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Version: 1.1

Version: 1.0

by Yuscia

Descendo is a simple adult game about a guy that gets involved with a very twisted girl. Through the course of the game you'll assume the roll of the main character as he pursues a relationship with Valerie.

Valerie will humiliate and manipulate him into trying things he wouldn't normally do.

Descendo features adult themes including feminization, humiliation, coercion, and sexual corruption.

You! You play as you. Right now I make the assumption you're a male.

Valerie, that smoking hot girl you always wanted to date but always knew was out of your league

Some auxillary characters that I'll add later as they develop

I've designed this game so that there is no dead-end. Any situation you find yourself in (like lack of funds or unsure what to do) can be resolved just by playing and trying things out. Read the story, it'll tell you what you need to do! You'll know when you have reached the end of what I have developed so far.

Version 0.1: First version! I hope you guys like it!

Version 0.2: Girl's Night Out Update

Version 0.3: A new routine Update

Version 0.3.1: Typos, rewrites, job search update

Version 0.4: Added Izzy as a new contact to train under after reaching a certain point with Valerie

Version 1.0: Updated UI, added endings, game can be "finished"

Version 1.1: Continuation of main story, added Jessica as a new contact to train under

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Review by lickelmeallover

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 08/10/2022

I have a lot of good things to say about this one.

First the game length is there. This is not a demo, or a game in its infancy, this has content and its pretty lengthy, which is not completely common on this site.

The story: It mainly flows around your girlfriend, that you are lucky to have, slowly “convincing” you to try new things and feminize you. It is a slow transformation, its pacing is great, and even though there are some “humiliating” parts, its mainly reserved for the standard straight man can’t believe he just played around with a toy or wore girly underwear. There is a slight “twist” that I will say veers into non-consent, so if that is a turn off you will probably not like it, but it is pretty easy to spot fairly early into the game, when the MC makes the first reluctance comments. Overall, it is fairly limited to the girlfriend and through her, her friends, there is no real “side” quests so to speak, but it is told well, and over a decent amount of time in game which like I said paces very well.

The gameplay: Gameplay is standard HTML/Twine “open world” so do not expect anything special. It broken into 2 parts I would say. First part is normal girlfriend stuff, keep her happy, buy new things when necessary, so you spend most of the day working in order to take out your girlfriend. There is some very basic RPG work with promotions, but it essentially is written into the game. Essentially you are presented each week with tasks and you need to complete them. The first part is a little loser, with the main goal being keeping your girlfriend happy, the second part will have specific things that the girlfriend will ask you to do.

UI/Background: Could use a little work, but it works. Its not super showy; A basic picture at most places, and gifs, and pictures of porn help tell the story when needed. There is quite a bit of hypno stuff in it as well.

Overall its one of the better games I have played on here, in terms of presentation and story it is not as good as the good son and in terms of content not as good as the secretary, but it is imo one of the better games here with plenty of content, and the story flows great, smoothly, and is interesting.

Review by photodude2224

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 08/05/2022

Love the game as fas a the story and the total sissification of the MC.. However the game mechanics are horrible.  You need a way to quickly chnage outfits because to continuously select each item of an outfit everytime you need to change is very tedious.

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 05/03/2022

I really enjoy the game, although the story is a little forced, while the MC is a complete simp, so it's one of those coerced feminization storylines... Still, the scenes are pretty hot, and the transformation is gradual and isn't all over the place. You actually feel like you are working towards something. I only wish that outfits could be saved, because manually clicking to wear each item is a bit of work to go to the bar or do some other activity.

Review by boycalledsue

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 03/10/2022

I'm still only partway through this game but I'm loving it so far.

The tf is slow, and believable, but the writing is involving enough, and varied enough, to keep your interest going. There are a couple of things where I thought it might be going to get grindy but options available negated them. There are a couple of observation-based minigames which needed a couple of watches to pass.

Basically this is an awesome game, with lots of great media, erotic encounters, and genuinely good writing. The path is pretty linear but as I loved the content that suited me just fine.

I am indebted to the reviewer, davemanster, who provided a download link.

Review by davemanster

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 03/01/2022

This is my favorite game on this website. I truly hope it gets some updates. If not, I would love to take it over. 


It was a feminization game where the PC was slowly introduced into wearing female clothing. Later on in the story he moves in with his girlfriend and is required to wear female clothes from then on. She allows him to wear male clothes when he visits his friends. You make money streaming to try to pay off a debt and eventually get to choose a new job one being working for a realtor. I most enjoyed that you had to match clothing style to the work you choose.


I see download links are non-existant and I still have a copy of it so I will try to attach the links now. If I cant get that to work, here are the links:




Added in the forum as well

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