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Version: 0.7e Final

Version: 0.7e

Version: 0.7d

Version: 0.7c Final

Version: 0.7b Final

Friends of Mine
by Sunfall

You have heard from your friend's father that he believes that your friend is on drugs. He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!

A Twine-based game that is both open-ended and with a focus on different stories should you choose to pursue them. Help your friend or take advantage of them; help someone become their true self or help them become happy with who they are, or do none of it! You are thrown into a world with lots of different things going on in it and it's up to you what you want to be apart of, even if that means just sticking to yourself. And in the end, you can find your true self as well, dominating the cock-hungry populace or caving to the feminine urges, there's plenty of sexy fun to be had, and there's more being added all the time!

Updated Web Hosted version is now available!


Current Free version is 0.7e Final            Current Patreon version is 0.8a

Patch notes for 0.7e Final:

0.7e Final
- You can now search your parent's bedroom when they aren't in it, leading to various different scenes.
- Your parents will now comment on you wearing the Sissy dress and/or having a manicure done.
- Help has been moved from the sidebar to the computer.
- Fixed capatalization of some options.

- Added the missing feminine scenes when going with the random lady in town.
- The City bar in Downtown Twonton is now open.
- There is a small Stop-In Bar in Onegaron now with a small selection of drinks.
- Hitting 100% Drunkness will now cause you to blackout and wake up in your bed. (You will be hungover for 2 days and cannot recieve the Rested buff).
- Fixed a bug allowing you to be promoted at any job rather than just your current one.
- Fixed a bug in which you kept all your experience after being promoted.
- Fixed the Shady Casual and Shameless Casual not displaying on the Status screen when equipped.
- Fixed an error when getting a makeover at the salon.


- Added new little side stories to the dealer in the park and club to unlock new things from them.
- Added new sex scenes to the encounters with random people on the street in town.
- Added a new outfit to each dealer park and club) that can be bought after completing their respective side stories.
- Having Sex with random people around town while wearing the Shameless Casual Outfit will earn you a little cash from that person.
- Having Sex with random people around town while wearing the Shady Casual Outfit has a chance to earn you drugs from that person.
- Added cocaine to the inventory of the shady guy in the park (requires completing his side story).
- LSD can no longer be bought before completing the club dealer's side story.
- Fixed a bug with finishing Felix's storyline suddenly changing your storyline to player feminization with Chloe.
- Fixed the wrong image being displayed when buying the outfit at the pawn shop.

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Review by DarkDaemonX

Version reviewed: 0.7e Final on 02/09/2020

The game has a good potential, but there are a few things I kind of disliked, for example, if you play with your mothers dildo, the scene is very short, and mentions nothing of first time or being hesitant for first time or about being straight, the old gabby scenes have the same problem.

Every sex scene is way too eager and short, removing immersion, and make them very boring and uninteresting.


I do have some suggestions for improvement, but I addes those in this games forum, so feel free to check it out if you're interested

Review by freya102

Version reviewed: 0.7e Final on 02/09/2020

Some good options and variety but unfortunately the gameplay is too click intensive and the game pads out so many events to Friday or Monday the following week that it boggs the game down in a senseless grind just so you're on the right day to initiate the event and progress the story.

The sex scenes are rather boring as the game just throws them in your face constantly in borderline porn movie fashion. "Customer comes in, Can I help you, Yes you can meet me out back" not very good.


Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.7e on 01/25/2020

The game is fone. I've played many times. 

The on weakness is that the end game isn't progressed.

It is just filling in details. 

Games like this usually doesn't have an end point.


Review by Shirubaurufu

Version reviewed: 0.7d on 01/09/2020

Definitely interesting, though I'm hoping there's more content in .8, as well as a certain bug fix.

So, for those who haven't noticed, once you work at the pawn shop long enough and get the employment maxed, you can just constantly ask for a promotion. Even at places wehre you aren't working at, and it doesn't change when you change jobs, either. You can still ask for promotions. The only sad thing is, there aren't many jobs/promotions available currently. Hope this changes/has changed.

Another bug I noticed is when helping Chloe turn Felix into a sissy slut, there comes a certain point where she asks for a video I don't remember getting a task for, and suddenly she's turning both MC and Felix into sissy sluts??? Nvm, I figured out how to trigger this path. Though the content lack leaves me wanting more story :(

Aside from lack of content and the employment bug, it's certainly enjoyable.

Review by chrisx

Version reviewed: 0.7b on 11/03/2019

more likely the forced time in between events is to have enough cash energy and set up other events in between. pretty good fun game, i play it and most other games around every 3 months :)

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