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Version: 0.07

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Virtual Reality With Friends

This is a proof of concept for a collaborative virtual reality game. I designed it to showcase the potential for future collaboration with others. Thus far, the response has been limited; few potential collaborators have not stepped forward to contribute. In this proof-of-concept stage, game content is minimal.

The player has gone to a virtual reality parlor, and can choose to go through a number of different stories that are available. However, he gets to choose which companion he goes with.

VRWF is an example of the kind of thing that could be done, with a number of contributing authors working on characters and stories together.

As this is a proof of concept, bear in mind:

1. There is only ONE story sample available (Land of the Five Red Kings/Crelborn of Highdoor).

2. The sample story only has ONE completed page of activity on it, so you can see how it works: each NPC has different dialogue they contribute to the story, and each NPC affects which options are available to the player.

3. The ratings reflect what is in the story NOW, rather than any planned content.

Please send a PM to the author on this site if you are interested in collaborating on this shared story.

Aiden (bisexual M, found in The Rave). The handsome, friendly guy who gets along with everybody. Plays straight M, bi M, bi F, straight F.

Ashton (straight M, found in the real lobby, moves to The Malt Shop). The nerd who likes playing big studly guys in VR. Plays straight M.

Aurora (straight F, found in the real lobby, moves to Sunset Beach). A bit of a space cadet who believes in crystals, reincarnation, and past lives. Plays straight M, lesbian F, straight F.

Brooklyn (straight F, found in The Rave). The free-spirited dancer who doesn't care what anybody thinks about her. Plays gay M, straight F.

Bryson (straight M, found in the real lobby, moves to The Dancing Strip). The chatterbox computer geek who always plays girls in VR. Plays any female role.

Charlotte (lesbian F). Ex-girlfriend of lesbian F player, not yet implemented.

Diego (bi M). Harper's boyfriend, not yet implemented.

Dylan (straight M). Ex-boyfriend of bi F player, not yet implemented.

Elijah (straight M, found in Sunset Beach, moves to The Dancing Strip). The affable stoner. Plays straight M, lesbian F.

Grace (straight F, found in Sunset Beach). Ex-girlfriend of straight M player. Plays straight M, bi F, straight F.

Harper (straight F, found in either The Rave or The Dancing Strip). Girlfriend of Diego. Turns into a man as a way to relieve stress (take a wild guess how). Plays straight M, bi M, straight F.

Jackie (lesbian F, found in the real lobby). Forthright and direct with everyone except straight girls, whom she likes to try to seduce. Plays straight M and any female role, but it depends on who she's with.

Jake (gay M). Ex-boyfriend of gay M player, not yet implemented.

Jordyn (bi F). Ex-girlfriend of lesbian F player, not yet implemented.

Kingston (straight M). Ex-boyfriend of straight F player, not yet implemented.

Lucas (gay M, found in The Rave). Excitable, adventuresome theater major with a side of sarcasm. Plays straight M, gay M, straight F.

Mackenzie (straight F, found in The Malt Shop, moves to The Dancing Strip). The girl who loves to play the boy for her friends. Plays any male role, plus straight F.

Mason (straight M, found in the real lobby). Big guy, not too smart, who doesn't like to have his manhood challenged. Plays straight M (but can be convinced to be straight F).

Noah (bi M). Ex-boyfriend of bi M player, not yet implemented.

Nora (lesbian F). She loves turning guys and straight girls into lesbians. Not yet implemented.

Peyton (bi F). Ex-girlfriend of bi M player, not yet implemented.

Sawyer (bi M, found in The Rave). Currently presenting as a man, although he's trans and just hasn't admitted it to himself yet. Plays straight M, but can be made to reveal his straight F side (Shiloh) if you persist.

Sofia (straight F, found in The Malt Shop). Proper, moral, by the book. Plays straight males (sometimes) and straight females.

Sydney (bi F, found in Sunset Beach). She loves it when you change sex; it doesn't matter to her which way. Plays almost anything.

Tristan (straight M, found in The Malt Shop, moves to the real lobby). The academic and literature major who makes fun of the sexually titillating nature of VR even though he secretly wants to let go and be part of it. Plays straight M, bi F, and lesbian F.

Version 0.07:

There are now 11 male and 11 female avatars to choose from.

Specific narration has been added to "Crelborn of Highdoor" for Curious, Reluctant, Secretive, Shocked, and Willing responses, although some of these are similar/same. Not all characters give variant dialogue.

The method for deciding which paths in "Crelborn of Highdoor" has changed. Previously, the option to explore your new bodies appeared only if the NPC was willing; now, it can take a combination of the player's willingness in addition to the NPC's.

It is now sometimes possible to provoke Bryson, Grace, and Mason. The method for doing so will vary depending on your current settings, and may not always appear. For instance, you can only dare Mason to play a girl if you are already playing as female yourself.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by dextrousraid

Version reviewed: 0.07 on 02/09/2018

An amazing framework for TG stories with the capacity to swap in different characters and reactions, it's potential (and the potential of the example storylines) has me interested amd excited like little else on this site. The presentation goes above and beyond too.


You mention in the discussion thread that no collaborators have come forward, affecting future development. I had no idea you were accepting collaborators, the 'collaborative' in the synopsis is very easy to miss or skim over and even if you do see it it doesn't make clear it's an open call. I would place a line in bold caps at the bottom of the synopsis saying writers are wanted. I was interested in the past, but didn't know it was a possibility, and may be again in the future (I am working on another project now).

Also, I can only echo cockisser771's concerns about scope (now ain't that a sentence!) I understand it's a proof of concept and you want to show the full potential of the lobby system, the sexuality/role system, the two layers of VR, and show off a lot of characters and their behaviours to inspire writers. However, you've done such a good and comprehensive job that it sets up the expectation that all this will support a massive game, with plenty of content for all the characters. It may be wise to display a disclaimer on boot reminding people that this is a proof of concept for systems, world and characters, and that the final amount of story/tf/sex content will depend on collaborators. (Which is another chance to signal to people you're looking).


Sorry if the tone of this has come out a bit critical. I'm pointing these things out because I want the game to succeed. Please, anyone reading this (though the above was addressed to G_D_A) download it, have a play about, and get excited about the story/tg potential. I'll end with a compliment - it's much quicker to get into, get a quick sense of the characters and get to the TFs/reactions and the sex (or place where sex would be) than in most of the other text games on this site.

Review by Silverado

Version reviewed: 0.052 on 11/09/2017

That sad there is almost none content now, but stil idea is really great, and I will wait impetiently for more

Review by cockisser771

Version reviewed: 0.05 on 11/08/2017

I really like the concept of this game and the way it is set up lends itself to limitless possibilities. However, I am worried that with such a big scope that this game is going not progress very far. You should try your current plan but don't be afraid to cut down the scope of the game a bit. There are a plethora of partners, each with their own version of what happens in 10 different VR scenarios.

Review by Kaetii

Version reviewed: 0.05 on 11/07/2017

Well you said it doesn't go far and was just a demonstration where you wanted to go.  That said.  It's looks interesting.  I thought the writing and concept are solid and would love to see more adventures added.

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