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Version: .82

TF Card Battle

TF Card Battle is a deck-building game with a male to female transformation theme. Your goal is to transform your opponent before they can do the same to you. As you transform, your mind will be affected, changing the cards you have access to. Will you stay true to your old self, or embrace your new instincts to gain an upper hand?

The current release is .82. This update adds more dual transformations and unlockable cards. See the changelog for more details.

If you want to report bugs or discuss balance, please post it in the discussion thread for this game. I do read the reviews, but it is not a good place to hold a discussion. Or you could visit my discord channel. https://discord.gg/4HT5M5b


UI Improvements:
Display of how many cards of each theme you've played moved to the bottom of the screen

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Hex of Transformation being coded with the wrong cost
Fixed Pent Up not working as Servant
Fixed Go For The Throat's card saying it costs 5 when it actually costs 6
Fixed Ass theme cards not being added to the bully deal deck
Fixed chastity cards image links sometimes being broken
Fixed broken card in Servant deal piles when using Ass theme

Known issues:
Something is causing null cards to be shuffled into the deck (The "bad evaluation. Cannot find 'image of undefined error)
Background gifs don't play in boss battles



UI Imporvements:
Changed order of transformations on the story mode select to align with dual transformations. Adjacent TFs are now the ones that are shared
Fixed the empty card slot image being the wrong size causing UI elements to jump around at certain aspect ratios
Improved formatting for gifs in background
Added button to go back to main screen after selecting a mode but before starting a game

Card Changes:
Triumph of Submission changed to "If TF>100, take an extra turn"

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Servant not having access to unlockable sissy cards in the deck builder as well as Wolf not having access to Futanari cards
Fixed the "aftermath" render for Schoolgirl Derek being broken
Added Bully, Servant, and Wolf to endless mode
Fixed being able to buy Wolfgirl point cards with sub
Fixed Giggly breaking the first deal of a round
Fixed the Veiled Woman's TF specific card not working properly against dual TFs
Fixed one of the preview images for schoolgirl and sissy themes on the deck builder page being broken
Fixed the Schoolgirl card theme pack not being shuffled into the Bully's deck when added on the deck building screen
Fixed Purity Of Lust costing the wrong amount
Fixed Primal having a broken image
Fixed some Schoolgirl cards being coded as costing less than the what the cards indicate (Study Session, Parent Night, and Graduation)
Fixed wolf showing the cards played count fro Hucow and not Futanari
Fixed Inspection not advancing the theme count
Fixed Collared not having an upgrade
Fixed the bondage set seeding Collared twice but Blindfolded never
Fixed Hucow theme pack not showing as unlocked properly in some cases
Fixed Wolf dealing Pack Alpha instead of Go For The Throat

Known issue: the TF specific relic has wonky interactions with dual classes. Will require a more in depth fix in the future



New Cards:
41 new cards total
Added Surveillance, Ass, Prostitution, Futanari, Schoolgirl, and Sissy card theme packs
Added Bully (Futanari/Schoolgirl), Servant (Sissy/Maid), and Wolf (Futanari/Animalgirl) dual transformation

UI Improvements:
In play cards are now displayed above your hand
Discard pile now shows the last card added to it
Made the option to not choose a body modifier more obvious

Card Changes:
Key Control cost lowered to 2H (from 3H)
Cock Flop changed to "unused sub this turn carries over and is doubled" (from "unused sub carries over)
Sissygasm changed to "increase max TF by 4" (from 3) and moved to later in the deal order

Bug fixes:
Fixed the deck contents having broken images
Fixed Rote Memorization not counting copies bought from the buy piles
Fixed chastity images being broken in deck, discard and in play
Lowered number of save slots to 15 (was causing lag)
Fixed boss battles not keeping track of TF dealt properly for doubling cards
Fixed damage carrying over onto first turn of boss fights
Fixed Clean House Empty Mind causing an error



In the epilogue, the contents of your deck is now sorted

Lowered story mode base difficulty

Fixed Private Tutor having the wrong theme

Fixed Triumph of the Mind not being added to deal deck

Fixed bug with Fucking of the Bulls

Fixed Michael putting null cards in your deck for real this time seriously



General Changes:
Show all cards option in help menu moved to top of screen
You no longer meet Sally unless on Ascension 5+
Deck Builder screen shows what your starting TF level will be next round

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the boss attack "Bimbo Potion" putting garbage into your deck instead of ditzes
Fixed Tease theme putting Outwit in your deck and Femme Fatale theme putting in Cock Tease
Fixed some theme cost reduction not being applied correctly
Fixed Femme Fatale and Tease being switched for Housewife
Fixed Feel 'Em Up not providing the bonus for Bimbo and Hucow
Fixed the cards that check for brain not updating correctly in some cases
Fixed Clean House Empty mind causing a loop and changed card draw code to prevent such problems in the future
Fixed dual classes not showing TF specific resources in boss battles
Fixed imporper variable when using sacrifice on a rainbow costed card
Fixed the Money theme free buy carrying over between rounds
Fixed certain enemy traits carrying over into boss battles
Fixed the interaction between Professional Help and animal buy pile cards (can't gain multiple points in a turn anymore)
Blank slots in the buy piles are no longer clickable
Fixed brain drain and brain fart adding ditzes to deck
Fixed Submits showing up in Succubus buy piles
Fixed Evil Therapist not gaining theme bonus
Fixed free buy cards causing an error when buying Captured
Fixed the the discard pile being shuffled into the deck before cards are drawn at end of turn
Fixed broken tooltips for cards in hand buy removing tooltips for cards in hand
Fixed Manicured Nails
Fixed card list in help not showing Magical Girl cards
Fixed Flex not dealing damage
Fixed Doublecast not working with non spell effects
Fixed born to please having the wrong cost



Sandbox Node Changes:
Added more options to sandbox mode
Added Sally as an option to fight in sandbox mode, bosses are now called by their names when selecting them

Bug Fixes:
Fixed broken images for some new cards in the Hentai image pack
Fixed the new sidebar gifs being in the wrong video format
Fixed Femme Fatale and Tease being switched in the deck builder. Replacing one should now replace the correct theme set
Fixed the Cock Lust trait pointing to the wrong images giving broken links
Fixed Roll in the Hay giving 3 sub instead of 1
Breast cards now apply bonus for dual classes with Bimbo or Hucow in them
Fixed Spirit Animal not working when picking bunny as Cow
Fixed Chemistry and Tech having images swapped in unlocked themes slot
Fixed the Succubus minigame dealing the wrong cards
Fixed Shopping Spree/Slave Auction
Fixed image pack not reverting to normal if starting Story Mode on Ascension 0
Fixed Mental Mastery
Fixed Submits upgraded by Sissy hypnosis
Fixed Orgasm Denial
Fixed Indecision coded as wrong cost
Fixed Effects of Giggly carrying over into new games



Codebase changes:
Completely overhauled large parts of the code base to improve performance.

Gameplay changes:
Introduced deal deck building system. Instead of being in a static order, you can change the TF range of cards by swapping them around as well as replace them with new ones
Introduced unlockable card theme sets
Added round 5 of the story mode, the dual transformation round with a new boss
Story Mode base difficulty lowered
Added option to randomize transformation in story mode. Doing so grants a bonus Ascension Point if you win
You know gain Ascension Points equal to your Ascension Level + 1 if you win
You know gain Ascension points equal to the number of bosses defeated regardless of if you win or lose
Removed corrupted card Ascension Level
Increased odds of getting animal cards

New transformations
Housewife (dual Bimbo/Maid)
Cow (dual Hucow/Animalgirl)

New theme sets:
Generic: Money, Breasts, Lezdom
TF specific: Bimbo, Maid, Hucow

Interface changes:
Changed the symbol for the Tease theme to prevent confusion with the new unlockable breast theme

Card changes:
Fake News, Professional Help, Teacher's Pet and Hogtied removed
Online Interview cost increased to 5

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug that showed your damage done as being equal to the damage you've taken
Fixed the display for "forgotten" cards
Cards that increase dirtiness now start the dirtiness counter



Art Changes:
Added commissioned art for Magical Girl
Spruced up the enemy art for the hentai image set

Balance Changes:
Shopaholic reduced to 15 TF cost (from 20)
Long legs/luscious lashes now effect your basic cards as well.
Gorgeous Face raised to 20 TF cost (from 15)
Giggly reduced to 5 TF cost (from 10)
Hourglass waist cost reduced to 0 TF cost (from 5)

Bug Fixes:
Graduation actually draws cards again
Fixed a display error with the dog subset of animal girl avatar images



Game play changes:
Free Entry and friends now counts as drawing a card
Succubus evil goal changed to 666 (from 1000)
Your discard pile is now shuffled into your deck before the boss battle

Bug fixes:
Fixed corruption sometimes not rounding to 2 significant figures properly
Fixed bug with gifs in the background throwing an exception
Fixed the unlock system thinking there are 4 TFs to unlock instead of 6
Free Entry now takes theme bonus cost changes into account
Fixed Dog sometimes being offered if you have Cat as your spirit animal
Fixed uniform upgrade costing 3 instead of 2
Fixed boss card effects carrying over into Succubus mode
Fixed cards that change permanent buy pile card range not effecting image shown
Fixed bug causing spells that draw cards to create an infinite for loop (for realsies this time)
Fixed Giggly's shuffle block carrying over into Succubus mode
The enemy trait that doubles TF Damage now shows the effect for the in turn TF Damage counter
Fixed Brain Fart sometimes giving you -999 shield
Fixed the hentai image set not showing the correct versions of Training Session



General Changes:
Cost of Ward of Protection raised to 5 (from 4)
If you have role reversal, the pure and corrupt theme bonuses for magical girl also swap
Added win condition to succubus mode
Added options to lock and unlock all ascension levels in the progression and unlocks screen

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the >75 TF buypile card for magical girl being broken if you had permanent makeup
Magical Girl cards that transition from heart/sub to brain because of role reversal no longer count against cards that care about heart/sub cards being in your deck.
Fixed some Magical Girl features not functioning in sandbox (wrong image pack at reset of game, no ability to select theme bonus on gain modifier screen, etc.
Fixed console reporting endless missing files (has no impact unkless actively lloking at the console but I'm sure someone will aprreciate it.)
Fixed burn birght causing an error to pop up.
Fixed witch cards having broken images when using hentai image set
Fixed bug preventing Spirit Animal being set to cat
Corruption no longer can go below 0
You can't change image set if playing as a Magical Girl



New transformations:
Magical Girl

Story mode changes:
Starting at ascension 1, the first round (the one with no transformation and no boss) is skipped.
You now select your TF before your first relic.
Added screen showing what enemies and bosses you will face before the round starts
Added renders for the bosses
Added the foundations for actual story content
Rewrote part of intro
After you win the story mode, you get an epilogue that shows your final state and deck as well as more TF specific story content.

New body modifiers:
Sacrifice: +0TF: You can't draw cards. You can buy a card without spending the required resources by paying 2 TF per missing point
Giggly: +10TF: The buy piles don't refresh at the end of the turn. You can manually refresh them once per turn.
Modifier 18: different for each TF
Bimbo: Stupid Sexy: +10TF: If you draw 3 cards in a turn, gain 2 heart
Maid: Maid Messiah: +10TF: Dirtiness can be reduced below 0
Hucow: Abundant Assets: +10 TF: Start at 5 breast size
Futanari: Chiseled Physique: -10 TF
Schoolgirl: Brainiac: +10 TF: Gain 1 brain at the start of the turn
Sissy: Total Submission: +20TF: Whenever you gain 1 sub, gain 1 more
Animalgirl: Spirit Animal: +5 TF: The first animal card you buy will be offered every turn
Magical Girl: Role Reversal: +0 TF: Start corrupted and at 20 corruption, Corruption counts down instead of up
Demonic Affinity +5TF: Start each turn with 1 on the witch theme bonus track

Card changes:
Cost of Anal raised to 5 (from 4)
Cost of Cock tease raised to 5 (from 4)
Cock tease theme upgrade changed to +1 heart, 2x heart (from 3x heart)
Born to Please changed to 4H: H-> sub (from 1H: 1 sub, draw)
Dress up party changed to 2H: 4 shield (from 1H: 3 shield)
Graduation changed to draw up to 5 (from 6)
Parent night coast raised to 8 (from 7)

Formatting changes:
Converted gifs to webms, doubling video size and cutting file size by 2/3
Converted over from png to webp, saving about 30% on file size. Overall effect of changes is a 45% reduction in game size
Added option to place sidebar gifs at the top of the sidebar or in the background
Added option to select card image set. Current options are regular set and hentai set

Bug fixes:
Fixed garbage cards being added to deck when drawing from an empty discard pile
Fixed the first turn of boss showing how much damage was dealt
Fixed pre-boss bonuses going into negatives if round goes on long enough



Gameplay changes:
(The goal of these changes is to make TF focused builds more viable and promote finishing rounds faster)
TF now does twice as much damage versus bosses
You can now choose one of three boons before you fight the boss. How strong they are is based on how fast you beat the regular enemy
Boon 1: Meditate: Removes a number of basic cards from your deck
Boon 2: Rest: Heals TF taken
Boon 2: Plan: Starts the boss at health

Bug Fixes:
Fixed broken image for tech trait in sandbox relic select
Fixed rainbow cards wrongly applying negative values if you had more than one negative resource
Fixed broken for loop in Orgasm Denial
Fixed Prey/Predator/Pet being able to add negative of a resource
Fixed broken for loop in clasic mode victory
Cards that draw multiple cards now draw the rest of your deck before shuffling
Fixed enemies in sand box not transforming
Forgotten basic cards can now be removed from any zone (including your hand if there are none in other zones)



Fixed the effects of All Nighter and Professional Help being swapped
Fixed the sandbox character select caring about unlocks
Added the ability to remove body modifiers and add theme traits to sandbox mode
Fixed bug with Inner Beast where the cards to be drawn wouldn't be calculated correctly.
Fixed Down the Rabbit Hole having a broken sidebar gif
Fixed Pleasing Master not displaying in your deck
Fixed Rock Hard sometimes not spawning Cum!
Fixed Private Tutor for loop not terminating
Fixed Consolation Prize (spawned from Free Entry and friends) having a broken conditional



Bug Fixes:
Fixed Just The Tip increasing your TF rather than the enemies during boss battles
Fixed Down The Rabbits Hole not working during boss battles
Fixed sissy and animal endings not showing up.
Fixed Key Control player thoughts using the opposite of your chastity status
Fixed an infinite loop happening in the help menu
Cards that cost rainbow fixed to count as brains, heart, and sub while in your deck
Fixed Sissy cards not being drawn with Free Entry
Fixed some tooltips
Fixed bug where Prey/Predator/Pet would never appear
At Ascension level 9, fixed second enemy trait not displaying
From now on the name of the HTML file won't change between updates to keep unlocks from resetting.

Card Changes:
Inner Beast cost raised to 15
Lowered cost of single animal payoff cards (Prey, Predator, and Pet)
Changed some numbers in the algorithm that determines when/what animal cards are dealt.
Cards like Free Entry that draw the highest X card in your deck, now have a default card to draw if nothing qualifies.
Cock Flop now preserves sub during boss fights
Rote Memorization cost reduced to 6 from 7
Indecision cost lowered to 3 from 4
Uniform Upgrade cost lowered to 2 from 3
Limp Clitty cost raised to 4, now draws cards equal to your hand size + 2
Locked Away now gives 3 shield and 1 sub (from 2 shield, 2 sub)
Underfoot now gives 2 TF, 1 shield (from 3 TF)
Professional Help and All Nighter switched in the buy order.



Fixed sissy renders not displaying
Fixed dog renders showing the wrong subsets (or displaying cat instead)\
Fixed formating errors in story intro
Fixed bug with Inner Beast's for loop never terminating
Fixed enemy trait always being -1 sub
Fixed sissygasm working when not in chastity
Fixed playing Safety of the Pack removing shield this turn
Added Permanent Makeup cost discount to animal point cards
Fixed the sandbox character select menu being the old one.
Fixed Outwit not changing the 4th buy pile card



Fixes enemy not updating correctly

Fixes sideabar gifs for Fuck Like Rabbits



New transformations:

New features and UI improvements:
Added Ascencion progressive difficulty system. Win story mode rounds to unlock new, harder rules
Added enemy traits (first Ascension level)
Added progression and unlock system. You get points for beating the game equal to your Ascension level. Spend these points to unlock body modifications and transformations
Enemy moved to a second sidebar
Added seventh enemy render sequence
Enemy render sequences now pull from a pool, can't get the same one multiple times in a row.
Enemy render sequences scale to max TF level, rather than a flat 100
Somebody modifier pictures changed

Story mode changes:
Difficulty in story mode rescaled (made easier to allow for Ascension system)
Added new character select menu

General gameplay changes:
Increased number of buy piles to 4
Hucow breast counter starts at 1

Body modification changes:
Shopaholic reworked to 20TF: whenever you buy a card from the main buy piles, gain 1 shield and 1 TF

Card changes:
The cost of cards that draw more than 1 card has been raised
Just the tip reworked to -3 shield, 2xTF (from -4 shield, 3xheart)
Parent Night cost raised to 7 from 6
Hormone Injections now upgrades with Hucow theme trait (draws a card)

Bug fixes:
Fixed mods. Still can't type certain letters
Fixed bug where Flaccid and friends wouldn't be added to the buy piles correctly
Fixed bug where Quick Thinking wouldn't appear if you had luscious lashes
Fixed the rules screen referencing "score"
Other stuff I forgot to document



Fixes bugs with player thoughts/sidebar images and TF not displaying correctly.



Blowjob was missing its theme

Guest entertainment had an error with sidebar image

Some functions didn't include permanently buy pile cards correctly

A few broken images

Upgraded permanent buy pile cards showed up in the deck viewer incorrectly

Suggestible didn't double TF correctly

Cards that deleted themselves after bring played didn't display sidebar images and thoughts (such as chub and friends)

Boss 2's double shield attack didn't double shield gain from Smooth Skin


Interface changes:

Added ghost cards to buy pile (same effect as the hand)

You can now go straight to the sandbox options menu at the start of the mode



Rote memorization reworked to 6B: add B equal to the copies of this card in your deck. Add a copy of this card to your deck
Fixed: Bug with group study not assigning subAccum correctly
Fixed: Mods not working at all
Fixed: Sex change not applying correctly
Fixed: Removing ditz with hypnosis class added NaN to brain
Fixed: Fixed endless mode difficulty going 1 beyond intended max
Fixed: Pegging player thoughts printing out broken if statements
Fixed: Facial properly adds 2TF
Fixed: Pegging properly adds 2 TF
Fixed: Starting the game with high TF with the Futanari theme trait now properly sets deck to have 0 submits.
Flaccid and friends now use the 4th buy pile slot and won't override cards (unless you have Shopaholic)
Put scroll bar back on the sidebar



New transformations:

New body modifications:
New modifier: Manicured Nails. +10TF: hold the rightmost card in your hand between turns
New modifier: Shopaholic. +20 TF:
New modifier: Permanent Makeup: +15TF, upgrade the permanent buy pile cards

New features and UI improvements:
Endless mode
Made hotkeys for end turn, autoplay, buy cards and play cards, facilitating one-handed play ;)
Added tooltips for themes, buy pile, hand, and deck/discard/in play piles
Fixed the screen flashing (credit to HiEv)
Added fullscreen mode and button (credit again to HiEv)
Hand now contains 6 visible slots.

Story mode changes:
Enemy max TF scales with round (75+(round*25))
Skip intro button moved to the top of the page. Only appears if you've seen the intro once before.
The first body modification is presented before picking a transformation
The turn you beat your opponent, you take no TF. (Prevents intsa losing to the boss)

Body modification changes:
Fun sized buffed to -10TF (from 0)
Smooth Skin nerfed to 20 TF (from 15)
Bubble Butt nerfed to +20 max TF (still costs 25 TF)

Card changes:
Something in the water now 6B: 2xTF (from 3H: 2TF 1H)
Purity of Lust nerfed to cost 5 (from 3)
Triumph of the mind now requires no heart
Teacher's Pet and Beauty Regiment nerfed to 2 H (from 1)
Sugar Daddy nerfed to 3 shield (from 4)
Dumb Luck nerfed to 4 shield (from 5)
Brain Fart costs 5 H (it was always supposed to be 5, costing 2 was a typo when making the card)
Switched Infiltration Mission and Seduction in deal order.
Milk Bath buffed to -TF=1/3 Breast Size (from 1/4) and put earlier in the deal order

Key: B: brain(blue) H: heart(red) S:sub(yellow)

Bug fixes:
Lucious Lashes and Long Legs fixed
The selection of relics on the buy screen persists between reloads
Fixed bug where theme traits wouldn't trigger during boss
Lots of stuff I didn't document ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Fixed a bug with autoplay during bosses and the skip intro button skipping the whole story mode.

Bug Fixes:
A lot, I didn't document them. If in the future you would like bug fixes to be documented and added to release notes, let me know.

Interface Changes:
Added skip intro button for story mode
Moved deal button to above the players hand
Added mod support for full player avatar swaps instead of just one sequence (added a series of real life porn images in the mod folder to use with this feature. Credit to Avi for the images.)

Card changes:
Online Research transitions to Feminine Wiles at 20 (up from 15)
Feminine Wiles transitions to Fashion Magazine at 35 (up from 30)
Guest entertainment to 7 rainbow (from 8)
Pleasing Master, Learn your Place and Pecking Order all give 11-dirty of their resource (from 12)
Doggy Style nerfed to draw up to 4 (from 5)
Swallow nerfed to draw up to 3 (from 4)
Eureka to 7 (from 8)
Professional Help to 5 (from 6)

Sex Change now applies shield before halving damage instead of after.


Card Changes:
Triumph of the Mind costs 8 (down from 9)
Corrective surgery costs 7 (down from 8)
Femme Fatale name changed to Seduction. Given Femme Fatale theme
Published Author name changed to Infiltration Mission. Cost changed to 4 (down from 5). Femme Fatale theme
Date Night now gives 2H 2 Shield (from 2H 2B)
Free Entry now draws the highest cost H card from your deck (from 2H 2 shield)
Bow Down gives 2TF, 1S (from than 1TF, 2S)
Take it Deep now changed to 3S: gain TF equal to S in pool (from 6H: 6H)
Dumb Luck lowered to 5 shield (from 6)

Theme Changes
Transformation theme bonuses (maid, bimbo, hucow) take 4 cards in a turn to upgrade.
Added new theme: Femme Fatale. Focuses on cards that use both H and B. Theme upgrade changes flirts to also give 1B

Transformation Changes:
The Dirtiness counter only starts when playing a card that cleans. The counter starts at 0.
Most maid payoff cards buffed.
The highest level permanent buy pile card ("Training Session") now gives TF specific resources

New Cards:
Total cards now 116 (up from 111). Basic card pool up to 90 (from 87). Each transformation has been given a new card.
Brain Fart: 5H: 1 shield for each card drawn this turn. Bimbo theme
Mental Mastery, 5B: remove a random basic card from your deck. Draw a card. Mind theme
Outwit: 4H: change the buy piles to random b cost cards. Femme Fatale theme (replaces Constant Vigilance)
Milk Bath: 6H: heal TF equal to 1/4 breast size. Hucow theme
Uniform Upgrade 3H: 1 sub, draw, clean, Maid theme
Strapon: 3H: 2H, 2B. Femme Fatale theme

3 new traits:
    Long legs: 5 TF: Treated as having +15 TF when choosing cards for buy pile
    Luscious Lashes: 5 TF: Treated as having -15 TF when choosing cards for buy pile
    Plump lips: 10 TF: Pills give 1 shield
In story mode, you can select between 4 traits instead of 3
Suggestible has no TF cost (-5)

Added image moding support
Added option to change background color
Lots of bug fixes.

Key: B: brain(blue) H: heart(red) S:sub(yellow)



New content and features:
Added Maid  and Hucow transformations
Transformations include 12 cards, accompanying player thoughts, sidebar images, boss comments, and new renders
Added sidebar images for transformations
New renders for opponent. 6 randomized options.
Added ability to select transformation (Bimbo, Maid or Hucow)
Added a constant low powered card to buyable cards. Can be bought any number of times. Changes as TF raises, with 5 variations.
Endings change based on what traits you have.
Added indicator for TF specific resources (includes a counter for number of ditzes in the deck)

Card and Balance changes:
Replace card 9 (Online Research) with Escape Route. (5B: Gain Shield equal to the current brain in the pool)
Replaced card 25 (Feminine Wiles) with Femme Fatale. (5B: Gain heart equal to the current brain in the pool)
Reworked card 53 (Just the tip) Now multiples heart in the pool by 3, but reduces shield by 4.
Changed boss card 'Tracking Chip' to halve armor gain, rather than giving -10 armor
Boss 2 nerfed.
Thick Thighs gives +15 TF (+5)
Fun Sized has no TF penalty (-5)
Tweaked balance of resource to pay off cards (i.e. cards that give ditz/breast size/clean vs. cards that care about that resource) at high TF levels


Bug fixes, typos and small quality of life fixes.


Bug fixes, typos and small quality of life fixes.

Also accidentally included a test feature that lets you hold cards between turns. Makes the game pretty different, try it out!


Bug fixes and typos


Major gameplay changes including:

     Card Theme System

     Two additional bosses along with a revamp of how boss attacks work

     Sandbox Mode

     Playing cards now displays "player thoughts". Some cards (30%ish) display gifs as well

     New body modifiers

     Many, many card balance changes, pick order changes and reworks.



Bug fixes



Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by FAFNSucks

Version reviewed: .82 on 01/11/2020

This game is honestly on another level. While it doesn't have the sexiest transformation scenes (mainly because dialogue and graphics are limited to short quips and porn clips), the gameplay is surprisingly deep and well balanced considering it's still very centered around TF porn. The effort involved to not only make a great game but also make transformation an essential element of the mechanics and not just an afterthought or side reward is commendable.

What really pushed me over the edge of loving this game is the classes you can unlock later. There is one that you get much later on that changes the entire game's look and feel. I won't spoil it, but I was pretty blown away when it happened.

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: .81 on 01/05/2020

A solid card game with great TF content. A good difficulty as far as I played, and pleanty of replayability. A great job by the author! My only complaint would be the visibility of the game. The 'themes' at the top take up far too much space compared to the cards in play and available. 9/10

Review by AliKitty

Version reviewed: .81 on 12/25/2019

Very rarely does a TF game have sizable updates that seek to expand the game as it currently stands. This game achieves that. TF Card Battle is a simplistic solitaire-like cardgame, where you play your deck by yourself without much interaction from the opponent. The goal is to use TF cards to slowly but steadily transform your opponent, while filling your resources with the cards you play -- while then also buying new cards from the buy pile. It's a difficult game to understand, but once you understand the basics, you can fly through the story.

Some classes are much stronger than others, in my experience. But there are no cards that are simply not worth buying. Everything has a use, and since the deck is customizable through what cards you 'buy', you can easily formulate your own strategy. The most effective strategy is definitely to load up on mid-TF 'draw' cards, however - cycling through your hand while replenishing it.


This is a wonderful game, and the NG+ options and progression system is a wonderful decision, ensuring you continue to play and experiment with different cards and classes.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: .73 on 11/07/2019

Good game. Cant wait to see more of magic girl dual so you can do story 4 and some others as well! Great work yet again. Im enjoying the rng and chance of the card game.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: .72 on 09/20/2019

A nice game for people who like deck building. Those games are like Ascension, Kanzumi goddess, and Tante coure. I think its headed in a right direction. The RNG sometimes is wonky, yet I think that adds to the challenge. Granted its a ONE sided game, since "normally" you get to see what the enemy buys and the cards dont reset each turn. This game is VERY easy to lose, since you are forced into choosing modifications and sometime the RNG is like add 20, when your playing a class that wants NOTHING to do with it. This game always puts you on the edge of your seat. I think that having the enemy always doing a set amount of damage of each turn makes the game shorter, and sometimes the values are wrong LOL. Great game!

Total Games: 1,550
Total Contests: 32
Total Reviews: 14,489
Total Engines: 30
Total Adult Themes: 9
Total Transformation Themes: 26
Total Multimedia Themes: 9
Total Online Plays: 2,606,365

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