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Version: 0.28.1

Version: 0.27.1

Version: 0.26.1

Version: 0.25.2

Version: 0.24.1

Version: 0.23.1

Version: 0.22.2

Version: 0.21.1

Version: 0.20.1

You Throw Like a Girl
by Vim

You're the star quarterback, the homecoming king, and you're dating the hottest girl in school. Life is good...or it was, until you got yourself cursed by a witch. She wanted you to lose your muscles and your spot as the starting quarterback, but to your horror, other changes seem to be taking place too.

Male path: This is pretty simple. Don’t do anything that would cause you to get transformed, spend a lot of time practicing football with Griffin and in the weight room, and you’ll hold onto the quarterback job

Jessica path: This is also pretty simple, at least for now. As long as you don’t break up with Jessica in order to get her into the Witchcraft Club, you’ll stay in a relationship with her.

Griffin path: 

  • You’ll have to either give him a blowjob after team practice, or have sex after either practice #4 or practice #5 with him. If you don’t, you won’t be able to unlock his path
  • Keep spying on the Witchcraft Club. Break up with Jessica and give her permission to date Marco in order to get her into the club
  • Hang out with Jessica. You’ll need to have a homosexuality score over 30. She’ll ask you if you want to date Griffin. Say yes
  • Morgan will approach you during gym class to ask if you like Griffin. After that talk, you’ll need to ask Griffin about Morgan during lunch and overhear Morgan while eating lunch with your friends
  • Practice with Griffin again. If you’ve been having sex with him and getting transformed regularly, he should ask you out. Say yes


  • The MC's first schoolday after the reality change, which includes 101 new passages
  • Rewrote 27 transformations to fit with the reality change
  • 12 new clothes
  • New cheerleading background
  • Redid the You passage
  • Replaced the placeholder text if you run out of transformations
  • You're no longer shown wearing your school uniform during swimming scenes
  • Fixed clothing bug when buying second bra
  • Added to the walkthrough


  • The reality change is here! Now, you can do a spell with Jessica which will make everyone think that you've always been a girl
  • Added the fallout from the reality change: you can try to join the Witchcraft Club, meet your parents and have dinner with them, have dinner with the witches, and meet your new roommate, depending on why you wanted to do the spell
  • Added the parents visit if you haven't done the reality change. There's different content depending on if you look masculine, effeminate, or if you look so feminine that your parents don't recognize you
  • Added two more transformations
  • Backgrounds! Now, the paperdoll avatar will show you where you are, and how tall you are compared to your peers
  • Expanded the avatar to show your feet
  • New repeatable yoga scene
  • Your sports bra will finally be the same size as your boobs!
  • Fixed some gamebreaking bugs with the clothes system
  • Grammar and formatting fixes

Note: If your avatar shows that you're not wearing shoes, you might have to take your shoes off, put them back on, and save your outfit again


  • New date at the mall with Jessica
  • New date at the mall with Griffin
  • Wrote all the scenes leading up to the reality change when Corey is doing it to infiltrate the Witchcraft Club
  • Wrote all the scenes leading up to the reality change when Corey is doing it for the visit with her parents
  • You can now buy clothes at the mall, even when you're not shopping as part of an event
  • Added swim trunks
  • Bug fixes


  • Another sex scene with Griffin (go to the lake with him to see it)
  • An update to the Witchcraft Club storyline, and made two exposition scenes for that storyline accessible
  • Another yoga class
  • You and Griffin can now play with your boobs while you're at the lake
  • 5 new conversation topics at lunch
  • You no longer have to refresh when loading an old save for the paperdoll to work
  • Your body hair will now grow naturally, and you can shave it in the shower
  • Sports bra is the right color
  • Bug fixes


  • Added the halloween party


  • There's finally a paper doll avatar for the MC!
  • The last face transformation
  • Bugfixes


  • Three different variations of a long beach scene with Jessica (you can be on a date, talking about your date with Griffin, or she can be consoling you after Griffin starts dating Morgan)
  • Feet transformation
  • Three new shoes
  • Fixed a bug with the witchcraft club where you can break up with Jessica multiple times
  • Transformations will no longer tell you that you masturbated if you transformed from doing something else
  • Lots of other bug fixes


  • Raven can give you a makeover instead of Jessica
  • Added a scene for the morning after the date
  • Added a voice transformation
  • Added a hints page
  • Now, your arousal is capped at 75 if you're not having sex. This should make sex scenes last longer
  • Fixed bug with the spell to give Griffin your QB abilities
  • Added more stats to panel


  • You can go on your date with Griffin!
  • Jessica makeover scenes
  • Pep rally
  • Another football game
  • A scene where you text Griffin after the game (only available if you're not on the team)


  • 19 new conversation topics when you're at lunch with your friends
  • Another therapy session with 12 conversation topics
  • Yoga scene in the gym (need to have had girltalk with Jessica and sent a selfie to Griffin to unlock)
  • If you don't get kicked off the team the first monday after the game, you can still get kicked off the team if you've done the curse, instead of repeating the default practice over and over
  • Stopped a new paragraph from being generated every time you touched yourself at the lake
  • Other bug and continuity fixes


  • Another practice with Griffin
  • You can send a picture to Griffin after you've worked out
  • Reworked the transformations so they fit in the context of the game. (I did my best to fix every bug I saw during testing, but I wasn't able to test every single combination. If anyone finds a bug or something that doesn't make sense, let me know)
  • A default team practice you can go to, so you can still get kicked off, even if you haven't finished the spell by day 25
  • Fixed the bug where you weren't able to progress if you tore your pants and didn't pick up girls jeans from the mall
  • Other bug fixes


  • C cup boobs transformation
  • You're able to buy another bra
  • Introduced a rival who wants to date Griffin
  • Another witchcraft club meeting, which can give you an accessory
  • Fixed the mall tampon bug
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't go on if you didn't get any panties from the panty raid
  • Fixed some clothing bugs
  • Fixed the infinite loop you can get when Jessica is using the strapon
  • Lots of other bug fixes
  • Added a walkthrough


  • Finished the spell that makes you lose your football ability
  • You can now get kicked off the football team
  • Multiple short scenes that can happen once you're off the team
  • Another Griffin practice
  • Another team practice (if you're not kicked off)
  • Reworked the clothing


  • You can now collect the ingredients for Raven's QB spell
  • 1 new transformation
  • New clothes
  • Girltalk scene with Jessica
  • Accurately tracked whether the player is wearing panties, so you don't get locked out of other scenes
  • Other bugfixes


  • Another football game
  • Another scene where you can spy on the club
  • You can now discuss football during lunch
  • You should now be able to get to the scene where you wear a one-piece
  • Realized that a football practice I had put in wasn't showing up. This is now fixed.
  • Other bugfixes
  • Copied the entire game to TweeGo. If it all went well, none of you will see anything different, but it should make it easier to write and manage this game going forward.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by FakeNameyFakeNamey

Version reviewed: 0.28.1 on 09/11/2021

I've replayed this one a few times over the course of updates. I think it's one of the better games on site and keeps getting better. The art is alright, although sometimes it would help to see the other characters on their own to have it more clearly established which is which. I really like the Jessica path, easily my favorite part of the game. 

My biggest ongoing minor 'eh' is that I really dislike Griffin and I dislike how easily some things pop in, especially if you've been telling him to f off for most of the game. I kinda wish there was a male option other than griffin although I understand with continued development that's probably unrealistic for where the game is going. My personal choice is usually to exclusively hang out with Jessica and fully ignore Raven and Griffin. 

I haven't gotten through all of the content in this update, although there are a few new bugs in the graphics of the new version. I didn't run into any crashes, but some ?? stuff where the protagonist has socks while at the pool, wears school clothes at football practice somehow (early, not at a point where I think that's intentionally possible).

Anyway, I mostly just hope to see the Jessica path continue to grow at this point, and do recommend the game!

Review by Jazsalumbru

Version reviewed: 0.27.1 on 08/09/2021

This game had me involved for hours, just slowly working through the story. It's nice to have your decisions have impact on future choices. Very well crafted!

Negatives: Sometimes you get railroaded: Trying the sometimes 3 or 4 variations and choices and always ending up at the same bad place was mildly annoying at times. The "sex" scenes are extremely limited, and the player has to do all the initiating. The other characters don't seem to have the ability to remove clothing or initiate anything in the normal sex scenes. (There are story scenes that things happen, but no character ever does any pushing once a boundary is established by the player choices.) Transformation happens very slowly over time, and it feels like some of the changes happening should be noticed a lot more by the other characters around the protagonist.

Positives: Active development - I went to load a save and the last time I played was 2 years ago or so, and wow, it has seen a lot of build up! What has been crafted here is phenomenal! There is a great, linear, adjustable story being told and the protagonist has a lot of ability to fight the transformations and maintain the sense of self instead of just becoming a chick. You really have a lot of say in how fast the descent is.

I'd definitely rank this in the top 5 games on this site, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more!

Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: 0.27.1 on 08/08/2021

Coming back years later, I am so grateful to say that this game has far surpassed even the lofty aspirations I had for it back when I played the very first version. It has gained so much depth and so many great QoL features, all while continuing the absolutely top tier writing and TF direction that it started with. Even at this late stage of the game, the author is still taking the time to ensure any possible way to play the character is allowed to continue with a natural progression. The care that went into ensuring that the player always has control over what the main character's motivations are, and how they'll attempt to deal with things as they come is honestly mindblowing.

This is now hands down one of the greatest games on the site, and you are seriously missing out if you don't look into it. As I have been for every update starting from the first, I eagerly await the continuation of this masterpiece.

Original review kept below for posterity:

This is a very promising start, which is not something I say often. It reminds me of earlier RAGS based games with it's concept, which is kinda of refreshing to see. What I especially liked is how much control I had over the main character's personality. You aren't forced into playing a stereotypical asshole jock. That's still an option, but there is clear groundwork being set up to let your character and the people he interacts with have a lot more freedom as the game progresses. It helps the characters feel a bit more human, and a bit less like cliches. 

The TF is a light presence, but I do like it's pacing thus far. While I might prefer if it were a bit slower, I realise that's quite hard to write, so I'm fine with what we have. I might suggest going a bit further with describing the body after a TF segment, as without any sort of graphic we have little idea what he looks like. I eagerly look forward to more mental TFs moving forward, which I can see being set up even where we are now. 

Overall, it's a solid and well written little story with a lot of promise that will hopefully be developed later on.

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.27.1 on 08/08/2021

This... has come so so very far from when I first played it...imo, it's almost in a complete state now, just a bit left to round it out if the author wanted to end it here.  I'd very much look forward to this game going ever farther into the protagonist's life.  IDK how or where it'll go from here, but wherever the rabbit hole leads, I'll follow right behind the author!

There even appears to be real-ish motivations to the characters, and more of a real romance than most games on this site.


TLDR: Awesome game, not complicated, very enjoyable and sweet!


PS: Would love to see more about Protag as a member of the witch club.



(>^_^)>      =^_^=      <(^_^<)

Review by boycalledsue

Version reviewed: 0.25.2 on 05/20/2021

I only discovered this game by chance, due to seeing it in the 'recently updated' list here. I'm very glad I found it.

There are very few games which really hook me in - but this one's been added to that list. The way the plot develops is well done and engaging and there isn't the repetition or grind that some of the others have. I like that you have some control over the speed of progress and the variable options as to how you get there, with several different characters to 'help' you.

I will add that as a non-American I don't get understand any of the football references or content but the game was sufficiently enjoyable that that didn't put me off. 

There are some rough edges, which is understandable for a work in progress: I couldn't find a way to buy anything in the mall except via a couple of very specific interactions; there's an error in the girlfriend scene which is already reported as a known bug to be worked on (EDIT: this has been fixed); and there are a few events which allude to interactions which haven't happened (EDIT: also fixed). But none of that mattered. It was good enough for me to play it through multiple times to explore more of the options. I don't do that unless it's very good content.

Some suggestions, offered only with the intent to help it to be even better:

  • It feels like Elvira has some kinky ideas and I'd love to see some development of her character, perhaps some more cursed clothing, or some nasty challenges to get her to remove a curse. She gives in very easily. ;-)
  • There's no way to make it up to the group project team if your choices leave them in the lurch.
  • I'm imagining it might be very embarrassing for a former football jock to end up as a cheerleader.
  • Additional options for what can be done when up at the lake.
  • A coven of witches could be far more inventive when catching someone eavesdropping on their ceremonies - imagine if they forced our character to only tell the truth, no matter what was asked of them...

Other than that all I can say is that I'm really looking forward to the next update. If you've not yet tried this game you're in for a fun time.


It's been a long time since I reviewed this one and it's too good a game not to say that it's getting even better. The newly added content adds more depth (and fun) to the story and doesn't feel like it's trying to go in six different directions at once, unlike some others. I like the hints option - useful if you need it, but ignorable if you don't - and the warning when you're running out of content. So much better than an abrupt finish.

A couple of suggestions I'll add to my previous list, again not as a criticism but to help improve it further: it feels like there should be a way to change your name or, better still, have the witches impose a girly name on you. And it'd be fun to be able to wear the fancy dress clothes at other times.

In conclusion:

This game is one of the greats. Miss it at your peril.



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