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RPG Maker MV
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Windows 1.1
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Version: Windows 1.1

Version: MAC 1.1

Version: Linux 1.1

Version: LIN Demo (0.001)

Version: WIN Demo (0.001)

Version: MAC Demo (0.001)

3 people 3 doors 3 endings


The sound of waves hitting the ship, the rocking motion, a hit in the head and a door that won't open. Why are you here, who are you? Will you leave as a man, or stay as a woman?


Escape the room style of game (inspired by 999). The  game consist of  a list of fixed puzzles where you must use your wits in order to escape the room you are in. The game involves a tf penalty whenever you get things wrong, or investigate something too much. Tfed and not Tfed will have different interactions with the puzzle (sometimes), some might give lore, while others might be fun banters. 


Press E to activate ecchi images; press S to skip. 


Fixed some bugs (and make the wheel puzzle in the final room more clear) and added a conversation before the final room that I missed. 



Thanks for everyone for trying out the game and see you in the next game I make (or continue). Good luck to my fellow participants in the contest. 

PS: There's probably still bugs and spelling/grammar mistakes (less thanks to my proofreaders; which for I really appreciate the help), so this in not the final final version. 

PSS: Completed guide (up to and including the final room).



 Finally completed the game! Final room/puzzle and ending are now available. I'll work on a guide (from broad to specific) in the forum (...cause I don't know how to hide spoilers in the tabs). 


Version .4:

Created endings 0, 1 and 2. Those are all the endings... Why is it still in beta? Ah... Typos and mistakes, yes. Just tipos and mistakes. 

 V .41

Hopefully fixed all typos/gramatical errors in the game and bugs that have been reported so far (including the berverage bug and the tile bug).

Thanks for KishinSlayer and Yoshilder for proofreading the game. 


Version .35:

Implemented 3rd room (Alex).

Added reactions from Alex and Chris when Hayden gets transformed. 

Fixed bugs from previous version


Alex last room should be finishable.  


Alex should be Tfable in her room; 

Tables shouldn't be climbable



Version .3:

Implemented ecchi (provocative) images for the first 3 rooms. Just press E to activate them, be sure it's as soon as you have control of your character (it is not activated by default; tip: get tfed asap). 

Implemented 3rd room (Chris) + convesations leading up to it. 

Skip button can now skip past the second  rooms. 



Version .25:

Just a new room available, but no scenes after that. The room should be easier... The cryptogram (if any) should also be easier on that room, maybe, hopefully. 

Also implemented a skip room button. Press S (Skip) on the first room and it will teleport you to the hallway. 

Also also, moved from Alpha to Beta as I already did all the 3 rooms! (JK... only half finished)

V .251:

Added the text for Alex's tf

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Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: Windows 1.1 on 05/11/2019

I really liked the escape room type game, the story driven elements, the really nice transformations and the fact that you completed your game. I'm a bit sad that the transformations weren't all permanent. My fave of the mystery games.

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: Windows 1.00 on 04/23/2019

The demo does well to give us what to expect while also teaching us how to play. It was a little challenging dealing with some things such as what to do with one of the items as it was not clear it was even really interactable with where you needed to use it. Also the codes were a little mean, as it didn't really tell you which code went where, but a little forethought before you just use a code does go a long way, so props.

Definitely looking forward to second room/full release.


Update: I've more or less been keeping up with the updates. I still hold by that you should be able to tell if something has an interaction with it or not, which is really only a problem in the first room. The progression is nice but you really need to try everything to get endings, and puzzle games aren't exactly known for replay value. There's 4 different endings, and each one requires vastly different conditions, so you basically have to play through rooms 'Two' and 'Three' at least 3 different times for Endings 0-2. Endings 1 and 2 having the code for Ending 3, and when you have the puzzles all solved on your first playthrough everything after is just tedium.

Overall it's a fun game, but Author, I'd suggest avoiding multiple endings to puzzle games in the future unless they're like all getable after most if not all the puzzles.

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: WINDOWS .201 on 12/26/2018

havent played it but liked just for the fucking name


love the new room although there are a quite a few typos throughout the game aswell as one bug that I found (talking to both people and selecting no before entering the second room causes them to disappear). The game has a lot of promise though.

Review by EyeLoch

Version reviewed: LIN Demo (0.001) on 12/06/2018

This is a highly enjoyable little experience

Review by zexionfan15

Version reviewed: LIN Demo (0.001) on 12/01/2018

As a huge fan of the Zero Escape series, I must say that this game lives up to the promise of offering something similar with a TF twist to it. The content we have so far is very obviously taken directly from the first puzzle of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. It works nearly identically. I'm highly anticipating more to this, the puzzle was familiar yet different enough that it still took a bit of thought.

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