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Version: 0.13.2

Version: 0.12.1

Version: 0.11.1

Version: 0.10.1

Version: 0.9.1

Version: 0.8.1

Version: 0.7.1

Version: 0.6.0

Version: 0.5.0

Version: 0.4.2

Version: 0.3.2

Version: 0.2.2

Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.0

Version: 0.0.0

You Throw Like A Girl
by Vim

You're the star quarterback, the homecoming king, and you're dating the hottest girl in school. Life is good...or it was, until you got yourself cursed by a witch. She wanted you to lose your muscles and your spot as the starting quarterback, but to your horror, other changes seem to be taking place too.


  • Seven more transformations
  • Another practice with Griffin
  • One more gym scene
  • You can buy a bra once your boobs are large enough
  • This game has reached the 200K word mark


  • You can now reset your arousal without having sex
  • You can now buy a bra with either Raven or Jessica and wear it
  • People can react to your bra and boobs (in progress)
  • Another football practice
  • Bug fixes


  • Four more transformations
  • Sex scene where Jessica uses the strap-on
  • Therapy
  • More content in the infiltrating the Witchcraft Club path
  • Added a message if you've reached all of the transformations


  • When you visit Jessica or Raven, you can choose what you'd like to talk about, instead of the game trying to guess which scene to show you
  • Improved the sex scenes
  • A surprise on day 18
  • Another football practice
  • If you've completed the shaving task, you can now control your transformations
  • Fixed the End of Content messages that were showing up when you tried to do some activities
  • Starting on day 19, you'll be told if you're running out of content
  • A better clothing system
  • The mall is now accessible (but not very implemented)
  • A map
  • Bug fixes


  • The football stats system has been revamped
  • Third football game
  • Another scene with Griffin
  • More transformations
  • Bug fixes


  • The quest to control your transformations is almost complete
  • More accurate results when you click on You in the menu
  • 2 new transformations
  • Another team practice (the weight room makes another appearance)
  • An unexpected gift from home
  • Over 16K more words


  • New scene if your arousal reaches 100, instead of having to wait to lower it
  • New developments in the Witchcraft Club storyline
  • New football practice
  • Bug fixes


  • You can now have sex with Jessica using a strap-on
  • Resolving Elvira path in the panty raid
  • One more transformation
  • If you wait to tell Raven about your transformation, the text now makes sense

0.5.0:ntroducing quest to control your transformations

  • Introducing quest to reverse your transformation
  • One more dorm to check out during the panty raid
  • Easier to win the second football game
  • Fixed bugs from 0.4.0


  • No end of content. You can play for as long as you want (but you'll probably run out of scenes)
  • More content with Raven and Jessica
  • New transformation
  • Bugs fixed


  • You can play (or watch) the next football game
  • One more day of content
  • One extra scene with Griffin and Jessica
  • Changed how some stats work


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • 2 days and 24K words of content


  • Fixed bug with sex scenes
  • Text should be easier to read
  • Under the hood update that will make it easier for me to add scenes in the future
  • Added 1 day of content

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.13.2 on 05/19/2020


I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I found the writing to be overall interesting, the interactivity within this game to be sufficient for a sim that is also a CYOA game and the transformations within this game (while focused on one agenda) to be well described and added to the game state.

While this did strike as something similar to the "Cursed" format where your avatar can start off as a colossal bastard, you don't need to start that way. While I've looked at the game code and seen that starting off the game "against the grain of the story" doesn't reward you with lesser penalties when the story kicks off in full, there is room in the game code for it to possibly occur in the future; and it's a nice touch.

As the story progressed I found the branches (that exist in this beta) to be interesting and varied. They're not just punishment and the NPCs you interact with are not wholly shallow characters (though they can appear that way if you avoid social interaction as much as possible trying to reach the end goal), each with their own small backstory and motivations. Truthfully it isn't much from what you'll see in the game so far, but it is there.

Transformations are all stock standard for what you would come to expect around this type of sissifying game. I was surprised by how soon they stopped though from my play testing and pushing the limit to see how far the story will cope if your avatar screws up/willingly goes all the way with the transformation. For the age range that the avatar and the NPCs are set in, along with the story talking about a college environment and clearly setting the tone for high masculinity versus high femininity, where the transformations stopped came off as petite or even teenager. I had to look at the code to understand what (if any) transformations were not included yet in this release and found that other than one more transformation action, what is there now is it. For the age range of the characters it did disappoint me, but I put that to personal bias on how invested I found myself in the tale being told.

In short to finish with a TL;DR, this is worth playing and I look forward to seeing how it ends. But I would love the transformations to go further to match the age bracket of the story scene.


Review by Azerty666

Version reviewed: 0.12.1 on 04/19/2020

For me it is just the best game so far I've ever played on this site !

There are no pictures, which is very convenient when you have a bad connection, yet the tf are very well described and you can mentally picture them without any difficulty.

To finish, there IS a scenario and a plot in this game, which is a great advantage.

I just wish it was updated more frequently, maybe the lockdown will accelerate things, who knows? Looking forward for the next update!

Please keep going, you do a great job!

Review by Zoeylicious

Version reviewed: 0.12.1 on 04/15/2020

everytime I start this game I tell myself that I'm only going for one playthrough but I end up being sucked into the story again and again. Everytime I see the author posted an update I get butterflies in my  belly. I really like to play games containing media but for some reason I don't really miss it in this game. The story is fun and well written, and you are not slapped in the face with walls of text. What I love the most is the slow transformation and the fact that you can (to some extent) control the changes.
There are some weird jumps sometimes in the story where  you end up getting an option almost out of the blue (oh I can go see a therapist?) but this is fine, I think this is due to the many options you get.

All that's left now is to anxiously wait for the next update, keep it up author!

Review by max02

Version reviewed: 0.12.1 on 04/14/2020

animation give a ride ,and then only the text is boring to read

Review by Reaper3844

Version reviewed: 0.10.1 on 02/07/2020

very good game.

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