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Battle School Transformia: Legend of the Dragon Maid
by Sonata

FOR MAC USERS: The file you want is the second link that points to the file "BST v0.0.0.1a mac"

DISCLAIMER: This is a very very early alpha. As such, combat is largely placeholder (and will probably be replaced entirely in next iterations) and tends on the easy side.

The writing is unedited, so much of it will likely face the cutting board or be rewritten in due time.
The focus is not on the X stuff.
As it stands today, the game really is a love letter to anime,JRPGs and 90s adventure games such as Monkey Island. If you come for the X content but stay for the story, then I know I've made a good game.
Sypnosis as follows:
In a fantasy land far far away, the Empire is expanding thanks to an elite corps of all female mercenaries:the "Battle Maidens".

You play as Ash, a man conscripted into the battle maidens against his will. As a student of Battle School Transformia and prospective battle maiden, you'll be expected to:

-Close in and destroy the enemy
-Utilize feminization spells to ensure victory on the battlefield
-Storm a beachhead a la Saving Private Ryan
-Commit petty crimes
-Help imperial senators invade small countries for personal gain
-TG a slew of characters against their will
-organize a ballet troupe
-all this while looking prim,proper, ladylike and pretty.

-Girl on girl love
-tsundere characters
-One catgirl ninja
-One TGed shemale
-Many many bunny girls.


-Fixed all the bugs reported to me up to now. Typedef error gets its own entry
-Released a Mac only version for the Mac folks with Typedef error. I don't own a mac so I don't know if the fix'll work, but short term that's all I can think of for now.
-Smoothed out jarring map transitions
-Polished the iron ore quest... It's still very much placeholder right now. I can't think of a very good punchline but at least you don't have to give the ore 1 by 1 now.He's gonna reappear in the story so I'm keeping him there.
-Made Valkaria dialogue clearer.She now gives away the location of the prison as people weren't supposed to get stuck there. The whole death knight thing will be expanded upon in due time.
-Gave two small subtle clues for finding Sayoko.

General comment: I decided against a hint system at this point of time. Largely because I want to know where the players get stuck so I can adjust the difficulty of the puzzles accordingly.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by meem

Version reviewed: on 07/22/2019

neat game, shame it hasn't been updated since 2017. not too many rpg maker games, especially ones with a full on proper story. you can do one quest, then theres not really anything else.

Review by Confusion

Version reviewed: on 07/05/2018

This may be one of my favorite games on this website, and while it may have quite a few bugs(Especially towards the end), the story itself is good, and most puzzles are pretty easy to do, though some of the previously mentioned bugs may make them more difficult to complete.

Review by lianneadamson

Version reviewed: on 06/02/2018

You know those games that don't just have a unique concept and transformation aspects, but are also fun to play? This is one of those.

Review by Kaetii

Version reviewed: on 12/28/2017

I rather liked it... got lost periodically (I am a huge fan of the sparkly markers in these games).  I play for the story and interactions so I didn't mind the combat at all (couple of healing potions always help and Purchased more so I had no sortage).  It was generall fun, and yes there could be improvements. But it was fun and went pretty far (in comparison to many games) for a first game release.  It would be fun to have a more expanded initial training after being transformed.  I do look foreward to more. 

Review by Blaziken

Version reviewed: on 12/27/2017

Well how to say it
Story :
good start but suddenly its escalated
*no introduction?*
like how they meet and how they get such nickname like crossdresser
and mc just got transformed for like a minute? then suddenly able and accept to use such feminia power

as for the battle yeah you need to balance it *dang hitman so hard*

also i suggest make thread for this game so you can get short and simple review easier

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