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Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1

Autumn Boulevard


Hey guys/gals!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/disciple_of_virginia/

I will post my demo here first, because this community is what inspired me in the first place to create a game!

It is a demo, but it does have a lot of content (I think at least lol). It will take you between half an hour to an hour to complete. This demo illustrates the story, the characters, the settings, and the type of erotica it will consist of.


UPDATED to v0.2 cuz I love u guys :P

Why I think you guys here would be interested in this game is because one of the main routes is bimbofication, and later on tranformation. Other than that, it involves heavily corruption.


Below is the copy paste from my Patreon page.


Any constructive criticism is wanted! 


Final words before my Patreon copy/paste, I really enjoyed making this game so far! So whatever happens next, know that :)

(Also sorry if I made any errors in this post... First time posting a game)


//Disciple of Virginia 


Do you want the thing most people want?

A good story, a nice rack, and a round peachy set of cheeks?

Do you want an adult game with a plot? Do you want character development? Do you want a story where your choices actually matter in the end of all things? 

I am creating "Autumn Boulevard", a game where your choices will matter in the end. A story based in the very roots of Modernism. A story focused heavily on characters and the story, to give you an unique experience.

A story where I will test the limits of your's and mine imagination.


And yes, there will be b**bs as well. And cats.

The Story:
Sylvessa Moonfarer is trying to get to The Castle. Trying to stop her are monsters. Both those of your nightmares, and those in human form. As you play the game, the story unfolds.

The Erotica:
Within one day of in game time, the different routes the player can take will be clearly illustrated. You can either choose to do all of the routes, none of them, or just the ones you want. The main thing the routes do is to give you a different endings and shape Sylvessa's character, but they are completely optional.

Since you have read this far, why don't you just try out my demo and write me a sentence or two giving me your thoughts. The demo of this game will always be free and public.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by XHollow1

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 02/06/2019

Game is bugged for me. When im in the house the spots i have to check the fire doesnt go away. only flame that vanishes is the tv with the slutty santa girl. help?

Review by chubchas3r

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 10/10/2018

I like what I'm seeing so far, being a slutty toy for chubby older guys is very much my thing.  Not too sure about the horror elements but I can live with them for the sexual content.  Clearly in an early stage and needs a lot of work on almost everything but there is the foundation of something good here.

Review by swepty

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 10/06/2018

I like it! Some of the content in this probably won't be everyone. The sexual stuff seems to mostly be with old/fat guys. The bimbo tf is also quite "plastic" that I don't imagine it will be to everyones tastes. I wouldn't say it's much of a horror game, but the sexy stuff ain't bad if your into it.

Review by stacytv

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 10/04/2018

To save, press 0 then the right arrow button til you come to a blank space in the options, then if you press the right arrow button again the Save option appears. :-)

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 10/04/2018

This is a very frustrating game to play.  The controls are near impossible to figure out.

When I'm able to get the Help assistant to work I can never figure out how I managed it. I can't find the SAVE game capabilities. First rule of games: make sure the important game mechanics work.  I don't want to have to replay from the beginning just because I have to quit the game cause it's late in the day or I have to go to work or something. I wasn't even trying to save scum. I just wanted to come back to it later . . . but nope, couldn't find a save game feature for the life of me.

As for the content. So far, the existing content appears to be the amorous wishful thinking of ugly, old men . . . sorry gross. I really hope her corruption isn't to just fuck ugly and fat old men.  That's just not appealing regardless of how attractively she's protrayed.  And the imagined Bimbofication scene?  She looked horrible. Like an exaggerated monkey. I just don't find any of this erotic or sexy. Sucking the ass of an obesely, fat old man? Just not my cup of tea.

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