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Version: 0.3.2b

Version: 0.3.1

Version: 0.3

Kinky Life Game

You and your guardian have moved to a secluded town and you are attending a new school.

Everything appears idyllic and innocent until one looks behind the veil and dares to rebel against the strict rules.

Something is wrong with this town and even your guardian seems to change...

Themes: Feminization, femdom, sissification, humiliation

Note: You can change the title of your guardian as well as the most important names in "Menu/Personalize"

The newest public version is: 0.3.2b

The newest patreon version is: 0.3.6 (see changelog)

How to play:

  1. Download Game

  2. Extract the Zip-File. Navigate to the "Game" folder.

  3. Open "Kinky Life Game.exe"

  4. Set Graphics Quality to "Ultra"

  5. Have fun!

Kinky Life Game Version 0.3.6
- More kinky scenes with guardian
- New options to earn her gratitude
- First cafe/waitress scenes
- First dates with one of the classmates
- Several other scenes all around the game
- Added a hypnotic part... So twirly! So flashy! All glory to the hypnotoad!
- Added a bit more clothing
- Added two more poses for the avatar, but they are rare right now
- Added "modular poses" support to allow more recombinations in the future
- Added "facial expressions" to the avatar
- Wolf ears! (at least in one scene, but more will come...)
- Two more starts for players, who want to skip the first parts
- Balancing changes for better story flow
- Some scene restructuring and other fixes
- Fixed some typos and grammar errors
- Fixed some layout issues on some resolutions
- Text background darker for better readability
- Ability to convert Privilege into Good Boy points for quicker progress


Change Log: Kinky Life Game Version 0.3.2b

Same as before, but with real testing this time. Let's pretend the previous version never happened...


Change Log: Kinky Life Game Version 0.3.2
This is a minor update. Mostly fixing bugs, adding a better navigation and a few more features.
Change Log:
- Fixed a few bugs and inconsistencies
- Locations now accessible through handy navigation buttons at the bottom
- 3D Background changes with location
- New ending (Hint: Starts at Town Center)
- Added more scenes
- Added A/D or Left/Right arrow controls for therapy
This will overwrite your existing save files. (As intended, because I've changed several keys and variable names for consistency… This will change in the future. I promise.)


Change Log: Kinky Life Game Version 0.3.1

- Fixed several bugs
- Fixed some typos
- Added Internet Access (Get it by paying Privilege Points at "Teacher's wing")
- Voluntary Hypnosis Mini Game to get School Points (once a day from day 3 in "Teacher's wing")
- New ending (Ask internet for help, requires knowledge of a certain word)
- Career Assessment (to make the "serum transformation" trigger a bit later)
- Dessert (tasty, creamy and so yummy...)
- Added Thanks

This will overwrite your save files. (As intended, because I've changed several keys and variable names for consistency)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by lianneadamson

Version reviewed: 0.3.2b on 03/21/2019

This is one of the more promising games I've seen lately. There's a lot of variety, plenty of places for the game to go, but it's not so open-ended that it's likely to end up overwhelming the creator until it gets abandoned like so many others.


In its current form, there's quite a bit of grind and repetition, but the basic framework is solid and there are a lot of interesting avenues for advancement. The characters are well-made for the system. It's always nice to have a player avatar, so you can watch him get feminized as you read about it. This one does the job nicely. Can't wait to see him get even girlier.


Most importantly, this game is creative. The scenarios have their own unique twist that makes me eager to know what will happen next when I'm not replaying my favorite scenarios.


Heck, I'll say it now. Best makeup scene in any game on the site.


Cons are mostly forgiveable. There are a few areas that aren't really implemented yet, so they just sit there mocking me. Most disappear as options once selected the first time. Such a tease.


Probably the biggest complaint people may have is with the grind. Managing arousal, study, money, fitness, social graces, and school points can be a bit of a slog, especially if you just want to get to the good stuff. Personally, I was mostly OK with it. The horniness stat gets in the way often, but that's the point, so I can't really complain.


I'm enjoying this one and eagerly awaiting the next update, but there's still a lot of game left to be built, so don't expect dozens of hours of gameplay just yet. Hopefully someday...

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.3.2b on 12/28/2018

After a few updates I have come to realize that this game is just another linear game.  The choices you make only hasten or slower the path of being a forced sissy.. One of the best examples of this (for me) was the masturbation.  I decided that I was not going to masturbate at all but as the story went on, the step-mother wants to punish me for not controling it.....WTF! I never started it,   This right here shows me that while this could have been a great game, ultimately it is just a lazy design.  This means that you can play like a saint, a devil, or anything in between and it will not make a difference because they do not change any outcomes.  They are merely bumps in the linear story.


Play it if you like a linear game.  Do not play it if you are looking for choices with different outcomes.

Review by rubberdolltami

Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 12/24/2018

Very big fan of this game. The story is interesting and has the potential to take lots of paths. The gui and interace work well and are fairly intuitive. I am looking forward to more content.

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 12/23/2018

It's an interesting game, but not much happens unless you do nothing for a week.


I found it annoying that you can't masturbate after day 30 and the game doesn't give you clues what to do other then the brainwashing. Is this game purely brainwashing? It says m2f transformation, but haven't seen it at all.


so in all I give this a 2 out of 5 as you can't steer the game, nor does it show you what to do other then eliminating the possibility to masturbate.

Review by lovelight

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 12/21/2018

Good game and i really like the association therapy. Hopefully we get more content for it and overall of course. Would like to have more depth into the association therapy, like more mistakes = something while no mistake and/or few mistakes = something else reward wise. That would make the player focus more on it aso.

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