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Version: 1.7.0

Accursed Lands

Visual novel / lite rpg / rougelike / gathering game, with fox, bird, rabbit, and skunk transformations.

*** If you are new to the game download the 1.7 version this is the stable version ***

Note on patches: Even patches will feature new features, but may be buggy (1.4.x,1.6.x) odd numbered patches (1.5.x,1.7.x) will be the stable versions. If you prefer eairly access, download the 1.8.X version. This version is buggy & broken in parts, but has more content. Thank you to all the wonderful people on this site for reporting the bugs, it gets the game to a better place that much faster.

1.7 will be the next stable build.

You have arrived in the Empty Lands seeking a cure for a death curse. Will you survive, or lose more then your life?

To play download and unzip the game with your favorite zip/raw program, click the Accursed Lands exe. to start. Give it about 10-20 seconds to start up, depending on comp speed.

To find the location of the save files for the game. Look in C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\Gather\FungusSaves. You'll have to reveal hidden items for the AppData folder.

The style of writing is in second person point of view, so the main character is you.

Monsters, merchants, and villages populate the land.

The game is a rougelike, so each playthrough will be a little different. Here are some general hints. Read the engravings on the workbench for starting hints. Keep a fire burning in the cave, you get back more health & it keeps the night monsters from invading. Build cave defences evey day if you can, even just a bit help, you can check their condition by how many of the barricade is displayed. Rembember the night beasts tear down a few each night.

Build a shovel or reinforce your club to start. If you are looking for an early transformation, eat the cursed berries & use the fox/bird/rabbit/skunk shrines in the back of the cave with 5 old coins. The shrines can also be used to remove transformation curses, but only so far. Keep a good selection of weapons on hand (or sharp teeth & swift kicks if you have animal powers), you will need them for the boss fights.

There is more then rocks in the underwater pool. The quarry can be accessed from the clearing right outside the cave at the right time of day.

1.1 Added a skip intro feature. Added additional DL links.

1.2 Added Save/Load/Restart to UI (Manual save for game resume, not auto). Title screen bug fix

1.3 Incorrect start point caused by save system fixed. Boss/Miniboss bugs fixed. Added hints to cave. Message to repair should no longer play if mini-boss is down (TY everyone for your feedback).

1.4 Fixed visual bugs when using the fox/bird shrines.

1.5 Optimized shield text for a single message. Some minor text bugs remain.

1.6 Unstable patch, lot of changes & still more comming, not a lot of time to test, so some elements may be broken. See review link for full description of patch notes.

1.6.3 Hotfix for 1.6 - Still unstable, but better than 1.6

1.6.4 Bug fixes, still more bug fixes incomming in next patch.

Overall performance & load speed improved. Humanity properly restored when gems are used. Back button added to fly command.  Combat bugs causing incorrect tf's fixed. Combat overhaul, read review section for full decription. Fixed incorrect animal messages playing. Added playtest box with new itmes for 1.8. Town properly gated in the afternoon. Slowed down TF progression by 12%. No longer immeditly gain paws from using fox shrine 3 times. Endings added for rabbit/skunk. Status messages added for rabbit/skunk. Swamp is no longer monster stuffed in eairly days. Key is now obtainable & works when used in chest. No use for bunny paws yet, may mimic fox in later build or do something diffrent. Added playtest teleport to cave opton if the game reaches a stuck point (F5) . (I'm aware of the fishing bug, working on it now.) 

1.6.5 Fishing fixed? (good enough). Tracking by scent after dark returns you to the cave. Animal pendants block one type of curse caused by berries. Time now passes (slowly) while fishing & when lost in the swamp (very slowly). Better mirror/pond reflections. New sprites added for 100% fox and rabbit transformations. Emenys should no longer attack right after running. Stunning strkie now properly skips a turn for the player. Location won't change after trapping the cave. All the reflection messages no longer play when using the pool/mirror. Swamp enemys react to being hit. Hearts display on midboss fixed. Missing item added to fishing pool when using an iron pole. New decriptions when dodging. Forge buttons fixed. New fx for mini boss trap. Rabbit feet are lucky: can turn a miss into a hit with a rabbit kick (sometimes) & chance for a potion to become a luck potion. Healing potions now display proper hearts gained after drinking & are deducted from inv. Pool boss blackscreen fix (he's still doing some wonky attacks, will fix that on tomm's patch, but game is finishable now). Incorrect messages "should" no londer be playing for wrong animal type. DELETE old versions of the game before downloading this one. It is causing save bugs. I will leave the 1.6.4 version up too if you wish to dl the older one afterwards.

1.6.6 Playtest items moved to shore due to meun space. Enemys give exp again. Carrots give exp immeditly. Lightning text shortened.

Quick hotfix patch to restore exp gains.

1.6.7 Bird hunter perk now applys only to birds. New perks: Fletcher, Archer, and Spear Crafter. Staying outside after dark no longer prevents you from catching rabbits. Repeat crafting messages shortened. Playtest box returns you to shore. Ligntning dmg reduced from 5-10 to 5-7. Flying bug fixed. Enemys that miss with a stun will no longer cause stun effect.

Animal tatics: With the buff to the mobs, some are starting to become overwhelming to an animal playthrough. New tatical options have been added. Requirements: 3 shrine uses to dedicate to that animal's type. These commands use a point system & reset back to 1 after each combat. You start with one point at the beginning of combat and gain one each round. 2 point abilities: Rabbit: Dodge - Enemys have reduced chance to hit & cannot crit for 2-3 rounds. Fox: Rapid bite - 2 quick attacks. Skunk: Rend - Powerful attack with a weak bleed DoT. Bird: Steal - snatch shiny objects and coins from a foe and damage them with your beak. 3 point skills These are the big ones, limit break style attack. Fox: Fox blitz - rapid attack with a 66% chance of repeating. Can repeat infinite times (or till emeny is dead). Bird: Dive - Take wing and perform a powerful dive attack for very high damage. Rabbit: Luck (buff) for the next 1-3 turns all rabbit kicks criticaly hit. Skunk: Beserk - Bonus to hit and damage for all attacks at the cost of being easier to hit & lose increseing hp every turn. Lasts untill someone is dead.

1.6.8 Code for the TF's have been reworked. missing sprites may be present, but everything else with them is fixed. Last boss has better AI, will no longer try silly actions. Mobs will no longer try to curse you if you are fully dedicated to a form. Unique perks will no loger be gained multipal times (spear crafter & archer fix). Shrines may be used more then 3 times to gain capstone animal ability. Coooking will now offer only one "cook food" choice if you have both rabits and fish to cook.

1.6.9 Hotfix for ear loop. Can no longer jump tiers on forms (midboss curse overload?).

1.7.0 Stable Patch Rabbit buffs are now instant cast. Fixed feral rabbit/fox not appearing. Rabbit reflections in pool/mirror fixed. Art fixes: Reduced size of pixkaxe, reduced size of arrow bundles, cleaner looking shovel. Fixed artifacts/ stray lines on 127 character images, cleaner looking tf's. Storm haters rejoice: Lightning rod now craftable at forge for 1S 1I. Removed the playtest box. Removed the secret debug menu. Stopped double messages in combat. Berries appear visualy in deep swamp (layering problem), fixed animal messages playing too eairly. Enemies can no longer chain stun. Berry outside of cave properly randomized. Bird evasion now works on normal attacks. Fixed animal reflections for 3 shrines. Stopped chain encounters in forest. Fixed menu issue with too many attack types in combat. Emeny curses in swamp have visual effect again. King Haphas is now a proper king (yes you can get his crown if you are lucky -sell at the shop). Monsters have finished their attack on the village & are now appearing at the ocean. Cammy's shop is now open for buisness. Emenies now have a varity of special attacks (birds still like to steal you stuff though). Juli's barn provides a new place to rest, she may visit you there too.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by abcantonio

Version reviewed: 1.7.0 on 06/14/2018

If I could only like one game on this site it would be this one, I love it so much, it is so much fun to play, and I totally love it. This is by far my favourite

Review by dayday246

Version reviewed: 1.7.0 on 06/02/2018

Really Great Game, I played it for hours. So much content with sufficient adversity. My Greatest Woe and annoyance is that the save/load feature does not work. The Screen Blacks out upon loading and if a save file is present if loaded (done automatically from start) the game locks into a black screen. The only way to fix this bug is to delete the save folder, wiping my progress. Please solve this issue since it is the only thing keeping this game down.

Review by Nox Stripes

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/07/2018

Definitely one of the hidden gems on this site.


Something that really speaks for the quality of the game is the fact that I kept playing it even tho its a SFW game. Like, dont get me wrong, but thats kind of the reason  play games on this site.


Review by Jackthelycan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/06/2018

Whats here while a bit shallow at the moment its very good and promising, I hope you keep up work on this.

Review by Bluts

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/05/2018

I didn't like that there is a total lack of options but the game was really interesting. Even if it's a finished product it still needs a lot of polishing. I've already found a bunch of bugs but not gamebreaking ones. ( i.e. the little fox tail doesn't disappear after praying to the altar even if it does say that it disappears, you still get the message of your barricades after besting the boss, some food related bugs during the night and others that I can't remember now ) I didn't like the fact that there is no fox enemy and bird enemies as well as swamp enemies cast curses which are not relevant to them. I've finished the game in almost every possible way that I could think of and when you get the hang of it it's really easy but I did struggle the first couple of times. The game is actually really difficult when you don't have a clue what is going on. Also it's weird that you can finish the game by releasing the curse into the river and say that you survive the deadly curse because you're transformed but on the other hand while being in the same cursed condition if you hit the 20th day you die xD Overall I liked it - had some fun for a couple of hours and I would love to see it a little further developed. At least one more transformation for the swamp monsters would be cool. M2F transformation could be cool too. ( I kinda expected it for the bird transformation because if I'm not mistaken, which I could be, I read once while being on the altar that you think of laying some eggs. ) A little bit more balancing about the time management can be done also ( all of my first times I ended dead because I couldn't return to the cave in time ) Last boss is way easier than uhh the one in the cave ( forgot his name ). In the end when I got the hang of it I needed to go to the swamps once or twice just to get 2 vines  and after that I didn't even need to get food or make a lot of traps before finishing the game. If I'm not mistaken my record of beating the game was at day 9 which indicates how easy it becomes when you know how the game is working xD

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