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RPG Maker MV
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.000441 Mac
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Version: .000441 Mac

Version: .000441 Linux

Version: .000441 Win

Version: .00044 Linux

Version: .00044 Win

Version: .00043(C) Linux

Version: .00043 Mac

Version: .00043 Win

by Novin


FOR MAC USERS: Make sure you delete your save files from previous versions(Before .00043) located at OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Novin/Afterlife (Or something like that) before continuing as they will cause your game to glitch.

For the next while I'll be focused on smaller content updates to pile on events. Because of this, time will not advance during these content updates(There IS a bonus day under certain circumstances in .00044+). Once I have a sufficient number of events, though, I'll move on to advancing time. If you don't want to go over the same days to see new content, I suggest you wait for version .0005 as that will be the next major content update.

Additionally a +.000001 update is going to be just bug fixes(Maybe excessively minor content).

Important note: Your saves can transfer between versions, you simply need to move your save folder

This is the second of two projects I've been working on(Blood Magic being the other). This game is planned to has a Persona 3-5 day structure where there is a limited time between major story events. The game is made in such a way as to maximize player customization(Through TFs, outfits, different classes and otherwise), and quite a bit of that is already present. Bear in mind that seemingly innocent choices will have an effect on things like your initial transformation and class.

As for a (very) short summary:

After accidentally running into a demon our protagonist ends up dead. Unfortunately, that's only where his problems begin.


If you don't mind I'd appreciate any feedback in the game's thread that you can provide, negative or positive I won't take it personally, though I'd prefer to get specifics on why X is bad or good. Oh, and if you find a bug feel free to beat me over the head over it, I won't mind. There shouldn't be anything major in this version.


Known bugs:

    • Sometimes when skipping text in a few of the cutscenes, movement routes can be broken causing the game to no longer be able to advance. This happens very rarely, but it CAN happen.
    • One of the train cars is missing a tile(the fix for this is on the backburner).
    • Self-destruct on mad spirits doesn't kill the player even if it brings them down to 0 HP(Fixed issue related to sound file not being present for skill)

Broke and having lost an opportunity at a job in his field, our protagonist does the only thing that makes sense: goes to get shitfaced. Of course, things don't always go as planned. Soon he will find out what life after death is like.


  • Fixed a few issues.



  • Arena fight aftermath added
  • Ears of MC no longer clip through front hair.
  • Various errors and grammar mistakes fixed.
  • Bonus day added.
  • Possible TF added(Only available if lost final arena fight).
  • Very beginning of first day of 2nd week added.
  • Option to continue to explore without saving added.


  • BETTER file path fixes for linux.


  • File path fixes for Linux


  • Mac Version fixed!
  • New laptop MMO event
  • New specialization training event(Accessible at level 7.



  • Fixed problem with intro skip causing the first barrier to not appear in the dream dungeon.
  • Various other small fixes.


  • Fixed memory leak that causes regular crashes.
  • Fixed all macros.


  • Event to increase a party member's stats and abilities.
  • More bug fixes.


  • Various bug fixes


  • Removed ability for magic to miss.
  • Added ability to run away successfully in the dream of avarice dungeon.
  • New Erin event.
  • New Ory event.
  • New(incomplete) location 
  • Bureau shop opening up. Expensive(point-wise) but effective consumables.
  • Terry's Arsenal Point Shop opening. You'll be able to buy some accessories and stuff for points.
  • A way to amplify a compulsion.
  • Tons and tons and tons of back-door stuff.
  • Caught a bunch of typos and the like as I was fine-tooth combing stuff for other reasons.
  • Likely tons of bugs(No, really, so much changed in the background that bugs are expected, sorry)
  • Old saves fully broken beyond recovery(Like, I added a bunch of backdoor variables so even if you wanted to recover your save through save-editing it'd still be broken).
  • Now possible to get the maxed out physical tf for the will-o-wisp compulsion.


  • Fixed various issues.
  • Added more save slots
  • Magic can now miss.


  • Fixed intro skip.
  • Minor textual corrections.
  • Minor adjustments to Cloak of Flames.


  • Added a new event with Ory/Sybil.
  • Added an intro skip option(Will not appear with no save games present).
  • Modified laptop event to include pictures
  • Added a barber shop(With a new hairstyle option)
  • Fixed a variety of errors
  • Fixed a LOT of typos.
  • Added a LOT of commas.
  • Buffed Cloak of Flames(Quite possibly too much)


  • Fixed the case of the disappearing laptop and vanity.
  • Fixed not getting an increase in MP from butt size increase.(If you did this in a previous version, just go to your room and it should apply).
  • Fixed more typos.
  • Added a catch-all fix for not being to go anywhere on subway car.
  • Fixed not being able to buy furniture if the cost exceeds the amount you have without your trade-in value.
  • Other bug fixes
  • Added a crazy beggar to explain class differences and choice relation at the beginning of the game.


  • Fixed some typos
  • Slightly lowered requirement for Avarice fragment compulsion.
  • Sprite displayed in subway car should match player sprite.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Fixed a variety of things.
  • Added two new physical tfs.
  • Added a new relationship event.
  • Added fusion event with Avarice Fragment.
  • Added compulsion related to Avarice Fragment.
  • Added mirror descriptions of new changes
  • Added Faceset changes for new tfs
  • Added a couple of NPC reactions to new changes(Only applies to one character atm, but more character's reactions have been written).
  • Nerfed and buffed some abilities(Cloak of fire still sucks though)


  • Fixed not being able to interact with laptop if you bought the pink or white desks.
  • Fixed Vanity disappearing if you go furniture shopping again(If it already disappeared, then it's gone for good till you buy a new one. Sorry).
  • Added automatic trade-in of furniture that is being replaced for half-price.
  • Fixed a few small things


  • Probably fixed color lady event.
  • Minor collision fixes
  • Minor transfer fixes


  • Undeleted something properly


  • Fixes galore
  • First 3 free-days including several events to spend them.
  • First Arena Fight
  • Dream of Avarice Dungeon completed
  • Training center events to get new skills up.


  • Put Magic.ogg back in place. Whoops.


  • Debug room? What debug room. There's no debug room.


  • Fixed accidental backwards time-travel by going into the wrong room at the wrong time. For sure this time. I hope.
  • [MAC] Fixed an issue where saves for RPGmaker MV games were all saving in the same spot. Coincidentally, this actually makes this version more conveinent as far as saves go(No need to manually move them around).
  • Fixed game-breaking issue from .00024.


  • Undeleted something that should never have been deleted.


  • You may no longer visit the bath house.
  • Put the weapons folder back in the game.
  • Unbroke game. For sure this time


  • Fixed(For sure this time, tested) getting time-travel by going into Soul Fusion room after the first time.
  • Fixed some collision isssues.
  • Fixed not being able to walk over a bar customer after they've left.
  • Made station fence impassable. For sure this time.
  • Potentially fixed Subway problem(two stations tested)
  • [LINUX] Fixed(Probably) bug with case-sensitivity.


  • You may no longer desrespectfully walk on Laha's desk.
  • Fixed some cutscenes firing when they shouldn't
  • Really fixed this time the issue with some japanese characters being in a sprite sheet name caused an error.
  • Fixed Erin calling a spirtulaism shop a barber shop.
  • Hid bodies in the void(Probably)


  • Took away ability to walk on some walls
  • You may no longer walk through stumps
  • You may no longer walk under some fences.
  • (Hopefully)Fixed rare issue where the name of one character sheet would cause an error(Only one reported instance of this, so not sure if fixed)
  • Changed the strength from Erin's barrier ability to 180 from 140.
  • Changed the description of Erin's barrier ability to no longer say it's only worth 100 points.
  • Changed the first Fiend fight's stun ability so that it actually wears off after one turn.


  • Closed trap doors.
  • Probably fixed subway glitches. Maybe.
  • You may no longer burn all your fire talismans outside of combat.

.00021: Fixed resource not present for self-destruct.

.0002: Initial IGDB release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by maxove

Version reviewed: .000441 Mac on 09/25/2018

This pretty much hooked me 5 minuites in with the combat system that is just as fleshed out as it needs to be with great presentation keeping you from getting bored, then comepletly won me over with great humour and "Persona but it's writers arent being dicks to women and queer people"

Review by EyeLoch

Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 09/19/2018

This is really interesting, and the worldbuilding is great

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 09/04/2018

A well polished introduction to what could become a fantastic game. Great writing and humour throughout, which made the extended linear start fun to read. There's considerable content in the opening phase that sets the game up but it ends too soon after the more open-world elements are introduced to be sure that they work smoothly (at time of review you get 4 free days before game end and some of the things to do in those days are non-optional).


I think the regular, somewhat challenging combat works well for a game where you intend to play through once and want the fights to be meaningful. They are going to be a real chore for anyone who wants to play through multiple times to see the varying story branches. Particularly if you are the kind of player who tries to max xp to level up so that future fights are less difficult, you'll be spending a lot of the game in the combat screen. I enjoyed my one playthrough but I wouldn't want to grind through again to see how different choices affect the game. Which is a real shame, because those are the aspects that appeal the most.


Huge potential, but I'll be hoping for a story-mode option before I play more than one path. Right now there's nothing sexual in the game beyond a bit of verbal byplay and it looks set to be a game that will entertain rather than arouse.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 09/03/2018

Nicely Done. I dont do many reviews. Yet this one I had too. One the premise was great. Nice new idea in my book. Concept and potential is defintly there. I can see where you might take it. Having a limited amount of time per story mission is a great idea to promote replayability and give the player a sense of crisis to try and manage his day. The TF's both physical and mental that I was able to see are wonderful, Especially for the fact that you added a "REASON" to each one. I like this alot, makes me more attached to the story then I should be, then just OH I defeated a boss and got a power up. Combat is intriguing, yet challenging. I think this is a plus since it allows the player to really make a  choice in how you want to proceed. Starting classes was very interesting. My first playthrough I got the Body I wanted. I was like I want the blue one, weird how it had Lightning magic, since I was thinking ICE!!!


The negatives I saw were quite a few. Some minor IMO, and some frustrating! The most frustrating one was when I tried to save. if you try to save, in other words push the X key as soon as the dialogue box is done. It will bring up the menu as normal but NOTHING responds! its like a minor freeze. game still flashes like its waiting input, yet no commands work. so you have to [X] out the game and relaunch from your last save. the way i got around this was to; after dialogue ends, take 3-5 steps before pushing the X key then the game runs like normal.

Eating! I noticed my character spout some dialogue that he ate some weird food. WHEN did that Happen? All I know is he drank alcohol and then died. when did he eat? so I might of missed an event where I was supposed to talk to someone? maybe? and find out he ate something? That one through me for a loop.

I think the Shower could use more Love. You use the Thing ONCE! just once I mean that should raise satisfaction a bit, cleaning the grime off you and such. expecially if you went to a dungeon/quest/arena. Each day I went and tried to use the shower, after that initial prompt and it never happened again. so im like "Must be a dirty slob".

One thing I noticed is that after you wake up and Equip yourself manually in the menu with clothes and try to walk out, your character looks fine but will act like he is naked and says he can't leave and must put on clothes first. Then you must goto the dresser and "get dressed" then your allowed to leave.

I think having a two time period maybe be a bit short. you have morning and then afternoon time periods. so about 4-8 actions at best before the next story mission. This compounds a negative aspect I have with the game into a spiral in my book, Where I got the avarice fragment day 3, fused it, and went about the day. Then im told that i dont like how trashy my place is. -5 satifaction compulsion resisted. Went to the mall bought, Every Quality piece i could. Found out about compulsions from the fusion guy, and was like "how do i throw away the teddy". Still woke up with trashy place -5 satisfaction, and now im taking a debuff. relaxing at the cafe gives 5 satisfaction. so if i want 10 I would spend a whole day while spending my valuable points. Over time I feel it would spiral out of control, until i gameover and have to start all over again.

I also felt the introduction to the marksmen trainer was SUPER forced. IDK what happened to my character, he just went all Pansy and sissy on me, when I was expecting an actual Fight scene. He acted Completly out of character that was not in any of the "compulsions" that I had received. this irked me quite a bit. your character questioned himself afterwords, but other then that he was ok acting like that? that did not seem right to how the rest of his character was portrayed. it was the only scene that seemed TOTALLY random in my book.

Which brings up the gun. Felt totally like a back up to me, granted I was a technomancer so maybe the other bodies are better for basic attacks, it just felt totally lack luster when im dealing 200+ damage and the gun does 60.

And last thing that irked me quite a bit was the pajamas. Where do you get Pajamas? I went EVERYWHERE. clothes store twice thinking i could buy it there, but nope i can buy the usual 2 other sets. so hearing my character saying I dont have pajamas each night got old fast! maybe have a scene where Sybil comes in on you and says you need pajamas or something "just in case" someone else barges in when your not ready, maybe get embarrased about seeing you naked or something.

Other then these things, I need to play through with the other classes and see if theres any real problem or change. thanks alot for a great start. Looking forward to more realeases!

Review by Feylamia

Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 09/03/2018

This is my second favorite rpg-maker game after Lokis corruption. If it would have pictures and would be completed, it would even be my favorite maybe. The story is funny and it has alot of potential. Just the transformations are really slow, its dangerous if the developement stops at some time and the tf did not develope to a pleasant state. Also there are no adult themes (yet), except light cheeky comments (from a demoness for example), which I would rate PG. But its still in early stage, so lets see how it goes.

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