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Version: 0.21

Version: 0.20

Version: 0.1.0

Indecent Experiment

This game is a collaboration between Moriah Fiend and BillyBobBiano.

The setting of the game is a clinical trial. You volunteer for a private study that wants to monitor the affects of pornography exposure, certain drugs and hypnosis. The aim is to see what effects they have in combination.

The game deals with feminization and is heavily inspired by Sissy Hypnosis videos. Our idea for the game is two-fold. You have the standard game where you yourself play and manage the character. You then have the implicit game where the visual elements, certain passages and certain plot-lines are designed to reach out beyond the computer screen and affect you as a person. Embrace or resist.

There are currently 40+ videos, 12+ original voice recordings and a large collection of gifs and images to be enjoyed. The current word count is 15,386.


We are currently working on:

  • a visible physical transformation,

  • the ability for your character to gather and use makeup and clothes,

  • the ability for your character to learn and practice oral and anal techniques,

  • a variety of puzzles, games and tasks

  • and a more integrated story structure.


This update was a long time coming. With two people now working on the game we have a lot better working structure and will provide much more regular updates.

Hints at the bottom

Consume from the bedroom tray to complete dailies
Move to the bathroom and complete further dailies, where there are 3 videos to see.

Doing or not doing these affect stats quite significantly.
If discomfort or fatigue gets too high you will be forced to bed. Lowering that stat.
If lust gets too high you will be forced to take care of it. Lowering that stat.

At the passcode door there are 14 different passwords to input from different or varied videos.
Having more FemPts affects the availability of videos.
Right now, you can fail and rewatch passcode videos to get up to 3 FemPts per day.
This will be removed later so it can only be 1 per day as it invites skipping the videos.

You can stroke and see a video.

Be mindful of stats then sleep, nap, rest or watch TV to see various videos.
There are 13 sex dream videos.
There are 5 sex nightmare videos.
There are 2 hypnosis dream videos
There are 5 hypnosis nightmare videos.
There are 6 TV hypnosis videos.
These 5 types should all have different content and tone.
I definitely plan to improve the hypnosis content when I can, soon.
I will put much effort towards improving the quality greatly.

It is possible to see all these videos in 2 weeks of gametime, with less than 80 FemPts

There are 6 levels to complete of the gym workout.

There are 6 magazines with 7 pages each.
There is 1 book with 6 pages and a quiz

Currenty leading nowhere are the:
Gym game
Door Blockage
Book Quiz
These will all be significant with further updates.

Read magazines to increase lust to see certain video types.
Bathe or watch the TV fire to decrease discomfort.

Version 0.21

Minor bugfix:

Fixed issue of not being able to click certain links in a dream passage. If you were not experiencing this issue there is no need to download this update.


Version 0.20

An entire overhaul of the backend,

A restructured plot,

The gym had been added featuring a minigame,

12 additional videos,

Shortcuts added to reduce repitition. 

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Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 09/29/2019

One of my favorite games but abandoned.

Review by CutieFur

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 08/08/2019

HI ya its your favorite FemFur with another review of our favorite flavor of trandsfromation fetish.


Lets start, SO when you start you don't really get to see what YOU are nor can you pick what your level of masculinity to start with. So we can assume you are generic pasty weak boy. You can however put your level of weakness to subliminal and chemical alteration to your fragile male bod. Once in you have a quite flippant and generally stupid main character he just kinda takes things on the chin really easily.


now as an auspicious game developer i like to poke and prod at the seams see how the game ticks. So natch i tried to figure out how to get past this Perverted Aperture Science with minimal feminization.

Lets just say i was living in squalor by the second day and had the game had a consequence written into it, probably made a nice sim piss puddle in the main room. Yet there i was defiantly sitting on my bed attempting nirvana neither eating drinking or bathing. Now some of you would be heckling saying your playing a game about sissification get on with it fag! yes yes i know but again i like pushing limits and seeing what i can achieve out side the games boundaries, needless to say its pretty empty out there as it don't matter you cant die from starvation, or thirst, or flesh eating bacteria growth from you fusing to the bed. I wanted to see if i could keep that feminization at 0 just to see if i could escape with my male body intact.


Now to the game. You are dealing with full on chemical and psychological warfare against that fragile masculinity of yours. Pills, which must be consumed to not end up smelling like the backside of a wallowing sow, are the main bulk of the onslaught of xenoestrogen, and not sure but pretty sure the food is tainted too. Once you are done cleaning yourself, which you MUST do as well. You are met with your first hypnotic screen, a guaranteed hit to your mars bar, whether you succeed at catching and typing the secret slime word. Once the door is done you are opened to a room that serves only to have a hidden subliminal hit and a book shelf full of ratty porno's disguised as "Fashion magazines" There is also a "book" (more like pamphlet) that gives up the game of whats going on pretty quick of which any more rational minded individuals would demand release or tried to break down walls and doors with what ever wasn't nailed down. But as our protag is a cheese head, he just ignores this information of what is his fate. NEXT there is a door with some sort of contraption which I have NEVER gotten past and a door to a kitchen which might as well be locked as of how far i concerned, in it is filled with jack and shit. Finally the Gym, allow me to say this delicately and with no malice whatsoever.

I hate flappy bird, i have always hated flappy bird, and i will ALWAYS HATE FLAPPY BIRD. And this one eats inputs saves them for later and regurgitates them up at THE WORST TIMES. I have yet to get anything higher then 600 which means i am just wasting my time. 

Well that's all i could do for now. Sure I got to the point where i was spanking the monkey like it owed me money as my arousal got so bad i could barely walk without it spraying on the floor, but as i am sure i was supposed to be working for some sort of goal to continue the story, i am just not sure how. The meat headed fairyboy says there is an omnipresent voice in the game but after it gives you the grand tour it just shuts up and doesn't tell you anything. Mentioning some sort of TASKS you are to complete before it allows you open things just never happened with me. And the time frame i was set for never expired so I was in this solo Sexhouse collecting wheatgerm to harvest, and avoiding the mold that had consumed the kitchen and was threatening to eat all my pumpernickel before i stopped at day ...oh 120.

Like most HTML games its pretty much a what you see is what you get EXCEPT there is a bit of a tendency for the game counter to get past "timed events" which can lock you out and create a no win sitiuation.

Maybe you will do better then I did, but they're are a lot of holes in this game that get you stuck from what i have seen. Decent smut fills every crack and crevice of this debauchery filled gilded cage, and the hypnosis stuff is pretty potent, and may even effect you if you let it get its hooks in ya.

Love Ya all~ CutieFur

Review by demidemon

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 04/07/2019

Pros: UNIQUE concept and incredible videos.

Cons: the game is so bugged chances are that you progress too far in one event and permenantly locked some other events from triggering.

there needs to be more hints on how to trigger different events in the game. I've only explored 10% of the game content after 1 hour and realised I've only been wasting time after checking the code. It gave me a wrong impression that the game is VERY grindy and lack of content while there are quick way to get to different events.

gym mini game difficulty needs to be tweaked and honestly i dont think it fits in the hypno theme, maybe some sentences/word reorder game that requires you to type hypnotic sentences, memory card/picture matching game etc would fit into this more

0.21 unoffical fix here to remove event locking bugs and the game can actually start:


Review by Decking1988

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 03/05/2019

as of the latest update, to get rid of that looping video, just load a save file, and your alright. bad news, I still can't access the Hypno dreams.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 03/03/2019

the bug fix is buggier than the previous vertion.

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