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Version: 0.1.2

Version: 0.1.1

Version: 0.1.0

Succubus Dream

Every night a Succubus appears before the MC. She gives him the option to trade cum for a bodily transformation. How will you collect enough cum to get the body you want?

MC is a regular young man who lives with this mother. Times are tough and he needs to make some money to cover the rent.

Julia (the hot girl)

The Landlord

Your Mother

Mother's boyfriend

The cosplay club

Gym buddy

Bully (Jamal)

Rich Fatass


You need an attractiveness rating of at least 0 before people start noticing you.


Julia: Get your grades up and spend time with her

The Landlord: Get hot and don't make rent

Your Father: Get hot and sit on his lap

Mother's boyfriend: Get hot

The cosplay club: Grow tits and cosplay

Gym buddy: Squat

Rich Fatass: Visit the stalls

Versioning Scheme A.B.C

A: When this isn't 0, its no longer beta

B: New quest line was added| New game mechanics|Big content additions

C: Minor game mechanics|continuity fixes|styling|bugfixes|minor additions


0.1.2 (Sept/09/2018)

Add good? ending in the nightmare

- Fix continuity and minor UI changes

0.1.1 (Aug/31/2018)

Add body appearance to UI

- Cut down on the stats in the sidebar

0.0.5 - 0.1.0

- Added Julia quest line

- Added being the landlord's maid questline

- Added shopping

- New father scene

- Change pacing

- Shower events

- Rework washroom events

- Add images to mother, cosplay quest lines

- Fix washroom bug

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by thelandcruzer

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 11/21/2018

OK! I have dl all files, where are the media files?

Also could some post a mega or mediafire link? (PLEASE)

I have had problems with dropbox.

Thank you for your time.


Review by Immoral

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 08/29/2018

Not sure what's with the dislike, the goal isn't money, but cum. tl;dr the succubus is YOU.

Could use some more overwear options, there is a lack of comments from the mother, male to female never progresses unilateraly to the female phase, you're essentially stuck with a 1 inch pebble down there.

But hey, it's super early release, there's enough content and questlines for an early build.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 08/27/2018

Ok So i have been playing this sinces it't sfirst release. I love how uch has been added to the game, yet I still am yet to discover how to fully transition to female. If you get to 0 and have become attractive enough  why not have the succubus take the last of your masculinity and become an Incubus. Players gets to be a full woman and the game opens up new lines like with the professor, maybe even a pregnancy line with each of the male characters as the father. maybe you could compete with Julia for jamal's affections. Giving us initial scenes in which the sucubus is beter explained maybe a deal with the devil typ scene where she offers to visit each night or something. Explanations for why new deals become available. maybe the succubus promises to help him take care of  his family. Also It would be wonderful if money earned for different projects was more directly influence by our stats.


Review by Scottie

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 08/26/2018

The content is there, you just need to grind,. play quite a bit before you get to it. There also doesn't seems to be a lot of options at the moment.  But if more content comes I'm sure this will be a fun game. 

Review by wulfsilvermane

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 08/26/2018

Same as Shalorne, cannot see a way to collect cum, and while you get asked to collect money, i don't see way to collect any useable amount before the mother takes it. At this point, the game could be considered broken

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