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Version: 0.4.5

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business is a HTML game about regaining your lost strength. 

You start out dead, not the best beginning but you will work with what you have.

Using you limited power and presence nudge the people who live in the house your spirit currently huants towards a more corrupt lifestyle. And as they grow in corruption you will grow in strength giving you access to more and more power.

Current content takes you down the first steps in your process but more is to come.


This is my first game. i hope i have done everything correctly.



Hi everyone, been a while. 


Been slowly doing things for a while but had time to finish thanks to the lockdown.


I plan to keep updating when I can, as always, no patreon pay wall, will just put it here when ready



  • 2 new interactions with female character
  • lots of background cleaning
  • can move the ring to decrease number of rooms you need to visit


  • Hopefully fixed problems involing spaces and file caps, should work on most things now
  • changed the tv event with james to be less complicated



  • 2 new events for both characters and some random things for good measure.

it will tell you when you have completed the content on the left hand side



  • more corruption for Sarah and the chance to get her fired
  • first steps with james
  • far to much back end stuff and formating

when to stop playing: second task with sarah done: james Shaved legs

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by azurerogue

Version reviewed: 0.4.5 on 01/26/2021

I don't really like reviewing things all that much but i have to say i love the premise, the gameplay, the models, gifs ect. really well done for an alpha of the game.

for critques

1i would say that the game needs to better track the final item (available) of sarahs training (i could do the event on repeat and the game forgot i had the item constantly after shower scenes with it)

2 i also feel like there could be a bit more story between scenes that could transitions to ideas for the ghost to do (for example i struggled hard to figure out how to get james to shave his legs.... maybe a scene showing his socks and the ghost having the idea to mess with him during his next jog?)

since its still early in developement i really don't want to add more critques until more comes out ^.^ honestly cant wait.

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 0.4.5 on 01/24/2021

I love it so far. Slow, believable mindbending, and who doesn't love a kinky ghost?. Looking forward to updates.

Review by awokenchange

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 11/14/2020

A good start, but not enough there to really merit a positive review. No physical transformations yet, just mind content. 

Review by Vane

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 10/10/2020

Interesting approach of combining a bimbodication game from the dominant perspective of a ghost. I like the slow pace as well. don´t rush it. looking forward what you do with james.  The concept makes it easy to think of many content expansions and story options. 

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 10/10/2020

Not bad, but for me personally its too much clicking.

I'd like to see the wait option having the same effect as the rest option, so you dont have to click yourself in the basement every time.

and while it shows in which room every human is, it'd be cool to be able to fast teleport there.

It wouldn't make the game easier,  but more convenient, by cutting out lots of unnecessary clicking.

Still I like the game.

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