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Version: 0.03C

Version: 0.03a

Version: 0.02

Version: 0.01

Dungeon Master
by Faril

Hey everyone,

this is my first game submitted on this site and it is still in a pretty early state.

This game deals with the other side of dungeon raids, and is heavily inspired by Maou no Hajimekata.

The player has the role of the dungeon master, who has two goals, creating a big dungeon and capturing and corrupting as many girls as possible.

These two parts are only loosly connected and thus the game consists of a Tower Defense part with a few transformations and a story part, which features most of the transformations and corruptions.


Newest Update

I've spend a lot of time working on a lot of things. Adding, reworking and expanding nearly every aspect of the game. Nonetheless, I haven't managed to finish everything I have planned. To show some progress after a year, I decided to upload the current version of my character creator. This version includes nothing but the character creator. So if you want to give the regular game a try, download an older version.

Concerning the character creator, alot has been done there. Goblins and beastkin are now fully available. Also, I made most of the colorization customizable including hair and eye colour as well as the colour of the clothes. Also, I added beards, hats new weapons, noses, and a lot more other things.



The Dungeon

There are a couple of different possibilities to expand the dungeon. You can increase its size by building new halls and corridors, transforming it into a maze. As adventurers only have a limited amount of stamina they might retreat before they found the Dungeon Core.

At the other hand you can build Monster Lairs, who will generate new monsters every round, if the necessary conditions are met. Traps can be set, which will damage all adventurers passing by but can be disabled by thieves. Or you can summon the undead to protect the dungeon.

The bigger the reputation of your dungeon grows more and stronger adventurers will arrive and even parties of adventurers might appear.



Fallen Heroes

If you reinforced your private quarters with Prison Cells, you can capture adventurers and corrupt them, which might involve transforming them.

At the moment there are 7 corruptable heroes and heroines, featuring MtF, bimbofication, mind corruption and suicide. I have a lot more in mind for the future, but these should give players already a good idea what they can expect.


The outside

But the world of a demon lord doesn't only consist of the dungeon itself. There is also the world around. Corrupt villages and coerce them to pay taxes to you. Find monsters and recruit them for your dungeon. There will be a lot of possibilities.


Create your own Hero

 Besides the main game, the game features a secondary game mode, which allows players to create their own adventurer. The mode allows players to choose from a varity of design choices, like gender, race, hair, body, clothes, armour, weapons and couple more, to create their own invidual hero. This mode has no connection to main game, but is nonetheless quite fun.


Attention: This game is still in its alpha phase. It is playable, but keep in mind that it is still in development and not nearly a finished product. Therefore the comment section is disabled for now. If you want to leave me any kind of feedback, please visit the discussion thread.

You play as a mighty Demon Lord, who has decided that he would like to create his own dungeon.

So, you start building halls and corridors, set traps for the poor fools who will enter the dungeon and convince goblins and other monsters that your dungeon is the perfect place for them to settle down. And there is that part of the dungeon, too where your private quarters are located and which can be expanded too. You might build a labratory to research magic potions, a forge to equip the monsters with better weapons or prison cells.

Meanwhile you have to worry about those troublesome adventurers, who are trying to beat your dungeon and get their share of the treasure. But if you manage to capture them you can emprison them, corrupt them and turn them into your loyal servants.

While the dungeon rapidly increases its size, so does the number of your followers and who might tell what will happen when the dungeon stops to satisfy your lust for power.

Version 0.03C Character Creator Only (27.9.19):

  • Only focused at character creator, therefore the main game has been disabled. Just play the older version for the main game
  • added beastkin and goblins to the character creator
  • added fully customizable hair color
  • added scars, beards and different noses to the face
  • added fully customizable cloth and trouser colours
  • more cloth options
  • more weapons
  • added hats




Version 0.03 Hotfix(10.9.18):

  • Treasure rooms are now working as intended
  • Fixed a bug where adventurers, which were slain in the bossfight were counted as sucessful
  • adventurers will gain health a lot slower over the game
  • adventurer base damage reduced from 15 to 12
  • some minor bugs fixed

Version 0.03(6.9.):

  • Create your own Hero added as a mode. Allows the creaton of a fully customizable adventurers with tons of choices for clothes, armour, hair, weapons and lots more
  • Fauve added as a new character. She is a Dryad and is accesible as a tribute from Greater Raddiston
  • reworked Artûrs transformation. It takes longer and shows more details
  • Skeleton Lords, Lichs, wolves, slime trap and bimbofication trap added to the Dungeon
  • dungeon UI reworked
  • dungeon NPC redone. 27 different designs and the avatars can be interacted with by traps
  • dungeon boss fight reworked
  • added a couple of transformations at the Labratory


Version 0.02 Hotfix (24.7):

  • bugs fixed
  • number of adventurers in the dungeon during the raid capped at 20, and the number will increase a lot slower
  • the dungeon uses the same design during the raid as during the planning mode to improve performance
  • trap activation has a probability and a regeneration time, thieves won't destroy traps anymore but deactivate them
  • lots of mana costs changed
  • daily mana regeneration increased
  • research progress increased and research points will be included in the morning report
  • map navigation through the mini map added



Version 0.02 (18.7):

  • 4 more capturable adventurers of variing complexity, ranging from two events to a whole mini game and transformations
  • 6 more random adventurers in the dungeon
  • harpies and crushingtraps as new dungeon options
  • reworked pathfinding system for the AI
  • Library, Labratory, Forge and Ore Mine added to the private part of the dungeon
  • a task system allowing corrupted adventurers to work for you
  • new background art for a lot of places inside the dungeon and outside, too
  • researchable upgrades and sciences in the forge and library (and labratory)
  • a worldmap allowing the exploration of the outside world
  • 3 small events outside, as well as gaining permanent income from outside villages
  • monsters have to be found outside first, before they can be breeded in the dungeon
  • it is possible for the Dungeon Lord to interrupt adventurers before they reach the dungeon core and slay them


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