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Version: 0.61

Version: 0.6

Version: 0.5.99

Version: 0.5.98

Not my Body!
by pululon

Not my Body! is a game that combine aspect of visual novel and rpg. You play as Aisha Diamon, a woman that awoke knowing that her actual body wasn't her own. Without memories of her past, and some dark memories of the girl that previously had the name of Aisha Diamond.

She have to regain her memories to know who she were before, and what happened to her.
For that she will live her new life while begin to get involved in the past of the real Aisha Diamond, that is directly connected to the person that she was before.

The game have aspects of visual novel, and RPG, Aisha learn skills for her sexual activities and can craft items to help her in her daily life.
She interact with a large number of character, traveling trhough her neigbourhood and chosing what to do, and when to do it.

She can take quests that are part of the main plot, or others that are secondary, giving some color to the world that she inhabit.

Free Release: Build 28
  • New scene with Jimmy in the Bakery Assistant Job, daily paizuri.
  • Added semen to gain in the scenes with Jimmy.
  • Changed the way that books and magazines work.
  • Paizuri scene in the bar for the sober state.
  • Added semen rewards after the new scenes in the bar (the new paizuri and the blowjob)
  • Added images of the NPCs in the contacts when you acquire the
  • Added the last scene for the Bakery Assistant with Jimmy, Aisha can return on Sunday for more sex with him (he will be part for something big later, but that will be in future chapters)
  • New sex scene with Mr. Cunning.
  • New scene with a female trainer in the neighborhood gym
  • Aisha has the option to masturbate herself with a bonus in the lust that can earn, after reading something porn.

The new scene with Jimmy can be accessed after the Sunday scene with him and it can be repeated every time that Aisha goes to work.

  • Now the ero scenes with Jimmy give items to Aisha (I forgot to add this when I made the scenes).
  • Now the books and magazines don't go to the inventory, they are stored in the Bookshelf in Aisha's room and you can access them from there. You can only have 1 copy of each one and action to read them gives Aisha a good chunk of experience, and provide new scenes, depending on if is a book, a magazine, an ero book, or an ero magazine. You can read the same book multiple times but will give experience to Aisha only the first time that she read it.
  • To get the paizuri scene you need to do activities in the bar while Aisha is sober until it gets the option. An example is playing billiard, then seducing or playing alone, then accept when someone wants to play with Aisha, then go to the further scene (grope, rubbing, etc), and after this, it will have the option for an ero scene, than can be the new paizuri or the blowjob, it depends on Aisha's outfit.
  • Before was showing an icon in the Contacts when you meet new NPC, now it shows the face of the NPC so is easier to access the information of who you are looking for.
  • To get the new scene on Sundays with Jimmy, you just need to go through all his scenes, and after the first time that Aisha has sex with him on a Sunday, she can return in those days for more.
  • To access the new scene with Mr. Cunning you have to already unlock all the previous scenes, and then Aisha will have the option to return every night to Mr. Cunning home, triggering this scene.
  • Added a new character, Susan Reyner, she will appear in the gym after the end of Ian's quest. She is a friend of Mikela and she is asking for her. Aisha can do a couple of things with her and a new training scene with her. More scenes will be added in the future.
  • Two extra fixes!
  • First, you could not buy the book and magazine for Ian's quest, now you can do it.
  • The pause wasn't working properly when Aisha checked Ian's room.


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Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: 0.5.98 on 08/04/2020

I love the comic book style art in this game, but I have many problems with the obviously non-native English. The author seems to be tricked by the usual I am and I'm difference. Some sentences are something along the lines of, "Who I'm?" when it should be "Who am I?" I don't blame the author, English is just quirky like that, but it bugs me to no end. Outside that, the story is interesting once you learn the basics of the game and start getting events lined up. The tutorial is informative, but the UI is just awful. Not the UI itself, however. It's not possible to adjust the text size, or modify the UI scaling, so those with eyesight issues might have problems reading it. I have to strain my eyes just to see it since it's so blurry.

Instability is touch and go. Using the 'seduce' action seems to lock the game up for a moment, if not outright crash it. I don't know if something is wrong with the code, or if it's the engine the author, but something is slowing it down.

I recommend this, but with some reservation. If the UI were scalable, or at the very least the text, and the game were stabilized, I'd consider it among the best on TFGS. For now though, it's something I'm going to keep an eye on.

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.5.9 on 01/18/2019

Interesting game, though not as clear what to do as I would have liked.

My biggest problem is the blurry images and text especially the intro. Most of the game is good readable, but the intro and the parts where you have no control it gets blurry.

Another thing I noticed is the second screen that shows this game has a lot of errors. I mean just about every action you perform in the game gives an error message in the second window.

I give this currently a 3 out of 5 and suggest you clean up the game before you add more as the errors shouldn't be so many.

Review by MikeMike

Version reviewed: 0.5.8 on 11/21/2018

OMG I really want to like this game! The art style. The idea. all plusses. But the number of crashes. The number of times when I get stuck where the game just freezes, or when dialogues fail to appear is just incrdible frustating. The lack of a common guide on what to do in the game were urgh! The lack of information about using hearts to level up the character is just.... no!... (you do that by clicking on the character picture to the left)..

I'm going to follow the game, because I really feel that it got a lot of promise and I love the idea and art style, but on the other hand it just leaves me so incredible frustrated that I want to scream as well.



Review by becomingtgirl

Version reviewed: 0.5.7 on 10/09/2018

Doesnt work under a virtual machine. Requires OpenGL 2.1 but even with this installed (Virtualbox's 3d acceleration + OGL2.1 registry patch) it fails.

Review by jimmybob

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/27/2018

This game shows a lot of potential. The art is good, and the comic style is nice.

The game seems less complete than the 1.0 version would suggest, It feels more like a ver 0.7 or 0.8 than a 1.0 considering the missing images, placeholder minigames, and incomplete stat implementation, but what is there shows a lot of promise.

I look forward to updates to this.

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