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Dream Therapy 3 (v0.8-public)
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Dream Therapy Series, by Logan Scodini

Dream Therapy

Click this link to play Dream Therapy 3 (v0.8-public)

Click this link to play Dream Therapy 2 (v1.00-final)

Click this link to play Dream Therapy 1 (v1.01-final)


Offline Versions (Backers Releases) may be found on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/loganscodini

You may find me on Discord for comments and technical support: https://discord.gg/B35eS8w

Hypnopics Collective Link: https://hypnopics-collective.net/smf_forum/index.php?topic=23293.0


Synopsis (Dream Therapy 3)
Dream Therapy 3 begins just before the events of the first two chapters, but is meant as a standalone sequel to the series that will further the original story.

In this game, you will assume the point of view of a psychiatry intern working at the Mental Health Division of Drake Pharma. There, a revolutionary technology is being developed, which allows for the transfer of unconscious minds as a way to improve behavioral therapy.

However, things rapidly degenerate when your supervisor, Dr. Kumiko Tamura, goes missing. You find yourself forced to enter the Dream World as you are plunged into a web of intrigues blending reality and fiction.


Dream Therapy

Dream Therapy

Life is easy when one is engaged to the heir of the Drake family, a renowned socialite and likely successor at the head of the family’s pharmaceutical empire.

However, your future mother-in-law believes that you currently lack the necessary skills to become a good spouse.

Thus, she has scheduled you for an appointment with Dr. Kumiko Tamura, a renowned psychiatrist and specialist of behavioral psychology.
Hopefully, this expert will be able to confirm that you are indeed a worthy person to marry.

Mature Content
You can expect to see a wide amount of sexual content in this game, with a particular focus on sexual service (with women and men), subconscious influences and behavior modification (light BDSM included).
The game is mostly shown from the point of view of the one being controlled (POV of either gender / Third-person female avatar), and heavily weighs toward submissive fantasies.

You may elect to play the game as a man or woman, and your name may be customized for a better immersion, if you wish so.

Dream Therapy is a Sci-fi visual novel, and its lore is inspired by the Inception movie.
It aims to provide an arousing setting in which the player may privately enjoy submissive fantasies, as he/she gets influenced by other characters.



Public Updates:


Dream Therapy 3:

 -v0.6: Add Scene 1-5 and 2-1.

- v0.3: Initial Version.


Dream Therapy 2:


- v1.00-final: End of the chapter.


- v0.7: Adds Scene 2-2.


- v0.6: Adds Scene 2-1, 2-1a.


- v0.4: Adds Scene 1-3, 1-4a and 1-4b.


- v0.2: Adds Scene 1-2.


- v0.1: Adds Scene 1-1 (first scene of the game).


Dream Therapy 1:


- v1.01: Adds Scene 4-1 (final scene of the game).


- v0.13: Adds Scene 3-7.


- v0.12: Adds Scene 3-6.


- v0.11: Adds Scene 3-5.


- v0.10: Adds Scene 3-4.


- v0.9: Adds Scene 3-3.


- Lesbian Path Update:


  • This updates adds an alternative Scene 1-2, featuring your encounter with Olivia.
  • Scene 1-1: You can now select to go to the beach with Olivia instead of Michael (leading to alternative scene 1-2).
  • Scene 2-1: You can now select the gender of your fiancé/e (Jesse or Jessica).


- v0.8: Adds Scene 3-1 & 3-2.


- v0.6: Adds Scene 2-3.


- v0.5: Adds Scene 2-2.


- v0.4: Adds Scene 2-1.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Tizzzy

Version reviewed: Dream Therapy 3 (v0.8-public) on 04/07/2021

lovley game, amazing art, good custom story. Two chefs kisses out of Two

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: Dream Therapy 3 (v0.4-public) on 06/16/2019

I have some issues with what I can't do/can't avoid in this game. Obviously, I would expect to be limited, but some of the limitations make little sense even within the context.

Early in the first game, I get the option to go lesbian. Sweet, I can avoid all those MF scenes that I don't want to see. Especially handy since my character is a guy behind the scenes, which means these are effectively MM content. That's something I want to see even less than MF content. However... doing this will, as far as I can tell, lock me out of getting 100% on the next scene.

What the hell is 100%, anyway? Like, it seems to be "most closely matches what my spouse/mother-in-law would want." I wanted to go for 100%, but being locked out of it so early...

And then, I hit DT2, and if I go full 100%, I suddenly have no choice but to suck a dude's dick... why? My fiance is female. Not only that, I was literally given a choice, but I was so "submissive" and "obedient" that when I was literally offered a choice... I couldn't choose... what the fuck?

Why was I even acting as a housewife to a dude to begin with?

You gave us the option to avoid sexually interacting with males early on... then you link it to story success in two different ways. Try to stay off the MF path? No 100% for you! Go for 100%? MF forced on you!

A couple of bug reports on the "complete" games. In Dream Therapy, the scenes just after you meet the guide, before you choose whether to go with the male or female guide, are just black screens. In Dream Therapy 2, I encountered a situation where it would flicker images repeatedly between the past scene and the present one. It may have been triggered by the "skip" function. It's not game-breaking. I consider this part of a "review" because an author going around calling their games complete when they still have bugs is noteworthy. I also really want them to be considered incomplete so the issues I have with them can be fixed.

In both DT1 and DT2, there are scenes where you build up certain stats like submissiveness and corruption. These are odd because: 1. The effect of the stats is not obvious, other than the aforementioned submissiveness and obedience = dick sucking scene I mentioned earlier, and 2. The stats are reused, but the amounts are not. I forget which stats in particular, so I'll use a fill-in word, "sparkle." So, in one scene, I get my "sparkle" to 100%, then in a later scene I start at 30%? Maybe the idea is it was 100% of the possible "sparkle" at the time? It's not explained.

DT3 Issues:

It's a prequel, despite being numbered like a sequel.

Strongly implied that there's going to be unavoidable intimate male interaction... again.

There's a conversation rating system that's just ridiculous, because while I can sometimes tell what the correct option is, other times it is a complete guess. You also get two at some points for some reason, making it even more confusing to find what you're missing.

I suppose I should mention that while I find this series to not really qualify as games so much as interactive novels, and don't consider some of your choices to make all that much sense, I do enjoy most of the process of progressing through my character's corruption.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Dream Therapy 3 (v0.4-public) on 05/31/2019

The last time I played it, it ended at chapter 1 scene 3, or 5, I couldn't remember. I was glad that the first two chapters are finished and shined some light on what the story was all about.

First of all, the review. Dream Therapy is a visual novel, with stat-wise cyoa elements. The visual, and audio, part was done in great excellency. There is little doubt that it is a game with top notch 3d images. That said, that is about all of the positivity I am going to throw at it.

Now, here comes the bad part. The story was slow... and I am not talking about the story progress. I was talking about the text display. It goes with the audio and visual to act like a subtitle... but since the game is not really a movie, the forward button recived 5 clicks per seconds from me all the time since the beginning of the launch of the story. My fingers are very sore at this moment.

I am sure that the author noticed this problem. What he, or she, used to solve it, was a cut down of story telling. I had little idea what the story was all about. I knew it was a therapy, I knew it was a dream. May be my character was drugged. May be he was hypnotised. The story was like a dream and I had no idea where my character was, why he was meant to be there, where he was going, etc. If we take away the sex scenes, the story I made out so far was that my character visited a therapist. He then visited his mother in law. He was then drugged... and... that was about it for the first two chapters.

I don't know. The theme of this game can be very erotic but it isn't clicking for me so far. I wish that the game would be more playable in the future when the author decides to look back at it.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: Dream Therapy 2 (v1.00-final) on 04/28/2019

Uhuru N'Uru wrote that this is a visual novel rather than a game, and that if you make the "wrong" choices, the game will get the results it wants to get (by drugging you into compliance) anyway.

I won't argue that Uhuru is wrong, but I doubt that Logan Scodini would argue either.  There is no deception here.  Look at the graphics provided above.  Early on, it's described as "a game of submissive fantasies", then as a "reverse trainer" (not sure what that means)...but by the time we get to Dream Therapy 3, it's described as "A Visual Novel by Logan Scodini".

So yes, it's a visual novel.  Logan is telling the story that he wants to tell.  We are just the audience.  Free will is an illusion...but then, it is a "submissive fantasy".  That will obviously limit replay value, unless you just like the story told so much you want to see it again.
If that lines up with your interests, great.  If not, keep looking.


One thing I wish the game would explain more is why different stats matter.  It will tell you when submission and corruption are increasing, but it doesn't tell us why we should be concerned about it one way or another.  Do we want these values to be maxed out or do we want the opposite?  Should we have her resist with every fiber in her body...or should we just go with the flow and become as submissive and corrupt as the game will allow?  What difference will it make?  I couldn't tell you.

Review by Uhuru N'Uru

Version reviewed: Dream Therapy 2 (v1.00-final) on 04/28/2019

A pretty graphic novel, disguised as a game, with no actual player choice, Time after time, I chooae a "Wrong Answer", get "increase drugs" and then forced to choose the only actuial answer.

The onl;y choice you really get is choose rioght first time, or get drugs to "Choose" for you, No real player choice at all, and as the story progressed even the pretense your choices matter, is gone.

If you want to make a graphic novel, make one, don't pretend to make a CYOA game with no choices that matter.

Dissapointing, and not worth playing.

{Edit} Chapter 3 Just came out today, and I haven't played it, but what was described as a game in Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, is now called a "Visual Novel".

So the major issue i had with this pretty graphic novel, has been addressed by the author, at least in the "Marketing", to determine if fake choices are also gone will take anotrher playthrough.

Well tried playing it, and the lack of any real choices hasn't changed, seems it's not for me, as I just get too annoyed with the fake choices to keep playing, but if you are OK with that aspect, this "Visual Novel" is very well made.

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