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Version: 2.0.02

Version: 2.0.01

Version: 2.0.0

Version: 1.0.2

Man of Your House

In this game, you play as a young, fatherless man about to enter his adulthood. Your mother is in a relationship with another man, and soon you'll find all three of you living in the same house. There can be only one man of the house though...


As of yet, only the first two chapters of the game are finished. There are 27817 words and 155 passages in this game, and they're focused mostly on explaining the main character's situation and introducing his mother and her partner to the player (and a few other people). I'm aware it's not much yet, but what's there still allows you to make choices with outcomes observable much later into the game. The game is and will remain story-like, there will be no grinding or life simulation elements in it. Most of the choices in early chapters of the game will revolve around choosing whether the main character will act like a dutiful boy, rebellious brat or something in between.


There are currently no explicit adult themes in the game. The first few chapters will be quite tame, but there will be a “great reveal” in chapter 4 (or 5), where things will pick up the pace in that regard.


The transformation of the main character begins in chapter 1, but he will remain unaware of it for a very long time. The hints I'm about to drop here and there (like the bathroom mirror scene in chapter 1) should allow the player to figure out what's happening to their character, though I'm not going to make it obvious from the start. The main theme of the game is going to be a slow, involuntary male to female transformation, with a sissification branch opening up in the middle. I planned the game to have multiple endings, and not all of them will have the player's character finishing as female.


If you have anything you'd like to tell me, like bug reports or general advice/opinion, please visit the game's discussion thread!


- added a few missing words and symbols to celebrate the 100th like


- fixed a bug occuring after telling Mom you're sorry about being a little bit too curious in chapter 1


- changed the game's title

- added chapter 2 (don't expect me to list everything added there)

- more color changes to make the game more readable


- Darkened the background

- Attempted to fix the right margin issue - I'm aware it didn't work. Added a v.1.0.2a version. Hopefully that will fix it.


- Fixed Chapter 1's title page

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Centrophy

Version reviewed: 2.0.02 on 12/16/2018

This game is too early in the development process to really make a full review out of. There isn't really much to review except for stuff that isn't there. For example, multimedia isn't really there. The versioning makes no sense. The basic story ends almost immediately like a 0.0.1 version of a game which plays like a telltale game - There's a narrative and your choices aren't going to affect the ending. Still, I want to see where it goes (especially some more voyeur/ light NTR scenes). The writing mostly works though since the story is fairly relateable so far. Your mother moves in with her BF into his house and you (as the son) have to move in with them and deal with the changes that come from that. It's a fairly slice of life kind of deal with no twists so far.

Review by Maser

Version reviewed: 2.0.02 on 11/26/2018

Really enjoying this game! Can't wait to see more of it.

Review by Uhhnonymoose

Version reviewed: 2.0.02 on 11/26/2018

Despite having multimedia  tags, this is a text game. Being entirely text based isn't an inherently bad thing, but this is not for me. Played all the way through, and it is a decent start. Would prefer that tags be left off if the content isn't there though.

Review by Smite

Version reviewed: 2.0.02 on 11/25/2018

This has a well written story and lays the foundation for a very fun slow-transformation game.  The downside to that is that there wasn't much content for the actual transformations themselves yet at this early stage. As a result, we hit the End Of Content screen right as things start to get interesting on the current build. I can't say I'd recommend playing it in its current state other than for curiosity's sake, but definitely keep an eye for future updates--this game has got great potential! 

Review by DanielleDennett

Version reviewed: 2.0.02 on 11/24/2018

This game is very well written.  It's still a little early to definitively say, but I suspect the involuntary aspects of this are going to be quite good.  Daisycyoas seems to have a skilled touch for writing dialogue that excellently teases out the friction and conflict of the plot to show the slow and gradual acceptance of the MC.



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