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Version: 0.3

by Yuscia

Descendo is a simple adult game about a guy that gets involved with a very twisted girl. Through the course of the game you'll assume the roll of the main character as he pursues a relationship with Valerie.

Valerie will humiliate and manipulate him into trying things he wouldn't normally do. Will he manage to conquer Valerie... before it's too late?

Descendo features adult themes including feminization, humiliation, coercion, and sexual corruption.

You! You play as you. Right now I make the assumption you're a male.

Valerie, that smoking hot girl you always wanted to date but always knew was out of your league

Some auxillary characters that I'll add later as they develop

I've designed this game so that there is no dead-end. Any situation you find yourself in (like lack of funds or unsure what to do) can be resolved just by playing and trying things out. Read the story, it'll tell you what you need to do! You'll know when you have reached the end of what I have developed so far.

Version 0.1: First version! I hope you guys like it!

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 05/17/2019

v0.3 changes

The part after the party was pretty much under-developed atm. The day tasks were lacking and you had not much to do. It lacked the pushy feeling in the first half of the game. That said, if you were curious about what was going to happen next, this update gave you a brief idea.


v0.2 changes

The creator of the game had the grinding cut down by a large (and I mean large) portion at the early game, making the grinding complain in v0.1 a history. In fact, I almost think that he cut it a little bit too much. Anyway, a lot of new content was added. The new story was great and complete. If the author wanted to call it a final product, he had all the rights to do so.

I don't know about the future plan of this game, but it is definitely my #1 concern on this site at the moment. I have my fingers crossed.



This is another text based (with NSFW pictures) sissifcation game with a strong FLR theme. It really reminded me of how Perverted Education started out: small, clean and focused, and with less bugs than PE back at those days when it was really really buggy. I have spent roughly two and a half hours before I hit the current end of development wall. It is definitely long.

The story is pretty linear ATM, which makes the game simple. All you have to do is to grind a bit the first few days and something would start happening.

Comparing two of the similar theme games, The Making of a Slut and The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment, Descendo is definitely lacking in GUI. However it would probably means that the author could be more focused on the juice instead of some fancy side work, making the development a little bit faster. I am really looking forword to see where this game would go.



Review by futatiger

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 05/15/2019

Amazing work! I can't wait to see more of this. but my one problem is that old saves cant be used with new versions.

Review by Vec

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 04/01/2019

Really really nice. One off my favourites.

Good story. Very well written and for a 0.2 fucking great. Hope for more!

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/22/2019

This is a nice start. Simple and effective forced fem by a girlfriend. The game could carry on like this to the end but it does feel as if it needs more elements to be really interesting, maybe some life tasks to go alongside the girlfriend tasks. Some customization to make the story more personal would help too.

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/21/2019

This game has an amazing amount of content for a 0.1 version. Cleverly and excellently done. Even with the bad, I give this a strong 5 out of 5 stars.  I look forward to the next update.

--Extremely well written narrative that features a slow transformation into a sissy. The Dev did a really good job of balancing a believable transformation. The hot girlfriend expertly manipulates you into circumstances that take you down that transformation path slowly and believably.


--There are some grindy elements, but they aren't anywhere near as bad as another reviewer indicated.  They don't overconsume your time.

Basically, you have to carefully manage your horniness with work and spending money on yourself and your girlfriend.  I recommend anyone playing to get the alarm clock and healthy food first, and in that order.  The alarm allows you to work more than twice per day.  The healthy food to become attractive enough for her to want to date you. Obviously, the other buyable groceries will be needed too.  Try not to use the porn untill you need to--use it strategicall--b/c the kind of porn that reduces your horniness and increases focus changes quickly. Eventually, some porn doesn't work at all. At first, I was using porn daily. Big mistake. I restarted and managed it much more effectively.

The game aspects mainly come into play as you try to manage horniness, focus, work and the use of porn in order to maximize earnings. It's a careful balancing act.

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