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Version: 1.14.1

RWBY: Chibi-Quest

Open world game using the same models, stats, etc as Team SARA.  Based in RoosterTeeth's "RWBY: Chibi"...as in, meaningless fun.

  • LOTS of playable main characters, both OC and canon (See Characters tab for ones that have TF).
  • Nearly every main-able character can be recruited to your party, plus quite a few that aren't available as mains.
  • Lots of things to do (see Walkthrough tab for list and where to find).

R rated...because I can't keep it clean.  Don't believe me?  Find or play as the OC "Olivia".

Version number starting high, retained from year+ on game jolt.

  • v1.10.0 - 1st tfgames posting
  • v1.10.1 - Ruby TF update
  • v1.10.2 - Escape room bugfix
  • v1.10.3 - Jaune TF update
  • v1.11.0 - Welcome to Darkside
  • v1.11.1 - Bugfix
  • v1.11.2 - TF startup Bugfix
  • v1.11.3 - More bugs
  • v1.11.4 - Fix to fix the Fix
  • v1.11.5 - Hair pulling...
  • v1.11.6 - Player Convenience
  • v1.11.7 - Stop hitting yourself...
  • v1.11.8 - Yang TF
  • v1.12.0 - +3 to equipment slots
  • v1.12.1 - TF Cards Explained
  • v1.12.2 - Glitch in Jaune TF
  • v1.12.3 - Quest Log Added
  • v1.12.4 - Quest Log continued
  • v1.12.8 - Major bug
  • v1.12.9 - Failed to plan, or planned to fail?
  • v1.12.10 - Events Cleanup
  • v1.13.0 - Combatical Graphical Overhaul...ical
  • v1.13.1 - Bugz Gone Wild
  • v1.13.4x - Bugz n Stuff
  • v1.13.5x - Missing Image Files
  • v1.13.6x - Cats and Sharks and Sewers. oh my!
  • v1.13.8x - Sim City and more cats
  • v1.13.12x - Dev's not dead...
  • v1.14.1 - Still not dead

None!  This is Chibi...2-5 minute skit, then everything resets and we forget about that...usually.


This is just a mess around, have fun, enjoy (or not) my (sometimes dirty) jokes type game...maybe if you like the jokes, you could try out my other game that has/is a story?


The "B-Side" alternate simulation inside the game has some groundwork for a plot laid in, but doesn't go much of anywhere yet.

Characters with TF:

  • Ruby (main only) - Many possibilities...find the "witch" in the alley next to the bar in Vale.
  • Jaune (main only) - Many possibilities...same NPC as Ruby.
  • Yang - "Evil" twin, Clown, Mime.
  • Blake, Kali, Sienna, Neon, Nora, Velvet, Wisp, Amethyst, Pyrrha, Candi, Coco, Emerald - Cat
  • Jessica - Rapid growth from child to adult form (leave her starting semblance equipped and rest at inns 5 times).
  • Rona - Semblance allows her to change into a cat (tiger in battle).
  • Deeda - Species-fluid...main has to choose angel (androgenous) or demon at startup, plus event (on the Patch-Vale bridge) to start freely changing once level 50 is reached (this is available as non-main as well, watch out for condition that makes her unavailable).
  • Yin - Mental progression from extreme pacifist to able fighter during her recruitment quest (with 5 possible final states).

Notable characters with adult themes kept barely under control:

  • Ashley - Boob addict
  • Audry - Lesbian
  • Amethyst - Nympho
  • Jade - Stripper
  • Sarah - Manipulator (plus special shop to make her OP as all get out)
  • Olivia - Slut (extreme)


  • Check the computer in the Beacon library to agree to terms and conditions (and set starting stats).
  • Use sparkling spot on library floor to enter (marked "Filth!").
  • Roughly half the areas, a third of the initial tour, and 0 of the other events set up as of 1.11.0

Mission system:

  • Boards in Vale are on some of the buildings.
  • Boards in Mistral are all together in the upper right of the map.
  • Similar board in Menagerie for treasure hunts/points of interest.


  • Good guys access granted by Glynda in the upper right of Vale after small number of combat victories (15).
  • Bad guys access granted by Torchwick (or generic substitute) in the abandoned warehouse in lower right of Vale after a modest number of combat victories (25 - makes Deeda unavailable if she isn't your main).
  • Master access granted by Vale barkeeper after significant number of combat victories (150).
  • Horde Tower freely accessed in Menagerie (NOT low level content).
  • Puzzle Maze (Wonderland) freely accessed in each kingdom (rabbit hole in Vale, half open door in Menagerie, talking dog in Mistral).

Alternate Simulations/Mini-Games (all found in the Server Room under the Vale warehouse):

  • Zombie Survival - Urban, Rural, Freeway, and Interstate
  • Grimm Invaders - Sorta-kinda Space Invaders-ish...points traded for rewards, more for fast kills.
  • Red vs Blue (Blood Gulch) - Pick a side, capture the flag.
  • B-Side - Could probably be its own game...lots of dirty jokes.

Ship Wars!:

  • 5 regions based around what character they're fighting over, plus OTP Gauntlet.
  • Character regions overseen by the S.S.Renora...accessed via a rowboat found in the upper left of the Patch-Vale bridge.
  • OTP Gauntlet accessed in upper left of Menagerie.

Interactive Dating Show:

  • Accessed by black car in Vale (back half, from bottom, facing up).
  • Many, many dates planned, but idea well dried up.
  • Jaune-Weiss and Ruby-Weiss are all that's currently available.

Escape Room Emporium (center-right of Vale)

  • 15 minute time limit, or bet 2k on a 5 minute limit for a 10k reward.
  • 10 variations at current.
  • Not available to Sarah and Indra mains as their special shops replace it (actually, they were there first).

Build your own android:

  • Frame found on Patch-Vale bridge.
  • Builder and/or her workshop found in Mountain Glenn.
  • Power System and A.I.s found in Vale-Mountain Glenn tunnel (lower right and upper right, respectively).
  • A vault full of cansiter-type androids can be found in Menagerie (requires Indra).

Team Mode:

  • Teams RWBY, JNPR, SARA, CLEN, WILD, and LIMS can be started as a team.
  • Cannot change out characters.
  • Limited equipment changing (by event).
  • Locks out alternate sims (other than Grimm Invaders), Yin's quest, and Deeda's free shifting event.

v1.13.12x - Dev's not dead...

  • Sim City StinkHole adventure had to be rebuilt...mostly for the better.
  • Sewer Shark expanded to 2 variants rather then 1 (plus events streamlined to reduce file size...lessons learned from Sim City)
  • 3rd episode opened (but unfinished) in the dating game.
  • Yin now main-able.
  • Changes to character selection room (they spin when you select them, team mode buttons make the whole team spin/dance).
  • Extra hints/adjustments in the quest log (I still hate it).
  • Nitpicky things...

v1.13.8x - Sim City and more cats

  • The Sim City adventure in the StinkHole is now available.
  • Ruby and Jaune's cat faunus TFs can now be further TFed into cats along with 4 other characters (making 12 total).
  • Many events now remember your party members and restore them after the event.

v1.13.6x - Cats and Sharks and Sewers, oh my!

  • The StinkHole now actually offers an adventure (Sewer Shark).
  • 8 characters can now be transformed into a cat.
  • Skill balancing and additions.

v1.13.5x - Missing Image Files

  • Several images files referenced only by plugin commands were being omitted by the "Exclude unused files" option at deployment.

v1.13.4x - Bugz n Stuff

  • Mega version caught back up to gamejolt version.
  • Endless loop error in "Ghost Town" mission.
  • Plenty of little things between .1 and .4 that nobody cares about.

v1.13.1 - Bugz Gone Wild

  • Tile should be self-explanitory

v1.13.0 - Combatical Graphical Overhaul...ical

  • BattleEngineCore (Yanfly) plugin installed...massively changing the flow of battles
  • Autosave added at certain points
  • Redesigned main character selection room

v1.12.10 - Events Cleanup

  • Streamlined party clearing common events to prevent "dev forgot that existed" errors in future
  • Fade in function added to scroll events when normal scroll operation isn't available, just in case
  • Team Mode and main not set countermeasures for alternate sims extended to the quick entry panels

v1.12.9 - Failed to plan, or planned to fail?

  • Lock up bug with Jaune TFs
  • Potential lock up bug with Ruby TFs (depending on where player was when starting an event)
  • Deeda recruitment event disappearing under the wrong condition
  • Typos
  • Various adjustments decided upon while fixing the above bugs

v1.12.8 - Major bug

  • TF events would result in an empty party (due to changes to another common event, probably introduced in 1.12.5 or .6)
  • 1.12.5 finished quest log to current
  • 1.12.6 added some new mercs
  • 1.12.7 was a small bugfix

v1.12.4 - Quest Log continued

  • More quests filled into Quest Log (still incomplete)
  • Little things

v1.12.3 - Quest Log Added

  • Quest guidance markings added
  • Quest Log added (incomplete)

v1.12.2 - Glitch in Jaune TF

  • Male+Adult+Audry would set the wrong character to 'nude' model.
  • Female+Sexy+Audry was looking for the wrong switch, causing event not to run.

v1.12.1 - TF Cards Explained

  • Ruby and Jaune's TF Cards how have the effects in ().
  • Critical error when having Wisp, Alonso, or Professor Port.
  • More EXP boosters.

v1.12.0 - +3 to equipment slots

  • Ammunition and tech unit slots separated.
  • Skillset and Character slots added.
  • New battles for skillset items.
  • Bugs (always something...)

v1.11.8 - Yang TF

  • Yang can now undergo TF (does not require maining her).
  • Reduction in required reading at new game start.
  • Expanded tutorials added.
  • New skills/animations (different size bullets).
  • Some bugs.

v1.11.7 - Stop hitting yourself...

  • Entering the area where Penny, Coco, Rachel, or Erin are recruited with them in party (also immediately after recruiting them) would freeze the game.

v1.11.6 - Player Convenience

  • Fast travel to and from the small towns around Vale now available.
  • Air travel costs reduced.
  • Scroll Apps and other things to help with what 'quests' you're currently on.
  • Slight difficulty reduction for the OTP Gauntlet.
  • Small changes/bugs.

v1.11.5 - Hair pulling...

  • Endless loop on Floor 1 of the Puzzle Maze if 6 dogs removed.
  • "Exit Event Processing" does not mean what I think it means...resulting in always "winning" the OTP Gauntlet even if you lost all 19 battles...
  • Adjustments to smooth re-recruitment and other miscellaneous fixes.

v1.11.4 - Fix to fix the Fix

  • Last fix would make the Vale entrance to the tunnel unusable if the new switch got turned on.
  • Portable version of the "Recruitment Help" board downloadable from it.

v1.11.3 - More bugs

  • Yin's quest "Bloody Angel" and "Tough Girl" variants unable to complete due to miscounting my switches.
  • Personal airship not accessable after activing under certain conditions.

v1.11.2 - TF startup bugfix

  • Had 2 measures in place to prevent TF startup events from playing twice...1 of them doesn't get reset when changing main character.
  • Floor skipping after requirements met in some dungeons.
  • Velvet issues.
  • Misc. changes.

v1.11.1 - Bug fix

  • Mercenary EXP curve was VERY wrong.
  • Further nerfs to Indra's summons.
  • Other bugs.

v1.11.0 - Welcome to Darkside

  • Darkside (which will no doubt soon push the rating from R to X) open in an extremely barebones state.
  • Main character can now be reset and exchange levels for powering up that character.
  • Several new maps added.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • Equipment locks reviewed.
  • EXP curves and caps changed.
  • See Discussion thread for far more details than necessary.

v1.10.3 - Jaune TF

  • Jaune (main only) can now undergo Anthro, AP, and MtF TFs.
  • TF progression variable added (countermeasures for progression that could have been missed implemented).
  • Several door bugs (bars not letting people in, date that wasn't ready).
  • Rona enemies in dungeons adjusted some (and strategy note added).
  • Other adjustments...always see discussion thread for more details than anyone needs.

v1.10.2 - Escape room bugfix

  • Event that senses the timer running out was stopping before removing items and resetting variables involved in escape rooms.
  • Canceling out of the Panic Button options is now possible.
  • Removed a dialogue that would come up when starting a zombie mode challenge with TF'd Ruby that refered to unlocked Deeda (incomplete copy>paste>adjust caused by editor crashing and rushing through doing it over).

v1.10.1 - Ruby TF

  • Ruby (main only) can now undergo Anthro, AP, and FtM TFs (see characters tab for details).
  • Vale beach shrunk from 17x65 to 17x26.
  • Forest shrunk from 9 250x250 zones to 1 250x250 zone.
  • Desert shrunk from 5 250x250 zones to 1 200x160 zone.
  • Encounter step variable increased greatly in zones with random encounters (higher steps # = fewer encounters).
  • Removed PartySystem plugin...not placing new party members into party the way I expected.
  • Player credits board in the warehouse now has different information on left and right sides.
  • Always finding typos/grammar errors/events that have been forgetten and are outdated...

v1.10.0 - 1st tfgame.site posting

  • Deeda's free shifting form and event added (to qualify as a TF game? Yes...).
  • Lots of proof-reading.
  • Balancing.
  • New mechanics developed for enemy healers.
  • Game jolt plugin/trophies removed.
  • HitAccuracy plugin removed (plugin works fine, but not what I wanted)...negative evasion was causing attacks that were supposed to be low accuracy to never miss...very problematic in Blood Gulch.
  • Deeda can no longer use her shield to attack during her startup event.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 1.11.7 on 11/22/2018

the intro thing is WAY too long

Review by speedyexe2

Version reviewed: 1.11.1 on 11/19/2018

Alright, since there is a clear lack of reviews for this game i'll give it a go and try to start it off with what everyone's thinking:
"Yes, its a good game, and yes that size to download is all game."

I won't lie, the download size for such an obscure sounding game based on a copyrighted property does feel.... weird. I felt sort of like this was going to be a massive splatter of nonsence but theres some "semblance" (Im sorry) of a good game here. Unfortunately this game suffers from what I like to think of as "overzealous growth" in an odd way and ill explain soon.

The good:
Alright I wont lie I am a early season RWBY fan so seeing how well some of these characters are modeled are great. I enjoy how much effort it must of taken to put in so much detail into the models and the battle models as well. Even for tons of the side characters.
You can play as..... holy crap. Yes, theres alot of characters to play as. Theres no broad storyline i've noticed or found out its more you pick a character and "go" so you begin to explore the world on your own time and see whats happening. You can play as (I lost count but its over 30+ characters) including villains and side characters. You can also party up with other characters although as far as i've noticed there is no communication or reason outside of just "to have another combat character."
The detail in the stats and skills. Now this can be a good or bad thing depending on your views of simplicity vs complexity and its not very well explained at all but its there and Ozpin at the character selection screen can give you a basic rundown of stuff, though ill be entirely honest, theres alot of trial and error.

The meh:
So, remember how I said "overzealous growth" before? Well this is an issue with this game. Its handled a little like an MMORPG at some point without the thoughts of weather or not it would be "fun" to do this. Alot of points are borring and maps are WAY too big than they need to be. I understand you want to make cities far away from eachother but thats when you create detailed maps with twists and turns using the landscape to broaden the mind of the player in contrast to the actual zone, rather than 10 minutes of a straight runway of sand. It also has alot of custom characters and while im all for having customs play around and such, it feels like a weird sight to see them next to the highly defined RWBY sprites. Sort of like seeing a 8 bit character next to a 32 bit character in the same world. It's not the end of the world mind you but having artistic consistantsy should be a focus specially when so much else is well worked on.
The combat. Now, i spent a good 3 hours playing around with 5 characters, fighting the same enemy 100 different ways and figuring out what everything is and I just got to say your combat system is WAAAAAAY hard to pick up. Granted it is possible to just spam your hard attacks and multihits but some enemies get so rediculiously OP unless your using the correct semblance and skills and elements that its just downright dumbrwby. If there was a storyline to just like teach you the skills for combat like going through an optional school week as one of the main 4 to learn how to optimize this amazingly well fleshed out system ide be far more happy to have this. Its great just way too much for even the tutorial to breifly explain.
The enemies. Not in combat or anything but rather /who/ they are. Yes I know this takes place outside of RWBY's canon world and all but when im fighting alien mech warriors....i feel a little offput. How do they tie into the creatures or lore at all? Idk. Ide like them to be replaced with something a little more fitting, you know? Im all for fighting boars and elephants or even henchmen or stuff but when im fighting something so outragiously different than anything the story has so far it just throws me a bit for a loop....

This game is good, it has alot to do and sometimes too much to do. The combat is great if not overly complex and will need a guide on its own just to explain it. Theres a weird lack of fluid transformation and yet theres a mass ton of it as well as characters to meet and stuff to see. The maps are big, sometimes too big, sometimes just right, but be ready to wander for 10+ minutes in each map. Its pretty good and i'de say give it a try as a main RWBY character to see if its your cup of tea.

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