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Queen of the Seas

Slutting it up on the High Seas!

Queen of the Seas is an RPG  with heavy non-consentual themes. You play the role of a young man who elopes with his lover in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, you booked passage on a ship full of pirates and they quickly enslave both of you. After selling off your girlfriend, they decide to keep you on board as their slave "Cabin Girl". Can you survive and win your freedom before your mind breaks?

This game features the following elements:

  • Player statistics and skills that level up as you use them.
  • Slow body transformation, both intentional and unwilling.
  • A full RPG inventory with clothing and equipment slots.
  • A wide assortment of NPC's and shops spread across multiple islands in a Caribbean-like fantasy world.
  • A knowledge system that keeps track of the effects of items for you.
  • Mini-games to waste time with or earn rewards.
  • Jobs to perform for income and tips.
  • Quests to complete for special one of a kind rewards.
  • A quest journal to keep track of your progress.
  • Completely open-sourced (GPL 2.0)


Before Picture


After Picture

AND BEYOND! (Yes, it gets even crazier. IDKW but it do)



While there is a wide variety of content and mini-games that are currently playable, the game itself is not yet complete. New stuff is being added every release and bugs are being fixed as fast as they are found. You can keep track of the state of the current release by visiting the games project board and you can download and build the game yourself from the github repository. If you run into an issue or a bug, please report it in either the discussion board or as a new issue in the issue tracker.

I also accept contributions from the community. So feel free to make your own pull requests to this project, or just drop me a line in the forums to discuss. A lot of people have contributed so far to this game and it's very much appreciated.


Generally speaking very old versions of the game are not compatibile with new versions. However, starting at version 0.8 you can load a save file from a previous version and mostly expect it to work. To do so, please load your old version of the game (for example 0.7b) and save it to file. Then load your new version of the game (for example, 0.8) and load the file. This is not 100% guarenteed to work and you may lose a little progress, but it's better than nothing.


You are a young man who is in love with the daughter of the Governor of a small Caribbean-like island in a fantasy world. Since her father won't allow you to marry, you decide to elope by booking passage to the mainland on a passing trading ship.

Unfortunately you didn't do your research and end up hiring a bunch of pirates. It seems that these pirates are a superstitious lot, so they believe that having a woman on board is bad luck and as such they quickly sell your lover off as a slave to a brothel and recruit you into their ranks as their newest crew member. It's a pity about the job...

As the new "Cabin Girl" of the Salty Mermaid, can you manage to raise the price needed to free yourself from bondage, or will you find some other way to escape? Will you ever see your fiance again? 

You - A young man abducted by pirates to serve as their own private prostitute.

Your fiance - Missing since she was sold. Can you find her?

Captain Reginald - The sadistic leader of the Pirates. He holds your fate in his hands, literally.

Kipler, the First Mate - A very large black pirate with a peculiar fetish. He\'s good with his sword and his cutlass as well.

Cookie - Responsible for many crimes against humanity. The ship's cook.

Julius - The quartermaster on board the Salty Mermaid. He also dabbles in alchemy and is always looking for test subjects...

Lord Rowe - The Governor of your home port, Isla Harbor, and the father of your missing fiance.

Winning the game - Complete the Captains quest. There may be other ways.

Losing the game - Die (lose health) or lose enough willpower.

Hormones - You have them. Certain things (food, potions) can alter them. The more male hormones you have the more masculine your character gets, the more female, the more feminine. This can (and will) revert transformations brought about directly by using potions or drugs or food. Generally if your hormone balance is strongly favoring one sex over the other, expect to slowly drift towards that state. Reminder: Your testicles produce natural male hormones - if they atrophy too much then they won't be able to produce enough to revert you back unless you clear your system of all ingested female hormones.

Potions and Drugs - They can have strange effects on you and generally cause you to gain "Toxicity". Toxicity will poison you over time, but also decreases over time. There are also some food and potions that can instantly remove some Toxicity if you find them.

Food - Not all food is created equal. Some strange food has certain magical, body enhancing effects on you. They and some potions are the only way to achieve some extreme alterations to your body.

Journal - Check it often. It tells you what to do and tells you what you've done.

Skills - Are important. They determine how well you perform certain actions, including ones that can earn you money.


  • Resting is a good way to gain energy and can help you process your experience faster.
  • You are going to suck at the slot reel game to start with. It gets significantly easier fairly quickly if you do the quests on the Mermaid.
  • Certain body attributes can influence how much you get paid for sex acts and other acts.
  • It's very easy to lose Willpower and hard to restore it. Try to keep it as high as possible.
  • There are some secrets in the game that can gain you special statuses or change your body. Explore jobs.
  • Clothing and styling can influence how much money you make working. Some clothing may be required to do well in certain jobs or even do them at all.
  • Don't starve or take too many drugs at one time.
  • Resting restores health, when not starving or poisoned.
  • The first time you play through the game try to figure out what food and drug does what. Taking them multiple times will eventually tell you.
  • The game can be either insanely hard, or easy depending on your approach. If you're failing a lot, try something else.
  • Some jobs will give you rewards other than money, or randomly present opportunities for extra bonuses or items. 

0.9e - 04/03/2019


  • Emergency fix for no menu buttons when starting the game (being unable to load an old save).
  • New css style for buttons and position.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the avatar portrait to not render when you restarted the game.
  • Fixed a bug with XP gains ignoring cap code.
  • Removed the DAD render part for nipple rings, they were crashing on really huge boobs. Will add back in later.

0.9d - 03/03/2019


  • Extended width of ui tray when inline numbers is turned on.
  • Modified some css values related to the avatar ui and the tray not playing nicely (works on my machine, ahem)
  • Moved the default Sugarcube menu items off the tray as buttons and turned them into links below the player stats.
  • The above should fix an issue some people had with accessing the menus playing on low res devices.
  • Items with the setting 'EXTREME_WAIST_TRAINING' can only lower the Waist down to 10 instead of 0.
  • A bug that happened when overnight effects were migrated to the new effect system prevented players from ever getting fatter. Uh oh, looks like dieting is about to come back in style...


0.9c - 03/03/2019


  • Implemented the Dynamic Avatar Drawer library and a wide assortment of clothes are rendering. There will be some future improvements in this area as the game matures and I get better at vector graphics. Phew. This is turned off by default (turn it on in the settings menu).

  • Reduced the throttling on AddXP amounts above 250 pts.

Port Royale

  • Slightly reduced the requirements to get dancing lessons from Jezzebelle.

0.9b - 26/02/2019


  • Implemented the Dynamic Avatar Drawer library with some light customization. More to come.
  • Added new settings to control avatar display in mirror and to turn off animations (slot machine).
  • Added new meta-attribute 'ass firmness' related to your physical fitness.



  • Fixed bug with rare ore in the Caverns below Abamond. 



  • Leveled nouns now added for some body part descriptions.
  • There is a 'Buy all' button in the shop interface now.
  • There is a settings option to display tool tip and inline information about items in your inventory and shops.
  • Your journal screen now has tabs and can track some "interesting" information.
  • The game now has an Event engine that can spawn random events.
  • Customer payouts in whoring mini game are now color coded from grey, yellow, green, pink and blue being the most valuable.
  • Fixed a bug in the loot boxes that was causing the more rare loot boxes to not give out their best loot.
  • Heaps of miscellenous fixes and improvements under the hood.
  • Some work on standardizing text hilighting and other attributes of scenes and dialog. Ongoing work.

Salty Mermaid

  • You now need to complete a minor quest to unlock the ability to 'favorite' items.
  • Added new quest chain 'Finding Your Balls'. It's hidden behind a random event.
  • Adjusted the calculations for figure shape and fetish appeal when using the mirror in the cabin (and other places as well)
  • Julius' furniture quests can slightly increase your overnight energy (bed) or your willpower xp (lantern and rug) when completed - I felt like they should have some sort of effect other than just flavor.

Golden Isle

  • You can now dance on stage at Minxy's if you have the right skills and physical attributes. The clothes you wear can affect how much you get paid. 'Sexy Dancer' is always a good choice, but if you pay attention to the crowd you can determine what they're interested in.
  • You can give a private lapdance at Minxy's as well. You'll need to meet the requirements first however.
  • Added Uticus Barbarus as NPC. He guards the entrance to the Governors Mansion.
  • Added quest to Uticus to gain access to the Governors Mansion.
  • Added Black Bertie as NPC. She's a (former??) Pirate Queen and ruler of Golden Isle.
  • You can now get your girlfriends dildo back from Simone at the Lusty Lass by completing her whoring tour de
    force quest. There are other uses for it in the game.
  • Bella Darling of Bella's Boudoir is now open for business. She has over three dozen legendary pieces of clothing for sale, but she won't sell them to just anyone.

Port Royale

  • You can now dance on stage at Jezebelle's.
  • It's possible to get dancing lessons at Jezebelle's if you are appropriately attired and motivated.


  • Added alternate control scheme to the Caverns below Abamond. You can access it via the settings menu.

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