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Version: 0.8.39

Version: 0.8.356

Version: 0.8.353

Version: 0.8.35

Version: 0.6.10

Version: 0.5.0

Fake AI

A girl is blackmailed by three nerds to play a video game. 


A short game made as my entry for the Virtual Worlds Contest. 



Weekend + Monday + Tuesday

Even more bugs fixed.


Many bugs fixed

Game made easier (by tweaking some numbers, fixing some bugs which were making it harder than it was supposed to be, making some content skippable and better explaining some things)


The first two weeks were completely reworked.



Many bugs fixed

Game made easier (by tweaking some numbers, fixing some bugs which were making it harder than it was supposed to be, making some content skippable and better explaining some things)



some minor bugs and typos fixed



the first two weeks were completely reworked.



week of new content

previous content polished a bit 



day and half of the new content

less atrocious colours

hacking minigame very slightly easier

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Review by ManAger

Version reviewed: 0.8.39 on 02/17/2020

It's a fun, non serious game.

So far, too buggy. many ways to be stucl in a blank page.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.8.39 on 02/11/2020


it is an interesting game so far

the idea is not that bad thankfully it will newer happen in RL (social dinamics fear+law eliminates it fast human nature)

the minigames were fixed and totaly doable

avatar is generic

the actual rpg and roleplay are unrefined and full of loopholes(cheats)

Review by drizzzit

Version reviewed: 0.8.353 on 01/26/2020

(edited to not spoil and stick with the review rather than suggestions)


Rarely has a game here ever caused such a mixed reaction from me and I probably didn't see most of it.


On the one hand, very interesting premise. 

I can completely see a very near future where virtual misrepesentation may be a real thing.  The social setting for it is perfect.  Writing around it and my sympathetic reaction toward the main character are fantastic.  I tried to play a privileged clueless teenager, not especially lewd but likely callous in her prior regard for the antagonists (as it seemed to be written).  Meaning as character I would be deeply offended by a more agreeable bot and would struggle/resist with the demands made - but may bend over time.  Again, great headspace.

UI was simple by effective - shows what can be done without the need for complex coding.


However, the actual gamesmanship (puzzles/RPG elements) do a fantastic job of making me feel like a dumb non-gamer.  I can't possibly explain how much I hated that. Perhaps I picked poorly but I did not like the constant need to restart after failing (rather than leaving).


Anyway, don't let me deter your vision.  Just know that for me, it crossed the line from fun distraction into will have to work at this.  Today at least, I wasn't looking for that challenge.  My summary - "Thanks!  I hated it!" (not quite true)

I'll probably carry my original comments over to discussion thread.

Review by peachps

Version reviewed: 0.6.10 on 02/03/2019

I played this game right after spending hours on 'Who wanna be a Bimbo' and I have to say I am impressed! The dynamic avatar system works so well here, now that there is a reason behind the transformations (unlike in WWBB, which was fun in its own way). 


This game has the potential to be one of the best on this site. It has so much going on for it. There is Virtual Reality, Fantasy, Blackmail and obviously, transformation. I especially love how the nerds take control of her both in real life and in the Virtual World. This game pushes my buttons in all the right ways!

A few people have complained about the formatting (or lack thereof), but I personally felt it was alright. The dialogues are in a different color but I do see what they are trying to say. The readability will be better with punctuation.

I just hope, with all my heart, that this game does not get abandoned. You're doing a great job Dahakma!

My score - 8/10

(This game is a definite 10/10 if it gets completed)

Review by Hatha

Version reviewed: 0.6.10 on 01/18/2019

The text formatting has only gotten worse. 

All these different sizes and styles just make it obnoxious to read.  You should focus mostly on having a simple font that's easy to read (like this one) and stick with that.  Having all these different sizes, flashing, bold and not, etc.  It's seriously getting in the way of just reading the damn thing.  

Please stick with plain text as much as possible, you're not making it more interesting by trying to reinvent the wheel, you're just making it more dfiifcult to read.  

And because this seems like a growing trend around here. I have to emphasise...PLEASE USE QUOTATION MARKS AROUND DIALOGUE.  It's normal literary formatting, it's how we're all conditioned to distinguish between actions and dialogue in any written work.  We have centuries of writing using this style.  When this game already bombards you with variable formatting it's just giving our eyes more things to try and pay attention to rather than just allowing us to read and when people rely on color diffierences it doesn't help people who have color blindness.  

"It's not difficult" he desperately implored, "please juse use the quotation marks"  

This is a story, not a contest to see how much text formatting you can jam into something.  

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