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Version: 0.10

Version: 0.0.7

Version: 0.0.6




Zenofae Gene

Join the adventures of our hero transformed as she attempts to stop a zeno invasion on a remote planet colony!

If you are a returning player, please start a new game. 


Art by Inknox: https://www.patreon.com/inknox

Welcome to the universe of Commander Hooker, Space Force's most elite (and sometimes ruthless) inter-galactic commando!

Join Commander Hooker's adventures fighting the threat of an unknown alien life-form discovered on a distant colony, his subsequent "upgrades" to better deal with the unstoppable monsters and his never ending need for sexual gratification....


Added 6 new full color images, plus several rendered images for dialog.

-finished the Zeno Passageway level (really it's 90%)

-added pregnancy and cum inflation framework, art will be added later

-added the Mysterious Caves

-added the Berlin Station research facility

-added Lushess, a new character

-added robot sex at the Berlin Station (zombie sex to follow)

-added a loop back to the main menu once the end of content is reached

-added credits for art, programming, plugins and most importantly a thanks to everyone who has supported this project. If you have any concerns regarding a public release of your name let me know and I will change your information to "anonymous".

-fixed various bugs



v.0.02 Changelog (available to the public March 15th):

-Worked out many bugs and developed dialog and characters throughout the game setting.

-Added the Flophouse and STAR Struck strip club training sessions to New Gynaecopia for Commander Hooker.

-Added the bed training session for Major Cherri in New Gynaecopia living quarters.

-Added the beginning of the next chapter for Major Cherri including the zeno passagway maze.

-New Classes added: Lumenetic, Pistolear

-New skills added for Proto Fae, Zenofae, Lumenetic and Pistolear

-2 new images added

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Review by AoS

Version reviewed: on 05/22/2019

Awesome start. I really enjoyed this.

At first Hooker's mental transformation seemed too fast but no I think that may be because I activated one of the things that clearly had mental effects multiple times, so I may have missed some.

The scenes and art are great. I really like the setup and how the character changes and attitude. 

The ending with Vixen is an awesome touch and I really want to see the outcome of that and hopefully similar things to that as the game progresses. Having something transformative happen in similar intervals throughout a game really keeps things hot.

Thanks for all the effort and sharing! I look forward to any additions!

(This is based on the version from mid March without the latest bug fixes)

Review by Mile

Version reviewed: on 03/13/2019

Fun and humourful game, would like to see this being continued.

Review by Amazeroth

Version reviewed: on 01/29/2019

A nice little Alpha demo. There are still some bugs and the Game needs many work. But there is alot of potential.

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