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News desk

You will play as a male news co-anchor, Garrick Reynolds.  You and your female co-host (Cassandra Hamilton) are both alphas that clawed your ways to where you are now.  The new problem is that the station is getting bought by a big news corporation and there will only be one anchor when the sale goes down.  Both you and your colleague will try to sabotage each other to get that coveted spot.  Maybe your opponent’s college aged daughter would be a good place to start.


The main gameplay will consist of a build your deck kind of system.  You’ll start with a basic set of cards and the events that you encounter, the sex scenes that you’ll discover, and the decision you make will add or remove cards from your deck.  You’ll also be able to mess with your co-anchor’s deck but she’ll get to do the same in return.


Sex tags (present and future):

M/F, F/F, humiliation, M dom, F sub, anal, incest(Mother/Daughter), mind break, exhibitionism, gangbang, prostitution.


The deets (V0.04):
- Added the gym training button to up your maximum energy.
- Added the upgrading button to the business district.  With this you can up the effectiveness of your cards while lowering it’s cost.
- Added the removing button to the ghetto.  With this you can remove cards from your deck.
- Fixed some bugs new and old.
- Added min/max for cards (min number of cards:  10)  (Max number of cards:  40)
- seperate the events.  Now the locations have their unique events.  Some events are shared by one or two locations and some are communal events that can be accessed anywhere.
- added 7 new events.


The deets (V0.03):

- Ally backend code.

- Maximilian’s (Ally) story and functionality.

- Karen’s (Ally) 3 part story and functionality.  (sexy time in this one)

- Tiffany’s two part intro.

- 1 Cassandra scene.

- 5 Tiffany scenes.

- Emily intro.

- Save/load functionality.


The deets (V0.02):

- 13 sexy scenes.

- 2 introductory scenes.

- 11 unique town events with 10 extra variance.

- UI art.

- Cheat mode added.  (you can add to your energy, money and blackmail.  You can also choose to skip battles for as long as you want.)

- Help file added to the game.  (Just right click at any time to summon it.)


Version 0.04:  Available to 5$ patrons. - https://www.patreon.com/Pyorgara.
Version 0.03:  Available to 1$ patrons. - https://www.patreon.com/Pyorgara.
Version 0.02:  Available for free.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 01/10/2019

Use the additional tabs please, such as the 'Changelog' tab so our overview isn't 10 pages long mostly due to the updates.

Also while you update the Change Log, it's only for the people who'll be getting it anyway, perhaps wait until you update the Free version before posting the Change Log Deets here?

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 01/09/2019

Very small cards and I have no idea how to play as it isn't well explained. Maybe make it bigger.

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