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Version: 0.3.6

Version: 0.3.5

Version: 0.2.2

Version: 0.1.02

Crossdressing in Camelot

Crossdressing in Camelot is an adventure RPG, with transformation elements focusing on feminization. You play as a young man who wishes to become an adventurer, but ends up doing so in a rather unique way.

The main idea behind the transformation in this game is that the more the player transforms themselves, the stronger they become. The difficulty will be made to try and force you into feminizing yourself somewhat, while still making it possible to get through the game with very minimal changes if that is your goal.

The game is in a pretty early stage right now, but there are 3 enemies to fight, a skill tree and leveling system, numerous sex scenes, and transformations so far. This update is pretty small compared to the last one, especially since a lot of what I did was implement the inventory system and change how transformations worked (on the coding side of things, it's the same in game). The changelog can tell you what is new, and I'll post some things in the walkthrough to explain how some of the content is unlocked, as this update adds some scenes that are unlocked based upon stat changes.

This update might have some bugs with the change in how inventory and transformations work, but hopefully they're aren't too many. If you have a save file from version 0.2 (or 0.2.1, 0.2.2, ect), you should be able to use that file in the new verison. Due to the changes in transformations, some of your stats might end up a bit higher than they should be, but it shouldn't be a big deal. If you encounter any errors, let me know in the discussion thread, and please indicate if you've loaded a save from version 0.2, as that might cause extra bugs, who knows.

If you'd like to support me, head on over to my patreon page. The game is still in an early stage, so I'm not hiding any content behind a paywall, by you can vote on polls that will steer me in which direction I should go next with the game. The last poll decided that the next enemy added will be an Alraune, I think I'll have the next one decide which existed character gets more content next. I intend to have larger updates going forward, and so I won't be charging current patreons for this one.

The plot isn’t very developed at the moment, there’s just a basic backstory for your character that is pretty generic, alongside character dialogue. It takes place in a medieval fantasy world, with sorcery and magical creaters and all that.

Barkeep new scene: To unlock this, you need to havea depravity value of 20 or higher and have done the first scene with him. If you do it before you've done the second barkeep scene, you won't be able to go back. If you do all three regular scenes and get to the "end of current content" passage, all you have to do is get 20 or more depravity and you'll be taken to the new scene instead.

Beatrice new scene: After the first sex scene with Beatrice, you can ask if she'll let you use her room to change clothing, as otherwise you'd have to rent a room at the Inn everytime you wanted to change. If you do the scene with high enough depravity or femininity (20 dep or 30 fem), you'll have the option to do something lewd.

Version 0.3.6

  • More bug fixes. I figured I'd try to put all the bugs into this version so there won't be any in version 0.4. Let's see if it works.

Versions 0.3.1 to 0.3.5

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.3.0

  • Goblin Quest added. Includes two new enemies and a new sex scene.
  • Additional scene for the barkeep, check the walkthrough if you want to know how to access it.
  • New short scene for Beatrice, check the walkthrough for that too.
  • Set up an inventory system, now you can change clothes (not on the streets of Elmgar though, you perv).
  • Check appearance now includes the clothes you are wearing.
  • Changed code for transformations, simplifying things for the future.
  • The buttplug actually does things now, though it doesn't have interactions during sex scenes yet.
  • Unfeminizing transformations get flavor text, though why would you want to unfeminize yourself?

Short Term plans

  • Add the clothing shop fully (Right now it's a one time event)
  • Add a sex scene with the clothing store shopkeeper (Might not be in the next update though)
  • Add scenes with Vivian and the buttplug
  • Add a sex scene with Daisy
  • Add the new Alraune enemy with sex scene(s) and a quest
  • Let Beatrice's potions transform you further
  • Add descriptions for some of the transformative potions (The ones that undo feminizing effects don't have flavor text currently)
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot/haven't thought of yet

Version 0.2.2

  • Bugfixes and a few spelling errors. I somehow forgot to add rewards to the first quest and a scene with the barkeep.

Version 0.2.0

  • Word count increased from 26k to 80k
  • Added the Elf enemy, which has a defeat scene.
  • Added an additional Beatrice scene. (Requires you to complete a quest for her through the guild hall.)
  • Implemented the leveling system and skill tree.
  • Added the guild, where you can take the first two quests.
  • Beatrice now sells transformation potions, once you complete her quest.
  • Changed Dignity into Depravity
  • Introduced your guild rival, no scenes with her yet
  • Added introduction to the clothing shop
  • Other smaller changes

Version 0.1.02

  • A few more miscellaneous changes, added a small amount of missing text in a lizardman scene.

Version 0.1.01

  • Fixed a minor error when using fire+lightning in combat with only 1 enemy
  • Cleaned up a bit of text in the introduction


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.3.4 on 03/01/2019

It is a linear story, so far, that well chopped into bits and pieces like a game. I have to admit that the result looks great so far... I like the stat... thou they are not doing anything right now. Looking for the future updates.

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 01/31/2019

I like the concept of the game but it feels rather empty.  Of course being that it is in the early stages, I a hoping that more places (like clothing stores) in and out of town will be added in as well as more types of foes.  


The other thing that bothered me is that when you click on "Check Appearance" it gives no descripition of what you are wearing.  Being that there are no pictures it would be nice have a descripition of not just our physical form but what pieces of clothing we are wearing too.  After all, the more girly clothes we wear the stronger we get.


As of now this game is a quickie but with some hard work it could be a fun game with twist and turns in it.

Review by clint

Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 12/01/2018

Love it so far, keep up the good work! Adding images in the future would be awesome

Review by Erbosch

Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 11/30/2018

Love what little there is .  Very fun.  Cant wait for more...  So please make more =)

Review by Baylith

Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 11/30/2018

this game has a decent concept, though the femization from the lizaardman fails, made you eventually untouchable by their attacks. you may want to rework your defense values because losing to a monster over and over again should not make you stronger than them,

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