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Version: 1.10.3

Version: 1.10.2

RWBY: Chibi-Quest
by kyrukei

Open world game using the same models, stats, etc as Team SARA.  Based in RoosterTeeth's "RWBY: Chibi"...as in, meaningless fun.

  • LOTS of playable main characters, both OC and canon (See Characters tab for ones that have TF).
  • Nearly every main-able character can be recruited to your party, plus quite a few that aren't available as mains.
  • Lots of things to do (see Walkthrough tab for list and where to find).

R rated...because I can't keep it clean.  Don't believe me?  Find or play as the OC "Olivia".

Version number starting high, retained from year+ on game jolt.

  • v1.10.0 - 1st tfgames posting
  • v1.10.1 - Ruby TF update
  • v1.10.2 - Escape room bugfix
  • v1.10.3 - Jaune TF update

Characters with TF:

  • Ruby (main only) - Many possibilites...find the "witch" in the alley next to the bar in Vale.
  • Jaune (main only) - Many possibilites...same NPC as Ruby.
  • Jessica - Rapid growth from child to adult form (leave her starting semblance equipped and rest at inns 5 times).
  • Rona - Semblance allows her to change into a cat (tiger in battle).
  • Deeda - Species-fluid...main has to choose angel (androgenous) or demon at startup, plus event (on the Patch-Vale bridge) to start freely changing once level 50 is reached (this is available as non-main as well, watch out for condition that makes her unavailable).
  • Yin - Mental progression from extreme pacifist to able fighter during her recruitment quest (with 5 possible final states).

Notable characters with adult themes kept barely under control:

  • Ashley - Boob addict
  • Audry - Lesbian
  • Amethyst - Nympho
  • Jade - Stripper
  • Sarah - Manipulator (plus special shop to make her OP as all get out)
  • Olivia - Slut (extreme)

Mission system:

  • Boards in Vale are on some of the buildings.
  • Boards in Mistral are all together in the upper right of the map.
  • Similar board in Menagerie for treasure hunts/points of interest.


  • Good guys access granted by Glynda in the upper right of Vale after small number of combat victories (15).
  • Bad guys access granted by Torchwick (or generic substitute) in the abandoned warehouse in lower right of Vale after a modest number of combat victories (25 - makes Deeda unavailable if she isn't your main).
  • Master access granted by Vale barkeeper after significant number of combat victories (150).
  • Horde Tower freely accessed in Menagerie (NOT low level content).
  • Puzzle Maze (Wonderland) freely accessed in each kingdom (rabbit hole in Vale, half open door in Menagerie, talking dog in Mistral).

Alternate Simulations/Mini-Games (all found in the Server Room under the Vale warehouse):

  • Zombie Survival - Urban, Rural, Freeway, and Interstate
  • Grimm Invaders - Sorta-kinda Space Invaders-ish...points traded for rewards, more for fast kills.
  • Red vs Blue (Blood Gulch) - Pick a side, capture the flag.
  • B-Side - Could probably be its own game...lots of dirty jokes.

Ship Wars!:

  • 5 regions based around what character they're fighting over, plus OTP Gauntlet.
  • Character regions overseen by the S.S.Renora...accessed via a rowboat found in the upper left of the Patch-Vale bridge.
  • OTP Gauntlet accessed in upper left of Menagerie.

Interactive Dating Show:

  • Accessed by black car in Vale (back half, from bottom, facing up).
  • Many, many dates planned, but idea well dried up.
  • Jaune-Weiss and Ruby-Weiss are all that's currently available.

Escape Room Emporium (center-right of Vale)

  • 15 minute time limit, or bet 2k on a 5 minute limit for a 10k reward.
  • 10 variations at current.
  • Not available to Sarah and Indra mains as their speical shops replace it (actually, they were there first).

Build your own android:

  • Frame found on Patch-Vale bridge.
  • Builder and/or her workshop found in Mountain Glenn.
  • Power System and A.I.s found in Vale-Mountain Glenn tunnel (lower right and upper right, respectively).
  • A vault full of cansiter-type androids can be found in Menagerie (requires Indra).

Team Mode:

  • Teams RWBY, JNPR, SARA, CLEN, WILD, and LIMS can be started as a team.
  • Cannot change out characters.
  • Limited equipment changing (by event).
  • Locks out alternate sims (other than Grimm Invaders), Yin's quest, and Deeda's free shifting event.

v1.10.3 - Jaune TF

  • Jaune (main only) can now undergo Anthro, AP, and MtF TFs.
  • TF progression variable added (countermeasures for progression that could have been missed implemented).
  • Several door bugs (bars not letting people in, date that wasn't ready).
  • Rona enemies in dungeons adjusted some (and strategy note added).
  • Other adjustments...always see discussion thread for more details than anyone needs.

v1.10.2 - Escape room bugfix

  • Event that senses the timer running out was stopping before removing items and resetting variables involved in escape rooms.
  • Canceling out of the Panic Button options is now possible.
  • Removed a dialogue that would come up when starting a zombie mode challenge with TF'd Ruby that refered to unlocked Deeda (incomplete copy>paste>adjust caused by editor crashing and rushing through doing it over).

v1.10.1 - Ruby TF

  • Ruby (main only) can now undergo Anthro, AP, and FtM TFs (see characters tab for details).
  • Vale beach shrunk from 17x65 to 17x26.
  • Forest shrunk from 9 250x250 zones to 1 250x250 zone.
  • Desert shrunk from 5 250x250 zones to 1 200x160 zone.
  • Encounter step variable increased greatly in zones with random encounters (higher steps # = fewer encounters).
  • Removed PartySystem plugin...not placing new party members into party the way I expected.
  • Player credits board in the warehouse now has different information on left and right sides.
  • Always finding typos/grammar errors/events that have been forgetten and are outdated...

v1.10.0 - 1st tfgame.site posting

  • Deeda's free shifting form and event added (to qualify as a TF game? Yes...).
  • Lots of proof-reading.
  • Balancing.
  • New mechanics developed for enemy healers.
  • Game jolt plugin/trophies removed.
  • HitAccuracy plugin removed (plugin works fine, but not what I wanted)...negative evasion was causing attacks that were supposed to be low accuracy to never miss...very problematic in Blood Gulch.
  • Deeda can no longer use her shield to attack during her startup event.

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Total Transformation Themes: 24
Total Multimedia Themes: 9
Total Online Plays: 2,247,937

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