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Version: .0.6.0 Public

The Making of a Slut

This is a m2f slow transformation game. Sexual themes included are, sissification, femdom, bdsm, bimbofication, and many more.

You start as a young, effiminate, male just entering college. You encounter an older, more experienced upper-classmen who's taken an interest in you.

The game will progress as I go along including both content, and ui updates, as well as custom animations (rudimentary at the moment).

This game is free to play, but if you would like to take part in the polls, you'll need to head to patreon. Early releases will also be available to patreons, these are set to weekly at the moment, but as the project grows bigger and bigger, I'll likely move it to bi-weekly and then monthly.

 If you'd like to join my discord, here's the link. Discord

And if you want to try the latest Patron version, go here. PATREON


You are an of age freshman at an un-named college who is easily bored and moving forward with no real direction. You meet a few women in your life who promise to spice things up.

You- A  "normal" 19 year old college student

Riley- A fellow classmate and close friend/possible lover

Lexi- Riley's room-mate

Bailey- Your boss at your part time Job.

Sasha- A local sorority sister

John- A friend of a friend.

There isn't much of a walkthrough, but I and others are here to help via discord if you encounter any issues.

Common problems: Make sure you run the game from the bugfix if there is one, extract the folder before playing, you have to click a separate button to lock the cage.

.0.6.0 Massive overhaul, full revamp of the game, delinearizing things, expect bugs.

.0.5.9 Some new scenes for Riley, Sasha, Psychology and Mathematics. Minor U.I changes.

.0.5.8 Additional updates, tweaks, modifications, full changelog on the forums or patreon.

.0.5.7 Extended avatar release, ui overhaul, hotkeys, full changelog on forums

.0.5.6 Full changelog on forums.

.0.5.5 Lots of stuff, full changelog on forums.

.0.5.4 Ui stuff upgraded in left sidebar, more scenes with John, Bailey, and Lexi, overhaul stuff slowly getting implemented, lots of behind the scenes stuff.

.0.5.3 More scenes with Riley and Sasha, New outfit, css and bugfixes, and of course, happy holidays.

.0.5.2 More scenes, piercings added, code tweaks/bugfixes/wardrobe overhaul

.0.5.1 Graphical overhaul, css tweaks, Sasha+Riley content, new outfit.

.0.5.0 Graphical update, new scenes with Lexi and Bailey, various tweaks, lactation, larger breasts.

.0.4.9 More M2F/M2Futa stuff, bugfixes, tweaks, etc.

.0.4.8 M2f/M2Futa update, various tweaks.

.0.4.7 Sasha+Lexi+John scenes, more background stuff, minor tweaks to system, Anal Minigame beta.

.0.4.6 Riley+Bailey scenes, background stuff, bugfix.

.0.4.5 Lexi+Sasha+John scenes, more ui tweaks, bugfix, minor overhaul.
.0.4.4 Riley+Bailey new scenes, lots of ui stuff, redone gym content, new work content, general overhaul/bugfix.
.0.4.3 New scenes with Lexi+Sasha+John, bugfix, ui tweaks

.0.4.2 New scenes with Bailey+Riley, Fetish content (optional), bugfixes.
.0.4.1 New scenes with everyone, ui tweaks, bugfixes, more fetish stuff.
.0.4.0 New scenes with everyone, 2 new animations, more fetish stuff.

.0.3.9 New tasks, Sasha+Bailey content, new masturbation option.

.0.3.8 Bugfix, Bailey+Riley+Lexi content, new clothing item, new animation (not implemented).

.0.3.7 Bugfix, Bailey+Sasha content, new animation

.0.3.6 Bugfix, content update *varied*, new clothes+animation

.0.3.5 New clothes, image map tweaks, bugfix, more scenes with Bailey

.0.3.4 Reworked images/video, image map, new clothes, new toy, alot of ui stuff, new scenes with Lexi (under model)

.0.3.3 Updated Bailey's content, 3 new animations, 2 new tf's.

.0.3.2 Overhauled Ui, Riley content update, new animations, optional scenes.

.0.3.1 Updated Bailey's content, new wardrobe items, background is grey again. Toggle switch for optional ntr.

.0.3.0 I've added more content for bailey as well as fixed a few bugs here and there.

.0.2.9 I've added some behind the scenes fixes, changed background to grey, minor bugfix, Bailey now has more content.

.0.2.8 Riley's questline has been expanded, roughly the same amount I added to Baileys in the .0.2.7 update. Minor bugfix, going to the gym has been made simpler.

.0.2.7 Bugfix, updated randoms, overhauled and re-implemented all randoms

.0.2.6 Bailey's questline has been expanded signicantly, bugfix, minor tweaks.

.0.2.5 Few new scenes with Riley, modified the lexi loop, placeholder for new action.

.0.2.4 Fixed Lexi bug, added new item, bugfix, testing stats.

.0.2.3 Minor content update, tweaked some behind the scenes stuff, added some buttons to the home menu.

.0.2.2 Minor content update, menu system updated, wardrobe options added, animations tweaked.

.0.2.1 Mainly a bugfix, though I did add some new menus and insert some animations where applicable

.0.2.0 Minor content update, bugfix, new animations, inserted animations into certain scenes (work in progress), set default end of content.

.0.1.9 Minor content update, bugfix, tweaked a scene or two, testing animated avatars.

.0.1.8 Minor content update, fixed some bugs, fixed some spelling errors, added home button to debug menu made a display bar for Lust.

.0.1.7 Minor content update, modified some behind the scenes stuff, technical and bugfixes.

.0.1.6 Minor content update, Tweaked avatar stuff, added notification on the right  hand side that displays whether or not you are wearing a plug, new masturbation scenes, new masturbation option, custom wardrobe button (1 at the moment, though I'll add more when it becomes useful) , and did a few bugfixes/spelling errors (though there's always new  ones cropping up).

.0.1.5 Minor content update, Tweaked some avatar stuff, breast size reduced, as well as outfits matching that, made applying makeup have an effect, modified avatar to indicate lust, fixed stockings, and added hairstyles (saves not compatible from previous version).

.0.1.4.Minor content update, Avatar system improved but not perfected, not sure how to get the stockings to layer under your other clothes, everything I've tried so far has failed. First physical, albeit temporary transformation.

.0.1.3 Testing a right-Ui-Bar, testing avatar system, showcasing poor photoshop skills.

.0.1.2 Content update, bugfix, spelling errors, minor stuff.

.0.1.1 Very small content update, improved ui stuff, fixed a bug where you could spam the wardrobe buttons and get infinite cash.

.0.1.0 Content update. Added new task to pass the time, walk around town. At the moment what you can do varies between three things randomly, and the text changes via what you're wearing. I plan on adding randoms based on specific things later on. Changed text from blue to white, and altered the opacity to make the text more legible. Plans to overhaul parts of the UI, but will have to do more research

.0.0.9 Minor content update, wardrobe items now have images that pop out so you can view them before wearing them(eventually plan adding that to the store)*note, a few items don't seem to do this for some reason, but I'll have to look into that at a later date as it isn't game-breaking or anything. Plan to do some more flashy/visual things later on, maybe adding sound to certain scenes.

.0.0.8 Minor content update, overhauled masturbation system (allowing you to choose what action once they are unlocked) added a new task, browse the web. I plan on adding more images and including some randomization to that, but for now it only has one scene. Though it is one of the better animated scenes. Oh, and you can do your makeup now too, once Bailey shows you how.

.0.0.7 Minor content update, added some new masturbation scenes, technically a m/shem scene (though the mc doesn't know it yet). New item, and I've tweaked the font to include a grey textbox so the words are a bit easier to read while maintaining the images in the background. Would  have liked something opaque, but it doesn't seem feasible with css.

.0.0.6a Bugfixes/tweaks, more images added as backgrounds for places/actions. Wardrobe updated to include work/top bottom in sidebar.

.0.0.6 Minor content update, rudementary rent system, more choices

.0.0.5 Minor content update, bugfix, modified passage where you choose your "girly name".

.0.0.4 Minor content update, modified avatar (less bulky, still not perfect) (fixed bug where you didn't have to have bra in one scene and fixed return from menus causing an infinite loop)

.0.0.3 Minor content update, modified avatar (very bulky, need to redo when I figure out how)

.0.0.2 Minor content update, added rudimentary avatar of sorts in sidebar (really just shows key clothing elements) (plan to tweak)

Changed all hotkeys that use "2" to 9, still investigating why it won't work sometimes under 2... (sleep hotkey still out of commission)

.0.0.1 Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: .0.5.8 Public on 06/28/2020

The story has gone over a major revamp on the appearance and this time, it is looking passible. While the thick border bright purple boxes are still sorta around, they are now nothing but a part of the black boxes when they are highlighted and the bright green ones are totally gone. That eyes hurting feeling is finally a history.

There are many new issues. For example when you go through the wardrobe, you cannot tell if a clothes category is visible or not. I don't see an obvious way to save the clothing to the custom sets. When your mouse goes over the clothing box on the side bar, the box expands and blocking me from accessing the real box that I want to check out. That said, these issues can always be fixed.


  • I like the paper doll. It is the gem of this game.
  • The story is sissifcation oriented, which is a hot topic.
  • The creator of the game has absolutely no idea about page design. improving page design


  • The story is a big rail.

Review by CuddleSlut

Version reviewed: .0.5.5 Public on 04/09/2020

While I found the premise appealing, the game is very slow-paced and tedious at times.  I spent a lot more time than I wanted going to classes, walking around town and using the computer with absolutely nothing interesting happening.  Even the encounters with the girls that seemed to suggest something was going to happen tended to end up being completely mundane.  Perhaps the author was aiming for a slice of life feel or something, but personally, there is a limit to the amount of setup I will put up with in porn game before we get to the good stuff.  The photographs and realistic porn footage also clashed with the stylized cartoon avatar.

Can't say I enjoyed this one at all.

Review by DarkDaemonX

Version reviewed: .0.5.5 Public on 03/28/2020

It's a good game, but I don't like how the only way to see the changelogs is to pay, what about other people that have played the game before, they won't know if there is actually new content, or if it's just some improvements. The reason there is a changelog tab here, is so people know what the update changed or added.

The game will sadly only progress if you give in to everything, there isn't a single route where you get to be free, there should honestly be a way to reject dressing up, and caging yourself, but still progress, as it is right now, there are just multiple people you can go to, but there is no choice involved, the only time where your choice changes something, is when you just get a game over if you don't give in, that makes for no replay value, which is something a game should have, if it wants to stay alive after it's completed.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: .0.5.3 Public on 01/29/2020

I really dsilike how the UI opperates. It is clunky and slow and requires a lot of mouse navigation. 
I dislike that the story is so completely linear until you have ground out a bunch of repetitive events with the same exact gifs/ images and text. Overall I am dumbfounded by the amounts of likes this has.

Review by Shirubaurufu

Version reviewed: .0.5.3 Public on 01/08/2020

Loving this game! The amount of 'choices' available and content paths is amazing, especially considering it's still in development. I do have some issues, though, notated below.


1. I'm quickly finding out there isn't that much to do in game unless you're a sissy. Once you unlock the clinic and can transform your cock into a pussy or go Futa, there's not a lot of content with either of the 4 ladies and I run into dead ends, and get forced back to having a penis (though this is something else, going woman/futa removes the chastity cage, and while they treat you like you're still in chastity, if you go work at the Diner, you can't due to not actually being in chastity.)


2. Apparently the only way to continue on with Sasha's quest line "properly" is by being in chastity, why is this? Also along this line, once you transform into a woman/futa, apparently there's no more Lexi content after a certain point, without having a pussy, but there's also no more content with having a pussy.


3. More clothing options are necessary, also the Lingerie you have to buy for that one thing with Bailey doesn't match up on the model if you have large tits (this time I modified via the clinic, so maybe that's something? I wasn't quite paying attention to the model when I had obtained the tits via the supplements.)


4. Just wanting more content in general; when will some of these other paths be added to? I will notate that I can't remember which one, but there was a Sasha path (i think while Futa?) that led to a dead end and had no "Return Home" button, so i had to load a save (thank fuck for that.)


5. I went a week without allowing Bailey to put makeup on after starting work for her; there should totally be an event here where, after day 4 or 5 maybe, she gets some 'help' from the other staff and forces you into makeup. Just a thought!


6. It's obvious during certain paths, that Riley & Lexi have Mistresses/Masters. Any clue as to when they will be revealed as to who they are/have content added? It's interestingly mysterious but once those dead ends are reached, well, you get my point.


7. Add more non-pussy content for Lexi. By going woman/futa, you run into a dead end with her, but once you go back to male to continue the other 3 paths, the only message is "Go get your pussy!" and nothing happens. Also, while I'm talking about Lexi, add more modelling content after the Leggings! And when you "work" off the debt instead of paying her, add more than just dildo-sucking. Like maybe showing her where else you can put it? Or something, y'know.


8. What was with that one-time run in with Deirdre? (If i spelled the name right.) She only showed up during that on instance while Riley was "gone" for some reason, and never shows up again.


9. Add more content to the "hints" button. Sometimes I'm at a loss for what to do/where to go until I go visit someone and get a notice (IE When Bailey once you to do something "special" the hint is "browse the web" but only after visiting her again after she mentions something special.)


10. What even is the point of being able to go to school? After you get "into" the Sorority, and Riley's busy with stuff all the time, there really is no further point. Maybe add random events/encounters there? Or something.


11. What's the point of hoarding money? I mean it; currently I have about 18K saved up and absolutely nothing to do with it. Maybe add some other things in game? More toys? I've already mentioned more outfits; make the current prices higher? 


All in all, this is a very good game for where it stands; some pieces are fleshed out and others aren't, which is fine. I would, however, like to see more original artwork for characters/scenes, or at least crop your images a little better. It looks a bit tacky to see a website name somewhere in the photo. You can add the image sourcing in the "Credits" section if you don't already. I get the game is reliant on porn star Bailey Jay as one of the main influences on MC, but this is all just my review of the game so far, and with it still being in development, I'm sure you have some plans down the way.

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