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Version: 0.1.7a

Version: 0.1.7

Version: 0.1.6

Version: 0.1.5

Mess with the Blood

First things first: For a German guy, I guess my English isn't that bad speaking, but expect a lot of mistakes in my writing. I hope everything is understandable. I work on this in my freetime, but not exclusively, so updates will take time and not be very much.

This game is supposed have different paths to play through. So far, there are four finished and one in development, but I plan to have some more. Additionally there will be some immediate endings when choices come up. I love vampires, so it's going to be about them for the time being, though I may add other stuff in the future. Because I'm doing this in my free time, so updates will be slow.

From now on I will only work on one path at a time and try to finish it. This can and probably will lead to the different paths having different lengths.

This is made in Rags 2.6.1

I've been made aware, that it's possible you can't exit the apartment at the start of the game. It's due to different rags versions. Please try reloading the game in that case.

Massive thanks to prime-time for a lot of proof reading!!

Also, I know the file size isn't changing with the latest updates. I don't know why it happens, as I add new images and code, so if something's missing, please tell me.

You play Danielle/Damien, a young student of biology. Working with your professor has some interesting side effects...

Just the first few to appear:

Danielle/Damien - main character

Valeska - your girlfriend

Kathy, Ami & Lotta -  Friends of the two

Kayla - fellow stundent

Prof. Dallberg - Professor at the university and mad scientist

and many more...

Female Paths:

After you get the sample from the prof things can go down four paths

- try it and later

         - corrupt the police station first - Bad Girl, almost no problem along the way (FINISHED)

         - corrupt the hospital first - Bad Girl, some problems along the way (FINISHED) 

-throw it away and later

         - let the bakery owner die - Control yourself, only to go bad later(FINISHED)

         - let the bakery owner be 'saved' - lose yourself, become more of a cultist (FINISHED)


Male Paths:

after the intro, when you're attacked by the turned Prof, now Frankie, you can make the following story relevant choices

- Agree to Frankie/The Prof and later

- visit the salon do change - become a vampire tranny the easy way (Finished, kinda)

- seek help from Lotta - be willingly corrupted into a sissy (Finished)

- Refuse Frankies offer

        - attack Ami - become a vampire tranny, seeking her own harem (nothing there, yet)

        - spare Ami - stay human and hunt down the every growing number of vampires (Finished)


The describtions of the paths are still very general, as I think spoiling everything takes away the fun.



- continued work on the first male path


- finished the shortest of the male paths

- started the other path of that branch. It's a sissy path, but don't expect a very long and detailed transformation

- also started working on the other branch, after the first story altering decision up to another one, opening up two different story paths in the future


- finished two paths on the male playthrough


- hotfix for a bug and misleading text

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by barbar

Version reviewed: 0.1.6 on 09/25/2019

Great game.. splits off into multiple paths, and kept me hooked for a good amount of time. Visuals are good, and fit, soime of them a little over the top.

But overall, good to see a RAGS game taken to completion (almost). Keep the updates coming!

Review by Butt-Man 3000

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 07/21/2019

0.06 Oh the latex, it's so beautiful!


0.1.5 This game is so just hot and so good! I recommend everyone play it!

Review by Gurt1

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 03/06/2019

The Male Story parts are more unfinished than the female until now(sad for a m2f fan like myself) but the Story (female and Male Start) that exist is very well done and i like it. For someone who is not a native to the english language there are no greater issues. Currently one of the most promising games on this site for me. 

Review by P112

Version reviewed: 0.0.6 on 04/09/2018

Sieht bisher ganz gut aus das einzige was mich nur gewundert hat war das man vom Badezimmer in die küche gehen kann :D aber ansonsten super und dein Englisch ist auch nicht schlecht auf jedenfall sehr fortgeschritten

weiter so

Review by Jordsdu15

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 02/18/2018

Really good and promising start. I look forward to see what is next. 

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