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by Yuscia

Descendo is a simple adult game about a guy that gets involved with a very twisted girl. Through the course of the game you'll assume the roll of the main character as he pursues a relationship with Valerie.

Valerie will humiliate and manipulate him into trying things he wouldn't normally do. Will he manage to conquer Valerie... before it's too late?

Descendo features adult themes including feminization, humiliation, coercion, and sexual corruption.

You! You play as you. Right now I make the assumption you're a male.

Valerie, that smoking hot girl you always wanted to date but always knew was out of your league

Some auxillary characters that I'll add later as they develop

I've designed this game so that there is no dead-end. Any situation you find yourself in (like lack of funds or unsure what to do) can be resolved just by playing and trying things out. Read the story, it'll tell you what you need to do! You'll know when you have reached the end of what I have developed so far.

Version 0.1: First version! I hope you guys like it!

Version 0.2: Girl's Night Out Update

Version 0.3: A new routine Update

Version 0.3.1: Typos, rewrites, job search update

Version 0.4: Added Izzy as a new to train under after reaching a certain point with Valerie

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Review by Moebrad

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 04/18/2021

It was the first game i played on this site 

I saw a review yesterday and played it again 

This is one the best games in here

Perfect pics for the scenes 

The best female domme character I've seen

Slow tf keeping you wanting more 

Well written 👏 

I hope this one gets back again

We need more 

Maybe the one thing is missing in this is some character photos 

Or avatars 


Review by RamyrezT

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 04/14/2021

This game is extraordinary, very well constructed storyline and highly provocative story in the right measure, 
its feminization is long and pleasantly and in an extremely convincing way.
I just couldn't stop playing until I finished it, after almost 15 hours of great pleasure.

Review by GlitchDoll

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 12/17/2020

This is one fantasic game that is well written and worth playing.


People looking for a CYOA will be disapointed. This is a linear story with a lot of grinding but that is this games charm. The beggining has you trying hard to earn enough money to please your girlfriend and uses the grinding to keep you frustrated at your slow progress. It really puts you in your MC shoes.


When the game changes later on it feels earned as the slow build is there to explain why you are willing to do these things. The focus as well stays with the game and makes it hard for you to earn money but really is there to keep you motivated to do her training.


My only critisism of the game would be that the repeated pages sometimes mean that you miss changes happen if you are skipping through repeated scenes.


I really hope there is more to come as I reached the end of the current content wondering what was to come.

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 11/26/2020

I like it, it's a promising game.


Will it have a complete female transformation, or it's an exclusively sissy game?

I got tired after the first contact training: in the 2nd part, the game becomes really grindy.


I'm not a fan of the part where you have to look at "hypno images" to answer the questions, and I didn't like the fact that you can't recover your intelligence after the VR shop either.


That said, keep up! :D

Review by najika4097

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 11/12/2020

There are a few findom games around, Perverted Education being one of the most popular ones, though it has nothing on Descendo. You're forced to grind grind grind to make enough money to first buy trendy clothes to be interesting to the female protaganist, then more grind to buy fancy clothes, and later you're supposed to study and grind more, but when you do the protaganist gets upset that you're not paying attention to her. I'll freely admit I didn't get very far, but it just wasn't fun or an interesting enough game to grind to get to the sissification/feminization.


As an aside, I got stuck in a horniness loop so I couldn't study.

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