, but it took me about fifty testicle points (like several thousand religous points) to just grow them an inch.  Maybe you could either add mays to get more points more quickly or lower the cap on the size scale.  Also, there is a kind of annoying balancing issue when you gain as much power as the game offers your character, it becomes pretty much impossible to lose a fight even on the hard difficulty.  I would suggest a level cap or adding some sort of strategy system so winning doesn't become a complete certainty.

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