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Version: 1.3

Sissy Adventures

Live as a sissy harlot

 The mega links always take you to the latest version of the game

 Links under 'Downloads'




Instructions to download as zip file:

Zip file download

All the links direct to the folder where its always the latest and up to date. The version in the "mega" folder is always the latest one.

Start as a sissy. Earn money to be able to change back and forth at will with the X-Change Pill.

Buy the right clothes to do certain things. (heavy wip)

Right now only a few outfits do anything


I think if you fully undress > choose the wear workoutfit (or full dress) option > Put on (secretary's outfit/work outfit) > Return to Closet > Return to House

Then you ought to be able to go to work.


Pills are checked to see if you take them everyday. The more you take a day, the faster the effects. The more you take over a longer period of time, the stronger the effects.


roommate can be found in the gym showers after visting a few times



See how many men you can go through once you know each of their weaknesses.


5 weaknesses randomly assigned to each of the 5 different types of men you'll find in the small town of Karis.
Only use 'perform' for item usage.Use technique for sexual move weaknesses and item -> perform for item weaknesses.



-gas station can "overcum" you now

-new roommate scenes while asleep

-new boyfriend catching you in moms room scenes with cum on clothes kink

-all new laundromat room area working alongside all new cum on clothes mechanic.

-laundromat scenes

-working with background imagery on certain passages

-many new hotlinked photos. some new added photos

-added cum getting on clothes to old events

-cum on accessories also available but only possible in very limited areas at the moment

-added (buggy :( ) skip mirror option 

 -added bg-color settings 

bug fixes:

-player.money bug in walk event

-roommate rent doubling bug

-possible to pass text now without cheating/studying (bug didnt allow you to pass without cheating) 




added weakness system to Karis. (see walkthrough / ask on forums for more information)

-fixed gas station gloryhole error message

-fixed computer error message

-fixed buttplug loop when ordering from amazon

-fixed wrong accessories showing up

-added gym outfit / bottled water bonuses to gym squat workout

-added more clarification in some vague areas (follower count, gym gains number.)

-fixed certain gym images blocking link visibility

-added high score stat counting men bowled over in karis

-increased money gained in Karis

-Added a link to get handcuffs back from bug where handcuffs dissapear from player inventory

WIP- rework item usage in Karis





Fixed item images slashes not working

Fixed game looping in Karis


Added a a downtown called Karis (which should be familiar to some of you from 'Escort Dreams'. Plan to flesh out the big city more in the futre)
Added a "engagement" system for sex scenes at Karis
More images will be increasingly hotlinked to the web to keep file download size down
Fixed the text when changing setting options from being unreadable
New items available to be used during the players foray into Karis


Fixing the broken parts of the newly added 1.05

Fixed palindrome game not working properly.
Made smart pills make the clinic trials trivially easier. (higher bimbo makes them harder to accomplish)
Added various new photos/various bug fixes
Added new walk home event
Added new Sunday event
Added new gas station event
Made requirements easier to take clinical trial
Added new roommate events (nails and gym scene)
Moved Pong game to center of screen
Added new computer scene and redid computer scene background
Added the beginning of buttplugs (Buttplug for now can just be worn for added bimbo score. Order yours online by evil drone today)
Added new passage (Backroom at strip club)



fixed truancy not showing up until work is made available
you can go to class before taking the exam on wednesday for added chance



halved bimbo gain in many places
fixed location costs not substracting correctly
reworked clinical trial money gain
made some travel more consistent in time cost
made some travel faster
added School location with school scene, study buddy scene, and professor scene



bug fixes


Clinic trials (mini-games) for $

new images

very minor new events



reworked gas station scenes/text
player should be able to not be late for work if he arrives early. (no longer have to leave, then show up late)
increased bimbo costs of many events
added more very minor bimbo gains to certain events

minor image updates to house/gym/shower

rebalanced money gain in gas station gloryhole


wip (magazines (still),third roommate,timed events)



removed broken rent gameplay mechanic and simplified it for now.
fixed broken work/negotiate pay raise mechanics and totally broken pay raises
fixed photos not showing up
fixed accessories mechanic to lay the groundwork for more bimbo raising accessories
increased bimbo gain slightly and raised bimbo requirements to unlock certain events

added bimbo costs to certain events


wip (magazines,rent,more accessories,work events/tasks)



fixed strip club being broken 


added roommate (gym showers)

fixed nightie

fixed work pay being broken (work is a necessity now as player can no longer start stripping until more conditions are met)

rebalanced work pay

fixed typos/return loops

fixed permanent game over situations from occuring (No money to travel, no money for rent no longer end the game)




broke and fixed work pay not working
fixed time not moving forward during gas station scenes
fixed already worked bug when player had not worked

version .75

fixed white space issues. images/videos should no longer display white space.

fixed gym and coworker sex scenes.

tiny-tits fixed. 

fixed second onkeydown event missing ; at the end (

 added pills taken today under stats




fixed bugs from .71




fixed the bugs found from .7

hormone system reworked. the more pills you take out over a spread period of time mean more pronounced changes

the more pills you take out over a smaller period of time mean faster but not as pronounced changes

missing a daily dosage sets you back

overdosing is extremely costly, literally.



minor bug/UI fixes and a few images added (clinic, clinic ad, gym shower images, new gym / dream images

reworked hormone pills (added functionaity to them,careful not to overdose!)

reworked forced sleep

(cam show for the player)

added player skill and player crotch size (not much to either of these yet )

strip club bug where stripping too late into the night means missing the change of the next day
tazer set to out of stock

tweaked shower camming money earned values(and couple of new shower images)

Version .65

fixed glasses/lipstick thing
fixed shower not working after camera broke
fixed shower empty space
gloryhole link
added line breaks for readability
reworked alarm system values





accessories, revamped clothes. added some coworker scenes



boss scene

wearable lipstick


player can no longer increase / decrease body dimensions beyond limits
added flash scene to bus ride
added negotiate pay raise at boss's office


bug fixes in installing web cam to spy on mother at the computer passage 


Added cost,cooldown, and visual effect changes to the Clinic treatments available. 




Added electronics store/computer/bathroom


Player webcam

Mom webcam options/sex scene images

(more feminization stuff in progress)


fixed condition checking if work clothes were on.

Made clothing system multi part. Clothing modifies bimbo score which brings in more or less money depending on your job(to be expanded)
Added clinic option to change player
Gym now changes player butt type


Show money gained from last passage
Fixed nightie not advaning day when worn to sleep


added user Image size setting 

Added pill selling event on day 6
Fixed clinic interaction
Made inventory neater




Reworked the clothing system to single item clothing. May add combination outfits in the future



Updated how to wear workoutfit:

Lowered font size by 33%

Fixed Strip Club scene (must be wearing strip club outfit)


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by wulren

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 10/15/2018

Still don't undestand why you don't put your file in a zip file. 

mm think to make me discovert this option. As all the other games are always in zip/rar file, i didn't think about it

... the only pb could have some people with this option is the zip file may reduce picture resolution (i dont think you controle the compression here) and some time you have to wait 5 minutes before the zip file appears.   

Review by jhf

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 10/14/2018

the game can't evezn download, each and every time i try it just display an error message with

"MEGA failed to load because of

Filename: loadfm
Exception: Error: Permission denied to access property "apply"

Review by HanahSolo

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 10/14/2018

Why there is 2 html files at download? What is difference? They are same size and other one is 5 seconds older...

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 10/14/2018

This game makes NO SENSE!!!

So I go and be a hooker to make some money.  Cool, I make some cash but wait what is this before my eyes.  Should I get a ride home or even go to sleep I lose around $200 dollars.   Why?  I did not buy anything, Nothing attacked me, and I did not need to got to the clinic.  So why am I losing money?

Because of this reason I cannot get behind this game.  I do not know if losing money for no reason is a glitch or designed by the developer(s).  Either way it makes this game pontless at its current state to play and if I cannot even get enough money to pay the rent, let alone do anything else in the game what is the point then.

For now I am going to say skip this game.

Review by odetocomplex

Version reviewed: 1.25 on 09/24/2018

The mega folder link always stays the same and always has the latest public release inside of it

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