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BETA 1.14d
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Version: BETA 1.14d

Version: BETA 1.14c

Version: BETA 1.13

Version: BETA 1.12


Ouroboros is a game inspired by classic RPGs such as Camelot's Golden Sun (TM) and Square Enix's Final Fantasy (TM) with elements of an alchemy crafting system and even Anthro/Monster Girls thrown into the mix.

Step into the shoes of budding alchemist Malik Kinkaid, whose life is absolutely changed by a fateful encounter with an entity from outside the Mortal Realm. This creature has a puculiar ability to possess and transform her victims into forms more suitable for her needs (anthro/monster girls). And those needs, guarantee sexual encounters. Help her help you!

This game features new custom mechanics, a customized UI, and even artwork developed by myself. Every monster girl your partner possesses has unique skills, artwork, and scenes. 

There are currently 4 monster girls available for play:

Kobold Malatraxia: A leggy green-skinned gal with a tenacious drive, and a wild disposition. In combat her focus is DPS, delivering brutal physical blows, and penetrating defenses with flame and acid. In bed her scenes will revolve around wild and passionate sex, and currently features 2 scenes, one taking the lead and riding cowgirl, and a modified scene when wearing the "Strange Black Outfit"

Bee Girl Malatraxia: A cute armored bee girl with an innocent but submissive personality. In combat her focus is defense, drawing aggro, tanking enemy attacks, and some use of some status effects like poison and confusion. In bed her scenes will revolve around her forced chastity, orgasm denial, and a lot of anal sex. Only the default scene is available so far.

Mandragora Malatraxia: A caramel-skinned, buxom and blond beauty with a sweet and loving personality that rides a large cauldron-like plant that secretes powerful aphrodisiacs. In combat her focus is healing and support magics. In bed, her scenes will feature oral, ahegao, paizuru, some self-bondage, and maybe self-bimbofication. Only the default scene is available so far.

Tree Witch Malatraxia: A pale-skinned bewitching dominatrix. In combat her focus is crippling the enemy with damage over time effects and status effects like poison, bleeding, sleep, and even leeches (yes, it is a unique status effect). In bed she will take the dominant role, and will heavily feature fem-domination, female pleasure, some humiliation, some hypnosis, and bondage. Only the default scene is available so far.


The Prologue is complete, and should provide 2+ hours of gameplay. Work on Chapter 1 is ongoing, and from this point on, patrons shall be the first to receive access to the game updates, full color artwork, and news. Planned content includes:  4-5 new monster girls, at least 3 sex-enabled NPCs, and 3 story line branches leading towards bad ends. 


For 1.14 onward, top is browser, middle windows, bottom is mac. Check the note before clicking download link to double check.

1.14 Greenwoods Finale is out for public release.


You are Malik Kinkaid, a budding alchemist whose father does not support his scientific pursuits. One day, one of your instruments goes missing, and you must head out of town to get materials for a replacement. While retreiving said materials, you are ambushed and flee further into a cave system, where you eventually find a hidden sanctum. There you summon an extra-planar entity and become intricately linked with her.

Your new partner explains to you her situation, and pleads for your help. To do so, you must help her gather resources in the only way she knows how: possessing the bodies of others and making offerings of them. To help ease you into your new role however, she transforms her hosts into anthro/monster girls to better satisfy her needs and desires as well as your own. 

Malik Kinkaid- a young yet talented alchemist, whose abilities with a quill are equaled by by those with a blade.

Malatraxia- an extraplanar entity known as a Netherling. You summoned and bound her to you and assumed responsability for her by doing so. She can transform her hosts to better fullfil her needs and desires.


BETA 1.14d

  • Broken "Sexy-time" code fixed. All scenes should work as intended
  • Code affecting the Ironwood Sentinel should work now
  • New scene added for Tree Witch Malatraxia, to access, have Tree Witch Malatraxia wear the Strange Black Outfit.


BETA 1.14c

  • Spent countless hours reprogramming the Possession mechanic. Scenes remain un-altered, but the skill "possession" no longer exists, instead, a marked enemy will trigger the relevant scene at the end of the turn in which it is marked as long as Base Form Malatraxia is in the party.
  • Thanks to the contributions of a supporter, an error was discovered affecting Queen Lotus harvests. They will no longer cause hang-ups when harvested.
  • A small cabin has been added to the Overworld where the entrance the the Greenwoods is, for visibility.


BETA 1.14b

Discovered an error preventing the first boss from rendering. Fixed now.


BETA 1.14

  • Bee Girl Malatraxia's Floating Sting attack is no longer missing an animation
  • Having Bee Girl Malatraxia in the party should now make it possible to jump accross wooden beams to reach all that sweet loot!
  • Troubold's quick fix will now reset ALL possession related flags, remove duplicated party members, remove all equipped items, and reset Malatraxia to basic form
  • Troubold's dialogue now includes an option to receive a journal for existing save files and syncing it to existing flags. Synchronizing can only occur for events AFTER the summoning of Malatraxia, so if you haven't reached that point, it might ne best to either hit that point in the story before talking to Troubold or starting a new file.
  • The Ironwood Sentinel boss is live, and was made to be very challenging for the unprepared! Bring plenty of restoratives, grenades, and bandages!
  • The southern woods should now be traversible again. All the way down south to the lake!
  • New side quest added to game: Find the missing greenwood guards!
  • Minor dialog changes to allow better flow
  • Some areas of the Greenwoods have new obstacles, be sure to exit the woods before updating, or risk getting stuck!


BETA 1.13

Major Content-
  • Mandragora Malatraxia- a healing and support focus party member. Taking her to bed has a 50% chance to grant the player 1 Extract of Mandragora
  • Tree Witch Malatraxia- a damage over time focused party member. Taking her to bed has a 50% chance to grant the player 1 Red Ichor
  • Abacus' Soul Shop is live- Find him in the Forteka Inn to trigger the second part of the quest alongside a cutscene. After the cutscene plays, you can return to his shop anytime, by paying 8 gold pieces at any fireplace (only 2 in the game so far, your house and the Inn).
  • Abacus trades gold, an experience granting potion, or an elixir granting bonus stat points. In the future improve his wares to include unique weapons, armor, and the ability to commission crafted items/weapons.
  • The Woods are live- some enemy encounters return, Mandragoras and Bees like before can only be found near the large pink flower bushes. Infested Walkers can be found north, south, or east of the central area past the hunter's lodge.
  • 2 new alchemical recipes added: Aphrodisiacs and Red Death poisons.
  • Aphrodisiacs require one Extract of Mandragora (dropped by mandragora or from Mandragora Malatraxia). Abacus grants you this recipe, and it can be used to immediately recover from the "Exhaustion" status effect. Go hard!
  • Red Death poison requires Red Ichor (dropped by infected walkers or Tree Witch Malatraxia).  To get Red Death recipe talk to the shifty person near the Hunter's Lodge in Greenwood. Causes all affected to bleed if they can.
  • New alchemical resources, both drops and overworld
  • 1 New unique weapon, 1 new unique shield, and 1 new unique outfit (no scenes implemented yet)
  • Sex scenes and transformation scenes can now be skipped.
Minor Patching:
  • Missing spaces for many skills have been corrected, hopefully no more smushed text
  • Monster girls should now properly grant the player a soul upon using "Vacate" if the host is ready for harvesting.
  • Fixed a flagging issue causing players to be unable to play any other scene except "Kobold Possession" scene. If it is still bugged, have Malatraxia Vacate her host and talk to "Troubold" A new troubleshooting NCP conveniently located tight outside your house.
  • Some states have had their parameters changed slightly for balancing
  • Cost of some items has changed for balance
  • Respawn rates for respawining harvestable resources has been dropped from 5 minutes to about 3 minutes.
  • Maximum level for PC and all Malatraxia variants temporarily set to 4 while new content is in development.
  • Exhaustion duration dropped from 150 steps to 100.



BETA 1.12

  • Fixed the soft lock sometimes experienced after talking to Bernadus. Tested a half dozen times, doens't seem to soft lock anymore. 
  • Made it impossible to skip the green ore deposit now, no more getting locked in by kobold ambushes after partnering with Malatraxia.
  • Fixed a typo on the intro.


BETA 1.11

There's now a MAC OS game link provided. Not tested because I don't own a Mac.

  • Fixed a major issue where some flags were not being reset properly after using "Vacate". Tested and seems to work just fine now. That means the game should not default to Kobold Transformation for every possessable enemy. That being said, Bee Girl Malatraxia should now be accessible, please give her a warm welcome :).
  • Enemy states for non-possessable creatures have been reworked. That should fix the issue where players can use the "Mark" spell on them.
  • The summoning event has been slightly reworked. A new dialogue textbox has been added to help the transition between the trigger and the summoning event move along more smoothly. Also, Malatraxia should now heal you at the conclusion of the event. Hopefully that helps players out before triggering the possession tutorial fight.
  • The player's bed in the protagonist's home should now be accessible after talking to Malatraxia in the kitchen.
  • A typo in the barracks scene has been fixed.

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Review by ouroborosgaming

Version reviewed: BETA 1.13 on 01/10/2019


The overworld graphics are default tilesets supplied by RPGMaker MV, so items are scaled funny. I would love to commision custom tilesets in the future to improve that aspect of the game, but it will only be possible through patreon donations. This is because the limited time I have to work on the game is better spent improving user interface, developing new content, improving existing content, and especially creating artwork to go along with the games erotic/non-erotic scenes. Again, this could all be improved with additional support to commision other artists/developers/writers/composers. Anyways, thankk you for taking the time to critique the game, feedback is always appreciated!


Review by Terrone 2

Version reviewed: BETA 1.11 on 12/06/2018

for now the idea of a base on the game isn't bad, but the graphic is orreble, why the bottle is soo big compare on the table?

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