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Version: 1.0.0

Crypt of the Forgotten King
by Kerou


Thanks for checking this out. This game is a little side-project of mine that I've been writing in Twine for a while. It is very simple mechanically, with very little going on behind the scenes, but I hope the content is enjoyable. As written elsewhere, this is a concept; the game only features 3 main 'paths', of which two are totally complete. Each of these do contain a decent amount of content, however. It may not be entirely obvious how far this game goes, but there is more than you may initially think.

The game itself is a little homage to Indiana Jones-esque aesthetics. There are plenty of Easter Eggs, and I am working on this frequently enough to say that I'm adding more. The gameplay is simple - you are presented with an event, and choose how the protagonist responds. It\'s basically a series of dice rolls, with TF thrown in. To win the game, the player must collect 7 gems and unlock a door in the 'hub' area, allowing them to escape the titular Tomb. How you acquire these gems should be fairly obvious once you get one, but I assure there are plenty hidden away.

Again, thanks for looking!

What to expect next:

  • Fixes to spacing errors related to the cursed mask/maid outfit/other Curses.
  • Finishing Mari's room. Possibly make it easier to meet her. She still won't be nice.
  • New items planned.
  • Fixes to fountain mechanics... not sure if this works as well as I want it to. For those that haven't tried it, it is mostly useful but could be changed.
  • Use for the Coins. I have a few ideas for this.
  • EDIT: after posting 0.22b i realised that the door is not working as intended. i’ll fix this in the content update tomorrow along with any other errors i can find (there is currently one which can make Mari’s timer not reset, also)

If you want to see what I'm working on when I'm doing it, my Twitter is @imkerou.

WIP - If there's anything you want to see covered in the walkthrough, ask on the forum thread. At the moment, this will cover the functions of the items in the hub room.


  • Treasure Piles: Used to explore/access other areas. Currently available: Gold chain, Telescope, Gold coin.
  • Strange Fountain: Restores health, and has a chance to return you to the base form and remove all curses.
  • Ancient Doorway: Currently used to finish the game. Requires 7 gems at the moment. I'm likely to change how this works soon.
  • Glyphs: I mostly just type jokes and stuff in here. Not important
  • Throne: Noticed some people hadn't figured this one out - it 'activates' certain curses that come in the form of items. At the moment, these are the mask (minotaur), the blue ring (mare) and the maid outfit (maid stage 2).


Concept: Uploaded a small proof-of-concept version. This contains 3 paths - the coin room, the telescope, and the (partially incomplete) gold chain. It is possible to lose, and to win (a win, however, is based entirely on RNG at the moment. I'm sorry.)

v0.2 - Fixed a few bugs people had reported. Thanks for your input. Currently working on the gold chain and a new item. Suggestions open in the forum thread.

v0.23 - Fixed errors relating to the door. Spacing on the curse dialogue now works properly, too.

v0.24 - Fixed a bug related to Mari encounter in her room, and one related to the fountain. Also raised the probability of a full cleanse from the fountain.

v0.24b - Emergency fix to Mari encounter removing all text.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by trg14145

Version reviewed: 0.24b on 02/03/2018

Updated Review All strikethrough areas were from the old review for context.

First off. This game is way too early to have a Patreon and often times people find it off-putting when a game is just barely playable but looking for patrons.

Patreon removed for now, I actually greatly respect that move. The focus on quality over money thus far says a lot. If you continue to update this and give the TF's flavor, objective, features, etc like you have planned; when you do finally throw it back up there, I'll be happily be one of your first patrons. I really do enjoy this game's concept immensely even if the RNG is frustrating at times

Secondly. This game desperately needs a discussion thread. These are great for people to have a spot to report bugs/pitch ideas/discuss mechanics/etc.

Discussion thread also added. I hope it's been helpful for you :)

The bad: 

Lots of broken links leading to random restarts and errors. 

Many of these have been fixed with others planned. Quick response by dev. Hats off to you on that.

Seriously, keep rolling on, I'm excited to see where this goes.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.24b on 01/31/2018

1) I do not like puzzle and searching 2) I do not like anthro 3) I played 2 minutes and I did not see any bugs. So whatever the below reviews said might have been fixed.

Review by Kalon

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 01/30/2018

I'm always discouraged when I see a new game that's posted and you open to an immediate error (no </if>) on the start page then proceed to run through and find many more.

This just shows a fundamental lack of a level one play test by the author and therefore expections drop significantly on what might become a fun game.

Review by HumanRecliner

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 01/30/2018

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 01/29/2018

bug .


You feel a presence, as if you are suddenly in terrible danger...

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You decide to hide under some sheets in the room. It can't hurt to feel safe. Suddenly, a bright light fills the room and a harsh wind begins to blow. You stay silent in place.


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