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Version: 0.3.8

Version: 0.3.7

Version: 0.3.6

Version: 0.3.5-full

Version: 0.3.5

Version: 0.3.4

Version: 0.3.3

Succubus Dream

Every night a Succubus appears before you. She gives you the option to trade cum for a bodily transformation. How will you collect enough cum to get the body you want?


See changelogs for updates.







You need an attractiveness rating of at least 0 before people start noticing you.


Julia: Get your grades up and spend time with her

The Landlord: Get hot and don't make rent

Your Father: Get hot and sit on his lap

Mother's boyfriend: Get hot and fall asleep at night

The cosplay club: Get hot and cosplay

Gym buddy: Squat

Rich Fatass: Visit the stalls

Jared: Get hot, become a slut and keep sucking him off


Versioning Scheme A.B.C

A: When this isn't 0, its no longer beta

B: New quest line was added| New game mechanics|Big content additions

C: Minor game mechanics|continuity fixes|styling|bugfixes|minor additions

0.3.8 (July/29/2020)

I actually have no idea what I've changed.

- I made it easier to grind  for cum

- Added some events throughout

Looking for someone to take over.

0.3.7 (December/12/2019)

- New Love Interest Violet

- Cosplay questline reworked

- Added new images all over the place

0.3.6 (Augest/22/2019)

- Going to the beach

0.3.5-archived (May/13/2019)

- zipped version with all the images

- Bonus 4 images

0.3.5 (Apr/28/2019)

- added new events to the father questline

- added sex counters

- bugfix in living room

0.3.4 (Apr/21/2019)

- added a bunch of new scenes with mother's boyfriend in the living room

- added event with mother's bf when going to sleep

- added events with peeking on father in the shower

- Julia reacts to successive tries to make her cum

0.3.3 (Apr/07/2019)

- added a new event with mother in the washroom

- added a few events after the relationship is maxed with Jamal

- added a few events for  playing video games with your father

- minor changes

0.3.2 (Mar/24/2019)

- a progression tracking system

- fixed shopping 

- tweaked a bunch of scenes so its easier to access all the content

0.3.1 (Mar/19/2019)

- foobar bugfix

0.3.0 (Mar/18/2019)

added a bunch of scenes continuing the Julia quest line

- added a few more scenes to the Jared bully quest line

0.2.1 (Mar/11/2019)

- added maid events

- added more bully events

0.2.0-full (Feb/19/2019)

- zipped version with all the images

0.0.5 - 0.2.0 (Feb/19/2019)

Add healslut events at your father's place

- Add sleepover at father's house

Add good? ending in the nightmare

- Added Julia quest line

- Added being the landlord's maid questline

- Added shopping

- Added Shower events


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JamieOaks

Version reviewed: 0.3.8 on 10/05/2020

This is the first game I played on this site that activily steals bandwidth in order to provide images. After I realized that, I stopped playing.

Review by MalCharacter

Version reviewed: 0.3.8 on 08/27/2020

I really like this game. It's a fun sim game with a clean system (three actions per day defined by timeslot, instead of keeping track of indivual action time or energy levels). It does get grindy towards the end, as rewards don't scale up as fast as costs to advance the story, but if you are looking for a great, complete story about MtF transformation and seduction, this is it.

Review by WinterOcean

Version reviewed: 0.3.8 on 08/16/2020

I've played this game to completion a couple of times already and I have to say that I like it. It's a good slow transformation, although sometimes you have to repeat interactions in order to advance. The image choice is really great, but once you maximize your ass size the image used isn't really that big, but the breast size images are a lot better. Having your face represented by an image would also be nice though. There's only one ending, seeing more invol themes would be nice and having that represented in the ending could also be an option. I definitely reccomend this game to anyone.

Review by brandonrrtz

Version reviewed: 0.3.8 on 08/07/2020

It's a sad loss that you are looking for someone to continue the game. I really miss a Patreon to show more support for this project, but I understand that what makes you move on from this project may not be changed if more support.

So, I give you my best wishes for your life and projects.

Thank you for the hours that I spent playing. I really love this game, It's one of my favorites and the one that I restarted the most. The fetishes are good, the path is easygoing and with good porn. From my fetishes, I think it just lacks: cloth seduction, marriage, pregnancy, and prostitution/slavery - it has all the other including a great incest content. I know that will keep playing it for a long time.

Review by mwarrior777

Version reviewed: 0.3.8 on 08/01/2020

Hey! sorry to hear you're looking to move on from this project. It's a really great game though and it does have an ending as is, so great job! Hope your future endeavors bring you joy!

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