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Version: .11

TF Card Battle

TF Card Battle is a deck-building game with a male to female transformation theme. Your goal is to transform your opponent before they can do the same to you. As you transform, your mind will be affected, changing the cards you have access to. Will you stay true to your old self, or embrace your new instincts to gain an upper hand?

Previously part of Calibration Error, TF Card Battle is now its own standalone game! Besides many card reworks and balance changes, this release lays the foundation for the "story mode". This mode is in early development, so don't expect much "story" from it at the moment.


Bug fixes



Initial release

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Review by snowspider

Version reviewed: .11 on 10/15/2018

Well, with all of the other reviews around balance, I feel like I should add my two cents. I will, however, preface this with my opinion: this is an excellent deck-building game-in-development, and all of my critique below does not degrade that fact. If you're unsure about whether or not you'd like to try it out, try it, or (at the *very* least) come back for the next update.

First, I'll agree with the other reviews that the early game decides the end game, in that you either snowball your card drawing cards to basically render yourself unbeatable, or have to bank on a "higher tier" of cards (hearts or submission) doing the exact same thing. A short-term balance would be to limit how many of these cards you can have at a maximum. (Alternatively, given that the "relics" force you to skip over the easy card draws, just limit the future ones.) Additionally, the "online interview" card is powerful *even if* it's degraded, as it can always contribute to the number of cards drawn (and, thus, contributes towards the card-draw TF).

...Now that I think about it, the X2 cards (aside from "Double Down") are far too cheap. Sticking with just hearts (as has happened to me) allowed me to easily deal 45+ TF thanks to a few "Cock Tease" cards (doubles current hearts) followed up with one "Blowjob" (each heart adds to TF). Getting almost any card that only has "TF" as an effect is almost worthless, and that's before considering that any relic that gives additional hearts/submission does so for each point you get from the conversion cards.

Additionally, because of the design, it's next-to-impossible to have certain cards for facing the 'bosses' (most of the submission ones, for example) for an unfortunate combination: if your TF score is too high, you'll miss using "Brainstorming" (and it's practically guaranteed that you'll have a score of 45 by the time you face a boss), your deck is *massive* after a full round of facing an opponent before (even with a massive draw-card ratio, it'll still take a while to get to a specific card), and even then, it's still a matter of luck whether or not you'll be able to buy the card, or even see it come up as a buy option. I'd suggest a way to show off all of the cards, complete with 'boss text' and accompanying animation, after beating the third boss in the story - maybe switching the boss' perception so you become the boss, and are TFing them back? (It'd be better than leaving the screen with a simple "start over" text.)

Finally, a single bug: "Swallow" and "Doggy Style" don't seem to give *any* cards if they're the only card left, or if the leftmost card.

Once again, all this being said, I immensely enjoy playing this. More flavour text, some bonus/award for completing the game (balance changes optional), and I'd be happy.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: .11 on 10/10/2018

Nice idea. Card game with TG imagery. I'm assuming it will have more art for different opponents in the future. A lot of the card ideas need to be rethought but that's natural at this stage.

Review by kduckef

Version reviewed: .11 on 10/08/2018

Very good, I like the design overall, the gameplay is actually well-designed and easy to understand, and the TF/lewd side of it is good. One complaint I would say I have is that the game somewhat punishes you for trying to access further content. Even on the easy difficulty, it can be extremely difficult to get to the submission cards, and nearly impossible to "unlock" the higher tiered ones. Also, even when you make an attempt to keep to intelligence-based cards, you will eventually be forced into only being able to pick sexy-based cards, and then submission-based ones even later, vastly limiting the playstyle you can adopt. My recommendation for this would be some fine-tuning to the pacing of the game: if players are using sexy cards at every available opportunity, give them more of those to buy, if they're avoiding using it, limit how many show up so that they can access the higher-tiered int cards and actually beat the game (and the same for the submision cards in relation to sexy ones). As it stands, you will essentially be forced to go intelligence>sexy>submission without any choice of stopping on one. In other games where the intent is ultimately to transform the player against their will and then take the game from there, this makes sense, but in this game, all you get when fully transformed is a 'game over' screen, so being able to partially transform and actually beat the game is a must.

Review by Duhad

Version reviewed: .11 on 10/07/2018

I am so torn on this game...


First let me say I have only played the ‘classic’ mode since I want to let the creator finish the story mode before commenting on that. However, even understanding its just meant to be a quick and dirty game mode with almost no story, I still think it needs just a little more added to it. But first, the good!

Its AMAZING what the creator has pulled off in twine and the card game part of it is fantastic, save for some minor quibbles about the game being a bit hard to understand till you have actually started playing it, but that evens out very quickly. Also the first person you play against slowly transforming is a GREAT element!



When you move on to the next foe, theirs no transformation, the interesting game rules just turn into spamming cards and win or lose you just get a generic, "A winner is you!" or "Game Over" screen with nothing sexy or descriptive about it at all. The game desperately needs at least a short description of what happens when you win or lose and at the very, VERY least a picture or CG still or… Anything to go along with the text. Something to be like, “Hey you lost and turned into her” or “You won and turned the shadow man into her!” I know this is NOT the story mode, but think about it like this, people are playing this fetish game to get off and ideally after winning or losing, their likely to want to ‘finish’ on that note, but theirs literally LESS to look at and imagine on the win and lose screens then their is with the hands of cards. Even if its not a story mode, just throw in a picture or something, anything to liven it up a bit!


On a more mechanics focused point, you really need a way of checking your own progress. Like it would be fun to be able to check yourself and see your own transformation, same as the first foe, but more then that, as a simple utility feature the player REALLY needs to be able to check their own TF total if their to make informed choices during the game. I should not have to open a text doc and keep notes just to know how close I am to losing in a card game.


Finally, back to the positive I think EVERYTHING I have said above in the negative can be explained by this game still being fairly new and a work in progress. While I have not uploaded anything here to the TFGS, I have done a fair bit of stuff in twine and given the obvious skill of the dev, I am sure these and other minor issues will be resolved in no time.


In summation, this is an impressive and fully playable demo of what I suspect could end up being an INCREDIBLE game, BUT if your just looking for something to get off too, the game is still a bit bare bones in terms of the endings and you might find yourself disappointed once the final cards are played.


6/10 - But I think in an update or two it will EASILY be a 9/10

Review by SledgeHammer

Version reviewed: .11 on 10/01/2018

The card game part was very fun, but i was a little disappointed to find out that losing merely shows a line of text saying "game over". I think more of what's happening to you in general would be nice, such as the idea posted by another reviewer to show the cards played by your opponent. A selection of different endings would add a lot of replay value.

Also, i felt the game was poor at explaining the rules in general, but i was able to figure out how to play after a few rounds. However what i had most trouble with, was the conflicting descriptions of how "ditz" effects work. In one paragraph it states that ditz cards remove your lowest cost non-brainstorm card. But in other paragraph it says that ditz cards can be useful for getting rid of brainstorm cards. Maybe i misinterpreted it but i feel the rules could be better explained overall.


Despite all my complaining in this review, i love sexy board/card games and wish there was a lot more on this site, so this is a very welcome submission. I really hope to see this improved in future, but in its current state it's definitely worth trying out.

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