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RPG Maker 2003
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Version: 0.5.6

Birth In A Constructed World

You are invited to a virtual world created by amazing scientists. But it seems that they have been having trouble with bugs. As a playtester, you have to find the source of unanticipated programming errors.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the very lifelike environment of this virtual world where things like wind, taste and smell are experienced as naturally as can be.

This project was created for the Virtual Worlds contest on this website. Because of this, I can only implement any fixes tomorrow and then I have to wait for judging to be completed before any more updates are made.

Overall, I don't plan to finish this game for a long time even after the contest because this is only a small side project. You may be able to expect the muddy hills to be implemented before I go on hiatus with this project.

You were selected to be part of an experiment with a highly advanced Virtual Reality video game. There are adventures to be had and testing to become. As a bug tester, you must make it to teh end of the provided content in order to inform the creators of any flaws in the program. (There was supposed to be conversation with the creators in various scenes, but I haven't implemented it yet.)

Player 1

Player 2

Well, there is a player for each starting avatar sprite, but only two have been implemented.

A bunch of scientists

A forest goddess.

A mystery person who does not show their face.

Each avatar you pick has unique abilities. The species, however, don't grant anything unless you interact with the Goddess of the Forest. Each species also has travel abilities which are almost always there, but in this version of the game, none of them bring you further except the rabbit.

If you want to complete the existing content as quickly as possible, don't become a bunny or sea beast at first.

There is no real ending, but there is a boss fight and some optional tough fights. For optional tough fights, go to the Fortress at the northwest of the hub area. If you want to progress the game, look into the forest and mountains.

The first building you pass has the key to finishing up the forest's little content.

0.5.0 First version of the project.

0.5.1 Fixed a vital flaw of not having a way to heal by adding a healer and a shop.

0.5.2 Removed unintended dual wielding. Filled up some treasures I missed. Made the enemies more threatening and gave them more abilities. Removed skill reliance on weapons except for claw attacks. Gave weapons their attack elements (can't believe I missed that.)

0.5.3  Found and fixed an error where avatar 3 didn't load (the best one *sob*).  Also set player starting position to original intention, giving the map design a bit more sense of direction.

0.5.4 Fixed the terrible default font and window settings (sorry guys).

0.5.5  Sorry, sorry, sorry. The final update for the current content should be done with this. I added the ultimate guard to the fort. You won't be able to get through most likely, as it should be.

0.5.6 Made game overs non-existant as intended. (You will be brought to 1 HP, but you can always escape the static bug encounters in the hub area.) Also gave an important object a blackish highlight since it was kind of invisible against the ground and made the area look like a dead end.

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