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Game of Life
by Teron

Game of Life
Discussion threads - I love feedback!:

Game of Life is a game about a young man or woman just back from studying abroad for two years and living with the family again. The family seem a bit different from when you left however, as does the general feel of the town, everything just seems a bit more... sexual. Look into that, or don't - either way, you can get on out there and follow multiple paths, some of which will hopefully satisfy all of the deviants out there. The game has three main factions who will all have their own storylines with a different method of completing tasks for each of them (although two of them are corruption based, just different methods) as well as there being an eventual choice to be made for supporting a faction, that's a bit away for now though.

Other than the storyline involving these guys there will be loads of content for both male and female characters with regards to seducing or corrupting most of the people you meet in the game, many of whom I'm sure you'll recognise as this is a 'real porn' game.

The game is of course free with Patreon's getting releases either a week early or two days early.
If you have already downloaded a version and an update for that version is released, please download the scripts.rpa link and overwrite the file in your 'game' directory where available. If the scripts.rpa file is not provided it is because there has been image/video updates as well.


25/05/2020 - Version 0.10.0 & 0.10.1
* Lexi paths continue throughout update, both paths updated with multiple outcomes
* Additional scenes with existing characters
* Bill NTR quest line continued with multiple characters
* Fixed bugs with Lexi quest not starting after intro quest complete & conversation with Dad after dirty water quest continues
Lint comparison between versions (not something I normally put much stock in but figured it has been so long I may as well):
0.9.4: 5,882 dialogue blocks, containing 96,243 words and 527,686 characters, 254 menus, 890 images, and 71 screens.
0.10.0: 7,505 dialogue blocks, containing 118,707 words and 650,497 characters, 273 menus, 1,019 images, and 71 screens.


13/08/2019 - Version 0.9.4:

* Fixed a bug with upgrading camaron where you would not get level 2 if you did not select level 6 in the oldtown section

* Fixed typos

* Fixed a bug blocking the blackmail Cory quest from starting

10/08/2019 - Version 0.9.3:
* Fixed an issue with Lexi's path where her date was repeating
* Fixed an issue with Cory's path that prevented her notes updating correctly
* Fixed Molly's quests, issues found in the laptop and modelling content as well as her dosing path being blocked by old note variables
* Fixed a bug in the security guard quest where if you didn't have laxatives the dialogue would jump to the next label
* Fixed a bug where Lauren was appearing to clean the kitchen even if you hadn't done the quest yet

09/08/2019 - Version 0.9.0,1,2
* Notes - Updated most of the notes, need to finish the rest. Ditched most of the character perspective type of notes and changed to more direct me telling you what to do next.
* Code - Lots of my original code was total trash, in order to get the notes working better in their layout I have rewritten a bunch of old crap.
* Lance - Content with Lance, get to know him better after meeting him in Caladon. Added an extra scene on top of the original Cory/Lance/MC scene for each of the player types (M/M dom/sub, F/M dom/sub)
* Kieran - Female players can get more involved with Kieran, those who have been happily accepting the offers he makes of beverages at breakfast and in his office might get a visit at night.
* Quests - Dirty water continues although the final stage with Kieran isn't in yet, I want to add it just now but what I wrote down this morning didn't make much sense with it being the only faction you are close to making a choice of supporting or not so will probably come later. You will get to see the effects it has on those who spend too much time near the water.
* Corruption - This mechanic has been removed.
* Profile pics - Too squashed, some look good some look comical. I've removed them altogether.
* Cheat menu *new in 0.9.1 - Now that more scenes are being added that are only visible to specific dominance/submissiveness players I realise many will want to see both scenes without having to go grinding their stats or messing with the console, so I've added a fairly simple cheat menu to let you increase money, add camaron doses once the lab intro is done, increase dom and sub stats (increase one decreases the other) and reset the daily vars (this should have similar impact to sleeping, so you could do a photo shoot twice for example).
* Fixed a bug with the dirty water quest not updating correctly after reading the email from Jimmy's laptop
* Fixed a bug with Lexi's content being blocked, notes now point to correct variables and full path is available
* Crimson dust can be purchased from Sojan when you are on the correct stage of any quest that currently requires it, currently you can only hold one at a time
* Fixed a bug with Kieran in his office where if you had done the morning dose too many times it wouldn't allow triggering the whisky section.

02/01/2019 - Version 0.8.0
New Cory scene
New Molly scene
Dialogue and influence options for telepathy rather than camaron added, choice can be made however no story impact on which path you follow just yet
Notes window larger and central allowing for more detail to be added to these notes
New Bill scene for submissive players who allowed themselves to be dosed by Bill
New Kendra scene as part of College Amy quest
New Lexi scenes for both paths (nothing major yet) as well as morning options for increasing (and decreasing) corruption

11/10/2018 - Version 0.7.2
Fixed Sophies office jumping to college gardens - note, no content missed here, just a locked door for now
Fixed Lauren cleaner quest for males with less than 10 corruption being stuck in a loop
Added requirement to progress some of Molly's photoshoot quest before dosing
Added variable to morning drink at breakfast
Added multiple dominance increasing triggers in current events, some dosing activities and all blackmail activities increase dominance (except for those that trigger specifically due to submissiveness)

10/10/2018 - Version 0.7.1
Introduction re-written - because of this I am recommending starting a new game! Please see at the bottom of this post how to continue your existing save if you really don't want to. (Couple of new images/videos in the intro)
Cory blackmail path continues, female path added (it isn't as long as the male character though)
Cory dosing path updated
Molly dosing path updated
Kendra dosing path updated
Camaron level 2 events available at Caladon Offices/Volunteer Centre
Corruption stat is active, many of the actions in the game will require corruption as a relatively normal person is unlikely to be trying to blackmail and drug people or hit up gloryholes on their first day home from college. :) This stat is raised by doing things such as spying on people in the shower, people in their rooms at night etc. You don't need it to be terribly high to do most of the content, between 5-25 (and once you have 10 you will be working through new content that will be upping the stat anyway)
Sub/Dom dialogue/videos written into some events, generally trigger after either stat reaches 15 or higher
Small Kieran events in his office depending on whether or not you've had breakfast with him
Redundant travel options removed for now, when clicking leave you go straight to the map and all events default to the bus

Starting from an existing save:
You will need to use the console to do the following;
totaldoses = 6 (this tracks how much camaron you';ve been using, you only need to do this if you have already completed the camaron paths so far, this will unlock the camaron2 events)
corruption = 20 (I'd recommend this as most of the corruption raising events have been completed already if you have done all content)
That should be it I think.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by darkskull

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 08/12/2019

only had one session with it so far, but i like it. 

the pics and gifs are good and plentiful, and i didn't yet encounter a dead story branch (pressing an option and then getting notified of it being a placeholder). so exploration feels more immersive. i also like the writing although i haven't yet made much progress with the story (only played 1 hour or so).


the only criticism i have is character development. you can get a bus sex scene pretty much from the start of the game, but there seems to be little meaning to the submissive stat. you bribe people with sex and act like a slut pretty much from the start if you want. i'd be happy to see some events leading you to that, or at least having it dependant on current sub/dom level.

othewise great game, keep it up :)

Review by Jeb94

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 10/10/2018

Fun game, looking forward to the next story content update.  The videos do play in 7.1 but you have to use the most recent TFGS download.  The one from Teron's Patreon was uploaded without the videos in error.  I imagine he'll get that corrected soon if it hasn't been already.

Review by bazm981

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 08/21/2018

amazing game honestly! cant wait for more.


some feedback would be to remove elements that are irrelevent at this stage (method of transport, remove options when there is only leave.)

Review by Trueblades

Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 08/20/2018

This is a game that you want to like. It has all the components of a great game, there is a interesting cast, in a world i want to know more about. But it feels almost grindy. The layout of the plot is odd, and story feels disjointed. 
6/10 worth trying. Worth a second in depth look in 2 or 3 updates. 

Review by darkdesigns

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 08/19/2018

Love this game, but am having an issue with loading any save game in this.  Anytime I load a saved game, it appears to break any of the animated sex scenes.  I only see a black screen wherever there should be an animated image, and only seem to get this on loading up a saved game.  If I start a new game it seems to work fine.  Just checked and it appears to happen on both my .61 version and my .51 version.  Anyone else have this issue?

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