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Version: 0.9.6

Version: 0.8.1

2037 – Almost Ready Inc.

The game is about a man trying to help himself get a new job in Virtual World, in high tech setting were most of the population spends most of their time in virtual reality. Succeeding in theory, in practive he embarrasses himself and get in trouble. The main theme of the game is humiliation and involuntary feminization. It contains close to 1000 pictures and currently sits on over 140 000 words. It is highly repeatable, with many different paths and some meaningful interactions.


I've got some issues with uploading such big files. There will be no .rar on Google drive (due to it refusing to upload it entirely) I managed to upload .7z file to google drive, with hope it actually works. There's .rar once again on mega.nz, this time it should be complete!

A man struggles to get a job. In a Virtual World finds a company named "Almost Ready Inc." that claimes to be able to change his Avatar here and there and guarantees a profitable job. Unfortunately, the main protagonist did not realize the offer was designed only for women.

v. 0.9.6:
- small fixes
- reupload of images with hope to make it right this time (and without a bluescreen!)

v. 0.9.5:
- cut weight in half
- bug fixing

v. 0.9:
- some changes to a few longer texts (including makeup training)
- body parts questionnaire reworked
- 4 endings changed (BatteryNet, OustideWorld, spotting the note, calling a bluff)
- 2 (cleaning and product knowledge) maid trainings are way easier to pass
- 2 (history and clothing types) teacher trainings became easier to pass
- 2 (memory game and typing game) secretary trainings became easier to pass
- 2 (runway, posing) model trainings became easier to pass
- makeup training got easier became pass
- I think all file names should be consistent (i.a. for Linux users)
- a few bugs fixed

Known issues:
- shitty English all over the place
- lack of 2 model's positions (WIP)
- ugly CSS of model's runway (forgot)
- a lot of "still not gated" walls of text


Managed to change a few things before going out:

v. 0.8.1

• added transformation tips when cheats enabled
• shorten typing training as a secretary to 70% of what it used to be
• slightly changed the prolog and some typos in first passages

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Review by Doombug

Version reviewed: 0.9.5 on 10/04/2018

please add an already zipped version on google drive or upload it other places. Google takes forever to zip things going on over 2+ hours and google is still "Zipping"

Review by 1watt1

Version reviewed: 0.9.5 on 10/03/2018

The MAIN thing I would recommend is the introduction of a sandbox after the final choice of who to contact. I loath games with endings (especially ones that can be reached within like 5 mins). All those TF's are kinda worthless if they don't have an impact. This "game" basically consists of "answer some survey questions>get told what you look like>get tested a bit>ending." I'm sure there's a million paths to go down, but if they all have the same result, I'm not interested. I'd prefer fewer, longer storylines than a bunch of short stories, most of which I would not be interested in. I know you put A LOT of effort in this game and that is commendable. But the bottom line is that I can't fap to this.

Review by Inconspicuous

Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 09/30/2018

There's far too many pointless annoyances to this game for me to consider keeping at it for the content that I do like there. The game likes to go on long tangents about ex-girlfriends and other things that I'm honestly not sure are leading anywhere and there's far too much tedium in-between major plot points, this is made worse by how dry and stilted the writing can often be. The female avatar creation process is very annoying to deal with if you're trying to go for any specific look(or just trying to get non-curly hair which seems as of right now impossible), the training section is long and doesn't seem even necessary, and the makeup section in particular is an absolute deluge of dry text I didn't want to suffer through just so I knew what to do when suffering through the mini-game test at the end. At the very least that stuff needs a auto-pass feature in the cheat system the same way the job training does. Something to mess with the avatar appearance results there would also be nice. In fact, the cheat system was really the only thing making the game halfway bearable.

It pains me to say it since I can imagine that the work that went into implementing the avatar creation and training sections was rather extensive, but the game would be better off without them. They're a huge roadblock in the way of enjoying the game for me.

Review by RM750

Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 09/29/2018

Interesting game. I like the premise but it feels like there is a lot of fluff to it that detracts from the gameplay, such as: Why the random mention irrelevant past girlfriends? Why the hell is there an actual Terms and Conditions contract? Why all of the extraneous information that neither adds to the story nor the worldbuilding? 


I have issue with the quiz in the beginning. The random nature of it is very bothersome. Example: I specifically do not like curly hair, so I go through the quiz using cheats and choose all options that avoid curly hair. What hair do I get? Curly hair. Why in the fuck.


Ultimately I had to stop because the chore gameplay loop is just not interesting. Oh whoops, I wrote chore instead of core. That was an accident, but I'm leaving it because it's accurate. The game feels like a chore to play.

Review by pasagirr

Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 09/29/2018

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