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Version: Beta 2 patch 5

Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition

Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition is a 3d version of House of Pandemonium/the Classic mode in House of Pandemonium - Remastered; which are both fantasy themed arena survival tf games.

This game includes some assets from House of Pandemonium - Remastered with permission from its dev (SaltyJustice); and also many from House of Pandemonium for which the dev (passelel) has given general permission for derivative works.

Faremann has assisted with image creation (specifically Sanya's moth bikini, in progress thrall images for rusalka, fallen cupid thrall images, low hp/wp states, lamp dazed, scramblers, lamias and dark elves (serf/master))

Transformation List:
From House of Pandemonium: Nymph, Slime, Harpy, Golem, Rilmani, Pixie (with Fairy), Darkslave (with playable dark cloud), Podling, Rusalka, Cow and Imp.
From Chambers of Pandemonium: Maid, Bee (Worker and Queen), Vampire (Spawn and Lord), Cupid, Fallen Cupid, Dryad, Treemother, Hamatula and Doll (all types, plus you can begin play as Pygmalie).
From the Handbook to Pandemonium: Arachne, Alraune, Leshy, Marzanna, Werewolf, Wraith
From the HoP Remaster's Adventure mode: Latex Drone
From Doll Mansion: Claygirl (all three colours)
And some extras: Evil Double, (playboy style) Bunnygirl, Guard, Mummy, Doomgirl, Mothgirl, Lamia, Kitsune, Dark Elf Master + Serf, Scrambler, Wicked Witch, Cultist, Demon Lord (including true form), Cowgirl Rancher, Lithosite Host, Nopperabo, Nyx, Mad Scientist, Frankie, Zombie, Antgirls (handmaiden/soldier/queen)


Beta 2:
- A new character, Nanako (images created faremann)
- The following transformations: Werewolf (faremann), Dog (faremann), Cultist, Demon Lord (and true form), Marzanna, Cowgirl Rancher, Lithosite Host, Nopperabo, Nyx, Mad Scientist, Frankie, Wraith (faremann), Zombie (faremann), Antgirls (handmaiden/solider/queen) and Leshies.
- Volunteering! Trinity3 has written volunteer transformation text for all implemented forms
- The victory methods have been fleshed out a bit
- New items: stamina potion, shield, faceless mask, knockout drug
- A lot of settings have been added

Beta 1:
- Doomgirl, Mothgirl, Lamia, Kitsune, Dark Elf Master + Serf, Scrambler, Wicked Witch, Claygirl and Alraune transformations.
- Three methods of escaping the mansion (to be expanded upon).
- Item spawn sets and game rulesets added (to allow quick switching between customised modes).
- Observer mode.
- Cauldron allowing alchemy to create several items (part of one of the victories, to be expanded upon). Ingredients can be looted from flowerbeds/graves.

Alpha 5:
- Hamatula, Dryad, Treemother, Guard, Mummy and Arachne transformations.
- Lobbed (grenade) and missile projectile weapons.
- Spawn additional humans option.
- Monster spawn set options.
- 'c' to order npcs to follow you, 'e' to use item on other (to prevent npc movement causing you to use an item on yourself accidentally)

Alpha 4 patch 3:
- Willpower weapons (pendulum/pocketwatch).

Alpha 4 patch 1:
- Latex golem transformation.

Alpha 4:
- Cupid, Fallen Cupid and Bunnygirl (playboy style) transformations.
- Gun items.

Alpha 3:
- Vampire (spawn and lord) transformations.
- A bunch of hopefully-help-with-log-reading changes: pausing, an auto pause during transformations, a tf-cam with larger log + focused on your character (toggleable), a tf speed option and an alternate layout with a larger log section.
- Weapon attack ranges/arcs/cooldowns now vary.
- UI scaling.
- A few new rooms.

Alpha 2:
- Bee (worker/queen) and doll (all types from Chambers plus Pygmalie playable) transformations
- Minor AI improvement/cleanup
- Bugfixes and minor features (remedy now cures tf states/blank doll state; player sprite; names over character heads)

Alpha 1:
- Multiple mansion floors
- Large number of additional rooms
- Evil double transformation (new trap)

Prototype 8:
- Added Maid tf
- Made Dark Cloud playable
- Added some mid-tf harpy images
- The mansion is now randomly generated from a (currently small) selection of rooms
- UI graphics have been added
- Text log has been decluttered (particularly, messages from other rooms are no longer seen and floating damage numbers replace 'a hit b for c damage' messages)
- A minimap has been added
- Spawn weights can now be set for monsters and traps, as can game difficulty, combat difficulty and mansion size
- An inventory screen has been added
- A few other minor features, bugfixes

Prototype 7:
- Added Rusalka, Cow, Darkslave (with Dark Cloud), Podling, Imp tfs
- Added in the other two protagonists (Jeanne/Lotta)
- Lot of bugfixes and some minor features

Prototype 6 (patch 1):
- Fixed an issue with harpies being locked in place.

Prototype 6:
- Action cooldown bar
- Attack arcs
- Harpy, Golem and Rilmani TFs

Prototype 5:
- Added Pixie/Fairy TFs
- Added most items (trap items aren't in)
- Enemies will now dash
- Key remapping for most controls

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Review by ambiguous

Version reviewed: Alpha 5 patch 5 on 10/28/2019

I've been really enjoying the development of this game, and at this point as a sandbox I'd say it's definitely surpassed those that came before it.  The unique behaviors of the different types of enemies is excellent, and the gameplay itself is pretty easy to balance to what you want.  I did want to provide a few points of feedback, as per A5P5: 

  • When an enemy type is not in the game (0 spawn rate,) it would be nice if its special map object didn't appear either (except for the slot machine because you can pick up chips.)  I'd like to try doing one or two enemy types on a cramped map, but when the map gets small you wind up having rooms crammed full of giant harpy nests and golem tubes and the like that just block your vision and don't do anything.
  • Left hand weapons (firearms, throwables, etc.) should probably be considered their own category when rolling for items, which then rolls again to see which you get.  I'd like to use them in the game, but they bloat the item table so much that you never see any potions or other items.
  • The trap spawn rate seems low, even when set quite high.  I very rarely see dark clouds even when the spawn rate for that trap is set to maximum.  A setting for trap odds in boxes would be awesome.
  • Adding human spawns makes the game just last forever in my experience so far...and having a bunch of renamed girls with the same appearances showing up is just...strange.  I'm sure there have been plenty of suggestions to add characters (male, other races, or just to see new looks) but as the roster of monsters grows, I'm sure that becomes more and more daunting of a task to consider.  I'm honestly not sure where I was going with this one.
  • Keep up the great work!

Review by emils

Version reviewed: Alpha 5 patch 3 on 09/30/2019

I've been following this game since the first version, since I was a fan of the original. At first I dismissed it as a clunky, broken, and unnecessary remake. A lot of time and updates later though, this game has turned into something pretty great. The gameplay still feels awkward, but the sheer number of transformations and options make this one of the most enjoyable and replayable games on the site. 

Kudos to the developer and everyone who helped with the 3d models, for providing regular updates and constantly improving the game.

Review by Shalassan

Version reviewed: Alpha 3 patch 2 on 07/24/2019

Well it's HoP in 3D like dungeon crawl and it could be fun but ...

For a game based on transformation, you actually don't see the transformation happening to your character cause in 1rst person view ... It's a bit strange. The descriptions of the transformation are written in a console so small you can't really read it, and all happens so fast. To be enjoyable at least you should turn into some sort of vanity camera when you can't control your character anymore and something is happening to cause, cause right now i can't see the point to play the game.


Hope it will be fixed in future versions so i can edit this review.



Edit 24/07/2019 : The above have been mostly fixed and the author is quite reactive for bug fixing. That sounds good for the futur of this game.

Review by Jondei

Version reviewed: Alpha 2 patch 1 on 07/11/2019

Loving the extra content that's been added into this version of the classic mode. Great work and I'll be keeping an eager eye out.

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: Prototype 8 patch 3 on 04/02/2019

It's really getting somewhere! The new rooms and map have hugely improved my immersion and enjoyment and with a full roster of monsters and players, I think the only way to go from here is to increase the ways the players can interact with the world. Right now they can only attack, or be attacked, but is there any way they can directly help one another? And any ideas for monsters fighting eachother? 

Or even specific scenarios with bonus features! I can't wait to see where this goes. 

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