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Version: 0.6b Prelim

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Version: 0.5b

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Friends of Mine
by Sunfall

You have heard from your friend's father that he believes that your friend is on drugs. He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!

Though the game has somewhat of a main story, it's really a more open game with several different stories that you can pursue. Currently, there is a Male/Female relationship, as well as Male/Male (sissy) and Male/Female (Bimbofication) stories developing. You can also become a sissy yourself and later will be able to become a woman. I plan to continue developing this for quite some time, even adding in new cities to visit!


Current Free version is 0.6b Prelim             Current Patreon version is 0.6e Final

Patch notes for 0.6b Prelim:

- Updated Alex's Story! Follow a strange mystery that seems to be slowly involving more and more people and have some fun along the way!

- Updated Liam's Story! Explore several different options and see what happens!
- Made text while sleeping glowy and more dream-like.
- Fixed the spacing of certain options when talking with Alex in the park.
- Fixed some of the Liam scenes having extra quotation marks.

Patreon Patch Notes 0.6b Final - 0.6e Final:

0.6e Final
- Added new promotions to both lines of the Pawn Shop job.
- Added new promotions to both lines of the Chapel job.
- Added new promotions to both lines of the Club job.
- Fixed an issue with the Pawn job promotions not letting you work.
- Fixed missing informational text from some of the promotion work events.
- Fixed some work events that weren't properly affecting femininity.

0.6e Prelim
- Fixed issues with the Chapel and Club Jobs.
- Added the first two promotions for the Chapel and Club jobs.
- Added the missing text to all of the new Pawn Shop interactable scenes.
- Added missing text to the Pawn Shop promotion scene.
- Fixed bug with number of Club Boy not increasing and unlocking the sex option.
- Fixed the promotion bug at the Pawn Shop preventing you from working after being promoted.
- Fixed errors at Club Six.

- Added two possible jobs to get at Club Six.
- Added a new promotion for both Pawn Shop job positions, each giving more money and presenting brand new scenes.
- Working will now give your work experience which is affected by your job performance (Attractiveness and status effects). Maxing out your job experience will open up the chance for promotion.
- Your job performance is now affected by Attractiveness, as well as certain status effects.
- Added a Job Experience bar to the status screen.
- When applying for the chapel job, you can now see which job is masculine or feminine.
- Fixed the Priest's image which was still using the old image format.
- Fixed some scenes with the Pawn Shop owner that still used the old image format.

- Added a random event to the Town in which you can run into a random man or woman and have sex with them. (Man sex scene is different based on whether you are feminine or not.)
- Created a visual system for the shop rather than just using text links.
- Added a Shemale porn option that you can search after buying the router.
- After having fun with the club boy 3 times, you will now be able to have sex with him.
- Interacting with the club boy is now restricted to once per day.
- Updated the Characterpedia a bit with a few more characters and updating some old information.
- You can no longer endlessly gain femininity by watching Sissy Encouragement porn; it now only affects your femininity once per day.
- Having fun with the club boy now properly affects arousal.
- Fixed errors when having fun with the club boy.
- Fixed a spacing issue on the Status page.

0.6c Fix
- Fixed an issue that bugged Felix's mother story after sleeping.
- Fixed a text issue when sleeping normally.
- Fixed an error in one of the pawn shop working scenes.
- Changed the option name for the newest visit with Felix's mother to be more clear.

- Added more content to the story with Felix's parents.
- Added a missing part to Liam's story at his family's house for masculine gay characters.
- Felix's father will now act differently around you if you've started down the feminine path with Felix's mother.
- Several of the newer sex scenes that did not properly affect arousal now do so.
- Added arousal indicators to some scenes that affected arousal but didn't previously have them.
- Fixed some text issues when speaking to Felix's father.
- Fixed several text issues in Alicia's storyline.
- Fixed some option spacing issues when speaking to Chloe at certain points.
- Fixed text issues in Felix's most recent sex scene.

0.6b Final
- Updated Alicia's story! Have some fun with her as you explore a bit of her past.
- Fixed some Alicia location images.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by PreciousStones

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 04/05/2019

This is one of the few good games on the site that is still receiving semi-frequent updates. I was pleasnatly surprised with the depth of content in the game, even if the writing isn't as stellar as it could be. I'm looking forward to future updates.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.5a on 12/17/2018

@ 0.5a

After a few updates, the game seems less "empty" and broken. As of the previous versions, it is still very direct. You go to the chapel and you find lewd scenes... how idiot is that guy?

The park girl scenes is unfolding... but there is so much bugs that the wrong option pops up all the time. Some of the later scents (after shopping) have html codes pop up as content.

There is a lot of coding work to do.


note: The trinkle quest line is still having issue. I returned the trinkle to the girl... and I still get the trinkle quest in the outskirt.


@ 0.4b

It is another sissification game attempt after the very successful PE.

Friends of Mine is a sissifcation game like PE, unlike some of the CYOA or linear story attempts that appears on TSGS lately. PE controls the game flow by time. FoM uses energy. You can do anything as long as you have energy. Free style. Totally. However since there are only a handful of mini quests right now aside of the main quest, I kind of feel like having nothing to do at this point of development. I think it should change later.

Looking at the downside of it. First of all, the control and progression of events are a lot weaker comparing to PE. Some events are very direct and straight to the point, leaving very little room for imagination and growth, such as the two jobs. There is a lack of background. Why do you suddenly need a job? summer holiday? Are you in the school? 

The trinkle quest line is broken. You get the small parcel and no one is willing to take it off you. The once-off give-trinkle-option revived from death from time to time. Then for no reason, you can do the trinkle preview a million times.

The main story is written... unrealistically. I look at the quest page and learn that Felix's father had talked to me... when did that happened? You talk to your friend in his room and he wants you to come back a week later... can't he just talk to you in the park outside? in a restaurant outside? it almost feels like the author wants you to figure out the game using the time span without giving you enough tease.

The upside: the GUI seems net and clean. There seems to be a system well installed. The development of future events shouldn't be too hard.

Personally I think there is good potential in this game. I am definitely coming back after a few versions when it has more contents.

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 0.4e on 11/04/2018

Early versions of this game were a bit (okay, a LOT) grindy, but that was just because there was relatively little to do and too much "time" (energy) to do it in. More recent releases have been much better about this, and I'm certain this trend will continue. Overall, this is a superior sandbox game that (wonder of wonders for a sandbox) also includes an engaging, even superior story. I love it.


Review by Bodyhunter

Version reviewed: 0.4e on 11/01/2018

Hello there!


i played the game for the first time a few days ago and i have to say i really like it! After stumbling around a bit the story started to develop and....


then it stopped.


Unfortunately the size of the download misguided me a bit about the content. The reason is easy. The pictures are huge, up to several megabytes.


Please resize the pictures and keep adding more content soon!!





Review by hatona22

Version reviewed: 0.4e on 10/31/2018

very good games with a lot of originality on the story but I find that the updates are waiting for there is not much more besides spell checking or bug

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