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You are Testicles: an idle TG game

You are testiicles. You must procreate.


  • Dynamic Avatar Drawer
  • Custom game engine
  • Slow, illustrated TG
  • Ability to become hyper-masculine or hyper-feminine
  • Choice of sexual orientation and NO unconsenting sex
  • Lots of unlockable features

I've taken this game as far as I plan to, but feel free to fork it and add new features. You can find the github repo here. In particular, if you want to tweak resources or add new ones, you can do it in the schema here. And if you want to add new perks, you'll need to add an observer here. (The observer tells the game when to present the perk.) After that, add a handler here to do something when the perk is clicked.

Best of luck!

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Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/30/2020

First of all, if you only see a blank white page, start with: https://lalalobrite.github.io/yat/#/games/new
(I suspect the automatic redirection in Chrome isn't supported in FF / IE)

This is a game about a man with balls (you). Maybe he's into dudes, maybe he's bi, but either way it doesn't matter because you, his balls, have a mission: Ensure procreation by any and every means neccessary at whatever cost. Don't take this game too seriously.

The execution is a bit awkward and forced, but it's nice to see an idle TF game be explored at least. Dynamic Avatar Drawer will never be the glitziest thing, but it does suit the incriemental nature of the game. For better or worse the code base has been left to gather dust, but being on github it's at least able to be "forked" if some intrepid soul wants to make their own changes.

My chief complaint is that it's possible to complete the game with only unlocking 1st stage M/F TFs, which really bothered me so I went and found the code for the skill tree and translated it to english.

Here's how to unlock perks (and enable them to be bought):
"Getting Started:"
Auto Sperm Production: Have 24ug of sperm stored.
Auto Testosterone (T) Production: Wait for the body to have 1000ug of protein avaliable.
Unlock Arousal: Have 99ug of sperm stored.
Unlock Reproduction Imperitive (ri): Have your arousal meter reset. (hon hon)
Sieze Mental resources: Unlock ri.

"Mind over Matter:"
Enable Dynamic Avatar Drawer: Reach 25 cognition.
Auto Arousal production: Have 50 cognition
Enable Nutrient Imperitive: Reach 1 ri.
Reduce cost for salvaging: Salvage nutrients 5 times.

"Makin' gains"
1st stage of Masculine Growth: Get rejected once/
Hints on attraction: Get rejected 3 times.
2nd stage: Get rejected 5 times.
3rd stage: Get rejected 15 times. (Bro...)

"If you want something done right..."
Take matters into the testes' own... uh, balls: Have sex 15 times.
Act on the genius plan your balls came up with: Obtain the above perk.

"...then do it yourself!"
1st stage of your new life: Bring your plan to 99%.
2nd stage: Have sex 5 times
3rd stage: Have sex 15 times

"The End."
Win the game: Personally confirm procreation.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/07/2019

The whole clicking get kind problematic with game.


No skip tutorial, No story, no means to skip sequences.

Game does go hard forced Female Kind wish it didn't, you can't really procreate, seems you have do most that part procreation, you can get attraction male to female only 42 only then I think that limit. There no beyond that sphere or game would crash I am supposing here.

It has autosave function so if you had means save you can save from previous manual save to prevent what you did. There is restart..but if there means to figure that out wow...


Some extra tips for anyone interested:

I think if another handsy person was get was play around they have modifiy that option make java and what used to go beyond 42 and make 100 plus and if this was something dialect of programmer I think 100 plus minus reaction if mate was pregnant or not. If she got sexual disease she report avatar to fictional police or beat up avatar if he failed to care for her.

Other I noted that if someone does take this breadcrumb they should note author first build was noted, but they made or remastered so would be better game, Not on firefox but on java so it could be easier accessible. But it seems the author doesn't care or give up for free grabs.

if someone does take torch they should note intro of this game should change offer means to enter as either, or alien like previous option when game first started.

Alien would mean as you first began game in 1.0.0 and Option new would be male or female giving access no need to fiddle with equipment and just need adjust attraction and procreation?

I see that easier to deal with but this also means that person has come up with idea of choosing add inventory, events, and NPCs.

More less town. Not saying he or she could add story to it make more interesting and animation art would been nice.


Review by dalmedya

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/29/2018

Not worth touching if you're using Firefox. Buggy and abandoned.

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/20/2018

This game is a lot of fun but it would be even MORE fun if it had a save function!  I can't get the current arrangement to work for saving a game.  It may be operator error.

Review by vn0l

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/19/2018

Surprisingly fun! I got stuck twice w/o no apparent way to continue to the next stage, but eventually figured it out.

I am not sure how, but I definetly want to see this game expanded :)

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