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Version: 0.87

Wands and Witches

When you turned 18, you received a letter with an invitation to the Hogwarts University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because magic is not for children! 
It's a fun-based HP-themed adult parody.  

Main features:

- Role playing system.

- Sandbox mode.
- You can choose the gender of your character. i.e. You can play as either a male or a female student. 
- The player character will not be a canonical character from within the Harry Potter universe. However, the other characters are, although they may be a bit \"out of character\". 
- Hand drawn pictures made in the original style. 
- You can enroll in any of the houses. The Sorting Hat makes its decision depending on what you did in the prologue.

What's new compared to the previous public version (0.82):
- 12.5k words of new content.
- A new big quest in which you can romance Snape. This quest is completely finished and available for the female and gay characters. This quest contains three new scenes. We also significantly improved the background for Snape's personal office.
- A new quest that includes gossip girls. It is vailable for male and female characters, but the male character has more features here.
- We have completed a Colin's 'good' quest line. We didn't do a new quest, however, we significantly expanded his previous quest. Three new scenes are here, with two different animations.
- We added two new events to Hermione's quest. One of them contains a completely new scene, and is only available for the male character. In the second you will meet a new character, but the scene will use the old animation.
- Now you can bring the other two witches to the Witch's Sundew.
- We also completely redone Rolf’s main sprite and the robes shop in Diagon Alley.
- We added six new small events at the early game. We hope they help you better understand NPC's personality.
- We have seriously redesigned navigation at Hogwarts. Transitions between locations will now be faster, and without visual effects. We also removed the "Closed" alerts.
- Now you can turn off hygienic and non-hygienic if you want this.



We get the same type of questions from the players. So, we decided to make a mini FAQ about gameplay.


Q) Nothing happens in the game. How can I get the quests?

A) For most of the quests, you must have a high level of relationship with the characters. Typically, the  "friend" level  is sufficient for the first  character's quest.

Q) How can I improve the relationship with the character?

A) You need to talk to him or her. Also, the relationship increases during quests. But I think that you have a problem with getting a quest, isn't it?

Q) I talk to the character, but the relationship does not go up. Or even go down. What should I do?

A) There is no single model of successful conversation. The conversation depends on your stats, the character's relationship to you, your House, and just on your luck.
The main stat you should pay attention to is your character's LOOKS.
Your looks is positively affected by: high charisma, expensive robes, some other items received in the game.
Your looks is negatively affected  by: low charisma and  the level of your hygiene. If you take a shower rarely, then the surrounding characters don't like it.
Just try not to start conversations, if you current looks is lesser then 8 (higher is better).

Q) What topics improve relationships best?

A) There is no single answer to this question. As a rule, it is best to try a different topics and look at the character's reaction. And do not limit yourself to one topic. If you say what he or she wants to hear, then you can improve your relationship by 2-3 points at once.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Feylamia

Version reviewed: 0.76 on 03/09/2019

Have to agree with the one who wrote before me. Rather reminds me of a good Harry Potter Simulator than TF-game, haven't seen any TF.

Review by cecilmcgee

Version reviewed: 0.72a on 01/30/2019

Huge potential, but it's slow and boring right now. After an hour of play, no transformations.

Review by micre23

Version reviewed: 0.72a on 01/19/2019

Despite the complaints here, there is TF content in this game

more than some games that claim M/M content that basically have none

The art is great and I like the gameplay ideas behind this game

the one complaint I do have is this game is very very grindy

Looking forward to seeing where things go with this^^

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.72 on 01/13/2019

Ehh, the game lacks content for player charater participation. It's a bunch of chatting, studying, resting, and repeat. VERY scarce TF content. =/

Review by Orphoenix

Version reviewed: 0.66b on 10/20/2018

I want to love this game. However, there is a lack of relationships, magic for the PC and transformations. The writing, development and framework for a great game is literally right there. Unfortunately it fails to take the next step. 

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