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Version: 0.8b Final

Version: 0.8b Part 2

Version: 0.8b

Version: 0.8a Final

Version: 0.8a

Version: 0.8 Final

Version: 0.8 Part 2

Version: 0.8

Friends of Mine
by Sunfall

You have heard from your friend's father that he believes that your friend is on drugs. He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!

A Twine-based game that is both open-ended and with a focus on different stories should you choose to pursue them. Help your friend or take advantage of them; help someone become their true self or help them become happy with who they are, or do none of it! You are thrown into a world with lots of different things going on in it and it's up to you what you want to be apart of, even if that means just sticking to yourself. And in the end, you can find your true self as well, dominating the cock-hungry populace or caving to the feminine urges, there's plenty of sexy fun to be had, and there's more being added all the time!

Updated Web Hosted version is now available!


Current Free version is 0.8b Final            Current Patreon version is 0.8f

Patch notes for 0.8b Final (Free):

- Updated Alicia's story!
- Added 4 accessories to be obtained around the game.
- Added a Lockbox to your bedroom that lets you change accessories.
- Removed effects from the Shameless and Shady outfits.
- Fixed an issue with trying to visit Felix at University on Wednesday, saying that he wasn't around.
- Fixed some if statements in Alicia's story.
- Fixed some outfits checking for the wrong price when buying them.
- Fixed a bug in the city preventing some random events.

Patch Notes for 0.8f (Patreon):

- Added a hairstyles option to the salon with 8 hair styles (Changing hairstyles also increases Attractiveness for 14 days).
- Added random events to Downtown Twonton, Thretik, and the mountain trail around Thretik.
- Reorganized options so that location interactions are at the top, moving locations in the area are all in the middle, then moving to a whole new area is at the bottom.
- Fixed the salon location image missing the stylist.
- Fixed a bug causing strange spacing in work scenes.
- Fixed text issues for options in work scenes.
- Fixed a bug preventing the player from returning to Zikala's hut.
- Fixed the Cobblestone Inn trying to trap the player forever.
- Fixed missing text effects in several of Winter's scenes.
- Fixed a bug where taking the trinket directly to Gabby when found could cause the storyline to loop endlessly.
- Fixed several issues at the hospital.
- Fixed images when getting the car in town.
- Fixed text errors in the salon.
- Fixed the objectives page using the wrong image for Zikala's story.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: 0.8a Final on 05/29/2020

I'm usually positive in my reviews, but man, the story doesn't add up when you get a job and keep fucking all the time, and find strangers on the street and fuck even more and have a girlfrined and fuck even more, but when it's time to be transformed into a sissy you are a loser who never fucked. The possibility to not transform is there, but I think the future game choices should be limited because of your previous ones. It doesn't make sense to act cocky and sudenly you're able to be a total loser if you want. Maybe it's a personal taste, but I like when the story kinda forces you into the transformation with little variations to your choices, otherwise I feel I'm not readinng a story with an insteresting character that I didn't created or even playing a game. It doesn't feel like a game if your actions doesn't have consequences and doesn't lead you anywhere.

Review by DrElliotReid

Version reviewed: 0.8a Final on 05/09/2020

Counter to a lot of people on the site... I don't rate this game highly or at all really.... for a start; the versioning itself is confusing and seems intentionally drawn out, like it's all about making it last for that Patreon dollar, all you do to me is kill your credibility as a developer. This game has been on version 0.8 for the last 6 months (End of November from brief look at posts LOL) and honestly I don't feel like version 7 -> 8 was a major update either, it's at a whim.... anyway, in that time, theres been like 3 "final" versions, it's just dumb and or confusing, intentional 100%; like I said, credibility, what credibility!?

Like a clue your a developer whos questionable... version control; Sort your version control out, standardise it and remove the confusion. It is so obviously, intentionally drawn out and confusing, like don't be a jerk; "V8.0C final"... lol wtf is that (it's a joke, thats what that is)..... read the wikipedia page on Software versioning 0.0.0 == Major.Minor.Patch, it's really not hard...

An isssue (and I will admit, it may not be from this game but there are a slew of games pulling this same crap and expecting no one to notice, hard to follow which these days) is compounded when there is a bug with an update; from my experience, the developer promises to fix, knowing that its fixed in the next content update and wont actually do anything (so basically wait for it to be released on arbitrary schedule or pay for patreon version where issue is fixed). 

Each content update's is lacking, really feels like it is all about giving enough to satiate the Patreons.... (of which I was and stopped cause I refuse to support devs like this). At the end of the day, you're using copywrited images and expecting people to pay, whilst not directly charging for the product, you are charging for access to the latest versions. 

Patreon should be used to support devs with projects, just need to direct that away from the ones trying to milk you for it (in the unfun way). There is no passion here, find a project where the person actually wants to make a good game over making a good amount of money. 

Review by CrystalGeyser

Version reviewed: 0.7f Final on 03/01/2020

It's a decent game, good writing, tons of images and gis, a bunch of things to do.

Unfortunately the author has a real problem with stretching the game wide instead of deep. There's a ton of little story threads, but none of them actually go far. The "main three" (technically 4) do to a degree, but it's all done rather quickly since they're all split paths. If the same amount of writing/work was put into one thread (as an example), it'd be a full game's worth of content, but instead of focusing on fleshing out the main core, the author just adds more story threads separately. I've got nothing wrong with adding content, but adding a bunch of extraneous things that are little more than dipping your toe into another story, while sacrificing the core of the game, then I'm a little meh. 

Put simply, the main story threads of the game haven't progressed more than an extra 3 scenes or so in about a year. Yet there's something like 10 other smaller story threads that's been added since then, but don't really go anywhere. I'm not saying the author needs to work themselves ragged to keep up with expectations and flesh all of them out at once or equally, just that their focus could probably be shifted into more important things than letting the player buy drugs. The game is super fucking wide, but inch deep.
To make matters worse (depending on how you put it), the creator's focus is split even more since they're working on another game simultaneously.

Which is a real shame because I like the game.

Review by DarkDaemonX

Version reviewed: 0.7e Final on 02/09/2020

The game has a good potential, but there are a few things I kind of disliked, for example, if you play with your mothers dildo, the scene is very short, and mentions nothing of first time or being hesitant for first time or about being straight, the old gabby scenes have the same problem.

Every sex scene is way too eager and short, removing immersion, and make them very boring and uninteresting.


I do have some suggestions for improvement, but I addes those in this games forum, so feel free to check it out if you're interested

Review by freya102

Version reviewed: 0.7e Final on 02/09/2020

Some good options and variety but unfortunately the gameplay is too click intensive and the game pads out so many events to Friday or Monday the following week that it boggs the game down in a senseless grind just so you're on the right day to initiate the event and progress the story.

The sex scenes are rather boring as the game just throws them in your face constantly in borderline porn movie fashion. "Customer comes in, Can I help you, Yes you can meet me out back" not very good.


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