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Version: BETA 1.12


Ouroboros is a game inspired by classic RPGs such as Camelot's Golden Sun (TM) and Square Enix's Final Fantasy (TM) with elements of an alchemy crafting system and even Anthro/Monster Girls thrown into the mix.

Step into the shoes of budding alchemist Malik Kinkaid, whose life is absolutely changed by a fateful encounter with an entity from outside the Mortal Realm. This creature has a puculiar ability to possess and transform her victims into forms more suitable for her needs (anthro/monster girls). And those needs, guarantee sexual encounters. Help her help you!

This game features new custom mechanics, a customized UI, and even artwork developed by myself. Every monster girl your partner possesses has unique skills, artwork, and scenes. As this game is still only a BETA, there are only two monster girls available for play, but more will be added as new builds are implemented.

Also, because this game is entirely self developed (except for a few plugins by SumRndmDude), development is tedious and time consuming. If you want to support this game and help commision artwork, music, better writing,  or make other contributions to speed up development times, feel free to reach out on my patreon! Premium access to the latest builds can be found there, BUT I will always release content here a week or two later to coincide with the free non-patron release.


*Souls not being awarded upon using "vacate" has been fixed and will be patched next update. Turns out a variable was being zeroed out too soon so it would return null when "vacate" was used regardless of if Malatraxia was ready for harvest or not.


Top link is windows, bottom is mac. check the note before clicking download link to double check.

You are Malik Kinkaid, a budding alchemist whose father does not support his scientific pursuits. One day, one of your instruments goes missing, and you must head out of town to get materials for a replacement. While retreiving said materials, you are ambushed and flee further into a cave system, where you eventually find a hidden sanctum. There you summon an extra-planar entity and become intricately linked with her.

Your new partner explains to you her situation, and pleads for your help. To do so, you must help her gather resources in the only way she knows how: possessing the bodies of others and making offerings of them. To help ease you into your new role however, she transforms her hosts into anthro/monster girls to better satisfy her needs and desires as well as your own. 

Malik Kinkaid- a young yet talented alchemist, whose abilities with a quill are equaled by by those with a blade.

Malatraxia- an extraplanar entity known as a Netherling. You summoned and bound her to you and assumed responsability for her by doing so. She can transform her hosts to better fullfil her needs and desires.


BETA 1.12

  • Fixed the soft lock sometimes experienced after talking to Bernadus. Tested a half dozen times, doens't seem to soft lock anymore. 
  • Made it impossible to skip the green ore deposit now, no more getting locked in by kobold ambushes after partnering with Malatraxia.
  • Fixed a typo on the intro.


BETA 1.11

There's now a MAC OS game link provided. Not tested because I don't own a Mac.

  • Fixed a major issue where some flags were not being reset properly after using "Vacate". Tested and seems to work just fine now. That means the game should not default to Kobold Transformation for every possessable enemy. That being said, Bee Girl Malatraxia should now be accessible, please give her a warm welcome :).
  • Enemy states for non-possessable creatures have been reworked. That should fix the issue where players can use the "Mark" spell on them.
  • The summoning event has been slightly reworked. A new dialogue textbox has been added to help the transition between the trigger and the summoning event move along more smoothly. Also, Malatraxia should now heal you at the conclusion of the event. Hopefully that helps players out before triggering the possession tutorial fight.
  • The player's bed in the protagonist's home should now be accessible after talking to Malatraxia in the kitchen.
  • A typo in the barracks scene has been fixed.

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Review by Terrone 2

Version reviewed: BETA 1.11 on 12/06/2018

for now the idea of a base on the game isn't bad, but the graphic is orreble, why the bottle is soo big compare on the table?

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