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Fetish Hotel


Fetish Hotel is inspired by a lot of games from this site, such as "Trapquest", "Spa Recreation", "Motel S", "Bimbo House", "Seal of the Succubi" and more.

The game has a strong focus on latex and bondage themes with quite a bit of non-con. Furthermore, you'll find MTF transformations, Shemale content and various other kinks and fetishes.

As a non-native speaker, please excuse any mistakes or strange sentences! Have fun!


What's new?


After a long and hard year in this pandemic, we finally found time to keep working on Fetish Hotel. We are happy to be back on track and present you the new update! We hope you'll have as much fun as we had with the new content.

We are especially happy to present you a new alternative intro! With that, you now have the choice to start as a female OR male character. The intros tell two different stories that will lead you into the hotel. Once in the hotel, the core gameplay and story remains the same.

For more changes check out the changelog! :)

Old saves won't work in this version, sorry!

As always, we thank you all for playing and for the feedback!

A million trillion thanks to the wonderful sweet MissDomme who created all the drawn art you see in the game :) Check out her art: https://www.deviantart.com/missdomme!

What seemed to be an ordinary trip soon turned out to be something way more exciting... and rubbery. As you navigate the halls and groups of this curious hotel, you try to unravel the mystery of this enchanted place.

Male start

You: As a 27-year old man stuck in an unfulfilling and dull career, you often find yourself contemplating about adventurous alternatives and fantasies which make you yearn for a change in the real life. The fact that you haven't had a relationship or a sexual encounter of any kind for years, fuels your despair even more. If only something would happen!

Emily: Emily is your colleague and good friend. She is quite aware of her good looks as she radiates confidence and wraps men around her little finger with little effort. You have known her since your first day on the job, though you secretly wish your platonic relationship would develop into something bigger. But despite your attempts, you always ended up getting friendzoned. Hopefully, this trip will be an opportunity for you to change things for the better.

Adam: Adam is your colleague and friend but he is also the complete opposite of you. As a charismatic extrovert, he is the centre of every event and can be frequently seen with women you consider to be way out of your league. Though the impression he leaves is not the only thing you envy about him. His extremely good looks and piercing gaze always provoked a strong sense of jealousy, even though you consider him to be a good friend and helpful colleague. One of his favourite past times is teasing you but you don't take his words too seriously as you know he means it in an innocent way. Atleast you hope so…

Female start

You: As a shy and prude 22-year-old law student, you often find yourself wondering whether there is more to life than studying and spending your free time behind a book. You yearn for some change in the dull routine, dearly hoping that one day you will break out of your shell and finally have some fun.

Emma: Emma has been in college for years, working not-so diligently to achieve a degree in dancing. When asked what semester she’s in, she will shrug her bare, soft shoulders and giggle. Her giggle is loud, never restrained by insecurities and at times even contagious. Sometimes, one can hear her laugh from the other side of the dorms. She is incredibly chatty and she always smells of vanilla and hair spray.

You will find many more characters in the halls of The Hotel...


Please beware that in the following lines you'll encounter massive spoilers.

There are events that are more story relevant than others. As there is for now not that one big story path, the main story paths are leading to the different groups. With each update I will update this walkthrough so you can see where new content is hidden. Have fun!

Version 0.5.6


-Since the test day will be the end of this "chapter" it will be implemented in the future. Till then the SP won't be that big of a deal beside events where you can earn and lose them. For that reason it is not necessary to gain all required SPs.

Group M

-Find Moira cleaning rooms for the first time. Talk to her.

-Get a mail from Jaime and meet him afterwards.

-Find Moira again and ask her about the choker.

-Agree to get a choker on your own.

-Agree to all and get the maid uniform.

-After 2 days you will get a mail from Moira. Read it.

-You now have the option to meet Moira for cleaning practice. Put on your uniform and go in the morning (first thing after waking up) to her.

-Continue that routine for some days.

-On one day you'll be tested by Mistress Sinclaire.

-Manage to keep the satisfaction of the guest above 30%.

-Mistress Sinclaire will invite you to the group.

-Moira will lead you to your new room.

-You're now officially a member of Group M.

Group L
-To join Group L you must be part of one of the other groups first. In version 0.5.6 only Group M is supported for that.

-You can start the quest chain before joining another group but at one point you have to be a member to continue.

-Find the mysterious blonde woman 3 times. You receive a red ball.

-Find a girl that's wandering around the hotel alone. (There are currently 3 girls that can be met)

-Examine the ball in your inventory. You get the option to throw it. Do that.

-Enjoy the trip meeting Natasha.

-Natasha gives you a doll. At this point you can only proceed the quest by joining another group. (In version 0.5.6 only Group M will work)

-Group M: You have to use the doll on one of the other maids. Moira will give you a tip on whome to use. Sori is your target. You will find her mostly in the evenings in the Group Foyer.

-Group M: Watch Sori getting kidnapped. Go to Moira for help.

-You will automatically meet Natasha in the night and begin your entry ritual for Group L.

-During the ritual "Fight" the urge to give in.

-You're now officially a member of Group L.

-Natasha will send a mail to you after a few days. Go meet with her in the evenings in the Group Foyer.

-She will lead you to a place from where you can proceed to meet the mistress. You'll need help to do that though.

-After a few days you'll meet Floyd and Venus. Visit them several times via the Group Foyer until they assure you their aid.

-You can now go and try to meet the mistress...

Group S

-Find your friend Adam in his predicament.

-Some time later you'll get an e-mail from Mistress Santini. Read it.

-Some time later you'll be escorted to her by the guards.

-Agree to all what she says and be invited to Group S.

-The guards will guide you to your new room.

-Bailey will greet you and give you the pill. Take it.

-You're now officially a member of Group S.


Group D

-Find the gagged girl in her room.

-Decide to hide under the bed.

-After she's been taken away you can search her room.

-Check the wardrobe if you want some clothing. Check the HotelNet screen to receive a code.

-Find the door with the keypad.

-Type in the code you found in the girls room. (You don't have to remember it it will be displayed ;))

-Be guided to Mistress Carter.

-You now have to convince her. If you don't fulfil the requirements yet, you can come back later again.

-One option is that you took the folder you found in the office. (Better wear your skimask while doing that otherwise there might come a bad surprise sooner or later ;))

-The other options is that Bianca will support you if your bond with her is deep enough.

-For now this is very the Group D story line ends.


The rest of the events has no big story impact yet. Some are just for gaining/losing SP others are for some flavor. Some events are story relevant but just as a teaser of what might come so I haven't listed them in the walkthrough yet.


There is no new content in this update.
Only bugfixes and mechanics.

Added: Since you are able to join Group S but reach the end of content then, you can now travel back in time from Group S, keep on your adventure without restarting the game.
Added: A hint on how and where to use the doll from Natasha.
Added: A button to use the red ball on a random girl to make the decision more visible.
Changed: Some UI changes.
Changed: Shortened the shower scenes. The bad end with the "shower doll" is not escapable anymore but will only occur once. Reworked the shower in the background so it'll be easier for us to add more interesting things there in the future. ;)
Changed: Changed more webms to mp4s.
Fixed: Sometimes Moira wasn't in her room after Soris scene. She will now be there if you go directly to her.
Fixed: A black screen that could be encountered when going showering.
Fixed: Several occasions where the first name wasn't showed properly.
Fixed: Several filenames for case-sensitive systems.
Fixed: Several missing pics and videos.
Fixed: A bug that you could meet Jaime on the floor besides his mail, causing to actually meet him twice.
Fixed: Jaime will no longer run away, when you wear the collar of Group S. (For now.)
Fixed: A bug where you could meet the mysterious woman more than once.
Fixed: When started as female you still got occasionally the male dialog. (Note: Group S might still have bugs like that. Group S will be reworked in the future.)


Added: An alternative intro! Check it out. :) (The first intro will be fleshed out like the new one in future updates!)
Added: Continued Group L path.
Added: Lots of amazing new art from MissDomme (https://twitter.com/missdommeart), most prominent the rework of the 3 protagonist avatars.
Added: Several new events and stuff to find.
Added: Characters-Page. Here you can keep track of all the characters you met.
Added: Settings-Page. Here you can find some options like switiching between photo and drawn avatars. While progressing in the game more features will be here available.
Added: A setting which if activated will let you put on automatically the lounge dress and heels when visiting the lounge.
Added: Meeting Bianca is now part of the guided events so you will have a much higher chance of meeting her.
Added: You can change the avatars during the game via the settings link.
Added: (Patreon version only) You can now also directly skip forward to joining Group L.
Changed: Changed the RNG mechanic of the game. With that repeating events should be now way rarer.
Changed: To give a little push into the "main" story for now, you'll meet Moira on day 4 the first time 100%, if you hadn't meet her till then. Also you'll be able to go to her directly in the morning of each day.
Changed: Jaime will now send you mail to meet him instead of just bumping into him randomly.
Changed: When you got a new mail you see now a mail icon in your room. This should make it more visible.
Changed: We started to convert the webm-files to mp4-files for better compatibility. This will be an ongoing change since there are so many files. So from update to update more files will be converted.
Fixed: Photo avatars appear now again if you don't skip the intro.
Fixed: At the current end of Lila's questline won't appear a black screen anymore.
Fixed: The difficulty setting has now an actual impact on the mini games again.
Fixed: Some of the hypno gifs you can see after losing the quiz haven't been shown. This should now be fixed.
Fixed: Some dead links and pics.


Please note, that saves of older versions won't be compatible for big parts of the new update.

Added: A bit new content if you joined the maid group. :)
Added: The ass expansion works now similiar like the breasts: several times and not only once.
Added: Drawn avatars for the combination of latex masks and gags.
Changed: Changed the storyline around Lila a bit. For now you won't be able to miss her and thus the lounge anymore.
Fixed: You can now remove the stockings and gloves you receive from Natasha.
Fixed: You won't be denied entry in the lounge even though you waer the dress anymore.
Fixed: Reading Moiras mail again after joining Group M won't trigger the "learning" quest again.
Fixed: Some stuff here some stuff there...

2020/09/20: Hotfix

Added: You can now reconsider your decision giving the doll to someone.
Changed: Skipping the intro brings you now directly into the room.
Fixed: You should be now able again to wear clothes after joining Group L.
Fixed: Sori can no longer be encountered in the M-Foyer after your trickery...
Fixed: Checked for some missing images on case-sensitive systems. There are probably more. Please write me any occurrences you find. :)


Since it's been quite a while since the last update I can't really tell you everything that has changed since I haven't keep record all the time. But here things I still remember :)

Added: Quite a few new drawings of the wonderful MissDomme <3
Added: "I like it shiny." As decided in a poll on patreon this updates focus lays on the mysterious Group L. If you have trouble finding your way into the group consider checking the "Walkthrough" tab (spoiler warning tho).
Added: "Mirror mirror on the wall" A mirror can now be found in your room. It shows you your body and eventually changes of it.
Added: Due to a commission on my patreon there is now an event where an item can be found that will influence your boob growth...
Added: "I am still dreaming..." More dreams added.
Added: Wake up events added. A few event can now happen after you wake up.
Added: "Traps aren't gay" You can now decline the joining of Group S and still get some shemale content. When you decline Mistress Santini you can choose between no shemale content at all or shemale events. (Just a few for now but soon will add more).
Changed: The chance to get a "guided link" in the hub if you play in "guided" mode has been increased from 25% to 50%. This should make it way more easy to reach story relevant content.
Changed: The back button of Twine will now be available. In the beginning I tried hard to avoid this function since the game tries to have a good replay value. On the other hand go ahead. Use it as you like. In several cases it won't work though.
Changed: Technical blabla. Worked a lot around in the framework behind the game.
Changed: You stay now in the inventory if you use an item.
Fixed: Sometimes you were punished for not wearing panties even though a dress or similiar covered it. For several clothes this has been now fixed.


2019/12/30: 0.5.3
-Added: "F*ck the system!" A new option "Guided" has been implemented. Activate it in the beginning of the game and occasionally you'll be led to a story event. This will hopefully take a bit off the randomness. I can tweak the chance of these "help passages" up and down. So feedback is always welcome. If it works well the option will become the default.
-Added: "I have a name!" You can now give yourself as protagonist a name in the beginning and after transforming again.
-Added: You can now actually change your mind and go back from the "I am stuck :(" passage
-Added: "I have a dream!" Some new dreams can now be encountered.
-Added: Some events got now an interactive part when your sluttiness (dignity) is high enough.
-Added: "Go to work!" Some events that can be encountered after joining Group M.
-Added/Changed: "Irina who?" Reworked the Irina encounter a bit and added a new event with her after spending a night with her.
-Changed: You can now pick up the comic and read it from the inventory instead of encountering it as an event several times.
-BugFix: Some proofreading here some editing there.

Added a small first walkthrough in the walkthrough tab.

2019/10/06: 0.5.2
-Bugfix: You shouldn't be able to get stuck in the latex hobble dress. The event for Room 150 can only be entered once as intended in the first place.
-Bugfix: While gaining the maid uniform you have to strip down your current clothes manually now. No more forced onion clothing.
-Bugfix: During the inspection of your clothes doesn't appear an error anymore.
-Added: A 'debug' link on the left side which shows some information which will help me to hunt bugs you guys find.

2019/10/06: 0.5.1
-Fixed a bug with the showing of the sources.

2019/10/06: 0.5

-Big overall content update

-Introducing Success Points (SP). With this system the game shall actually more feel like a game
-Introducing optional drawn avatars created by the amazing and lovely MissDomme
-Implemented a new way for referencing original sources.
-Many more stuff I have already forgotten about...

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: on 11/26/2021

If you like drone transformation or fetish this story is for you. One of my favorite game.

Review by Warrender

Version reviewed: on 11/07/2021

This is the game that brought me to this site in the first place so it's great to see an update after all this time. I'm loving the update though there still some repeative scenes, some of which it would be great to be able to have some more interaction though there is also enough new content that it has heavily decreased from the previous version.


I'm very much looking forward to the next installment. Meanwhile, I'll be exploring some of the avenues again that I haven't gotten round to this release.

Review by PinkBishop

Version reviewed: on 11/07/2021

Just did a runthrough of and as usual its great to re-visit this game.

It's one of these games that I tend to really look forward to the 2, maaaybe 3, updates a year that comes from this Developer / Author to see whats next.

The story and gameplay keeps on maturing, so can't complain about it at all andany/Most of the previous dead links to "this branch will come in the future" have finallly been removed and killed so the game feels more streamlined compared to previous versions and the only that is left for me is to brace myself for what will be the next months of anxiety until the next version comes out.



Review by Anintimatesecret

Version reviewed: on 12/17/2020

I really liked this game!


If I had to add a criticism about something, it's about the lack of focus on the main character's transformation. He's become a girl... but he seems to get over that rather quickly, and the narrative focuses more on the moral corruption rather than his new form and perspective.


Other than that, a nice setting and situation, with a _lot_ of potential.

Review by somehopper

Version reviewed: on 11/09/2020

this is one of those games that has enough content you are surprised when you reach the end of it.  i am not sure how i missed this game, i think the infrequent updates might make it less visible.  its definitely worth checking out.  i hope the author continues it.  

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