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Version: 0.15.13

Version: 0.14.11

Version: 0.13.11

Version: 0.12.9

Version: 0.11.6

Version: 0.10.9

Version: 0.9.3

Version: 0.8.7

Crossdressing in Camelot

Crossdressing in Camelot is an adventure RPG, with transformation elements focusing on feminization. You play as a young man who wishes to become an adventurer, but ends up doing so in a rather unique way.

The game focuses largely on, you guessed it, crossdressing, with the inclusion of feminizing transformations as well. The main idea behind the transformation in this game is that the more the player transforms themselves, the stronger they become. The difficulty will be made to try and force you into feminizing yourself somewhat, while still making it possible to get through the game with very minimal changes if that is your goal. There is a variety of content though, and the player isn’t always forced into the submissive role (though the game leans more towards that).

Version 0.15 is now publicly available. The changelog has all the individual changes, but as of patch 0.14.9, I have also added an option to skip forward in the main questline. I think this may be especially helpful for players who have only played the Twine version of the game, as it gives you the option to skip to some of the newer content that has been made with RPG Maker in mind, (which starts partway through the second dungeon.) It can also help if you lose a save file, or for new players who want to see some of the later content, as I do think things get more interesting gameplay wise from that point onwards. This sort of thing definitely could have some bugs in it, so I strongly recommend saving before using it.

Version 0.16 is now available for $5 and up patrons. Info posts on upcoming release content and dates are usually free to view, so you should check out my patreon page. This update extends upon the third dungeon, and adds quite a few new events in the town, including new events with Katie, Claire, and Sister Ann. Visuals have also been updated for the Goblin and Elf quests. The anime image pack has new artwork for Daisy, the Lizardman, and Havath, as well as adding sex scene imagery for Havath and the Lizardman, with sex scene artwork for Daisy nearly complete. Check the changelog for a full list of what's new. Version 0.16 will be publicly available on February 5th.

I find the note system on download links to be confusing, so the mega link will just take you to a full folder with all versions of the game. When downloading, be sure to download both the current base version of the game for your system, and then download the latest patch for the game, if any. So for example, updating from version 0.11 to 0.12, you should download version 0.12 of the game and patch 0.12.9, and then move your save folder over. A file with patching instructions will be included with the patch itself.

Important to note, there is a debugger item you should have in your key items at all times. If you ever get physically stuck, you can use it to teleport back to Elmgar, and if the screen goes black and stays that way but you can still use the menu, you can also use the “untint” option to fix the screen.

The web version is not compatible with the character creator, so I advise using another version if you are able to, but the web version is still fully playable if that is your only option. If you receive an error on start-up that starts with “DataManager.checkError”, this link should provide a solution. https://www.reddit.com/r/RPGMaker/comments/dqvdqo/fix_error_failed_to_load_dataactorsjson/

The plot isn’t very developed at the moment, there’s just a basic backstory for your character that is pretty generic, alongside character dialogue. The current dungeon is going to be where I start to get into the main storyline. It takes place in a medieval fantasy world, with sorcery and magical creatures and all that.

Check the walkthrough file for hints on how to access content.

Beatrice new scene: After the first sex scene with Beatrice, you can ask if she'll let you use her room to change clothing, as otherwise you'd have to rent a room at the Inn everytime you wanted to change. If you do the scene with high enough depravity or femininity (20 dep or 30 fem), you'll have the option to do something lewd.

Version 0.16.4

  • Fixed a major bug that could cause the wrong clothing to appear when checking the players appearance, and prevent the cursed outfit from triggering it's event at night. If you experienced either of these bugs, you might need to use the new option in the debugger to fix this.

Version 0.16.2

  • Various bugfixes

Version 0.16.0

  • Added a new defeat scene to the cultist (if wearing the skirt outfit) and the sorceress (regardless of your outfit)
  • Added two new events to the latest section of the third dungeon
  • Added three new scenes in Elmgar with Katie, which occur as her dominance over you grows
  • Added some “accessories” from one of the scenes with Katie
  • Added a miscellaneous mild femdom scene to Elmgar
  • Added one new scene in Elmgar with Katie that occurs as your dominance over her grows
  • Added two new scenes with Sister Ann at the church
  • Added a second modelling scene with Claire, which includes two new outfits as well
  • Finally added the clothes from the first time you model for Claire
  • Added a quest journal, currently only for quests up to the Alraune
  • Redid the goblin quest map, looks much better now
  • Added a minor event to the first goblin map
  • Minor revisions for the Elf quest map and the Alraune quest map
  • Check appearance now shows all of the tanlines you get from Tillanie, and you can now tan multiple times
  • Extended upon the third dungeon, update visuals for some of the existing map
  • Added new character artwork for Daisy, the Lizardman, and Havath
  • Added sex scene artwork for the Lizardman and Havath, scene for Daisy currently in progress
  • Fixed text boxes with another 80 000 words worth of older content

Version 0.15.13

  • Fixed a major bug that could cause the wrong clothing to appear when checking the players appearance, and prevent the cursed outfit from triggering it's event when sleeping at the bar. If you experienced either of these bugs, you might need to use the new option in the debugger to fix this.

Version 0.15.11

  • Fixed an issue with the hail spell
  • Fixed a black screen bug with the Orgre fight
  • Fixed a potential game lock with the skill tree

Version 0.15.9

  • Fixed a bug causing clothing to not appear when checking the players appearance.
  • Fixed a bug causing butt transformations to sometimes not work, and sometimes give more femininty and depravity than they should.

Version 0.15.7

  • Fixed a bug when handing in the gathering quest to Beatrice
  • Fixed a bug preventing the guild promotion scene with Katie

Version 0.15.5

  • Added non-ambush bushes to the new section of the third dungeon, originally forgot to do that.
  • Dungeon encounters in the new section of the third dungeon will now propelry reset upon revisiting the dungeon.

Version 0.15.4

  • Added missing sprites for the barkeep and guild NPC's
  • Fixed an issue potentially preventing you from accessing Beatrice's date scene

Version 0.15.2

  • Adds the dungeon skip ability.
  • Reworks the guild hall somewhat, adds new NPC's to the building. If you are in the guild before updating, you might get stuck in an object, so either save outside of it or use the debugger to get out.
  • Fixed the hair transformations connected to the cursed outfit.
  • Fixed a bug that showed your lightning bonus damage as your fire bonus damage instead
  • Added the option to skip to any of the first three dungeons, very much experimental, save before using
  • Fixed a bug causing the scene with the slime girl to be playable twice
  • Added a debug option to view the guild scene with Katie even if your save is past when it would normally occur.

Version 0.15.1

  • Bug fixes, added a few missing text boxes, properly added the extra defeat scene with Alexandra.
  • This does not have the dungeon skip update yet, as I'm in the middle of redoing the guild hall somewhat.

Version 0.15.0

  • Added the buff “Hypnotized” adventurer to the third dungeon. Two total scenes.
  • Added a tentacle pitfall trap to the dungeon. Three total scenes.
  • Added an event with the Male Adventurer from the second dungeon.
  • Added six new images to the anime image pack. (Three redone characters, three sex scenes, with some alternate versions)
  • Added the first version of Elmgar.
  • Added alleyway groping scenes to Elmgar.
  • Added a hookup scene to the bar
  • Added victory scenes for the Slime enemies in the first dungeon. Two scenes, different depending on if it’s more than one Slime or not.
  • Added victory scene to the Orc enemy from the first dungeon.
  • Added NPC’s to the Sorcerer’s Cauldron.
  • Added a victory scene to the Cultist if you are wearing the tomboy outfit.
  • Partially reworked the games intro to be more interesting and less of a text dump.
  • Added an extra defeat scene with Alexandra that was originally cut for time.
  • Fixed text boxes with a good chunk of the early content.
  • Added clothing descriptions for d3 outfits
  • Added the old “Examine Self” functionality to the profile tab in the menu, provides an idea of your current level of femininity and depravity.


Version 0.14.11

  • Fixed an issue potentially preventing you from accessing Beatrice's date scene

Version 0.14.9

  • Fixed the hair transformations connected to the cursed outfit.
  • Fixed a bug that showed your lightning bonus damage as your fire bonus damage instead
  • Added the option to skip to any of the first three dungeons, very much experimental, save before using
  • Fixed a bug causing the scene with the slime girl to be playable twice
  • Returned Greg's missing face
  • Added a debug option to view the guild scene with Katie even if your save is past when it would normally occur.

Version 0.14.7

  • Added a missing sprite for the Ogre event.

Version 0.14.6

  • Increased difficulty of dungeon three enemies, added items to tweak difficulty in case things are too challenging or too easy

Version 0.14.5

  • The Lizardman has no longer stolen a move from a dungeon 3 enemy
  • Various other fixes

Version 0.14.2

  • Fixed combat animations for Alexandra's dark spells.
  • Upgraded the visuals of the third dungeon a bit. Some of the flowers I had put in weren't showing up in game as well.
  • Fixed the sign at the end of the dungeon to actually work, letting you select an opponent to face from the third dungeon.

Version 0.14.1

  • Properly added icon artwork for new clothing

Version 0.14.0

  • Added a guild promotion scene involving Katie. (Sexually charged wrestling)
  • Added the first section of the third dungeon.
  • Added the Cultist enemy to the third dungeon. When defeated by one, they administer “punishments” as they see fit to you.
  • Added the Dryad enemy to the third dungeon. (Gentle femdom on defeat, gentle sex on victory)
  • Added the masochistic Sorceress enemy to the third dungeon. She focused her studies on lust magic solely to fuel her orgasm denial kink. Of course, if you beat her, all that pent-up lust will have to go somewhere...
  • Added a scene where you have to save some trapped female adventurers by masturbating into their underwear.
  • Added a random Slime to the Slime home area that will eagerly separate you from your seed if you speak to them.
  • Added an Orc guard to the entrance of the Orc section of the first dungeon. They will frisk you quite liberally to ensure you aren’t hiding anything prohibited. What exactly isn’t allowed in a dungeon though, she doesn’t really say.

Version 0.13.11

  • Combat animation fixes

Version 0.13.10

  • There was a problem with version 0.13.9 if you started a new game, this patch should fix that.

Version 0.13.9

  • Fixed combat animations for Alexandra's dark spells.

Version 0.13.8

  • Made the outfits section of Skirts and More actually function.

Version 0.13.7

  • Fixed the bugged doors in the Sorcerer's Cauldrone. They now properly do nothing.
  • Granted the player the ability to reset the skill tree at any time. Might be a good idea to save before using, I've tested it, but it could have bugs I missed.

Version 0.13.4

  • Fixed player being unable to leave the Elven Village, heading to the bottom of the map should now prompt an exit.
  • Added a debug in case the player's model is offset by any events and not returned to normal afterwards.

Version 0.13.3

  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from equipping anything but their boxers.

Version 0.13.2

  • Fixed an issue where the first shopping event wouldn't play it's intro.
  • Fixed a bug preventing web versions of the game from saving.

Version 0.13.0

  • Added in the boss of the second dungeon, Alexandra, member of the cult, I mean, organization, that is running amok.
  • Added a series of scenes for being defeated and brainwashed into being Alexandra’s servant, alongside her existing servants.
  • Added a series of scenes for defeating and brainwashing Alexandra into being your servant. You also get to play with Alexandra’s maids as well.
  • Added in a new scene with Havath. Get treated to a romantic evening of cheap wine and horrible jokes. And sex, of course.
  • Added in a new scene with Vivian involving repeated uses of the aphrodisiac with her.
  • Added icons for most of the in-game clothing.
  • Re-added all of the clothing from the Twine version of the game, including the cursed outfit with all of its own scenes.
  • Re-added the elven village and its scenes, with a new map showing off the Elves homes among the giant trees.
  • Added new art for the more important Elves for the rendered image pack.
  • Increased the impact depravity has on the players defense.

Version 0.12.10

  • Bug Fixes

Version 0.12.0

  • Added in the “Milking Room,” a new section of Hypno Hell filled with adventurer’s transformed into cow-girls, with a number of unique traps and new events, many of which are animated in-game.
  • Added a new scene with Daisy, available after viewing her first scene.
  • Added back Daisy’s first sex scene
  • Added back the ability to check the players appearance.
  • Added back events for Beatrice’s transformative potions
  • Animated the ass transformation events with Beatrice’s potions.
  • Added a plugin to let the player rebind controls.
  • Added a plugin that lets me change the size of text boxes to increase the amount of rows per box.

Version 0.11.0

  • Added a new Lamia scene, wherein you are hypnotized to despise wearing underwear. Leads into further scenes with Beatrice and two more minor scenes in the bar.
  • After being cured of your hypnosis, you can go on another date with Beatrice, this one being exhibitionism themed.
  • Added "Hypno Hell," containing 3 different routes containing 8 different types of hypnosis traps.
  • Added new weapons hidden throughout "Hypno Hell", with a variety of effects.
  • Added the Church back into the game, with all of it's scenes as well.
  • Added some new animations for combo spells
  • Added the ability to skip most defeat scenes if the player has already viewed them

Version 0.10

  • Ported the game to RPG Maker MV, the game now has maps for most of the locations you can visit, although many are still works in progress.
  • Added a new slime area to the first dungeon. The area contains two new scenes with the Slime girl you can encounter there, and will have more content later on.
  • Added an intro hypnosis event to the hypno traps.
  • Added a short sex scene when winning a fight against an Elf, letting you dom them.
  • A new scene with the purity ring can occur if your depravity changes enough.
  • Added new art for Daisy, Claire, the Lizardman, and the Alraune.

Version 0.9.1

  • Added in the church
  • Added Sister Ann, the sexually repressed head nun, and one sex scene with her.
  • Added Sister Cynthia, a stern nun who can administer a penance/spanking to you to help reduce your depravity. (Requires somewhat high depravity to access)
  • Added Carl, a horny vagrant who will attempt to grope you while you are volunteering at the church.
  • If you spend 30 or more silver at Claire’s shop, she will give you a gift, and after discovering you are actually a cute boy, ask if you would be interested in modelling some outfits for her.
  • Added a second regular defeat scene to the Incubus.
  • You can now transform the purity ring you get from the second dungeon’s trial into a purity fleshlight if you are depraved enough. I don’t think I need to explain what you can do with that.
  • Depravity will now reduce the players defense, as they get more and more lewd and secretly start to want to be defeated.
  • Added in images for Beatrice and Katie. The barkeep and Claire also have images, but only for the rendered image pack at this time.
  • Finally added in the underwear from the date with Beatrice.
  • Fixed an issue with the cursed outfit, the final body proportions were a bit off.

Version 0.8

  • You can now travel through the crack in the wall in the second dungeon, which is where most of the new content is.
  • An event will occur between you and Katie the first time you travel through this crack.
  • The new NPC is a statue of a Goddess. She can punish you for corrupt actions if you are depraved enough, or reward you if you’ve maintained your purity. Each route has two full sex scenes, but being punished gives you a statue effect that lets you access new defeat scenes for both the Lamia and the Incubus. (These are completely different, not just variations of the old scenes.)
  • The Incubus has three sex scenes, counting the one mentioned above.
  •  There is a new hypno trap, with four total variations.
  • A new feminizing trap is in the second dungeon as well.
  • You can purchase another level of all of the transformative potions from Beatrice, and the booty growth potions have a new scene.
  • Enemies now get stronger the further you go into the dungeon, so they are all similar in strength and present in all parts of the dungeon, instead of having one zone dedicated to Lamia’s and another to something else.

Version 0.7.1

  • Added in the first section of the second dungeon. Currently contains the Lamia enemy, a hypnotized adventurer as a one-time enemy, and three other lewd events within the dungeon you can encounter.
  • These events include a humiliation hypnosis trap, a hole you have to crawl through (which you might just get stuck in, if you’ve got a big enough butt,) and a sexual trial where you must overcome your desire to cum to obtain a reward.
  • Added in the item reward from the dungeon trial.
  • The Lamia enemy has a base version, with two in-combat lewd attacks, and a more sadistic version, with a different in-combat lewd attack.
  • A new event is available with Beatrice, which lets the two of you go on a date together, with Beatrice naturally finding ways to make things kinkier than necessary. This event has two routes depending on your outfit, with a total of five different endings available.
  • Added empowered magic, stronger spells you can unlock with limited uses.
  • Reworked code for combat while adding in empowered magic, should make further additions easier in the future.
  • Added a bottom U.I. bar for navigating dungeons.

Version 0.6.1

  • Added the dungeon, which contains a bunch of events and enemies to do lewd things with.
  • Added a pixel art map of the dungeon to help you navigate it.
  • Three enemy types are in the dungeon.
  • Added Stacy, a clumsy Imp you fight in the dungeon that has multiple events.
  • Added the "Hole Room", which is a gloryhole room where you can work for Stacy, serving random enemies and people in the dungeon.
  • You can use the hole room yourself, after earning tokens working inside of it first.
  • There are eleven scenes total for the gloryhole.
  • Added Greg, a mimic you can encounter in the dungeon. (His scene is more comedic than lewd).
  • Added Sindia, and Orc merchant you can buy some enchanted gear from in the dungeon.
  • Added Hvelda, the leader of the Orcs within the dungeon and the boss of the dungeon.
  • Added a bunch of scenes with Katie inside the dungeon.
  • Changes femininity to have diminishing returns, makes it easier to balance the game around high fem vs low fem players.
  • Added a skirt, heels, and a cursed outfit that includes transformation to Skirts and More, all of which were commissioned by patrons.
  • Many other small events in the dungeon.

Version 0.5.0

  • Aphrodisiac now useable during Vivian scene
  • Second scene with Tillanie, and the ability to add tan lines to your body
  • Reward scene with Daisy now available
  • Added a basic pair of panties to Skirts and More
  • Added an elegant bra and panty set to Skirts and More, as requested from a patron
  • Added some small flavor text to a few scenes
  • Added the bathhouse to the Elven village (Content still the same as after the pillory scene though
  • Probably some other stuff

Version 0.4

  • Alraune quest added. Includes a new enemy and sex scene, with multiple paths.
  • Vivian now has a sex scene. You need to lose to the Elves at least once to access the Elven village and visit her.
  • Added a groping scene, check the walkthrough to figure out how to access it.
  • Added the clothing store.
  • Added a bra and a blouse to the store.
  • Changed the code for how clothing works, so you can change the color of things you’ve bought via magic!
  • Added short flavor for when people try to access a hole you’ve got plugged.

Version 0.3.0

  • Goblin Quest added. Includes two new enemies and a new sex scene.
  • Additional scene for the barkeep, check the walkthrough if you want to know how to access it.
  • New short scene for Beatrice, check the walkthrough for that too.
  • Set up an inventory system, now you can change clothes (not on the streets of Elmgar though, you perv).
  • Unfeminizing transformations get flavor text, though why would you want to unfeminize yourself

Version 0.2.0

  • Word count increased from 26k to 80k
  • Added the Elf enemy, which has a defeat scene.
  • Added an additional Beatrice scene. (Requires you to complete a quest for her through the guild hall.)
  • Implemented the leveling system and skill tree.
  • Added the guild, where you can take the first two quests.
  • Changed Dignity into Depravity

Version 0.1.01

  • Fixed a minor error when using fire+lightning in combat with only 1 enemy
  • Cleaned up a bit of text in the introduction


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Frinkleton

Version reviewed: 0.15.9 on 01/09/2021

Honestly I am not a fan of these RPG maker games as they always tend to be in tiny little postage stamp sized windows and acres of one line text boxes with scenes spanning multiple paragraphs.


I played the "anime" version dunno what the different between the versions is but figured I should say. 



While this does have scenes spanning multiple paragraphs it gets a bonus just because I can make the window big enough to see.


Content wise it is a good couple of hours with some well written scenes. 8/10


Outfits to make yourself cute are incredibly few but I managed to get some fun combos.    3/10


Very little grinding honestly alittle too easy. ~/10


one thing I would like to see is just straight up more outfits. this is a real short fall.




In its current state I'd give it a 7/10 for an rpg maker game. 

Because it has potential and was actually reasonably fun to play. 

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.14.11 on 12/19/2020

Its a perfect example of s fact that a story and map setting are fine in html but plays out lame in the specialised rpgmaker.

the story has the potential to be entertaining

the fun part is lame or text only in an rpg maker game it is way below than a frog poo

The way it handles the xxx text ruins it

the rpg part is not cohesive at all

The fact of a direct port to rpgmaker without map modification and the way that the author think like its still a html game makes me sad and ruins the game true potential.

Ps:if you are wonder what kind of potential this game has. Its on the lvl of Perverted Education, Magical camp.

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: 0.14.9 on 12/10/2020

I think the move to rpgmaker has really badly impacted this games playability, and im not saying that because i dont like rpgmaker I quite enjoy rpgmaker games I think the big problem is how the content that was ported has been ported. For example at the beginning of the game when you are just learning about magic you get a long paragraph of text describing whats happening when you could have shown what was happening in the game like when youre told oh you made a small flame appear you could have made flames appear using the rpgmaker engine. I think changes like that would make the game far more enjoyable to play at least for parts that were ported as i have not yet made it to the later parts of the game.

Review by Strikerman

Version reviewed: 0.14.7 on 12/06/2020

I liked the game when it was in HTML. RPG Maker doesn't do anything for me.

Review by QuantumKat

Version reviewed: 0.13.10 on 11/05/2020


Well.. was a subscribed follower of the HTML version, but since it went to RPG Maker.. nope.  I'll pass.  I truely dislike the gangly bobbleheaded look of the RPG Maker graphics, which completely ruin it for me.  So.. while it had potential, I'll never find it in RPG Maker.  Good luck, hope it comes together well!


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