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Version: 0.4.3a

Version: 0.4.1a

Version: 0.4.0

Version: 0.3.5

Version: 0.3.1

Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1

by Slone

Hey ! After browing this site quite a lot, I've decided it was time to create my own game.

Gain some power and take control of the world while transforming yourself and the others around you.

With 0.3, the story goes up to about 44 000 words.

If you already play 0.2, I recommend to skip to Chapter 1 at the beginning.


You're a young guy that find a stone that gives him tremendous powers.
Use that to take revenge on your family and to transform the people around you.
Be careful though, you're not alone. There are other people like you, called Owners.
There are also other powerful people, who won't take kindly your sudden social ascension.
While you manage to avoid all the traps while building your harem to conquer everything?

Family Corruption.

Corrupting Mom: Kitchen or Living room in the Sunrise/Morning/Night. Need to finish the Job choice event on the computer.

Corrupting Dad: Living room or Dining room all day long. Might need to corrupt mom a bit.

Corrupting Brian: In his bedroom in the morning and the night.

Corrupting Kelly: In her bedroom in the morning and the night.

Corrupting Jen: In the police Precinct at sunrise, morning and afternoon. Event n°2 require to go see Elena and final event is at home.

Corrupting Natasha: Straightforward in her bedroom at every hour except at night.

Corrupting Robert: Need to corrupt totally two of the three that follows: Jen, Kelly, and mom. In his bedroom at every hour except at night.



Walkthrough forSarah Walton mansion

Go to the outskirts. Peep until you see Ellen Peagi or Nina Dabrov..
Go to the Notes tab, and select one path (You may need to click twice)
Complete the corruption of Nina or Ellen: for Nina do not explore too much, for Ellen come back after seven days twice.
Go to the mansion.
Go to the garden or the bedrooms.
Talk to Nina or Ellen
Corrupt Rosa, Laeticia or Elisabeth.
Talk to Nina or Ellen.
Go to the gardens.
Corrupt Sarah and Fei.
Clean up loose ends.


-Mia is done. She comes with three other new characters. You will have to reach Sylvie's second event to get to her.
-Nina Dabrov building has now a couple of characters in it and more options.
-I started doing a Phone during my short vacation. I deleted a bunch of bugged JS for the release of this version but you can still check out what it looks like under the "test" tab.
Fixing a game-breaking bug that went right past through me
Bugfixes and individual Notes finished(besides general design).
0.4.0 update:

-18 new Characters (15 totally corruptible).
-Notes  TAB change. Still beta for now, but all 38 characters in the game have  been added and you can now click on the notes to see a personalized  walkthrough, stats (will come later thought) and credits. Only finished for the mother so far. The general look of the page and the infos displayed will probably change a lot next update.
-Two ways to get access to the mansion, through Ellen Peagi or Nina Dabrov
-Small graphical update.
-Some bugfixes. 


Changelog :

-Major bugfixes. I think that most of what I've been reported is fixed now with the exception of MAC/Linux users pictures issues. If you are a MAC/Linux user if you could report me the pictures that aren't not working that'll be great.

-6 new characters.

-3 are corruptible through major events.

-3 are corruptible through minor events.

-The Notes tab has been updated. I like what it looks like at the moment, might change it a bit later.

-You can now have sex with your family once you've corrupted them. It should be according to their new gender/models (for most of them, it's pictures that have already been used).

-You can now have sex with 0.3 new characters once you've corrupted them. It should be according to their new gender/models (for most of them, it's pictures that have already been used).

-The neighborhood links passage has been fixed (Should be easier to read now and to understand).

-About 16 characters have been put in the game. There is nothing to do with them at the moment. They've been placed here for the next updates to come. 13 are new and 3 are people you've already seen (Goth girl intro, Olivia the young blonde that you saw around the neighborhood and Mia the girl that run away when you and Sylvie are fucking). There should be 5 or 6 of them implemented at 0.3.5.

-Go to sleep option has been removed while I think of something better. (If someone has an idea on how to implement that without skipping some event, I'd be happy to hear that).

-Fixed a couple of other bugs, that have been reported.

-The Police Precinct update is out

-6 new character to corrupt.

-Some random NPC added to prepare future content.

-The city is now split into 5 different districts: The neighborhood, the university, the city center, the outskirts and the red light districts. The neighborhood contains 99% of the content as of right now.

-Saves are probably broken, so there is a way to directly skip to Chapter 1.

-New feature: TIME. A hidden stats that stack to 4. At 4, the time period advance. Ex: Going from sunrise to Morning. This is done for talk purpose with character.
-Quick CSS update.

-Dean bedroom event.

-Several bugfixes on 0.1

-Jen/Natasha/Robert path.

-Dinner events (I had some widgets issues so they might be weird spacing issues).

-I've also rewritten a bit of the intro. I'm not completely happy with the state of it though, so I'll probably rewrite it a bit more in the future.


0.1 release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by prince84

Version reviewed: 0.3.5 on 03/20/2019



I hope in the future you can streamline replaying sex scenes with your family.


Version reviewed: 0.3.5 on 11/30/2018

Great Game. Rly enjoyed playing it, even tho the feminzation/sissy part is still in its early phase.

Hope you keep working on this game, can't wait for Updates to come.

Best regards from Germany :)

Review by apocolypse101

Version reviewed: 0.3.5 on 11/05/2018

Great game so farr and I can't wait for more!

Review by FoxyAlice

Version reviewed: 0.3.5 on 10/23/2018

Good game, very enjoyable, decent writing. Thank you for making this.
The feminization/sissification option is teased from the beginning but not exploit, hope the following update would include some of it at lease, preferably for me a lot.

Can't wait for the update.

Review by slift

Version reviewed: 0.3.5 on 09/28/2018

It seems well done, better than many I have tried.  The one suggetion I would make is to allow rechanging a transformed slave. For the family this would likely need to be limited until the full family is enslaved to avoid trying to explain the subsequent tranformations.

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