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Version: 0.2.1

Bimbo Tournament

You are coerced into a tournament where the winner is handsomely rewarded. The losers? They've been reduced to bimbos. Will you beat the tournament, lose on purpose, or try to take the whole thing down?


This is still only a proof of concept/demo with limited content. Alpha won't start until feature completion happens sometime in September.

You start as a male (possible future change) and you are forced to join a tournament by your old high school crush. You are injected with a substance which can change your body and mind. You have to choose whether you want to lose your innocence or your manhood.


  1. Open email
  2. Go to Mall
  3. Go to Strange Store and buy the mask
  4. Go Home
  5. Go to the masquerade
  6. Go to the Mall
  7. Go to the Strange Store
  8. Go to the Tournament Entrance



  • Dynamic player images
  • Challenge system
  • Punishment system
  • Introduction
  • First full ending added (unwritten)


  • Fixed bug preventing future visits to the HQ


  • Fixed a bug that broke the shower event with your chosen roommate


  • Fixed else if -> elseif issue in a few places
  • Fixed masturbation arousal
  • Fixed masturbation error for anal
  • Fixed file name issues
  • Fixed hair regrowth for now
  • Fixed bug that allowed a player to access an evaluation right after going to one
  • Added wet dream when MC arousal is 100 or above when sleeping at night


  • Park - 8 events added when running, walking, resting
  • Slums - 1 event added
  • Slums - 1 job added
  • Sleep - Transformation dreams added
  • Sleep - General dream added
  • Added portraits for when characters speak
  • Fixed many spelling/grammar issues


  • Fixed issue with being punished twice.
  • Fixed image links not working correctly.
  • Fixed Shower event not having the right consequences.
  • Fixed Transformation Dream not firing.


  • Added Downtown
  • Added Office Job in Downtown (3 events)
  • Added Bank in Downtown
  • Added Uptown
  • Added Strip Club (Job + 4 events)
  • Challenges - All are added but not balanced 
  • Mall - Salon (you can change your hair color for $50)
  • Roommates - Bedroom added
  • Roommates - placeholder scene added to show off the relationship system and new pictures
  • Slums - Street Walking (3 events) 
  • Changed number of time slots in a day from 8 to 4 (a total of 21 actions per week instead of the previous 42)
  • Updated Roommate data structure to handle future updates
  • Bunkmate's name added to the shaving event in the bathroom on second Saturday for clarification. 
  • Resized some photos and gifs to reduce the size of the zip (still in progress)
  • Resized the display images so they don't take up the whole screen (especially jogging!)
  • Computer is now locked behind being purchased in the store 
  • Spelling & grammar updates
  • Female Masturbation fix
  • Masturbation can't be done at night anymore


  • Transformation Dream image issue
  • Spelling & Grammar updates
  • Roommate name bug in a couple of places

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by ikarius

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 08/22/2018

There is not much to do here. Most challenges can not be completed, as you just have no means to compete them: for example exposing yourself. There is not a single location that you can do it. Maybe wirh more depravity but there is no reliable way to get it. Also 3 shops in the mall are not available to me, neither the womens or mens apparel nor the lingeree shop. It is more a proof of concept than a game so far.

Review by whosaysgtfohonestly

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 08/22/2018

I don't understand why people are upset about this.  It has more than the bare bones of a game, you can play through it a fair bit, get a few TF's, see a lot of good gif's... it's a pretty good start!

Sure, more content needs to be added, but there are games that start with less that are lauded as the next Cursed.

Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 08/21/2018

Click click click.  Oh look I got some kind of surgery.  Click click click.


Nothing here.  Maybe it will get better, but I'm waiting a couple of revs at least before I look again.

Review by JoukyuuKunitoshi

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 08/20/2018

Not gonna lie, I kind of wish there was a wall that prevented games that are still in pre-alpha stages from even being uploaded. Like a team to screen games and if the content was lacking then it couldn't be uploaded. Would save me having to download something and find two minutes of content.

Review by sexylollypop1979

Version reviewed: 0.1.12 on 08/05/2018

I hate to sound like a broken record with these reviews but overall I can see this game having promise however it definitely needs a lot of work.

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