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Version: 0.0.20

Version: 0.0.17b

Version: 0.0.17

Version: 0.0.13 Bug Fix edition

Version: 0.0.12

Version: 0.0.10

Version: 0.0.8

Version: 0.0.6

Trapped In Life

This story is set in the world Alderan, a land of fantasy and adventure. However, out story doesn\'t follow a knight, thief, adventure, or a chosen warrior. No, our story focuses on a small boy who\'s just trying to live his life in a small village.

Its mainly a sissy focused story, and right now it will have a lot of grammar issues and the cheat options are finicky. Also, expect a few dead ends.

 Also, a lot of scenes may seem to repeat but it\'s all random based, maybe try coming back to an area after eating some cupcakes or working some jobs. It tracks a few variables so this early content may need some grinding.


Update: Added a bunch of things for the dad plot, also fixed some bugs.


  • Added Kel'Arr grind scenes 1-3.
  • Added Kel'Arr Talking scenes.
  • Added Kel'Arr submission branch.
  • Added Kel'Arr Tease scene.
  • Added Kel'Arr Blowjob.
  • Added Alvin(the Baker) Wake-up scene set up.
  • Fixed promotion_Tavern.
  • Fixed Blacksmith Creeper Scene.
  • Fixed some scenes at the lakeside.
  • Minor changes all around.



0.0.10: Mostly an art update with the focus on the player character, and only a few minor fixes. Also, in the folder there folder called "Short" that can replace the "Pc" folder for a different look at the player character.


I listened to what all you had to say and went back and did a grammar check and link check. I also tried to keep dead ends to a minimum. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by nichiu

Version reviewed: 0.0.20 on 06/28/2018

Still waiting for you to update the game. Love the story and the art a lot. 

Review by Sissyslut444

Version reviewed: 0.0.20 on 05/01/2018

The wake alvin event doesn't have the leave option at the end so you have to just hit back and get a new event whenever that happens. Also the dad fem event is broken so you have to do the same thing to fix it. Also it might just be a placeholder but sleep oral just says go back to sleep so there might be something missing there. Minor bugs aside this game is pretty fun and I like the art a lot.

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.0.20 on 02/15/2018

I am getting error when talking to the father and at the tavern.  Not sure if it is related to pictures because I have yet to see any that are sexual.

Review by Takerough

Version reviewed: 0.0.17b on 02/09/2018

I use it too and I love that I can choose which one I want.

Review by BlackBananaSlut

Version reviewed: 0.0.17b on 02/07/2018

I use and prefer the Short pic version.

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