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Version: 1.01

Snow Day

An entry for the winter fun/love contest


It snowed last night and school is no doubt cancelled. What does an eight year old do? Spend his snow day with his best friend!

You- an eight year old boy


Alex- your best friend

Game is now content complete, update is for grammer and capitalization. Also to bump the game up to complete.

1.01: Took edits from Haunt. Thanks again Haunt.

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Review by illgirl4848

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 10/06/2019

This is actually the first review I've ever left on this site, but this game very much deserves it.  The simple appearance and shorter pages hide a deeply branching story.  My first two times playing I got completely different endings, and I look forward to finding the rest.

As can be guessed from the G rating, this is not a remotely sexual story.  And that's a good thing, firstly because there's enough XXX games here anyway if that's what you're after, but also because the story doesn't need it.  It's a story about friends way too young to worry about stuff like that, and even if they end up together it's still first and foremost a good story about friends, "Bros for life" as the second ending I found ended.

It could use some gramatical edits here and there.  And while the story's length works as it is, I would deffinetly be interested in seeing a longer story with this kind of quality and subtlty.


Review by Kateye

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 02/20/2018

A cute little CYOA. Needs a lot of grammar work, but the story is a believable snow day for a couple eight-year-olds; the sex change comes somewhat as a surprise and doesn't include anything sexual. They "test" wether the changed character is a girl in the way kids do, not in the more straightforward way adults would. (Though I've never heard of the "tests" besides the elbow kissing) Even in the epilogue set either 7 or 8 years later (depending on choices) when the characters are teens just starting on their dating lives, there's nothing more than a kiss. There's four endings or routes, three of which have three variations. Mostly it's just an adorable G-rated short story.

Review by EyeLoch

Version reviewed: .95 on 02/07/2018

This is a rather fun little game that I rather enjoy!

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